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Luton deputy council leader quits Labour over Starmer’s ‘dictatorial’ regime

Labour ‘no longer upholds values’ compatible with democracy, says Mohammed Aslam Khan

The deputy leader of Luton council has quit the party today with a scathing attack on party ‘dictator’ Keir Starmer. Mohammed Aslam Khan will continue to serve the people of Poets ward as an independent councillor.

Cllr Khan says that the party no longer upholds values he can represent, saying ‘there is a clear choice between democracy and dictatorship’. In his resignation letter to Starmer, Khan adds that the national Labour party is treating members with contempt:

[Labour] has grown not only distant from the volunteers and activists who give up their valuable time to campaign and help improve our local communities, but has actually created an environment which actively treats us with both distrust and disdain.

I joined a party which not only talked about equality and social justice, but did something about it [but is now a] confused party more interested in playing party politics than standing up for what is right for the country.

Khan is the latest in a string of senior elected officials to quit Labour in disgust at the anti-democratic behaviour of the Starmer regime, which has seized control of selections while Starmer continues to claim he will ‘push power to the regions’ – having shredded his campaign promise to give members more say and control over who represents them.

Derbyshire councillors Kath and Shannon Thompson quit and apologised to locals for Starmer; Manchester councillor Marcia Hutchinson MBE resigned over Labour’s racism and bullying – an endemic and unpunished phenomenon on the Labour right; in Newham, two councillors and a string of elected officers quit the party after Labour seized control of both the London borough’s local parties; in the West Midland’s Sandwell, the borough’s council leader and a former council cabinet member resigned over the party’s abuse of women and cover-ups of corruption; three East Hants councillors resigned over Starmer’s ‘deceit and betrayal’ – and many more.

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  1. What kind of person would want to be an apologist for the neo-fascist Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer?

    1. What kind of person would want to be an apologist for the neo-fascist Labour Leader Keef Smarmer?

      ….The type of “person” that usually posts within seconds on an overtly smarmer-critical article, either sneering that it’s “only one less” or “theyll lose their deposit next time” or other such shabbite.

      I honestly thought when I saw the ” 1 comment” part that it’d have been another of his squealings.

      …But anytime soon. Popcorn in the microwave…

    2. Oh…and the other option would be

      “But who’s gonna notice”?

      So he’s gonna have to find some other paltry, sneering, apologist comment to make.

      1. I’m guessing that Clllr Khan will notice when he loses his seat the next time he faces the electorate.

      2. Thought so.

        And why would that be, wee paedophobe? Because he wouldn’t be a smarmerist labour candidate, perchance?

      3. Toffee – What has changed from 4 months ago when Khan was quite happy to stand as a Labour Party candidate in order to get elected? 🤔

    3. Anyone like Starmer, who is Tony Blair on steroids, offers abstaining ” opposition ” at home & supports the neo-Nazi regime in Ukraine like the good Trilateralist he is.

  2. Keir Starmer is destroying the Labour party. He is alienating Labour members, supporters and traditional voters – in fact he is alienating everyone who believes in democracy and decency. He is also throwing away the party’s chances of winning the next election so we will be stuck with the Tories again which will undoubtedly please multi millionaire Starmer and his fellow Trilateral Commission members.
    Cllr Khan is just the latest party activist and elected councillor to walk away from the party because he cannot tolerate the hard right policies, vicious dictatorship and vile racism which are at the core of Starmers Labour. His resignation will please the leadership – it will save them the trouble of concocting fake “antisemitism” charges against him.
    Solidarity with Cllr Khan

      1. There was me reading about how yet another important party member has quit on disgust at smarmerite shithousery.

        But OPINION polls trump all, don’t they nonsense?

      2. Toffee – I would have thought the answer to your question was fairly obvious.
        Yes, I would hazard a guess that in this instance the polls are more important than the machinations of 1 councillor who was more than happy to stand as a Labour candidate just 4 months ago in order to get himself elected and who will more than likely loose his seat to the Labour candidate when he next faces his electorate.

      3. Here is a suitable analogy about the ‘success’ of Starmer.

        A tennis match takes place but one of the players collapses and is taken away in an ambulance.
        The other player then wins by default and definitely not because he is a brilliant tennis player.

  3. Councillor Khan is right To leave New New Labour, they’re no different from the Tories.

  4. Toffee – What has changed from 4 months ago when Khan was quite happy to stand as a Labour Party candidate in order to get elected?

    I couldn’t possibly say. Maybe if I’d read what the contents of the letter were I’d have a better idea.

    Although to add to the letter’s content, I could read plenty about smarmerite shithousery regarding u-turns on (non-existent) policies, rigging on pledges, expulsions/suspensions for the most spurious reasons, spunking membership money pursuing frivolous court cases based on nothing but vindictiveness..

    …And then there’s recently been further evidence of nonce enabling, empowering and attempted whitewashing.

    Straws and camel’s backs.

    You make it sound as though Cllr Khan’s the parasitic entryist.

    But that’s all you ever do. Like some sort of problem child, you project your own failings onto others who call you on it.

    At least Cllr Khan left of his own volition and cleared his conscience. Dewey the nonce only left (and was allowed to resign rather than be expelled) once he was exposed as a filthy NONCE.

    One has to wonder if das partei will allow any discussion about Khan’s reasons for resignation.

    Criticism of keef and das partei being a far worse offence than nonsenseism. 😙🎵

  5. Solidarity Aslam Khan. Like an estimated 200,000+ others, Aslam Khan has resigned from the Labour Party with “a heavy heart”. The Davos wing of centrists in charge couldn’t care less.

    “When you are a Bear of Very Little Brain, and you Think of Things, you find sometimes that a Thing which seemed very Thingish inside you is quite different when it gets out into the open and has other people looking at it.*” Ain’t that true, Sir Keir?

    * ― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

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