Javid photobombed by former MP’s dog angry at copied stance

Tories in Enfield have faced derision after photoshopping their former Tory MP into an image of a community group gathering, so they could claim he was there while Labour ‘ignored’ the group.

At the same time, new Home Secretary Sajid Javid has been widely derided for adopting the bizarre Tory ‘power stance’.

Now, in a strange conflation of two huge Tory embarrassments, the former MP’s angry fake dog has ‘photo[shop]-bombed’ itself into the Home Secretary’s picture, in a pointed protest at what it perceives as Javid’s ‘copycat’ use of its stance in the now-infamous Enfield image:

javid dog.jpg
Former MP David Burrowes’ fake dog ‘photobombs’ Sajid Javid

The dog told the SKWAWKBOX:

I’m outraged. As if it’s not bad enough that Saj has ripped off my epic stance, it’s clearly a copycat-move – and I hate cats, for f***’s sake! Not only that, but I’m actually photoshopped but he does a more convincing ‘fake’ than I ever will.

It’s the lack of imagination that gets my goat the worst – it’s pure plagiarism of the worst sort. What can you expect from someone who hasn’t got an original thought in his head. His voting record is enough to tell you that.

But I definitely carry it off better.

Mr Javid was unavailable for comment, but an aide said that he had not stolen the stance from the fake dog but had in fact taken it from Blackadder after a PR ‘expert’ recommended it and the Tories didn’t realise it was a joke:


(We shouldn’t have to say this but: SATIRE! Only just, though, given the complete embarrassment of Tory local election candidates lately.)

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  1. I suppose a golden shower from the golden retriever to Javid’s trouser leg would have been too difficult to arrange?
    Oh well, maybe next time.

    1. Sorry for moaning – I can see it would be a logistical nightmare.
      I’ll start looking for a blind person who’s angry with the Tories and willing to put the time into giving a guide dog the extra training if that helps?
      Surely a worthwhile cause – and we could cover the costs with ticket sales anyway…

  2. The Tory “power stance” is just asking for a kick in the goolies.

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