#UKIP tweets its #peoplesarmy ‘in Stoke’ – except they’re in BOLTON #WalterNutty

You really couldn’t make it up. UKIP’s leader Paul Nuttall has been humiliated this week by the exposure of his false claims regarding the Hillsborough disaster – and then by the abject failure of his attempts to shift the blame onto an aide and even, unforgivably, onto the families of Hillsborough victims.

But it’s not only Nuttall who has problems with the truth. His whole party is infected with the same ‘Walter Nutty‘, ‘post-truth’ idiocy – and with the same arrogance in assuming they won’t be caught out.

UKIP’s spring conference took place over the past couple of days. In Bolton. In Bolton Wanderers’ Macron Stadium, to be precise.

Meanwhile, UKIP’s official Twitter account tweeted a picture of ‘campaigners’ – its self-styled ‘people’s army’ – ‘in Stoke’:

There’s only one slight problem. That’s not Stoke.

Here’s an image of the above tweet (since, knowing UKIP, it’s likely to be deleted) – with one area highlighted:

ukip bolton.png.

Now, here’s a Google Maps’ image of… the outside of Bolton Wanderer’s Macron Stadium:


Anything look familiar?

Yes, that’s right. UKIP’s ‘people’s army in Stoke’ is neither – it’s a bunch of sad UKIP conference attendees standing about 50 yards from the building where they were having their conference.

You can just imagine the conversation between two UKIP (and therefore probably EU-funded) press officers:

We need a picture showing our huge support and ‘boots on the ground’ campaign in Stoke.

But we haven’t got huge support or boots on the ground in Stoke.



Well, we’ve got some people here.

Well, yeah. But this is Bolton.

Nobody will notice. Voters are thick. As long as we make sure there isn’t a ‘Welcome to Bolton’ sign in the photo, we’ll get away with it. We always do.

Yeah, that’s true. We always get away with it. What could go wrong?

And here we are.

If you’re a Stoke Central constituent and nothing else has put you off the idea of voting UKIP yet, here’s something to consider.

UKIP holds you in such contempt that they thought you wouldn’t even know your own town.

Like party, like leader. Send him packing next week.

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  1. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha . . .
    Like Trump they are good for a laugh . . . but that’s it . . .
    You can’t in anyway whatsoever take them seriously at all . . .

  2. This was on the start of the convoy to Stoke- all these people arrived an hour later in Stoke

  3. You’re dishonesty reaches new bounds with this post at the Skwawkbox. If you took the trouble to actually read below the headline on our article you will see that it clearly states the UKIP activists were in the Macron Stadium car park in Bolton en route to forming a convoy to Stoke. Maybe the reason you are not being paid for your journalism is that it lacks the basic order, method and fact-checking employed by actual full-time journalists like myself:-

    1. Just found your reply now. Don’t be bloody ridiculous. Your article, if it exists – I don’t read your site – is not the subject. The tweet by UKIP’s official Twitter account IS the subject – and it unequivocally states that the people in the picture are the ‘people’s army’ (ffs) *in Stoke*. They were in Bolton. Get a grip of yourself – and learn to read.

      1. What do you mean ‘if it exists’? My post links to our article – who is it that needs to learn to read? It also clearly details the convoy. You accuse another poster of dishonesty when there are literally hundreds of people, plus tens of ‘neutral’ observers at Whites Hotel in Bolton, who were aware of the convoy and knew exactly where it was bound for i.e. Stoke. I am afraid, Sir, that your site is nothing except a propaganda ‘rag’ and, whilst I admire a few of your pieces such as your exposing of the disgusting behaviour by Labour HQ towards one or two Labour CLP’s such as Angela Eagle’s Wallasey and Brighton, this does not excuse your total economy with the truth when it comes to reporting on the activities of political groups that you don’t agree with. I have not seen, for example, one piece making any comment on the opinions of Stoke Labour candidate Gareth Snell as expressed via his Twitter feed. I can only imagine how quiet you would have been had Paul Nuttall’s Twitter account contained similar comments. No, Sir, I am afraid that you are the worst kind of charlatan and your pseudo journalism, containing a mixture of real and fake stories, is one of the reasons why news reporting is taking a turn for the worst. For the record, all of the stories on our site are from a fact checked source, usually two, and on the rare occasions where we use ‘off the record’ comments they are almost exclusively from individuals whom I have known professionally for at least 10 years and whose reliability I trust impeccably. If you really had any empathy for the working people that you claim to represent, as our site actually does, then you would start to ask yourself why the marginalised Labour voters across the North of England voted Leave in such large numbers in defiance of their party’s explicit instructions. Then we both might start to get somewhere in taking our class forward. Or are you happier just to become essential bedtime reading for the Islington dinner party set??

      2. The one who needs to learn to read is *you*, evidently. Point out anywhere in my article that I mention your article rather than a lying tweet on the UKIP official account or jog on. Not interested in joining you in your dysfunctional fantasy world, thank you – and your other comments show that’s where you reside, and yes, that those reading lessons would benefit you.

  4. Ukippers ….they really don’t know their arses from a hole in the ground!

  5. I see you are not publishing our response, despite the fact that alt-politics.com operates a total free speech policy and allows all comments, including those that are highly critical of our viewpoint. Are you going to allow a right of reply or do I really need to go through the hassle of getting our solicitors to issue a ‘cease and desist’ letter? I’m sure neither of us needs the expense, no?

    1. Huh? I haven’t seen a ‘response’ from you, nor is this blog moderated full-time, so if you send something and it needs approval, it will have to wait until I’m logged in to see it. Calm yourself.

  6. Being thick and stupid are the quintessentially ubitiquous qualities of the Kippers…

    The average Kipper member has little experience of life outside of the UK apart from the annual pissup fortnight in Benidorm…

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