Tories photoshop MP into community meeting for election propaganda. Badly

While the disarray of the Tories in government was building up to the resignation of yet another Cabinet minister, the Tories attempting to get into local government have been stumbling into a series of scandals, with racism, homophobia and sexism leading to a string of suspended candidates.

But the Tories are inventive when it comes to finding ways to out themselves and their dishonesty to voters.

Enfield Southgate Conservatives are refusing to respond to press enquiries after being caught photoshopping a former local Tory MP, David Burrowes, into a picture of a residents’ meeting – in order to attack Labour for supposedly ‘ignoring’ the residents.

The picture, which the local Conservative group sent to local paper the Enfield Independent, is at the top below, with the original beneath – open the image in a new tab or window for a bigger view:

enfield fake 1
The Tories’ altered image, top, and the original

True to form, not only is the altered image dishonest, it’s also incompetent – the photoshopping is shoddy, with the MP’s feet badly cropped and his dog appearing to float off the pavement:

enfield fake 2
The incredible levitating Tory dog…

The local paper originally published the fake image, then replaced it with the original one when the scam was discovered. Local Tory candidate Jasmine Storry, like the local Conservative group, declined to respond to the Enfield Independent when it tried to contact them for comment.

The local Labour candidate, Angie McEvoy, tweeted about the incident:

The Tories have exploited genuine concerns of Southgate residents to promote themselves and their failed ex-MP. @cllranderson already working hard to resolve this problem. Resident safety must be taken seriously and not used as a campaign prop.

The SKWAWKBOX has contacted the Conservative press office to see whether the national party will comment, apologise or act.

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  1. Can’t wait to see him photoshopped into famous historical pictures like alongside the world cup winning team 1966, or at Tiananmen Square in front of the tanks etc etc…C’mon folks, get creative 😀

  2. Prefer the genuine photo and let’s all make the Tories invisible on the 3rd of May!

  3. But what is the logic behind the presence of the floating dog? Surely the real people in the photograph would have quite easily clocked on to the fact that Burrowes hadn’t actually been with them.

    On seeing the unlikely image of the dog they weren’t going to say “Oh no …on second thought’s there’s his dog so he must have been.”


  4. haha. You should check out Tim Loughton MP’s Twitter. He called out Labour for failing to get out and campaign and it backfired so hilariously, with people pointing out that Labour were out with the rest of his constituents at that time, protesting with Save Our Schools against his party’s cuts.

  5. Good grief is there no limit to the ways in which a Tory can LIE , it opens its gob and out pours LIES now it seams that they want to LIE in pictorial format also .Multiple platform LIES for multiple serial LIERS .

  6. needs a big red bus behind this somewhere with the vote leave clowns faces, couple that with a parrot going strong and stable and then the lie will be totally complete

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