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The SKWAWKBOX has had a big 2017 so far.

We’re proud that this blog has a track record of revealing news long before the ‘MSM’ either take an interest or care to talk about it, that is then picked up by them and brought to the attention of the wider public, and of taking on issues others don’t – or don’t know about yet.

Recently, the blog received credit in various quarters for its role in helping secure a solid Len McCluskey victory after its revelations of Gerard Coyne’s use of Labour member data led to his admission on BBC national radio.

Before that there was the analysis of the inconsistencies in Paul Nuttall’s claims about the Hillsborough disaster, which set in motion a chain of events that has led to all the mainstream media featuring his melt-down, his admission of false claims and his failed attempts to shift the blame – even to the point of sinking so low as to smear the bereaved Hillsborough families. Those in the know say it played a significant role in his collapse from election favourite to barely scraping past the 3rd-placed Tories.

Just before that, there was the exclusive about the OLAF investigation into huge alleged fraud by UKIP MEPs – called ‘fake news’ at first, until suddenly the Guardian and even the international media were ‘breaking’ it a month after the SKWAWKBOX and it was recognised as simple fact.

Before that, there was the truth about the ‘Mid Staffs scandal’ that the Guardian and Huffington Post picked up; about tests devised by torture ‘gurus’ inflicted on the unemployed under threat of sanction, a revelation that had the DWP doing backflips and contortions and which was run in the same two mainstream publications.

Others are still waiting. New evidence of army dressed as police at Orgreave; Tony Blair’s and John Major’s involvement in passing off military personnel as police during their years in office; Tory lies on their NHS spending; investigations into UKIP’s distribution of child pornography – some of this has been covered by the larger independent platforms such as the Canary, but the mainstream hasn’t seen fit to touch them, even though the evidence is cast-iron.

The common thread is basic journalistic good practice: check sources and facts, talk to people; publish ‘though the sky fall’ – sadly good practice all too often absent in today’s ‘mainstream’. It’s a labour of love and of a passion to get the word out on things you won’t hear in the mainstream media and still is – but it takes a lot of time to research, prepare and write.

This blog runs on time, effort, lots of coffee, persistence, more coffee, sleep deprivation – passion, lots of passion, the support of its readers – and the trust people have in it that allows them to contact the SKWAWKBOX with information they’d hesitate to give to others. If you have something to share, you can contact this blog with confidence.

Oh, and a long-suffering wife.

Not much more than that – and certainly nothing like the resources that the established press and broadcasters enjoy.

So, if you’re able to, please support the work. The SKWAWKBOX will always be provided free of charge, but to be viable, the blog relies on the generosity of its readers. If you can afford to, please click here to arrange a one-off or modest monthly donation via PayPal. If you can’t afford it, please don’t worry – but do share this post to raise awareness.

Is the SKWAWKBOX worth supporting? You’ll have to judge that for yourself, but here are some more comments from readers that may help you decide:






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  1. An excellent ‘ahead of the game’ source of honest reporting. Delighted to have signed up to receive this ‘top level’ alternative to the corrupt, lying MSM especially the BBC. I have donated to the running costs and will again cos it is only with such publications can we be sure of news that has integrity and counter-balances the biased corporate influenced MSM that the masses seem to swallow hook, line & sinker. Keep up the good work. You are a credit to the profession of Journalism.

  2. Thanks for what you do. I am a subscriber. How do I share this, I am assuming you want the articles shared.CheersMaureen

    1. Shares will be most appreciated! You could paste the article’s URL into a tweet or Facebook post, that’s probably the easiest option.

  3. I always turn to blogs now for truthful journalism indeed it is bloggers that are putting MSM to shame Well Done

    Avid reader

    1. Are you fucking insane? How is someone freely giving someone a gift AT SOMEONE ELSE’S SUGGESTION’benefit fraud’. My God, the depths you people will sink to.

    2. Dominic, you’re a piece of shit that other pieces of shit would be ashamed to tread in. Debating whether to out you.

  4. Silly @rachael_swindon, spends all day on twitter when she should be looking for work. Sanctions coming soon!

  5. I have been visiting SKWAWKBOX site for a while now, reading articles and enjoying much of it’s content. Thanks for some insightful comments,breaking news,and helping to dispel some of the msn myths/alternative facts. You are an asset to journalism. Thank you.

  6. Who’ve your blog and I will contribute financially whenever I can. Fantastic work.

  7. Awesome work Skwawkbox! Top notch journalism with true integrity delivered with style. Thanks for providing us with information we can trust. Fantastic.

  8. Can I just add a small thank you to Mrs Skwarkbox? Behind every great man, as they say, ……….Well done to Mr S too of course.

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