Guardian ‘reveals’ #UKIPfraud – 1 month after the SKWAWKBOX #Nuttall #Farage

I’m quite proud that this blog has broken a series of exclusives over the years – from debunking the Tories’ fake news (long before that phrase was ever coined) claiming ‘400-1200 unnecessary deaths’ at Mid Staffs, to the government forcing benefit claimants to take bogus psychometric tests that gave the same results no matter which answers a respondent gave (and then lying about it) – to the revelation late last year that Nigel Farage was under investigation for allegedly making a bogus application for German citizenship the day after the referendum and appeared to have used his wife’s old school address on it.

And others. Many of them, lately, concerning UKIP.

As a result, ‘fake news’ allegations have routinely been laid against the SKWAWKBOX since the phrase became current, sometimes by people who can’t read – or be bothered to think about what they read – and sometimes by people with a vested interest in rubbishing anything that exposes UKIP’s secrets.

This was especially true of the exclusive published on New Year’s Eve that showed UKIP MEPs were under investigation for alleged huge EU fraud and involvement with child pornography.

So, since I’m only human, I was delighted to read Wednesday’s Guardian report of – yes, you’ve guessed it – a huge fraud investigation into UKIP MEPs.

guardian ukip fraud.png

The Guardian journalist only knows about – or cares to reveal yet – the tip of the OLAF (the European anti-fraud office) iceberg. Possibly she is holding some information back for subsequent articles, to milk maximum circulation from the information.

But all of the information in the Guardian article tallies with that of the OLAF complaint document that the SKWAWKBOX revealed. For example:

  • allegations against Nigel Farage, Paul Nuttall and Ray Finch
  • that the allegations involve ‘assistants’ not doing any assisting, including one Chris Adams
  • that they are based on the misappropriation of funds that should have been used for EU purposes and were used for party political purposes
  • allegations that Farage’s wife, Kirsten, was paid as an MEP’s assistant when in reality she was running Farage’s national UKIP office
  • Roger Helmer MEP employing the UKIP chairman Paul Oakden as his assistant

And much, much more. If you want to make a detailed comparison of the Guardian’s article and the SKWAWKBOX’s much earlier exclusive, you can download the allegation document here: ukip-eu-allegations.

Of course, as the Guardian’s article touches on only a small part of the full OLAF investigation, expect more to follow in the mainstream media soon – well after this blog brought it to you.

This writer hopes that this will encourage the lazy ‘fake-news’ trolls to bite their tongue. But I won’t hold my breath. It’s enough to be able to point them to this article and, with only a little smugness, tell them ‘I told you so’.

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20 responses to “Guardian ‘reveals’ #UKIPfraud – 1 month after the SKWAWKBOX #Nuttall #Farage

  1. The “funny” thing was… when the Graun article was being posted and rt’d yesterday I wondered why an old news story was hitting the air again (often old news becomes “new” and re-surfaces, usually on an annual basis as no one checks the year :-/). Then I checked the date, and it was, indeed, a new breaking story… then I realised, I’d read it here first!

    Well done mucker 🙂

  2. A justified “I told you so!” Well done and keep up the good work.

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