Exclusive – #Hillsborough groups: “Tried to ‘JOIN us’?! #Nuttall has NEVER been in touch”

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At the UKIP spring conference earlier today, Paul Nuttall finally emerged from hiding to tearfully call the exposure of his false claims regarding the Hillsborough disaster a

coordinated, cruel and almost evil smear campaign

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Meanwhile, former UKIP leader Nigel Farage told the Express that the Labour party had stymied Nuttall’s efforts to provide support to Hillsborough campaign and support groups:

For years the Labour party have tried to keep him out of the whole Hillsborough debate purely for party political reasons.

He has tried in the past to join the various groups and he has literally been excluded from them

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The Express didn’t bother to ask the smeared Hillsborough groups about the issue – but then, that’s what journalists would do and the Express is little more than the UKIP daily newsletter.

As for Messrs Nuttall and Farage, they have apparently never heard of the old maxim about holes and stopping digging.

Margaret Aspinall, Chair of the Hillsborough Families Support Group told the SKWAWKBOX:

They’ve said what?! We have never, ever – and I mean ever – heard from Paul Nuttall. We’re not a group he could ‘join’ anyway – you have to have lost a family member at Hillsborough. So clearly Mr Farage has no idea what he’s talking about and we will not have him casting aspersions on us or our families.

Kenny Derbyshire, Chairman of the Hillsborough Justice Campaign, was even more forthright. He told this blog:

Paul Nuttall and Nigel Farage are talking absolute nonsense. We have never heard from him, not even once and if they’re trying to claim they’ve been blocked from joining us they’re just trying to cover up one lie with another. How dare he – we’ve never thought much of him and this just confirms our opinion.

When the SKWAWKBOX’s exclusive on the inconsistencies of Nuttall’s claims started to be widely circulated last month, Paul Nuttall went to the Express to condemn the ‘slurs’ against him – which got the Guardian interested and their article led to his humiliation on Radio City Talk this week.

Clearly neither he nor Farage learned any lessons from that and are still trying to go on the attack with ‘alternative facts’ to ease the pressure on Nuttall ahead of next week’s Stoke Central by-election. To do so in a way that is so easily checked is foolish.

But to do it in a way that attempts to blame the families bereaved in the very tragedy that Nuttall has been rightly vilified for making false claims about – that is both despicable and unforgivable.

If Nuttall has any sense or decency, he will retire from politics – and never show his face in Liverpool again.

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  1. This even in the foulness of general lies and untruths of everyday politics is sick, inexcusable how dare they use an event that cost all those families so dear, let alone the years of trying to prove their loved ones and others innocence and still it’s not over they are still waiting for justice. I don’t know if there is some legal recourse that can be taken, if there is I hope it’s taken.

  2. I’m not a Liverpudlian, but my feeling is that if this intellectual pygmy were ever to show his face in that city again he might just be found floating face down in the Mersey. Which would be nice…

  3. Saw C4news tonight and was on them comments from Farage in a flash. Then Nuttall says he’s got statements to prove he was there in 89.So let’s see them. I’m calling Paul Nuttall a liar. Take me to court Paul. Prove you were there. Heres one for you. Before his website was taken down it says he’s a season ticket holder at Anfield. So who sits near him at the match? For him not to take the opportunity today to publicly denounce Arron Banks for the shameful tweets to Brian Reade this week makes it clear that he doesn’t give a damn about the deceased, their families and the real survivors of Hillsborough This man is more low life than Kelvin Mackenzie. He should have his ticket taken off him… That is if actually has one.

  4. Is there a correlation between how right wing you are and how much of a bullshitter you are? Cameron, Jeremy Hunt, IDS lied but not as much as this. The most honest politician JC is the most left wing.

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