#UKIP #StokeCentral campaigner p***es on house, tries to force entry. Help identify.

Shocking CCTV video footage has emerged of a UKIP leafleter in Stoke Central constituency pushing a leaflet through the door of an elderly lady then urinating on the wall of the house – and then, when the resident comes out to remonstrate with him, trying to force his way into her house in what must have been a terrifying assault.

A tweet showing a still of the incident and comments by the woman’s son are below, as is the video footage. If you recognise this individual, please contact this blog so the information can be passed to the police.

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  1. Ok this is pretty bad, but the poor guy sounded totally embarrassed, he may have some medical condition. He certainly deserves to be censured for this unacceptable behaviour but I don’t think he was deliberately trying to be a “thug” or to intimidate the lady. Have a bit of compassion – have you never been dying for a piss?

    1. I have, Tim. And no level of desperation would have me trying to force my way into someone’s house against their clear objection.

      1. UKIP’s bumbling ineptitude and stupidity combined with their generally racist politics speak for themselves. You don’t need to invent provocations. Deeply disappointed with your reporting here.

  2. Having watched the CCTV footage your write up sensationalises what happened and I think misrepresents the guy. Much as I loath UKIP and everything they stand for I am more interested in journalism representing truth as much as it possibly can. It appears that he was just guilty of being stupid enough to pee in someones garden in broad daylight. After that he apologises over and over – there is no aggression or as you say ‘terrifying assault’. Who knows whether he put his foot in the door.
    I have been following your posts and am disappointed with this one – maybe you didn’t have the chance to see the footage?

    1. Apologising while trying to force your way into someone’s home? That doesn’t need ‘sensationalising’. He’s trying to push past her – that’s both terrifying for an old lady and legally assault. I saw the footage and the version with sound released later – ‘sorry sorry’ while you try to force your way into someone’s home doesn’t make it less frightening for an old person, let alone make it ok.

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