Tories’ fake MP/dog pic spawns hilarious p***-takes. Why not make your own?

dog fake comp.png

The Tories’ foolish attempt to create an impression of community engagement by photoshopping a former Conservative MP and his dog into a picture of a group of local residents backfired spectacularly when the scam was uncovered – and the party and its candidates were ridiculed all over social media, as users mercilessly took the, well, you-know-what.

A SKWAWKBOX/Agitator collaboration – to highlight the ridiculous hubris of the Tories’ assumption that they can brazenly create fake news and not be found out – quickly resulted in a series of images of rogue former MP David Burrowes and his dog, inserted not into community snaps but into famous (or infamous) scenes – some topical and some historical (and hysterical).

Here are a few.

Sajid Javid

javid dog

Sharp-eyed Twitter users spotted the similarity of the new Home Secretary’s silly ‘power stance’ at his first photoshoot and the stance of the ‘Tory dog’ – so an image was an obvious requirement. Along with a satirical article about the dog’s outrage at being copied by a Tory minister.

The ‘P45 moment

As Theresa May’s disastrous 2017 lurched into conference season, the hapless PM was embarrassed not only as the scenery fell apart around her, but as a comedian sneaked in to hand her a P45.

Or did he..?



In one of two nods to history, this one relatively recent, it transpires that a certain fateful day in Dallas not only had a phantom shooter on a grassy knoll, but also a wayward dog and his defunct companion…


The last dog’s dinner?

Debate has long raged about Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous painting, The Last Supper, with historians speculating whether the figures depicted with the Christ were modelled on da Vinci’s contemporaries – including possibly a woman among the twelve disciples.

Who’d have guessed it also included a Tory canine and his handler?

last supper

The World Cup

Back to more recent history. The Tories fancy themselves the ‘one nation’ party, but it turns out a couple of them also played a key role in a great English moment:

burrowes wcup.jpg

Faked moon landing?

A few short years after England’s World Cup triumph, mankind conquered space with the first moon landling. But conspiracy theorists have long thought the landing was faked in order to beat Russia in the propaganda war.

Those conspiracy theories highlight strange flag movements and shadows to support their conclusions. But how could they have missed this?


Have a go?

Fancy joining in the great, er, mickey-take? Below are the hapless duo on a transparent background. Why not make your own, tweet them on social media with an @skwawkbox tag and a #FakeToryPhoto hashtag and we’ll feature the best in a follow-up article.

David Burrowes Transparent 3.png

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  1. They’re all brilliant but the Moon landing one – going that bit extra to turn the dog upside down – That’s just fucking INSPIRED.

    Ah, they all are.
    Who wouldn’t want posters of those on their bedroom walls, on the tube, everywhere. Banksy, you’re getting left behind, buddy!

    Sales with a donation to the party?
    Tweezer’ll have to get the begging bowl out again.

    Tories might not even bother turning up.

  2. Go easy on the dog or the Centrists will have Corbyn up for discriminating against dumb animals .

  3. absolutely fucking A* best laugh I’ve had all week .
    Pse Pse can we get this into the MSM or a twitter storm even better .
    Gotta have these on printed T shirts for the party Conf what a first class Hoot !!
    BRILLIANT real Labour at it’s best !

    1. Naturally, he’d blame the dog.

      It also looks like Come Dancing has a new pair of contestants for next year.

      BTW, the Moon and Kennedy ones are brilliant. Mind you, I do feel sorry for the dog for having that idiot for a master.

    2. I just can’t believe anyone, even the Tories, thinks the power stance makes you look anything other than an utter knobhead!

      This is what they resort to when they’re out of ideas and spiralling fast towards their doom.

      Another June General Election, anyone?

  4. I can’t afford Photoshop, but here’s my suggestion: how about a pastiche of the original “Gone With The Wind” film poster? You would have to tilt the ex-MP a bit, to put yer man in the Rhett Butler role. Detatch the dog, rotate approx 90-100°, reposition in the male lead’s arms, and bingo, der Hund is playing the part of Scarlet O’Hara with inimitable style (complete with paw touchingly resting on his owner’s shoulder).
    The original poster even has the slogan “the most magnificent picture ever” at the top. Fnaar fnaar.

  5. I guess Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover is just a tad obvious?
    Or one of those “spot the penguin (among 200 pandas)” pictures?
    Or, they replace the Lion and the Unicorn in the Queen’s arms?
    Present at The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party (Alice in Wonderland)?

  6. Photoshoppoing the dog onto a crucifix in a biblical painting would be funny, if rather tasteless.

  7. Well, I can remember that commentator at the 66 World Cup say “There’s a dog on the pitch………and it’s all over…….”

  8. Skwakwbox Editors: Please do something about this:
    Just received from Labour Leader of Hastings Borough Council

    Dear Hastings & Rye Labour Party member,

    There’s an issue which has just emerged with the Conservative candidate for St Helen’s ward, in the Hastings Council elections that take place tomorrow.

    Conservative candidate Matt Lynch has been challenged by local veterans to prove that his claims of 14 years military service, including in the Falklands War, are true. Lynch made the BBC South East News headlines last night when local forces veteran Steven Flynn told the BBC that despite expensive enquiries, he could find no record of Lynch ever having served.

    You can see the BBC story here:


    The Conservative Party has suspended him from the party, but it’s too late to change the ballot papers so he will still appear as the Conservative Party candidate.

    St Helen’s is a marginal ward, which currently has one Labour and one Tory councillor. Both seats are up for grabs tomorrow, so please make sure you make as many people as possible aware of this, especially if they live in St Helen’s ward. Share it on social media too. We’ve got a good chance of wining both seats in St Helen’s, do help if you can!

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