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Labour forces vital member-run, union-funded community hub in swing seat to close

Starmer regime continues shameful record toward members and deprived local people by locking members out of constituency party bank account containing £11,000 of member- and union-donated funds

The Starmer regime has continued its shameful behaviour toward local communities and party members by forcing a vital community hub to close – in the crucial swing-seat of Broxtowe in Nottinghamshire.

The party has locked members and their elected officers out of the constituency party (CLP) bank account, which contained around £11,000 of funds raised by members or donated by unions, forcing the CLP to close the community hub it ran because they were unable to pay rent and bills.

The hub, set up with donations from unions and local party members, was home to a clothing bank and a community food larder that provided food to struggling local people and which fed more than ten thousand during the pandemic. But now Labour has changed the signatories and passwords on the members’ account, locking them out.

Broxtowe is a key swing-seat and ‘bellwether’ constituency that was a Labour stronghold until it was abolished in the 1950s and has changed hands regularly between Labour and the Tories since it was re-formed in the 1980s.

The move by the Starmer regime is reminiscent of similar actions in Bath, where the party banned members from giving £3,600 to foodbanks, children’s charities and a centre for the homeless – out of a bank balance of around £1.3 million -because the regime wanted the money for its own purposes. Bath was also among the victims of a ‘property grab‘ by the party to seize buildings bought out of members’ own money.

The Broxtowe snatch underlines both the Starmer regime’s contempt for the poor – already amply demonstrated by Starmer’s promise to keep the two-child benefit cap that has put hundreds of thousands of children into poverty, even though it costs the country money not to scrap it – and for the rights and democracy of local party members.

Last February, Broxtowe Labour’s selection and executive committees resigned en masse over the regime’s blatant stitch-up of the parliamentary selection to exclude a popular left-winger who has come close twice to winning the seat for the party, in favour of yet another Starmeroid drone.

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  1. The behaviour of the Kid Starver’s Labour Party plumbs new depths.

    Sickening behaviour that emphasises their mantra of only looking after and representing working people. The rest of us can go to hell.

    1. Presumably they only want to support well-off working people. There are many in work who need to use facilities like Broxtowe’s clothing bank and community food larder.

    2. …..and the reason that they didn’t think to deposit all the funds that were explicitly donated to their ‘Community Hub’ in a separate bank account was❓😕

  2. Beneath contempt. But only to be expected from that lot.

    If leeanderthal ever even had it a tiny bit right with his 30p, then smarmerism will even take away that option.


  3. This sad assault on local democracy started back in Jan/Feb 2023 when Greg Marshall, the Broxtowe CLP’s PPC. was, to quote his own Twitter account,
    “blocked by the Labour Party from standing to represent Broxtowe at the next general election. Despite having the backing of the vast majority of members in the local party, eight trade unions, society affiliates, and respected regional Labour figures from across the political spectrum, the Party has determined that I am unfit to stand.

    “To add insult to this decision, I wasn’t even informed directly by the Party but instead had to wait to be told by the CLP members on the Selection Committee.”

    Marshall represented Beeston West on Broxtowe Borough Council at the time of the snub. He’d been “born and raised in Broxtowe”, knew the constituency “like the back of [his] hand”.

    “I have been blocked because the Party knew I would win” said Greg Marshall.

    1. qwertboi
      Good example of an individual who could wipe the floor with Red Tories
      No matter what the question is now, no matter how low the bottom feeders go, the answer is go ‘Independent ‘
      Starvernomics at it finest, rob the local food bank and charity shop

  4. How long until we get a perfectly rational explanation** I wonder?

    **Complete with yet another opinion poll, and an “it’s Corbyn’s fault anyway, because…”

    1. Before we do lets just have a recap of the main points of the record so far:

      – In this case, along with the example of Bath [and possibly other cases], we have blatant theft of other peoples money and property.

      Starmer and the LP Organisation are thieves.

      – Consistent support for pedophiles – from Saville to Dewey.

      Starmer and the LP organisation are in favour of the criminals rather than the victims.

      – Consistent support for authoritarian policies – from giving legal immunity to state agencies and agents to commit any and every crime on the statute book to outlawing the ability of citizens to engage in any form of meaningful or effective protest.

      Starmer and the LP Organisation are well to the right of even the most rabid authoritarian Tories.

      – Willing to sell out their fellow citizens at the whim of the crazies from the basement in Washington. Regardless of the medical condition of the citizen. Recall, it was Blunkett – now living in a grace and favour house for services rendered – who agreed to the one sided extradition treaty with a regime which was already building a worldwide torture system for anyone having the temerity to disagree with and stand up to them.

      Starmer and the LP Organisation offer no protection to the citizens of these islands and have a record of support in bending over backwards for those who wish to kidnap and incarcerate anyone on the planet who does not obey their orders.

      – Consistent record of gerrymandering of internal processes. From denying party membership for liking the Foo Fighters and expelling/ suspending members on the basis of unproven allegations with no regard for basic due process standards and principles to parachuting candidates into local and national elections by diktat and choosing who can and cannot be in decision making positions in local authorities.

      Starmer and the LP organisation have no regard for the democratic and due process values of the Country and its citizenship.

      – Consistent record of support for those within its organisation who engage in bullying, intimidation, racism and misogyny against basic safeguarding requirements.

      Starmer and the LP Organisation are bullies and cowards.

      – Consistent record of support for war crimes and war criminals. From the illegal invasion of Iraq, Libya, Syria, et al to the illegal ‘colour revolution’ coups and the expansion of NATO across the globe in the interests of a minority oligarchy.

      Starmer and the LP Organisation are enablers of war crimes and colonialist policies.

      – Consistent support for voodoo economic policies which have neither scientific validity nor practical efficacy for the citizenry they are supposed to represent. Preferring instead to further enable the unsustainable widening gap between an Oligarchy and the citizenry to the detriment of anyone not their paymasters.

      Starmer and the LP Organisation are paid enforcers for a mafia.

      Anyone who thinks these people and what they represent are the answers is not asking the right questions. They are part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

      If you want a snapshot of what you can expect from what passes as a so called “democratic” choice of available options this would be a good example to start with:

      In China you can change the policies but not the Government. Over here you can change the government but not the policies.

      1. Oh wow, Dave!! The non-denial denials being prepared will be scrambling the poor nonce case’s brain into soup!!

        So much so that I reckon he’ll give this one a miss, claiming he had better things to do

  5. , the answer is go ‘Independent ‘


    For those in seats held by the last remaining socialists…Providing they aren’t crowbarred out by the machinations of the smarmerite right before the next election; there isn’t enough of them to make any difference whatsoever, as we keep seeing.

    If they had the courage of their convictions, those MPs who claim to be socialist would do the off now and form their own party.

    The idea that they’ve voted/been labour all their lives means nothing. The (smarmerist) labour party stands for nothing, least of all any social/democratic tendencies.

    1. Toffee
      All bets are off at next GE, any anti Red or Blue Tory forces need to get behind one Independent candidate
      A hung parliament with those 3rd parties holding balance of power should be able to leverage PR, devolution, joining ICC, getting rid of Trident, HS2 and Hinckly, rejoin EU on condition they get rid of Banks and Yanks
      And on and on
      It’s called Democracy, great idea in theory, until its too easily bought out in practice

      1. Nowt there to disagree with, Dougal. Yer mainstream parties can whistle if they think my ‘x’ is going anywhere near their box – although the Greens’d have a shout if the people of Wallasey weren’t so feckin fatalist.

        One thing’s certain. My text message allowance will see VFM come the next election.

      2. The Independent needs to talk down the other candidates to leave it with a straight fight
        Get all anti Red Tory forces to campaign, the quid pro quo for them will be PR

  6. Off topic, but please check out this report by Big Brother Watch (published in January this year):

    ‘Ministry of Truth: The secretive government units spying on your speech’

    Secretive Whitehall units have been monitoring government critics’ speech online – including MPs, academics, journalists, human rights campaigners and the public – under the guise of combatting ‘disinformation’.

    Our report, Ministry of Truth: the secretive government units spying on your speech, revealed for the first time the truth behind the government’s five anti-fake news units and how their mission of ‘countering disinformation’ quickly turned into countering dissent across the UK.

    Disinformation is a real problem – but it’s also a term at risk of political exploitation by governments. In a democracy, politicians, the press and the public should all be free to scrutinise and criticise the government – without their speech being logged in government reports, wrongly smeared as ‘misinformation’, or suppressed or censored online.

    And please share far and wide. Thanks

    NB And you can be absolutely certain they monitor skwawkbox, including the comments section of course!

    1. Thanks, Allan.
      Noam Chomsky is not always right but he was when he said that governments fear their populations. It shows that we have power.

      1. Huawei to provide the Taliban with advanced surveillance systems
        The Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei has agreed to help the Taliban install advanced surveillance systems in all provinces of Afghanistan.
        Ariana News Agency reported on Tuesday that the Taliban plans to install advanced CCTV systems in all provinces of Afghanistan, with the help of Huawei representatives in the country.
        RANE News Agency stated in a report that the agreement apparently underlines China’s willingness to engage with the Taliban to mitigate the potential spillover of instability and security threats, particularly from militant groups like Islamic State Khorasan Province and the Turkistan Islamic Party.
        The CCTV systems could also give China access to foreign facial recognition databases to utilize for its own domestic security efforts.

      2. The recent clashes between the Afghan military and extreme Islamist groups (ISIS?) may well have fed into this move, since China has experienced similar attacks for many years.

    2. Even their language is Orwellian. The Counter disinformation unit broke its teeth – and showed it anti-democratic and deceitful nature – during the alleged pandemic.

      Silkie Carlo, director of Big Brother Watch is right to point out how suspect it is for a state organisation to determine what information is incorrect and which is correct. David Davis MP has called for it to be closed down and investigated. Keir “where-your-papers” Starmer’s centrism would certainly causes him to not agree.

  7. NB And you can be absolutely certain they monitor skwawkbox, including the comments section of course!

    Well if they’re reading this they can kiss my manky ring.

    …And so can smarmerites. Twice.

    1. Not only was Evgeny Prigozhin’s name on the passenger manifest, some Russian media are reporting that the plane as an Embraer Legacy 600, with the tail number RA-02795, which is believed to belong to Prigozhin. However, this has not been confirmed by officials.

    2. And so was bond** ‘You only live twice”

      Anyways…..Keef smarmerists – shutting down a community project?

      What says YOU?

      **Just about everyone expected this latest deflection – You (think) you got lucky…??

      Nope. **

      Prigozhin had NO relevance to keefists shitting on their community -unless its in the weird wee nonce enabler logic that it’ll get their PPC elected.

      (Oh!! You’re dead confident cos it’s one of keef’s marginals – well so was Uxbridge ☺️)

      Personally, I’m not arsed prigozhin might be brown bread.

      Doesn’t do owt for the young couple doon the road who are in financial scheisse strasse.

      And even less for me.

  8. What about those struggling to survive in Broxtowe, nonce case?

    Is that an afterthought….after reading the OP??

    That the smarmerite deal nationwide that everyone can expect?

  9. The situation is likely to have arisen because all funds were gathered under the auspices of being a Labour organisation and therefore the Labour hierarchy can determine what to do with those funds. At some point good people and indeed this site need to stop thinking that it is viable to wrest back control and accept that Labour is a lost cause and coalesce around one worthy of their support. Berating Starmer at every turn is giving the man more credence than he deserves and a monolithic entity such as Labour has been moribund for most of this century – move on and up.

  10. Unfortunately Tim White is correct.
    The Labour Party has the power to determine centrally how any of its branch funds can or cannot be used.
    All such funds are deemed to be the Party’s funds …. However agrieved local activists may find this.
    The same is true of most unions, where the centre can “call-in” branch funds if times are hard.
    This doesn’t excuse the pure vindictiveness and low-life thinking of Labour’s leadership.
    Starmer and Evans could just as easily have chosen to support the good work that the local activists have been doing in the Party’s name – BUT – Have chosen to shut it down.
    True Trilateralist thinking – if you ever wanted to look for it.
    It demonstrates clearly that there is no point in voting for or supporting the Labour Party in its present diseased form.
    We must find better fish to fry.

  11. Kropotkin and Bakunin were right: both capitalism and the State have to be replaced. Parties vying for State power in and through a propaganda system in the hands of the rich: what chance of justice from that? Of course, it does bring breakthroughs. The NHS for example. But as soon as a gain is secured, the concerted attempt to destroy it gets underway. Hence the fragmented, marketized and heavily privatised NHS. The question is simple: could we, in self-governing communities do a better job than the State?

    1. Frank, I’ll defer to your greater familiarity with Kropotkin and Bakunin so my question may be misplaced: is the State not simply a self-governing community that in growing so large no longer has a credible sense of self – in other words divides into a them and us? Though this makes the case for smaller collectives it then limits the capabilities of a health service that is reliant on economies of scale to provide the breadth of specialised care expected. Localism, rejecting the seductive yet damaging choice of foodstuffs from around the world in favour of that grown in the community and power generated at residential level are both feasible in many instances but health, transport and arguably defence make the case for aggregation and thereby reintroduce the State as at best indifferent top those it is supposed to serve.

  12. Since SH has taken us on a wild rampage into other news, I feel no need to apologise for an aside.
    It is really looking like the “realists” in the US are starting to gain traction when the article to which I provide a link (below) appears in The National Interest.
    Two years ago, or more, the NI was being very bullish in advocating drawing Russia into a war in Ukraine and inflicting a great defeat on them so that they could become a client state of the US and be used as part of the anti-China strategy. How things have changed.
    Peace in sight at last?
    Let’s hope so.
    However, my guess is that the buffoon, Biden, will baulk at this and plough on until Russia rolls over Ukraine – probably in the run up to the 2024 elections.

    1. Goldbach, The Chief Turd Polisher always does that, and people fall for it. That’s what he gets paid for and he’s successful.

      1. Quite so, but it gives me a way in to highlight developments eldewhere.

  13. Labour’s income rises, as member numbers tumble…

    £47.2m for Keir Starmer’s party against just over £30.5m for Rishi Sunak’s figures suggest.

    This is what happens when a party completely sells out to the rich. Arise Sir Change Nothing, defender of the unelected House of Lords, protector of unfair FPTP.

    The real test will be when an unpopular Labour party crashes in office. They are not offering what the country needs, not at all. And Starmer’s main supporters on social media seem to be people with Twitter histories posting fanatical support for Israel and accusing critics of that country’s discrimination of antisemitism.

    1. ‘crashes in office’ – Let’s hope there are just enough “Independents” in that HoC to keep the “there IS an alternative” possibility alive (for later).

      1. qwertboi – Oh for goodness sake get a grip, can you name all the current MPs in the House of Commons who actually stood and were elected as independent candidates

    1. So many ‘late entries”. “Mr Rules” is showing his true nature. Corbyn never made any. Who ‘gifted’ him a field in Oxted, Surre I wonder?

      The Daily Telegraph MP’s Expenses investigation Team will have a street-party with Sir Keir Rodney Starmer.

      1. Andy – A nice story but why did you neglect to mention that Keir actually sold the land for £320,000.

      2. SteveH

        Tbh, I haven’t been following the story all that closely.

        But you’re claiming that in an area where £1.2 million an acre is typical, he sold SEVEN acres for just £320k?

        Either he’s a dolt or that’s incorrect.

      3. Andy – Neither have I. I’m surprised that you didn’t think to Google it before posting your comment. The prices you are quoting are for land with planning permission.

    1. Forensic Accountants always concentrate on management- and ownership-changes when a commercial entity goes from regular profit into loss so quickly.

      Starmer’s ‘new management’ looks positively Trump-ian – even without US-style Chapter 11 bankruptcy options.

    2. I doubt the supposed 400,000 + membership retention figure too. Are the membership numbers properly independently audited, or the property of David Evans alone?

      Who’d trust these people.

      1. Andy – Do you any evidence to support your doubts? If so you should inform The Electoral Commission
        Although there is no compulsion for political parties to register membership figures with The Electoral Commission a party would be breaking the law if they reported false figures.

      2. Distrust needs no evidence to sustain it Steve\H.
        PLUS if there is no legal obligation to provide membership numbers and the Starmer gang chooses to, then they might as well be false (or at least not significantly lower than Corbyn’s).

        Distrust will cost Starmer’s gang a big, big price.

      3. qwertboi – Unfortunately (for you) your first line succinctly sums you up.😞

      4. SteveH

        It’s hard to reconcile all the anti-Starmer comments BTL in the guardian coming from early Starmer supporters with supposedly maintaining such a high membership. The only people who seem happy with Starmer are the obsessive pro-Israel lobby. Gawd knows what he’s privately promised them?

        Look at how thinned out CLPs have become due to suspensions, mass resignations etc.. This ain’t a happy party. Starmer’s promise is the status quo alongside cold, economic growth, with no explanation as to how he’ll achieve that growth.
        It’s as if Starmer and Reeves see us as a nation of robots, desperate to put in ever longer hours because ‘hard work’ is close to godliness according to the beige Knight and Reeves. They are a pair of completely out of touch morons.

      5. qb: “Distrust needs no evidence to sustain it Steve\H….”
        SteveH: “qwertboi – Unfortunately (for you) your first line succinctly sums you up.😞”

        No – distrust is a perception that someone or someone can not be relied upon. It is to doubt the honesty or reliability of someone or something.

        Therefore the casualty and injury here belongs to Sir Keir Rodney Starmer, squire of Davos. It is he that will play a price. In fact, my mental health and self-esteem are augmented by the recognitio that he’s a sham, a very dangerous charlatan and fraud.

        Interesting that you try to blame a victim here instead of the reprobate whose words and actions cause distrust and suspicion to exist.

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