Black (alert) day for #NHS: May’s ‘small no of incidents’ = 1 in SEVEN Trusts on brink of collapse

In yesterday’s PMQs (Prime Minister’s Questions), Theresa May was met with disbelieving laughter from both sides of the House when she answered Jeremy Corbyn’s question about the NHS crisis with:

I accept that there have been a small number of incidents in which unacceptable practices have taken place

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Mrs May’s response sounds as if there is the odd, careless slip across the NHS – not good enough, but not anything to get too wound up about.

Last night, the Guardian revealed that no fewer than 20 NHS Trusts have declared a ‘black alert’ – that’s the most critical state of alert a hospital can be in and means ‘desperate measures’ in order to prevent a total collapse of services.

It means lives are endangered.

In case ’20 Trusts’ doesn’t impress you, that’s more than one in seven of the acute hospital Trusts – what in my younger days we’d have called a ‘General Hospital’ – in England.

Mrs May is not merely wrong or deluded about the state of the NHS. She is a liar who has instructed hospital executives to hide the rapidly unravelling disaster in our NHS – and she leads a party that won power on a claim that the NHS was ‘safe in our hands’ at the same time as they were planning the denuding of the NHS that we are now witnessing.

Do not be deceived – this is not some effect of unforeseeable and exceptional winter demand. The Tories have been lying about their funding of the NHS for years and the SKWAWKBOX as well as many other sources predicted this disaster months and years ago.

If you have a Tory MP, you need to contact him/her now and demand that they tell the Prime Minister to do whatever it takes, spend whatever it takes, to not just shore up the NHS now but to put right the chronic underfunding and mistreatment of health staff that has brought the NHS to this pass. There is always cash for tax-cuts for the rich. They can find it for our NHS.

And if you value the NHS – and you’d have to be hugely rich or hugely foolish not to – we need to bring down this government. You can never, ever, ever trust a Tory with our NHS.

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  1. A response to Suzanne Moore’s rant in today’s G2: As Suzanne Moore is a founder member of a new UK political party it is generous of her to be so concerned for the well-being of a rival (Labour unleashed the real Jeremy. The resulting mess is exactly why Corbyn has to go, G2, 12 January). I know Suzanne’s style of journalism, based on sophisticated if distant psychoanalysis of her subject, is not investigative, but it might be even more persuasive if she met and talked to some of us deluded groupies to ask why we support Corbyn’s bizarre policies. We might even learn from her – about choice isolating maybe? In the meantime (involves less travelling) could I recommend she take a look at the recent SKWAWKBOX blog which gives a rather different account of Corbyn’s Peterborough address.

  2. There’s nothing accidental about what’s happening to the NHS. It’s all part of a calculated plan of destruction. May’s deceit about the true state of things this week is just the usual McKinsey “Delay, Deny, Defend” mantra that we’ve seen/heard so much of from many of the ‘Friends-of-the-corporates’ in recent years.

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