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Councillors quit Labour and apologise to locals for Keir Starmer

Derbyshire councillors resign over unchecked racism and misogyny, broken promises and war on democracy

Cllrs Kath Thompson and Shannon Thompson

Derbyshire councillors Kath and Shannon Thompson have resigned from the party ‘with heavy heart’ and stepped down from their positions – with an apology to local residents for Keir Starmer and what the Labour party has become under him.

The pair published a Facebook post to announce their decision, condemning Starmer’s ‘sickening’ broken promises, war on democracy and lack of opposition – and he and his party’s lack of interest in supporting ordinary people:

To the people of Whaley Bridge and Furness Vale.

It is with heavy heart that we now make public our resignation from the High Peak Borough Council and the Labour Party and our reasons for doing so. Some of you may support us and some will disagree with our stand, but make a stand we must.

After we won the election we had great expectations of ourselves and the party; of being able to help our villages and the people living and working in them. Since the change of leadership our party has sadly changed. The values we campaigned on when we spoke to you about the promises the national party gave you seem to have been abandoned.

From the start, the leader’s undemocratic stifling of debate and suppression of disagreement was a warning. The alleged racist and sexist behaviour of staff at the top of the party towards party members as cited in the Forde Report left us feeling betrayed and humiliated after campaigning so hard for what we felt was a wonderful change to the party.

We feel there has been a lack of effective opposition and support for ordinary people at a time of many real crises across the country. We felt the leadership’s actions to eliminate socialist policies was untenable. These are the very policies on which the Labour movement was founded.

During the election for the leadership, promises were made, only to be broken once in office. Many great members including Councillors, community activists and an MP, including the former leader Jeremy, were ejected from the party for very dubious reasons. We were sickened by this.

All this has left us feeling alienated from the party as a whole. It frankly does not represent our personal views and values anymore. Therefore we feel we cannot stand on your doorsteps and support a Labour party we no longer believe in.

We must say how much we have enjoyed the opportunity to help people in our community in so many ways during our tenure. Thank you to the many lovely people we have met and worked with. It has been an honour to help each and every one of you.

Kath and Shannon Thomson

The resignation echoes many others that have been made by principled former members and representatives of the party.

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  1. Solidarity to Kath and Shannon!! but please don’t stand down for the positions you were elected to, the residents still need you more than ever.
    You know how to campaign and campaign you must to be re-elected as independent Cllrs at the next local election when you positions come up.

    1. You have created a by-election when you could stayed on as ex Labour. You should fight to regain your seats as independent socialists. You have a strong moral and political case to continue your fight with Starmer.

  2. No need for Kath & Shannon to apologise. They have my unwavering respect.

    ‘Tis the greasy one, and all who stand by him should be making grovelling apologies. They are an affront to common decency.

  3. Many of us are awaiting what will happen at next week’s Annual Conference before decididng what to do in the future and I joined the Labour Party before the great 1945 victory. Meanwhile, Kath and Shannon can be thanked for all they have done for the people they represent.

  4. Many of us are awaiting what will happen at next week’s Annual Conference

    You’ll have to wait until next year to find out about any motions being tabled.

    By then, the truss thing will probably have us all incinerated; telling us it’s a way to keep warm this winter.

  5. Well done ✔but what took you so long,…to see the light….The longer labour exists the possibility of a new working class movement arising will drag on and on.IT takes guts and determination to leave a party youve spent the best years of your active life supporting…..but its the only way.Starmers a sick individual but theres plenty more like him in the PLP and the membership.whos politics might be further to the right than even the shambolic conservative and unionist party….

  6. Well done Shannon and Kath, the lies and the betrayal are disgusting. So many loyal and good people maligned and alienated.

  7. Seeking, please, Kath and Shannon Thompson as volunteer political admin to bring our new Over 50s (saves all ages) party into existence, to run in next general election.

    www dot over50sparty dot org dot uk

  8. Who can blame them, the Party under Starmer has become devoid of Socialism, I blame the Labour Party at large for allowing this to happen, shame on them.

    1. “They wanted to literally see him burn in flames” Don’t! ever forget what those fuckers did to Corbyn and all of us!!!

    1. Sic years of deliberate lies and betrayal made people believe fucking Starmer and his utter contemptuous fakeness…

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