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Missile that hit Ukraine market ‘fired by Ukraine’ – yet UK media near-silent

BBC and others covered ‘Russian’ strike in Kostiantynivka that killed 17 and wounded over 30 more – but few have covered revelation that it was yet another Ukrainian missile

Earlier this month the world and UK media were full of reports of the ‘Russian’ missile strike on a market in the Ukrainian town of Kostiantynivka that killed at least seventeen people and wounded over thirty more – the BBC carried at least three separate reports on its news site:

However, new evidence uncovered by the New York Times strongly suggests that the missile was in fact fired by Ukrainian forces

However, while media in other countries have carried news of the new information to correct the record, the UK media have been almost silent – only the Guardian, of the UK’s ‘MSM’, has mentioned it, while a Google search reveals not one correction or piece of coverage by the BBC:

Evidence includes video showing the missile arriving from the direction of Ukrainian-held territory, as well as findings by bomb-disposal experts that missile fragments came from a Ukrainian 9M38 and not from a Russian model.

This is not the first time that western media and Ukrainian spokespersons have blamed Russia for Ukrainian missile strikes. NATO eventually admitted that a missile that killed two Polish civilians had been fired by Ukraine – and Ukraine’s continued denial led to a NATO diplomat labelling the Ukrainian government ‘ridiculous’ and accusing it of ‘openly lying’.

Similarly, UK reports of a bucket of pulled teeth being evidence of Russian torture were discredited when German media found out that the teeth belonged to the village’s Ukrainian dentist, part of a collection saved by him for financial purposes from over thirty years of dentistry. Unlike their German counterparts, UK media did not correct their initial reports of a ‘Russian’ atrocity.

The UK media are colluding in the propagandisation of the British public to support war.

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  1. Is anyone surprised that Zelensky’s Junta is openly lying? Of course the BBC will repeat any propaganda that helps NATO

    1. Thanks Steven. RT carried this, including video of the strike where apparently a reflection of a missile from Ukrainian territory ( bottom of screen in image above) can be seen flying from bottom to top of screen before explosion at top of screen. Hence evidence the missile came from the Ukrainian side.


    It’s probably The Guardian’s relationship with The New York Times that caused it to break rank with the rest of the MSM and report that the Kostiantynivka deaths “may have been caused by errant missile fired by Ukraine.”

    TheGuarndog’s supposed-journalists have seen a video/’phone-footage which shows
    the missile which exploded travelling from a north-west direction (i.e. Ukraine) and that:

    “The New York Times said two independent military bomb-disposal experts, who asked to remain anonymous, said the fragments and damage at the strike site were most consistent with an 9M38, which is fired by the mobile Buk anti-aircraft system, and not with a Russian S-300.

    Reporters quoted air defence experts as saying missiles such as the one that hit Kostiantynivka can go off course for a variety of reasons, including an electronic malfunction or having a guidance fin that is damaged or sheared off during launch.

    The New York Times also cited evidence showing that, minutes before the strike, the Ukrainian military had launched two surface-to-air missiles towards the Russian frontline from the town of Druzhkivka, 10 miles (16km) north-west of Kostiantynivka.

    ….On 15 November 2022, a missile struck the Polish village of Przewodów, near the border with Ukraine, killing two people. While Ukraine insisted it had “no doubt” the missile had been fired from Russia, an investigation by Polish authorities eventually established that it was “highly probable that it was fired by Ukrainian anti-aircraft defence” and “unfortunately fell on Polish territory”. “

    The Guardian is, nevertheless, a centrist publication of an extremely unpleasant nature. Facts have been far from sacred to it ever since (in 2013) CIA/GCHQ Agents entered its headquarters and forced editors to obliterate the memory of the computers on which they kept copies of top-secret documents provided to them by former NSA contractor and whistleblower, Edward Snowden.

    1. qwertboi,

      This case very clearly fits the definition of ‘narrative’ you provided earlier (and which everyone except the paid troll understood):

      “‘Narrative’ is a representation of a particular situation in a specific way to conform to (or enable) a particular objective or purpose.”

      In this instance, as with so many other available examples, The Official Narrative immediately goes into overdrive to tell the world who is guilty on the basis of an allegation without bothering with even the most cursory investigation whilst at the same time – and stop me if you’ve heard this one before – proclaiming any alternative narrative as a ‘conspiracy theory’.

      An explanation of this process can be found here:

      Its exactly the same modus operandi employed, for example, by the so called Government in waiting/HM Loyal opposition in its internal processes and policy formulation of, among other features, a reversal of due process norms.

      And when reality re-assets itself as it inevitably does as this case demonstrates the pushers of the narrative do not even posses the dignity and character to accept that reality. Preferring instead to ignore and deny it in order to maintain their bullshit lying narrative.

      What’s up steveH? Goat got your tongue?

      1. And yet here you are again Billy No Mates desperately back peddling to avoid any debate on the substantive issue by playing the man rather than the ball.

        Is that all you’ve got? What a one trick pony.

    2. Dave – I’m quite happy to sit back and watch you puffing yourself up again. ☺️

      1. Ah bless! Yet another in a long line of coping mechanisms.

        Who would’ve predicted?

      2. Dave – …… and yet here you are again desperately trying to impress everyone with how clever you think you are.😏

      3. And yet here you are again Billy No Mates desperately back peddling to avoid the substantive issue by playing the man rather than the ball.

        Is that all you’ve got? What a one tick pony.

  3. Both of the contributors above, Tony Greenstein and qwertboi are right to call out the dishonesty of British mainstream media, as is Skwawkbox, the BBC in particular little more than a propaganda outfit. X (formerlly Twitter) is right to add a warning on BBC posts that the Beeb is a UK government outlet.

  4. How totally unprecedented – a NATO puppet military force facing defeat stages a false flag incident to try to blackmail “official” NATO military into intervening. (Ask a Syrian).

    I just hope it wasn’t a cluster munition!

  5. An illegal missile too. Jammed full of flechettes.

    In other news, US soldiers have been seen in Moldova. Warms your heart to hear the Farmer tell them to “F#@& off!” when he confirmed their origins.

    1. On which subject….

      ….grain and other agricultural produce as well as arms is part and parcel of the issue:. As always, the devil is in the detail and its worth quoting the article at length:

      “No one had any doubts why the Polish government has done this policy reversal: it is facing a close election in less than a month and it needs the full support of Polish farmers to achieve a win. Those farmers have been demonstrating vociferously against the Ukrainian grain entering the country ostensibly for destinations abroad but de facto remaining on their home market and being sold at prices far below the Polish farmers’ production costs.

      It is especially interesting that in his fury over the impertinent and insulting speech of Zelensky, Morawiecki let out an observation that you otherwise would not have heard or seen in Western media: namely that the grain Ukraine is exporting is on behalf of the Ukrainian oligarchs who own the farmland.

      Though he was incensed, Morawiecki nonetheless did watch his words, because he omitted saying that the Ukrainian grain being exported is also substantially produced by American agricultural behemoths who now own about 28% of the farmland in Ukraine and are raising their stakes all the time.

      It would be fair to say that the whole scandal over Ukrainian exports of grain via its EU neighbors is not that the grain does not end up in the ports of the world’s neediest countries, it is that the beneficiaries of the exports are US corporations and Ukrainian crooks, not the Ukrainian people and its small holding farmers in particular. The main losers are the farmers of small, medium and large holdings in the EU, who cannot compete on price with the Ukrainians both because of the natural advantages of their ‘black earth’ lands, the most fertile in Europe, and because of the industrial scale that has been introduced in Ukraine by the new corporate owners, domestic and foreign.

      In the midst of the dispute over Ukrainian grain, Western media have picked up tidbits of information about other Ukrainian agricultural commodities that have raised heckles among EU farmers. The longest list probably has been compiled by Hungary, which seeks to ban virtually all produce from Ukraine. For their part, Bulgaria and Romania have complained over cheap Ukrainian honey.

      And yet the complaints over predatory pricing of Ukrainian farm products have come from as far west as France, where the main issue is Ukrainian poultry meat, priced at less than half producer costs in France. In part, this is due to the same cheap grain issue, since chickens are walking sacks of grain: two kilograms of wheat give you one kilogram of broiler chickens. But the additional driver of Ukrainian export prices is scale of production. French television recently brought out the fact that the biggest exporter of poultry meat to France that is being purchased by the school lunch programs as well as by major retail grocery chains is a Ukrainian complex that raises one million chickens at a time and has vertical integration from the grain inputs, to the hatcheries, to the slaughter and chilled packaging of eviscerated chickens. By contrast, the average chicken farmer in France keeps just 50,000 birds. It would be interesting to know who exactly owns that industrial scale chicken complex in Ukraine.

      If the French do not ban such imports, their domestic farming will suffer greatly. Simply put, farms will go bankrupt. Whether or not American capital is behind the chicken war on France, you can be sure Washington is not concerned over the damage to French agriculture that will result from the ‘free trade’ with Ukraine in all commodities that it and the EU institutions in Brussels are promoting.”

      Whilst the observation of ‘chickens coming home to roost’ is certainly apt the issue highlighted and detailed here has wide implications for agriculture not just across the EU but across the whole of Europe – UK included.

      Having destroyed what remains of industry across the EU and the UK via energy prices as a result of sanctions against Russia – the German powerhouse as all but shut down vital (for industry and agricultural food production) chemical and other industrial processing – agriculture is also now at risk.

      Which is why farmers as well as leaders of industry across the continent – from Holland to Hungary and beyond – are up in arms over the policies emanating from an EU bureaucracy which is destroying livelihoods on mass across the continent in order to please a NATO run and controlled by a bunch of neo-con crazy’s in the basement for the benefit of an out of control US Oligarchy..

      In UK electoral terms now is not a good time to start cosying up to an EU which has collectively lost its marbles.

      Which is why, in such a context, the headline in today’s Daily Mail accusing Keir Starmer of wanting to take us back into the EU could easily have a major impact on voter intentions.

      Interesting times.

  6. Well they would do that wouldn’t they?
    Is a brilliant piece on Ukraine on the latest New Left Review Sidecar blog for those who are prepared to think critically on this issue.

  7. Just last week the Pentagon admitted the Chinese ‘spy balloon’ was indeed exactly what the Chinese said it was ,an off course weather balloon’. We had a full week of media hysteria about the spy claim including the BBC asking why China hadn’t apologised. The silence around last week’s announcement has been deafening.

  8. Well they would do that wouldn’t they?
    Is a brilliant piece on Ukraine on the September New Left Review Sidecar blog for those who are prepared to think critically on the issue.

  9. Starvernomics will always find money for the proxy war and support the never ending war pigs
    Then theres the Mandemic, in America the funders of the errant virus, they are still injecting everyone from age 6 months
    Sick Fucks

  10. Missiles do go off course.

    A few years ago, an unarmed Trident nuclear missile went off course and headed towards the USA.
    In a real-life situation, it would not be possible to abort it. Florida would have been hit by a nuclear missile.

    Note Theresa May’s repeated refusal to answer questions about it and her brazen lies about Jeremy Corbyn:

  11. Off topic:

    From ABC News In-depth cross-party delegation travel to USA seeking Assange’s release back to Australia.

    Politicians from across the spectrum lobby for Julian Assange’s release

  12. Thanks PW. Julian Assange ‘home by Christmas’ would aggravate Keir Starmer, the man who certainly did more than any other single person to stick a knife into this great journalist’s back.

  13. On another matter
    The DCMS Parliamentary sub committee has taken upon itself to contact various social media platforms to ask them to cancel Russell Brand
    It would appear Herr Flick and the Fuhrer are not the only Fascists in town

    1. Doug, the following may be of interest;

      Firstly, this piece from the Liberal publication Unherd:

      Secondly, some of the BTL discussion on that above linked piece does highlight the fact that the State, in the personage of the chair of the Culture, Media and Sport Committee, Dame Caroline Dinenage, has already written to at least two Social Media providers (Rumble & Tik Tok) in the following terms and provides some details of the contents of those communications:

      ““We would be grateful if you could confirm whether Mr Brand is able to monetise his content, including his videos relating to the serious accusations against him. If so, we would like to know whether Rumble intends to join YouTube in suspending Mr Brand’s ability to earn money on the platform.”

      And to TikTok:

      “… we are concerned that he may be able to profit from his content on the platform.

      We would be grateful if you could confirm whether Mr Brand is able to monetise his TikTok posts…”

      Rumble has told her to metaphorically stick her letter where the sun doesn’t shine.

      Thirdly, If you scroll down the BTL comments on the piece you will find an extremely interesting comment from a poster with the handle “Nik Jewell’ containing two links – one to a register of interest for Dame Dinenage – and another more interesting one to her husband, one Baron Mark Lancaster: who just happened to be the Deputy Commander of the 77th Brigade between 2018-2020.

      The dots are so obvious here you don’t really need to have your eyes open to follow or join them.

      Unfortunately, Billy no mates and Baron Starver are not alone in thinking you can run a due process and judicial system by diktat on the basis of what is politically convenient for yourself, the Oligarchy and the Professional and Managerial Classes.

      Here’s that self-styled icon of the left Rebecca long Bailey quoted in the Times Of Israel few years back who also does not believe in the right to a defence and an allegation being sufficient to determine automatic guilt without having to go through the process of hearing, considering and assessing evidence;

      “My advice to Labour Party members is that it is never OK to respond to allegations of racism by being defensive.

      The only acceptable response to any accusation of racist prejudice is self-scrutiny, self-criticism and self-improvement.”

      1. My Goodness Dave! I’ve been working-through Declan Hayes’ article (thanks) for a while now, and I am devastated, Devastated!!

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