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After both CLP chairs, now Newham branch chair quits role and ‘sham of a party’ over ‘destruction of democracy’

Starmer and Evans “should be ashamed and will be buried by history as the charlatans that you are”

When Tahir Mirza and Carel Buxton resigned as chairs of East and West Ham constituency Labour parties (CLPs) in London’s Newham borough – and their party membership – on Thursday in disgust at the conduct of Keir Starmer and his allies in their factional war and determination not to oppose the Tories, they warned that other members in the constituency would soon follow.

And the exodus has begun – now with the resignation of the Newham branch chair Trish O’Hara. Ms O’Hara has written to Keir Starmer’s sidekick and general secretary David Evans to inform him of her reasons for resigning, like her colleagues, both her position as chair and her membership of the party:

January 29th 2022

Dear Mr Evans

RE: Ms P O’Hara – Membership L1328655 – Newham Branch Chair FGN

I joined the Labour Party in 2015 on the exciting wave of possibilities that swept through lifelong Labour voters like myself under the Corbyn leadership.

The party offered so much that I believed in – socialist ideas of equality and justice that support communities to build and prosper. So much so that I was motivated to get involved with great activists in Newham and was delighted to be voted as Branch Chair. I took the role very seriously and could see the machinations of the party work from roots upward.

Unfortunately, since Mr Starmer has taken his position at the head of the party, I can only see the destruction of democracy. Our CLP, and the neighbouring, have been suspended for almost a year with no communication beyond the first accusatory reasons – with no evidence and opportunity to appeal. I am horrified that a once brilliant party, created by a workers movement has come to this. A party that demonises people and CLPs who wish to exercise their voices and rights and those of the people they represent. To the point of silencing a total of 5,000 members in Newham where poverty has huge impacts on access and opportunity. It is a disgrace that you have occupied our movement and taken over the party in order to destroy all opposition to the worst sitting government in my living memory.

I am appalled by the hollow way you avoid conversation and explanation, instead targeting good people from all communities with a serious concern that you have targeted so many Jewish socialists.

I am resigning from this sham of a party because I am ashamed to be associated with it. You have destroyed its power, its purpose and its reputation.

I will continue to fight for justice in other ways and accept that the Labour Party is no longer able to represent workers, families, children or those contributing to their community in other ways.

You should be ashamed and will be buried by history as the charlatans that you are.


Trish O’Hara

Skwawkbox view:

What Ms O’Hara said.

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    1. We all know Keir will impose reactionaries. So what? No one but reactionaries are welcome in the party now- there is no reason for any socialist to stay in the party, now that Labour is permanently antisocialist and prowar, now that any possibility of preserving any semblance of radicalism or internal democracy has been crushed.

      But that’s ok by you because you support a “social market economy”- i.e., keeping things exactly as they are now.

    2. You are enjoying the infliction of misery on good, decent people who’ve done nothing to deserve it. Your responses are exactly those we’d expect of the sort of person who’d likely have spent their childhood tearing wings off of flies.

      1. kenburch – Could you explain how these 7 words “I wonder who their replacements will be 🤔” caused you so much distress.

      2. They caused me no “distress”, Steve The Tory- I was simply reminding you that all of us are onto you. When you announced that you supported “a ‘social market economy'” i.e., that you’ve been a sectarian-Blairite the whole time-we all twigged to your game.

      3. kenburch – Odd that you didn’t get around to mentioning that earlier when you were having a little rant.
        Don’t be silly, why would I want to hide that I believe in a well regulated mixed market economy.

  1. Steve H Hall centrist Dad … are drowning in your own bile and enjoy whats left of the criminal Labour party .its bankruptcy in every respect including morality and a criminal conspiracy to destroy decent socialist members..RIP.

  2. I see that the destruction of a good Labour Party Branch invites the usual and predictable poisonous comment from the perverted SteveH.
    Well done Keith and his reactionary pals.
    History will condemn them.

  3. Sefton Central CLP (Merseyside) has recently had its branch chairman removed,

  4. A good letter, if a little restrained.
    And, as regards “who their replacement will be” – It matters not one jot. Nobody in the two constituencies is permitted any power, not even the power to debate matters of importance to them. Whatever cardboard cutout replaces her it will make no difference to how the branch is able to operate. But it will give her more time for politics ……… and some self-respect.

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