Latest Tory local election mailing fail sends a clear message to voters

The Tories have suffered a string of failures through this local election campaign. Primarily the exposure of vile – racist, misogynist, homophobic – behaviour because, well, it’s the Tory party.

But also sheer incompetence.

The attempt to photoshop one of their ex-MPs into a community meeting for propaganda purposes failed spectacularly and is still generating new memes in mockery. A Tory candidate was suspended for a campaign leaflet claiming Labour had brought hepatitis to the ward.

And a mailing from Theresa May went out to pensioners substituting ‘Youmustbe F**kingjoking’ for their name.

It seems the Tories still haven’t mastered the basics of merges, as a leaflet distributed in Ilford shows – failing even to get the name of the ward into the right field:

ilford ward name.jpg


Not only couldn’t the Tories bother saying what they’ve done for their area – they couldn’t even name the area or to read their own leaflet closely enough to spot the enormous flaws all across it.

Ramshackle. Shoddy. Negligent. Flippant. Vacuous. Incompetent.

Take your pick, but the message is clear: if you live in Ward/Area Name, you might get away with voting Tory.

If you live anywhere else, vote Labour.

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  1. Some idiots will STILL vote Tory even if its a brick with a blue rosette on it !!!

  2. The leaflet also breaks electoral law by not having an imprint with the publisher’s and printer’s name. It needs reporting to the Electoral Commission.

  3. It seems that they also haven’t filled in the imprint box (showing the printer, agent etc) on the bottom part of the leaflet …. an imprint is required by law under the Representation of the People Act.

  4. Possibly another candidate for a bit of photoshopping?

    1) Deported black people who have lived in the UK all of their lives
    2) Handed over taxpayers money to the DUP and Wahabbist dictatorship of Saudi Arabia
    3) Privatised public services and assets to the Chinese Communist Party.
    4) Cuts to the police, and outsourcing rape crisis to G4S.

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