#Nuttall’s #Hillsborough #radiocity implosion goes viral. It started with the SKWAWKBOX

Paul Nuttall’s dramatic unravelling over his false claim to have ‘lost a close friend’ at Hillsborough is going viral today after he was challenged over it on Merseyside’s Radio City.

The BBC is leading with the footage every half hour and the topic is going viral on the internet. And it all started here.

Radio City challenged him because of revelations in the Guardian and other media outlets of apparently gaping holes in his claim to have been at the Hillsborough disaster at all. Here is the video of that remarkable passage on Radio City:

The Guardian ran its story – without the journalistic credit that ought legally to be given, as well as out of courtesy – because the SKWAWKBOX analysed video of Mr Nuttall talking, last year, to the north-west edition of the BBC’s Sunday Politics show.

In that video, Mr Nuttall makes apparently contradictory claims about his experiences at Hillsborough – the video is below but you can read the analysis here.

That analysis was widely shared and the Guardian caught onto the story and unearthed further evidence.

It’s far from the first time that the SKWAWKBOX has been the first to bring news to the public eye that the mainstream media then claims to ‘break’, but this might just be the first time that it results in the downfall of a politician – and perhaps even a party – that British politics will be hugely better off without.

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    1. Martin’s comments were worth considering, but taken in the context of the whole clip, Nuttall’s inside/outside claim doesn’t hold water. If he was outside in the crush, he would not lead with being inside the ground observing, as Nuttall does – and then only add the part where he was supposedly in a life-threatening situation as an afterthought at the end. Doesn’t stand up.

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