Today May promised to end austerity. Just like she promised SIXTEEN months ago

In her closing speech to the Tories’ conference today – that it wasn’t as bad as last year’s car-crash seems to be the most that can be claimed for it – Theresa May promised an end to austerity.


Amid the ‘jingo bingo’, the attempts to sound like Thatcher and the shamelessness, Mrs May made her promise – let’s just ignore the obvious fact that the Tories started austerity in the first place.

Her new Health Secretary Matt Hancock had already promised an end to ‘blindly’ closing district hospitals when it’s the Tories who’ve been ‘blindly’ closing them for the last eight years. Perhaps promising to end things you’ve been to blame for all along is this year’s public-relations guru advice instead of the ludicrous ‘power stance‘.

But May has a problem with her promise to end austerity: she promised the same thing almost sixteen months ago, just after she lost her parliamentary majority in the general election, as the Times pointed out at the time:

may auster.png

As the Times pointed out, May’s own chief of staff admitted that austerity was repellent:

Gavin Barwell, Mrs May’s new chief of staff, told the BBC that austerity had repelled voters as he explained the loss of his Croydon Central seat. “There’s a conversation I particularly remember with a teacher who had voted for me in 2010 and 2015 and said: ‘I understand the need for a pay freeze for a few years to deal with the deficit but you’re now asking for that to go on potentially for ten or 11 years and that’s too much.’ That is something that Jeremy Corbyn was able to tap into

But as soon as May was able to cobble together an unholy, bribe-based alliance with the DUP to cling to the keys to Downing Street, she conveniently stopped worrying about what ‘repelled voters’ and ploughed on with austerity – including, shamefully, a decision to take free school meals out of the mouths of a million schoolchildren from poverty-hit families.

Since then, as Labour brilliantly pointed out on Twitter immediately after her speech, we’ve had months and months of further ‘conscious cruelty, of cuts and carnage heaped especially on the most vulnerable.

The fact that much of it has been ignored or spun by colluding mainstream media doesn’t reduce its reality or the blight it has inflicted on the lives of many of the people of this country.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Theresa May lied last year when she said she was ending austerity – and by promising to end it now she acknowledged that, although the ‘MSM’ won’t highlight it. She’s lying again now.

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  1. May is a copy cat. She used to make verbal abuse towards Jeremy during PM Question time like Cameron, as Cameron was re-elected, she thought that the way the things work for herself. Even her own party a house of speaker John Bercow had to stop abusive manner in the parliament. Now she is dancing copying frivolous Boris to get popularity. No principle whatsoever. Who can trust Conservative?

  2. wow a flying pig went past my window just now, it had 350 million written on it and boris and the rest of the ugly crowd guess what it blew up

  3. As much chance of the toerags ending austerity as there is seeing a one-legged cat burying it’s turd on a frozen lake.

  4. No, I’m sure she genuinely meant it this time.
    Austerity wasn’t getting the job done.
    Look out for Brexrationing and Brexutility.

  5. Time to repeat on old poem which is still relevant today and we also need to destroy the Tories through art, music and poetry too:
    ‘As Gove the Grimest Reaper.
    In Selfish Search for Fame.
    Stabs Boris of Big Brother.
    Queen of Nasty lies waiting in the frame.
    And Tory internal slaughter.
    Brings forth our howls and derisions.
    But stands not alone a decent man.
    With a pocket full of visions.
    Take care of this human.’


  6. May going on like austerity affects everyone – including her lot – ffs. Austerity has NEVER troubled them, and NEVER will; not while the avaricious, parasitic rodents hold the purse strings.

    Socialism for the rich – Austerity for the poor.

  7. Absolutely Toffee – the rich have socialism for themselves, subsidised to the hilt on everything and for example officers at Sandhurst get tax relief on private education, public schools get tax subsidies to teach the kids of the ruling class to be callous to the poor to protect their class interests.
    But it is our labour that really creates the wealth and makes societies work and ot is they who legally steal our surplus labour – and do you know – they really know it!
    When you think about it the rich and powerful are the True Little People of the planet and what pathetic lives they reallly lead as they stuff their mouths with gold – fighting to maintain power for the rich and powerful.
    The Barbarians may well have never existed but perhaps they know no better. One of the best speeches at Labour Conference this year was in my opinion by the excellent Tosh MacDonald who said he has ” never met and ordinary working person in his life” and Tosh is right, as someone wrote “To Struggle is to Live!’ socialists and working people are stars!

  8. And perhaps it would have been more honest of ‘The Queen of Nasty’ to dance to the tune of Abba’s ‘Money, Money, Money'(?)
    ‘Money, money, money.
    Mostly funny.
    In a rich man/woman’s World’

  9. as the BBC finance correspondent said “but only if she delivers a good deal from Brussels. What’s the chances of that? Smoke and mirrors. What fascinates me is why the Tories are so incapable of giving ANYTHING away?

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