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Selection AND executive committees of Broxtowe Labour resign over candidate stitch-up (yet another one)

Starmeroids block another popular local candidate – in favour of parachuted Blairites

Two entire Labour committees have resigned after yet another candidate selection stitch-up by Keir Starmer and his drones in the Labour party.

Local favourite Greg Marshall – backed by figures from a wide spectrum of the party – tweeted news that the party had blocked him from the shortlist:

In response to the shameless rigging, the local party (CLP) selection committee resigned and issued a withering statement about London officials overriding local democracy:

Shortly afterward, the entire CLP executive resigned too over the ‘undemocratic’ behaviour of the party and its national executive (NEC):

Meanwhile, Anna Joy Rickard – a literal Blairite – was tweeting her joy at being shortlisted and was admonished by a local figure for her claim, when no shortlist had even been announced:

Broxtowe is just the latest in a series of shamelessly-rigged selections as the Labour right tries to eradicate the left, both in seats that Labour does not hold and in those it does – and a repeat of Labour’s routine tactic of fixing selections by making sure members can only choose from a shortlist of approved Blairites.

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  1. Just two days ago Hornsey and Wood Green members voted strongly for an emergency motion which criticised Sir Keior’s apparatchiks’ heavy-handed interference in candidate selection, and now, this – another local party (CLP) selection committee resigns and issues a withering statement about London officials overriding local democracy! Parachuted blairites giving Sir Keior a party he’s fit to lead.

    It’s time to rejoin Labour and embarrass this atrocious donkey who’s pretending to be the leader of Labour?

    If just one-in-ten of the dearly departed did, Starmer would have kittens (well, baby Sir Keiors).

  2. Yet more satisfied customers.

    But but but Corbyn…😴

    Take a look at this list of current (and previous) MPs from the E.midlans region, and ask yourself why you’d be bothered anyway.

    Barring Denis, and perhaps Claudia Webbe, the rest of them are tory.

    Former mps include mann, balls, vaz, de piero, soubry (former Broxtowe MP) clarke.

    Current mps include anderson, ashworth, beckett, bradley, kendall, perkins (Toby ffs)

    The E.midlands can GTF as far as I’m concerned. All those former mining communities with their toerag representatives. Scabs, the effing lot.

    1. The essential point is that each of those candidates were selected in constituencies where in the the past the Labour vote was weighed , and thus fair game for candidates put forward to the constituency parties from a safe list provided by the regional or national office.
      In spite of the clear evidence of the “leaked report”, the Labour party machine likes to think that it is professional and competent.
      It is professional only in the sense that it is paid for its own peculiar brand of incompetence, and that includes its world class ability to undermine and generally overrule the hopes and goals of the membership, which includes such things as selection stitch ups, covering up, manipulating or derailing disciplinary processes for factional purposes, and being generally unfit for decent purpose.
      Transposed to a wider field, I find it interesting that our PLP is so supportive of the fight for freedom and democracy in Ukraine, but do the complete opposite in their own party.
      Yesterday’s Independent apparently had a survey result that said that 61% of people were very dissatisfied with our two major parties, and would prefer a proper alternative to vote for.
      No surprise there.

      1. They like the way that zelensky deals with any opposition. That is undeniably true. He ( Max ) wishes that he too had a group of equally sturdy, ideologically sound group of well wishers to do his bidding.

  3. Surprised the turd polisher hasn’t been on, referring to the answer he gave the other day…with the usual: “Please see MY earlier post” (because it’s All about him and how clever HE – and keef – are)

    So I’ll do it for him.

    Very first post on that thread – but for some reason he appears to be remiss on this here one..

    Most likely (in fact, DEFINITELY) because it didn’t take long before yet another instance of keef shithousery reared its ugly head.

    Although he’s not gonna admit defeat despite the overwhelming evidence.

    You’ve got your stock answer, I suppose. 😕

    1. Toffee – Thanks for your attempt at being helpful. I would add to your above quote that those composing the short list may well have concluded that as Greg Marshall had already lost 2 general elections in the constituency Labour would stand a better chance of winning the constituency with a change of candidate.

      1. Obviously the CLP beg to differ, don’t they, moron?

        And your keef said he’d make the party more democratic. Well here’s ANOTHER instance that shows that statement to be complete bullshit.

        And there you are, making more excuses for him/it.

        WTF is the matter with you? WHY are you even here?

      2. Toffee – When they vote in next year’s we’ll be able to see what Broxtowe’s voters think. I predict that Anna Joy Rickard will win the seat for Labour, who do you think will win?

      3. And there we all were thinking the Don Revie/Dirty Leeds philosophy was confined to the environs of the school playground and its denizens.

        Whether the numpty gerrymandered in as candidate wins is not what counts or the relevant metric here. The point of ‘winning’ is to effect workable change based on a fit for purpose paradigm and assumptions which are congruent with reality.

        Administrations all over the place are stuffed with similar incompetent ‘winners’ parachuted in way above their ability levels in every sense.

        This is not the football league steveH. Bugger off and only come back if you ever grow up.

      4. Dave – As I said above – those composing the short list may well have concluded that as Greg Marshall had already lost 2 general elections in the constituency Labour would stand a better chance of winning the constituency with a change of candidate.

      5. Toffee – When they vote

        They – Not you, or I.

        Reckon those who have quit will be voting for a smarmer-imposed candidate? I doubt it.

        Doesn’t matter to YOU – a fully subscribed keef brown-noser – with plenty to say about yours truly NOT being a member , but you have nix to say about the reasons people are deserting YOUR party in droves, as well as those who are resigning their positions in protest at the way YOUR dear leader is running YOUR party.

        But keef said “If you don’t like it, there’s the door” (words to the effect of) You manifestly agree with him.

        But, by the same token, you spin all sorts of bullshit excuses and obfuscative irrelevance when you’re confronted with the cold hard fact that people are following his suggestion/diktat.

        So here’s my take.

        You’re more than fucking welcome to accept toerags and former members who openly lie about antisemitism in order to gaslight people about the actual reasons the party is heading in it’s current direction.

        YOU deserve them. But don’t even entertain the notion that NOT voting for these treacherous invertebrates makes one anything like the toerags they aspire to be.

        Nonce-enabling maggot.

      6. Toffee – “but you have nix to say about the reasons people are deserting YOUR party in droves”

        Really, have you seen Labour’s consistent lead in the polls?

        Can you explain why 20% of Labour’s membership left during 2018 &19 and why for the first time ever in 2019 working class voters abandoned Labour ‘in droves’ at the 19GE. More of the working class actually voted for the Conservatives (led by Boris) than voted for the Labour Party (led by Jeremy). The Tory lead amongst working class voters was a surprisingly substantial. 15%.

      7. Given that many of those involved in drawing up such lists have difficulty in following their own rules – our CLP listing in 2019 had someone listed who did not meet the six month membership criteria; whilst one shortlisted candidate who went on to win the PPC (subsequently lost the seat) was still under investigation for multiple complaints including surreptitiously recording members at a Ward meeting and making vexatious complaints which were fast tracked – or even being able to define what a women is, that word ‘may’ is doing an awful lot of heavy lifting.

        As the Yanks say: Go tell it to the Marines.

        The overwhelming evidence suggests that only fools or rogues believe this nonsense you are trotting out.

      8. Dave – “The overwhelming evidence suggests that only fools or rogues believe this nonsense you are trotting out.”
        Whether you choose to believe the facts or not is of little consequence to me or anyone else.
        It is not my fault or problem that you’ve felt the need to resort to using denial as your coping mechanism.

      9. You utterly boring twat. Nothing new.

        OPINION polls again. Not ACTUAL polls.

        Nothing about the shithousery over the second ref that you were constantly warned about. But those people on Sunderland who elected a smarmerite MP can’t possibly be the same ones that bought into the so-called Tory wet dream can they?

        Because voting labour means that is so. Idiot.

        And again woth the compulsory, oft-abused notion that Corbyn LOST members.

        When he almost TREBLED the membership from the start of his tenure, to the end of it.

        Keef done that? Nope.

        Have a read back of all the same shite you spoilt and finally realise just why you are universally regarded as a complete retard.

      10. Toffee – ….. and yet for some reason many of these new members obviously lost their initial enthusiasm and become disenchanted with Corbyn.

        You can try and spin at as much as you like but the figures are a matter of public record.
        Here are the precise figures (as reported by Corbyn’s team) for the number of fully paid up members entitled to vote in Labour’s internal elections.
        July 2017 – 538,606
        November 2017 – 525,779
        June 2018 – 506,320
        November 2019 – 430,359

        The question that you have failed to answer is – Why did so many members and working class voters turn their back on Corbyn in the latter half of his tenure?

      11. More of the same old, same old projection again steveH.

        Accusing others of what you are guilty of multiple times.

        You have not submitted a single fact or argument to support your contention that what is on offer is not a repackaging of the current failed model.

        However, lets give you yet another opportunity to make a complete wassock of yourself in public.

        The facts are, to take just one example among others, that in basing Party policy on reliance on the private sector to deliver the necessary solutions Starmer and his junta are not only continuing a failed over four decade old policy model they are also guaranteeing further failure. Failure which has real consequences.

        Consequences which have already occurred and whose facts are a matter of public record. For example;

        – the fact that the PFI dogma which Brown as Chancellor championed has cost the public purse far more money, by many multiples, than under a model which everyone since Thatcher who have been allowed near power, including Starmer, has rejected outright.

        – the fact that the contractor model upon which this model relies – which demonstrated its flawed assumptions following the collapse of Carillion – has already resulted in unfinished half built unusable schools and hospitals which have been and continue to be a burden on local Council Tax payers in places such as Merseyside – to provide one example.

        – the fact that Tory Councils relying on investment’s to make up the shortfall of Council funding via borrowing for investment in the private sector are going bankrupt. Examples from as recently as November last year include Croydon, Slough and Northamptonshire. Whilst the same model and reliance on the private sector being championed by Starmer which has been adopted by Thurrock – over a £1 billion in debt as a result in that one local authority – looks set to cascade throughout the entire local authority sector as it has financed these investments through short term teeming and ladling borrowing and repayments from and back to local authorities, police authorities and fire authorities throughout the Country.

        Yesterday’s Financial Times provides just one example analysis of the facts available as to why this is so.


        “More UK companies are drawing up plans to shift their stock market listings to the US, bankers say, in a growing exodus that threatens to undermine London’s effort to reinvent itself as a vibrant hub for global equities.”

        A number of reasons, based on the factual record, exist as to why this is so. One of a number suggested by the FT in its article suggests that the prospect of a government willing to spend hundreds of billions of dollars originating from public spending on infrastructure” is one that apparently appeals to investment bankers.

        Demonstrating, once again the fact that the foundation of market success is always the quality and quantity of government – ie public – spending in modern economies.

        Other facts pertinent to why this is so also include

        – The fact that UK pension funds have almost given up investing in the shares of UK companies. In the space of about two decades such shares have fallen from half of portfolios to just 4% whilst holdings of bonds by such funds now exceeds 70% of their value. UK investors are just no longer interested in what UK companies, and companies more generally, do.

        And this leads to the biggest fact of all as to why it is the policy model and assumptions upon which Starmer and the Labour Party are pursuing is doomed to absolute failure. As well as why it is steveH’s concept of ‘winning’ is a total irrelevance.

        There exists a raft of research which clearly demonstrates that the modern private sector corporation often pays out more by way of dividends than it earns by way of profits.

        Succeeding in doing so by constantly increasing its borrowing and undertaking arbitrage between various financial reporting standards.

        They are particularly prone to abusing the differing rules of UK generally accepted accounting principles and International Financial Reporting Standards in group accounts meaning they recognise much more profit in the group parent accounts than they do as a result of actual trading by the group as a whole and it is this parent company pot that they use to pay dividends.[courtesy; Richard Murphy]

        Among available examples based on real world facts:

        ” From October 2001 through October 2022, Cisco spent $152.3 billion—95 percent of its net income over the period—on stock buybacks for the purpose of propping up its stock price. These funds wasted in pursuit of “maximizing shareholder value” were on top of the $55.5 billion that Cisco paid out to shareholders in dividends, representing an additional 35 percent of net income. Besides absorbing all its profits over the 21 years, Cisco took on debt and dipped into the corporate treasury to fund these two types of distributions to shareholders.” [courtesy; naked capitalism]

        And Cisco are far from an isolated case of recorded examples of what is common practice.

        The bottom line is that the only investment the private sector actually makes is in funding gullible politicians from across the political spectrum to keep this gravy train of parasitic rentierism on track. Which is why Corbyn, who was not susceptible to this blatant bribery, was targeted in the way he was.

        The paid for politicians sign off on printing fiat money out of thin air which is then shoveled back to the already individual and corporate wealthy to buy their own stock and increase its notional/pretend ‘value’. The corporate stock ‘value’ increases in the casino and the top managers pay themselves a huge bonus on the basis of what is no more than a giant Ponzi scheme.

        Leaving the general public to pay off the debts incurred which feed this scam.

        The idea that reliance on the private sector whose only interest is in rent seeking financialisation rather than workable win-win genuine investment will deliver any kind of successful results is pure la la land. The model which Starmer, the Labour Party – and the sad little acolyte in the Caribbean (allegedly) – have mortgaged our futures to does not even classify as satisfying the criteria of Capitalism.

        As is the idea that this is what ‘winning’ looks like and is all about.

        Ergo: “Starmer’s belief that the private sector will provide the salvation for UK investing is wholly misplaced. Large UK companies are the worst at investing in proportion to size and number of employees. They just don’t do that any more. They look to financialisation for their profits, and not actually making money, whilst innovation is very much off most of their agendas. To pretend that a partnership with the private sector is the way forward for the UK is, then, wrong. The UK private sector has no interest in the future. Their purpose is to turn debt into dividends.” [courtesy; Richard Murphy].

        So come on big gob. Get off that bone idle backside and give it your best shot.

        Provide us with facts and arguments which contradict what has been put to you above.

        Give us a convincing set of facts and arguments demonstrating that it will be different this time around because its Starmer in charge and why that will be so.

        The floor is yours. Come on. Get on with it, if you can.

      12. Dave – I’m struggling to see what your long diatribe has to do with anything I’ve said, is it something that you prepared earlier?

        …….. and you are offering the electorate, what? ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯

      13. Now that’s a new one steveH, Alzheimer’s.

        Just to refresh your memory:

        ” Dave – “The overwhelming evidence suggests that only fools or rogues believe this nonsense you are trotting out.”
        Whether you choose to believe the facts or not is of little consequence to me or anyone else.
        It is not my fault or problem that you’ve felt the need to resort to using denial as your coping mechanism.”

        – steveH 2/2/23 4:50pm

        You were the one accusing others of not believing in facts in the context of a line of discussion which has argued over several threads that the model you are presenting is not credible.

        You have been presented with merely a few of the facts you claim to be a champion of in your mardy arsed little diatribes. Facts which contradict your own evidence and fact free nonsense.

        Now stick your dummy back in your gob. Its put up or shut up time.

        Are you going to publicly demonstrate that you do not have the bottle to back up your claims in the way I and other have done by once again running away?

        Or are you going to provide a rational, evidenced based counter argument to back up your fantastical claims.

        No hiding place now. You either answer the question or fuck off from this site.

        And I will hound you every day, across every thread with a comment section for a grown up response till you either back up your bullshit or bugger off.

        Your choice.

      14. Dave – Are you really trying to contest the veracity of the membership numbers that I have quoted. These figures are the official Labour Party figures for the number of members who were entitled to vote in the various (all member vote) elections that took place at the times quoted. Are you now claiming that Corbyn’s team made false reports to the Electoral Commission. If not then WTF is your point, or are you still working that one out?

        Are you a joke?
        “No hiding place now. You either answer the question or fuck off from this site.
        And I will hound you every day, across every thread with a comment section for a grown up response till you either back up your bullshit or bugger off.
        Your choice.”
        Oh dear, who are you trying to impress? You appear to be under the the misapprehension that I care one way or t’other about your silly threats. You’re making yourself look ridiculous.

      15. You are confused. You are not discussing the issue of Party membership numbers with me, but with others.

        My post of of 10:48 2/3/23 refers.

        You have shouted the odds about ‘facts’. The inverted comma’s due to them being your facts which you make up or discard to suit your convenience, just like those running the LP, as compared to objective evidence based facts.

        Whilst everyone is entitled to their own opinion – and opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one – you are not entitled to your own facts.

        You have been called out with an evidenced based argument and have once again run away with nothing but bluster, sneering and bullshit like the cowardly bully you are.

        Now either stop shouting the odds and back up your bullshit bluster or fuck off. Because right now you are making yourself look like a complete knob head in public. All mouth and no trousers with no beef to your sneering arrogant and ignorant attitude towards anyone who deviates from what you so desperately want to be the case.

        Time to grow up and grow a pair.

      16. Dave – Please do feel free to correct me if I’m wrong but I’ve been through this rather complex thread again and as I understand it the root of what you are getting your knickers in a twist about is me claiming that it is a fact that the Labour Party are odds on to win the next general election.
        Can you confirm this is the case?
        If not, then please state clearly, calmly and concisely exactly which of the facts that I have quoted you are claiming is untrue and why.
        I will do what I can to address your issues.

      17. Seeing as I like you today, because I might not like you tomorrow:

        “Dave Hansell
        02/03/2023 at 10:48 am

        And there we all were thinking the Don Revie/Dirty Leeds philosophy was confined to the environs of the school playground and its denizens.

        Whether the numpty gerrymandered in as candidate wins is not what counts or the relevant metric here. The point of ‘winning’ is to effect workable change based on a fit for purpose paradigm and assumptions which are congruent with reality.

        Administrations all over the place are stuffed with similar incompetent ‘winners’ parachuted in way above their ability levels in every sense.

        This is not the football league steveH. Bugger off and only come back if you ever grow up.”

        Clear enough for you now dim-bulb?

      18. Dave – Whether you happen to like me or not is of very little consequence to anyone apart from you, I’m certainly not going to be losing any sleep over it. I’m just seeking a simple and straightforward answer to a very clear question

        As for your irrelevant repetition of your earlier comment, what is the credible alternative that you are offering? Do you actually have one? 🤔

  4. Needless to say, the MSM would have gone apeshit if Corbyn had attempted the same. And we are expected to participate in democracy and vote for “change”. Waste of time.

    1. I recall at the time their was consternation over Corbyn’s team imposing PPCs on constituencies.

  5. Off topic:

    While I don’t particularly follow events in Ukraine, this video caught my attention:

    Douglas Macgregor: UKRAINE WILL BE DESTROYED

    1. Thanks PW,
      Zelensky’ is a dangerous sociopath who wants your children to fight his war: “The U.S. will have to send their sons and daughters exactly the same way as we are sending the sons and daughters to war and they will have to fight because it is NATO we are talking about, and they will be dying…”

    2. I’ve just realised what the picture reminds me of.
      It’s a scene from an old gangster film where the mafia boss is about to send the fellow off for fitting for his concrete overcoat.

  6. Bottom line is that wherever you turn in the UK or the wider West/Zone A (which represents less than 20% of humanity) you can only, to paraphrase Henry Ford, have any colour you like so long as its the one we choose for you.

    ‘We’ being the self-referencing credentialed elite and their useful idiot clueless shills.

    The Labour Party is not alone in which this same play book is being used to disenfranchise and gerrymander the whims of an out of control bunch of incompetent oligarch’s:

    “By now many of you will have seen last night’s article on Craig Murray’s site, in which a current SNP branch convener revealed how the party machine is setting fire to all its own rules in a desperate attempt to secure the succession of Humza Yousaf.”

    Gerrymandering which includes blatant rigging of both internal and external elections and polls.

    Anyone not following and adhering to The Official Narrative is simply cancelled in this dystopian ‘culture’.

    – Jewish people and their organisations are banned and proscribed from the Labour Party as being the very worst of the worst racists – ie anti-Semites.

    – The Met police blatantly aid and abet a bunch of spoiled mardy arsed misogynists thugs to physically intimidate women discussing their concerns in Hyde Park; meanwhile, Police Scotland allow its own officers to raise funds for an organisation they are investigating for child abuse – simply blocking even victims of that crime from expressing criticism. An action not dissimilar to other cases in the past – from Saville/BBC to Rotherham, Walsall to Glasgow.

    – School children protest across the country over the compulsory introduction of unisex toilets in which no consultation with either students or parents took place. Where the bulk of the corporate media attempt to pull the wool over peoples eyes by either downplaying this issue or deliberately and blatantly misleading the populace by claiming it is about not being allowed access to the toilet during lesson time.

    – Civic action and activism is effectively outlawed and de-legitimised across political party’s – disenfranchising large swathes of foot soldier members. An approach it would be naive not to anticipate will be extended to the rest of society. Particularly in a wider context in which civil protest and even industrial action is being legislated away with the active support of both wings of the Uniparty.

    – Evidence, due process principles and values are operated on a pick and mix basis, if at all, to suit the power conveniences of this self-referencing credentialed elite and its oligarchical fantasies. People calling for peace or bringing up inconvenient evidence are shouted down, cancelled and hounded by this puerile mob and labelled ‘apologist’ simply for not following The Official Narrative.

    it seems very clear that Western elites at all levels have decided to do away with the inconvenient electorate and the concepts of democracy and accountability and are instead choosing a different one to suit themselves.

    1. @Dave Hansell

      I stumbled across Sandi Adams this morning. I’d advise anyone seeing this name to search out her site and read what she says.

      It fills in many blanks

      1. NVLA – Oh dear, you’ve been playing down your 🐰🕳️ again.

      2. Fwiw Nvla, Sandi Adams has a big “following”. Her writings can seem like a symbiotic blend of left-wing marxist dialectic and wight-wing national-like libertarianism. She talks too much sense for the ‘lockdown lefties’ though. (I’ve been reading a couple of Denis Rancourt books lately – for a physicist, he understands human health remarkably well (like a biochemist 😀). Search his covid statements, they’re spot on! I’m amazed alphabet/google/youtube didn’t banish him from their world as they did many others of a scientific bent (even nobel laureates, when they dare to question the Science inc and its Narrative).

      3. Thanks quertboi, I shall

        Enjoy your weekend

    2. It does seem very clear that western elites at all levels have decided to disregard the power of people and disrespect the very same. They use our supposedly democratic institutions to impose often divisive social values, which then, as they were intended, divide people rather than inspire and encourage.

      Am I wrong to think that it is the political left that should recognise this first and strongest and immediately spring into action against them? I ask because we seem not to be and on several important issues serve as better patsies than the usual suspects.

      1. qwertboi – What a great idea, I wonder if anyone will notice?🤔

    3. Inciteful! So, Humza Yousaf is the SNP’s Sir Keir Eeyore Starmer?

      Like Sir Keior, he isn’t a ‘useful idiot clueless shill’, he’s the Real McCoy.

  7. Just seen this headline on the BBC website.
    “Famous BBC One balloon to take to the air again”
    What do you bet that the US shoots it down?

    1. Yanquis haven’t got any missiles left. The cupboard is bare everywhere except in …. What have the various DoDs been spending all those billions on over the years. It certainly isn’t a series of industrial complexes. Spooks, assassinations, colour revolutions, graft and corruption , these specialities don’t win serious conflicts. This isn’t Yugoslavia, Iraq, Syria or the Falklands. NATO has threatened the motherland. Blinke, Nuland, hate won’t cut it.

      1. “What have the various DoDs been spending all those billions on over the years.”
        They’ve been spending trillions on super high-tech kit which is often temperamental, and which provides huge profits. It is great for rolling over poorly equipped and ill-trained troops in, for example, Iraq. It does, however, rely on air superiority – not much cop against an adversary with sophisticated air-defence capacity. When you spend such amounts on what are close to vanity projects, there is insufficient production of the basics and so it is easy to run short, which is why western supplies to Ukraine are starting to dry up. Of course, when your MIC has developed in this way it will take ages to gear up to the mass production levels required to achieve their ends in Ukraine; by which time it’ll be all over.

    2. That BBC balloon is not the only thing flying about:

      – “a Boeing E-4 Advanced Airborne Command Post capable of supervising military operations in case of nuclear war, has landed earlier today in Iceland on its way to Europe. To Europe?”

      – “A couple of days ago Russian news showed images of six Yars ICBMs rolling into Moscow on their self-propelled launchers. Yars, to those who are not familiar with the Russian missile families, are the backbone of the present ground-based Russian strategic nuclear strike force. They date from 2007 and their numbers are listed in the now scrapped New Start arms limitation treaty. These solid fuel three stage rockets have a range of 12,000 km and carry multiple warheads (MIRV). Each launch unit on wheels weighs 100 tons and their route into town was carefully selected accordingly. But what are they doing in Moscow?

      The Vesti reporter said they have been brought there in preparation for the Victory in Europe Day parade. However, that takes place on May 9th, so the arrival now two months ahead catches your attention.”

      – “yesterday the air space over Petersburg and within 200 km radius of the city was closed to civilian air traffic. No explanation was given at the time, but today briefly ran an article explaining that there had been intelligence reports of a possible Ukrainian drone strike on the city. Meanwhile Moscow today claimed to have recovered fragments of a drone downed in the Moscow Oblast bearing Ukrainian military signs. All such attacks in the very center of European Russia must be seen as a direct provocation.”

      – “The Russian military gave details of the delivery by train into Kramatorsk of cases of poisonous chemicals which, they say, the Ukrainians have planned to release into the atmosphere to poison the population of this city in the Ukrainian occupied portion of the Donetsk Oblast, intending to put the blame for the chemical attack on Russia, just as US and British forces had done in Syria three years ago when they staged and filmed a supposed attack on civilians by the Assad government forces. Only this time the chemicals would be real and many civilians would be endangered. The Russian military also issued a detailed statement today on cases of radioactive materials which the Ukrainians have just now delivered by train to Moldova to stage a similar provocation that could be blamed on the Russians.”

      1. Is there something wrong with the facts presented?

        If so, present counter facts with a rational evidenced based argument of shut up and bugger off from this site.

        Your choice.

      2. Dave – Oh dear, how long have you been suffering from delusions of grandeur? 😟

      3. Dave – I don’t recall ever saying that, please feel free to provide the direct quotes that will prove that I did.

        …… and you are offering what to the electorate?

      4. And what else, other than, to use your own words, “denial of the facts” contained in my post of 10:37 2/2/23 does your response of 10:09 4/3/23 mean?

        That post listed a number of objective verifiable facts.

        You responded to the effect that belief in those facts was being “gullible.” If however, there exists, in some obscure hallucinogenicly infused fantasy world, a different meaning to what you responded with at 10:09 of 4/3/23 we are all ears.

        Now instead of running away with bullshit bluster answer the question and justify your statement rather than this sad pathetic denial that you ever mean such a thing.

        Which of the facts contained in my post of 10:37 2/3/23, which you have clearly challenged with your statement of 10:09 4/3/23 are inaccurate to the point that anyone believing in them is “gullible” and why?

        No hiding place. Answer the question with an evidenced based rebuttal to back up your bluster or be seen publicly as the motley fool you are.

      5. Dave – You’re a very excitable individual, aren’t you. You really should chill out more.

        Lets examine your post that you are getting so worked up about.

        – “a Boeing E-4 Advanced Airborne Command Post capable of supervising military operations in case of nuclear war, has landed earlier today in Iceland on its way to Europe. To Europe?”
        So what?

        “A couple of days ago Russian news showed images of six Yars ICBMs rolling into Moscow on their self-propelled launchers.
        Honestly, were you actually impressed by the insecure wannabe imperialist Putin parading his ‘weapon’ through the streets to prove how big it is.🤨

        “yesterday the air space over Petersburg and within 200 km radius of the city was closed to civilian air traffic. “
        Again, so what?
        Maybe they are right to be nervous, Ukraine has already demonstrated their prowess at attacking military targets within Russia. Or maybe it was just done for show and propaganda. Who knows.

        “The Russian military gave details of the delivery by train into Kramatorsk of cases of poisonous chemicals which, they say, the Ukrainians have planned to release into the atmosphere to poison the population of this city in the Ukrainian occupied portion “
        As I have said elsewhere – I pity you, are you really that gullible?

      6. Its called the process of escalation.

        Easy to dismiss with groupthink level responses on the lines of “so what” etc from the safety of the Caribbean (allegedly). However, those of us actually living only a few hours flying time (if that) from what is at present the conflict zone do not have the luxury of being so self-righteously smug and sanguine about such matters.

        Even in terms other than potential military escalation.

        So called ‘leaders’ in Europe are already openly talking about moving to a ‘wartime economy’. A delusional fantasy based on a manufactured pseudo reality when the economy is constructed on a rent seeking financialised, rather than production, model and the amount of fiat money has led to an everything bubble which will burst sooner rather than later when the dollar is supplanted as the global reserve currency ending the free ride of everything tied to it.

        The sanctions, far from working have backfired. All the fallout has been at the expense of the bulk of the populace. With domestic and commercial energy bills, interest and domestic mortgage rates, and inflation levels impoverishing more and more people in a context in which real wage levels have been falling for decades.

        Enterprises from the level of pubs, cafe’s and the corner chippy right up to factories, food production and office blocks are closing/ceasing operation/production – with the attendant knock on employment and other effects – as a result of high energy prices due to the numpty policies you are supporting from your safe haven bunker.

        Supermarkets are already rationing certain produce due to so called “temporary” shortages.

        And this is not just in the UK but across Europe. With German metal and chemicals facilities closing down and moving to the US leaving local populations to sink. And this represents only one example among many.

        Something you do not in any way experience and therefore have no comprehension of from where you claim to be.

        Moving on…..

        This accusation of ‘gullibility’ has a long record of egg on face for those such as yourself who level it. The same sneering response was made to those who questioned every similar event from the Zinoviev Letter to the second Gulf of Tonkin incident; from the Kuwaiti babies being ripped out of incubators story to the non-existent Iraqi WMD’s and more.

        That more including both Douma in Syria and the equally easily debunked farce at Salisbury. Even before the RF took control of the US bio-lab facilities and what remained of their records there was sufficient information available in the West, for those who were interested in evaluating it, to substantiate the Russian claims.

        Even the Western nuclear inspectors confirmed the Russian claim that the Ukrainians were deliberately shelling the nuclear power plant the Russians had taken control over.

        The track record, therefore, is not looking good for your silly little jibes.

        And that is because you have bought into the pseudo-reality groupthink where your toxic sneering at any contrariness cold-shoulders all critical thinking or analysis.

        A ‘Groupthink’ which allows some self-imagined reality to detach; to drift further and further from any connection to reality, and then to transit into delusion – always drawing on like-minded peer cheerleaders for its validation and extended radicalisation.

        I get it. You are remaining loyal to that groupthink – even when the policy is working badly and its consequences disturb the conscience of those pushing it. Because in your world loyalty to the group becomes the highest form of morality. A loyalty that requires the avoidance of facing controversial issues, questioning weak arguments, or calling a halt to wishful thinking. Which instead seeks to amplify the narrative of the pseudo-reality you are hanging your hat on.

        No wonder you are struggling to substantiate your arguments with evidence based facts and have to be dragged kicking and screaming to provide something, however poorly constructed and thought out – which this is, – to back up your increasingly evident bluster.

  8. “Famous BBC One balloon to take to the air again”

    I hope it doesn’t mean that they’ve commissioned a slot for that unfunny, untalented fat f**k corden to back over here .

    …Or gervais, for that matter. I’ll fookin shoot em down meself if that’s the case 🤬

  9. Well, well. It seems that many western airlines are complaining that Chinese airlines have an unfair advantage. You may ask yourself what this “unfair advantage” is. Seems that the sanctions placed on Russia by the West mean that western airlines are no longer allowed to overfly Russia and are incurring greater costs as a result. This, for some reason, is China’s fault.

  10. WT Ever-lovin F is going on at that bbc?

    Just been watching a tale about Hancockup and private poke Williamson and their WhatsApp messages…

    They broke of mid story to go love to some conference where fatbollocks the scruff ( de piffle johnson) was prattling on about Augustus Gloop???

    I ask again…WT Absolute F??? Are they living in a parallel universe or summit?

    1. On behalf of all ferrets I simply MUST(elid) protest.

      Those two are mere rats. In fact that’s unfair on rats, too.

      How oakshite is given airtime by broadcasters and treated with reverence by other (alleged) journalists with a track record like that is beyond me. Should be made persona non grata by all self-respecting hacks.

      Horridable, godawful whiny, entitled, snitch that it is.

      …Same goes for Hancockup – but without the snitching…Most likely until the day he’s roped in by the inquiry.

      Even then he’ll most likely bring a fart to that particular shitfight.

  11. Just watched an interview between Starmer and Matliss.

    Matliss asks “Davos or Westminster?”
    Starmer immediately replies “Davos”

    Matliss acts like he’d just given his favourite ice cream flavour

  12. For the suggestion box:

    One of the problems of this site and its administration is that the inconsistency of new threads not having a comment.discussion facility means that any comment or discussion of that threads subject has to be made on a different thread. Get your soddin’ act together and get this sorted.

    Moving on……..and things certainly are at an astonishing pace. I’ve been banging on for not that long about the mission creep inherent in the cancel pogrom against anyone who does not toe The Official Narrative in the Labour Party. Observing that such behaviour and antics always and inevitably result on that behaviour being extended generally in a scatter gun approach

    Such is the corruption of power in the hands of incompetents who have never properly grown up.

    To be frank I did not expect to be proven right in this regard so soon.

    Having now extended mission creep into demanding, with the same barley concealed menaces which LP members have had inflicted upon them, that other political party’s do not accept the wrong kind of Jew into their ranks it does not bode well for any subject of these isles who incurs the displeasure of this self-selecting credentialed elite. Regardless of whatever colour rosette they have pinned to their chest.

    It will be interesting to hear what bullshit steveH comes out with to excuse this (that’s assuming of course that he can ever be brought to answering a straight question rather than avoiding them all the time).

    Regardless; whilst its non of their damn business that assumes we are operating in the context of a functioning democracy. Whereas its getting more obvious by the day this is not the case. Woe betide anyone in any part of what is increasingly a dysfunctional society anywhere on these islands who steps out of line with this bunch of mardy arses in power.

    They are not yet even in Government. Yet a part of this rotten cabal of a rotting Uniparty State still feels sufficiently empowered to instruct other political party’s who they can and can not have as members on the grounds that the people involved have been duly designated as permanent outcasts and outlaws for not following ‘right thought.’

    This is what your ‘winning’ means and looks like in the present context steveH. At least for the populace at large on these islands rather than those like yourself cowering in safe space on the other side of the ocean.

    And the only practical way to resolve that problem issue is a serious cull of those involved in this behaviour at every level, along with their useful idiot cheerleaders.

    1. Dave – The only thing that is stopping you from winning is a lack of support.

      1. Oh dear. More of the ignorant and arrogant mindset which is dragging us all down.

        stevieboy thinks he’s on the Kop and this is some sort of sporting competition between two teams.

        Its not difficult. The relevant criteria is whether something is fit for purpose or not. Whether works in the real world or not. And the overwhelming real world evidence is that more of the same already failed approach – doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different outcomes – is not going to hack it.

        To quote Ghandi, ‘the truth is the truth, even if you are a minority of one.’

        Caveat emptor applies. What you are cheering for lad, from the terraces of your playground, is a mirage. ‘Winning’ with the intention to continue failing isn’t winning, its just temporarily sitting on top of the anthill taking your turn at being the pretend biggest, baddest and bestest.

        As PW observes, below, the majority of people actually living here rather then cowering in a bunker in the Caribbean (allegedly) shouting the odds from a safe distance, are pissed off with the false choice of the same Uniparty.

        The fact of them being here and having to suffer this childish approach they are more clearly more in tune with reality than you are from your little bunker.

  13. July 2017 – 538,606
    November 2017 – 525,779
    June 2018 – 506,320

    November 2019 – 430,359
    The question that you have failed to answer is – Why did so many members and working class voters turn their back on Corbyn in the latter half of his tenure?

    How many times does it need explaining to you, you hopelessly thick bastard ?

    Corbyn begins on around 180k leaves with 430k

    NET GAIN ….That’s NET GAIN OF 250K members. You USELESS fucking KLUTZ.

    But let’s look at the timeline and see how it correlates to the period of the biggest drop in membership

    June 18 to NOV 19.

    What happened in that period, knobby?

    That’s right… Keef shithouses the 2nd ref vote through WITHOUT it going to a OMOV ballot.

    Here’s a link to a picture to help you out, thicko that you are.

    1. So what went wrong from 2017 onwards?
      Why did so many members and voters lose faith in Corbyn?

      1. I’ll tell ya.

        Keef and fatwatson, hodge, berger ellman and the rest of the shithouses spouting and fomenting inappropriate fantasist SHITE.

        Although not on a par with your revisionist inappropriate fantasist SHITE.

        Where’s the blockbusting sign-up to your smarmerite labour party?

        There isn’t one. Keef hasn’t gained a single member since he took over.

        But he’s (re)gained a few toerags.

        Where’s all these seats won on by elections to match this 20pt OPINION poll lead?

        Lost two seats to the rags.
        Lost two(that they should’ve gained) to the libtards.

        Most of those (if not all) he managed to hold onto saw vastly reduced majorities.

        And officers the length and breadth are spewing their positions, if not their memberships.

        But you refuse to acknowledge it, and sneer at their protest when they do.

        Because you’re a cunt. A nonce enablist cunt.

      2. Toffee – Whether you like it or not we both know that Labour are odds on favourites to win the next general election with a substantial majority. Your pointless rants and childish misogynistic expletives aren’t going to change that.

    1. Figures! An Establishment figure for an Establishment protector. Oh well, at least nobody from the secret services can be given the job now!

      (Unless they already have.)

  14. I found this proverb, which is variously reported to be of either the Mongolian or Chinese origin.
    “One idiot can ask more questions than ten wise men can answer.”
    It put me in mind of someone.

      1. I am vindicated. I was expecting an infantile response. Made my day.

      2. goldbach – You started it, I gave your infantile comment all the respect that I thought it warranted. 😏.

      3. And there were the rest of us thinking the wee whopper suffered from a diabolical lack of self-awareness.

        Not so, if he can assume the proverb Goldie quoted was attributable to him.

        Although i doubt there’s anything more infantile than the accusation of you started it

        There are plenty of oriental proverbs that can be directly attributable to you wee fella.

        From memory, one is a bit of sage advice (on your case)

        “If you want to improve the world, take a look at what needs improving in your own house, at least three times”

    1. No, it was someone from Mongolia or China who started it..
      I simply quoted it and, out of all the millions of people in the world, you identified with it.
      And you know about the psychology of those who always have to hjave the last word.

      1. goldbach: As Mark Twain observed, ‘never argue with a fool. He will drag you down to his level at beat you with experience.’

    1. goldbach – I’m guessing you are counting yourself amongst those who lack stamina, otherwise you would have spotted the flaw.

  15. SteveH03/03/2023 AT 12:12 AM
    Toffee – Whether you like it or not we both know that Labour are odds on favourites to win the next general election with a substantial majority. Your pointless rants and childish misogynistic expletives aren’t going to change that

    Odds on favourites or not, IF they win it’ll be by default due too disgust with the current shower o’ shite, rather than any good management and policy on their behalf

    And going on recent by elections as well as the locals, your labour party are NOT set to win with a substantial majority. 10.5% translated nationwide will lead to a majority of a single seat.

    Which, (if Corbyn was factored in by polling commissions as a labour mp) will be thoroughly negated, should Corbyn stand as an independent next time about.

    As for your “mysogynistic expletives”?

    Really? You’re called a cunt because that’s exactly what you are.

    I suppose then, if I called you a prick I’d be accused of misandry?

    Well seeing as both offend you on terms of gender specificity, I guess I could settle on ARSEHOLE.

    Either way, I could not give less of a flying one. Wouldn’t make it any less true.

    Now sod off. I need a kip.

    1. Toffee – I suppose that depends on whether you are stupid and naive enough to think there is any value in extrapolating the results of a low turnout mid winter by-election to predict the results of a general election,
      Has Corbyn stopped doing what he does best yet and announced whether he is going to stand at the next GE as either an independent or as a PJ Party candidate.
      Sweet dreams 😘😘😴💤

  16. A survey in the Independent from 3,000 respondents — a larger sample size than YouGov use.:

    Two in three Britons want new political party to take on Tories and Labour

    61% want ‘completely new type of political party’, survey finds as pessimism hits record high.

    Almost two in three voters want a new political party to take on the Conservatives and Labour, a shock new study of trust in politics has found.

    Britain is increasingly pessimistic, distrustful of government and disdainful of politicians, according to Edelman’s annual trust barometer poll.

    Three-quarters of people (75 per cent) said they thought the UK was heading in the wrong direction – a record figure since the survey started in 2001.

    1. Yes indeed PW. People are sick to bleeding death of the both main parties and have difficulty discerning and perceived difference.

      But there are always those who will hold their nose and vote for (what they believe to be) “the best of a bad bunch”…Just like a certain someone pleads was his only reason for voting for the object of his unhealthy obsession.

      And of course that same plum would be screaming about a magnificent triumph and crowing delusory that smarmer is some sort of political demigod, while dismissing the plain fact that he’ll have ONLY won an election due to toerag incompetence, arrogance and avarice.

      Then keef will hold the reins. And those three aforementioned foibles – especially the former two – will remain just as apparent.

      People will then wonder why they bothered. But not the resident turd polisher.

      1. To adapt the analysis of Caitlin Johnson in May last year:

        “The UK doesn’t have political parties, it has narrative control ops disguised as political parties. One of them overtly promotes capitalism and imperialism by appealing to the ’ worst impulses of its subjects, the other covertly diverts healthy impulses back into capitalism and imperialism.

        Marionettes with different coloured rosettes stuck to their chests fight in a puppet show and the crowd cheers for one or the other while thieves who bankroll these charlatans [or as the Chinese have it: 我們不是你的婊子 (Wǒmen bùshì nǐ de biǎo zi). Look it up] pick their pockets. And when people start to notice their wallets are missing, they’re told they can stop the pickpocketing by cheering louder for their favorite puppet.

        People ask why the Britain;s political elite never codified its constitution, and the answer is, because that’s not their job. Their job is not to enact the policies you elected them to enact. Their job is not even to win elections. Their job is to keep you staring at the puppet show while these incompetent freaks have their way with the world.”

        What is interesting is the unspoken and implicit assumption within the narrative – and steveH provides numerous examples in his school playground/football terrace level sneering attitude – that political choice is exactly the same as consumer choice. That is to say that in both cases the consumer/voter is sovereign in the sense that all their choices and decision making are based on having perfect knowledge and, as a result, never making a mistake.

        And the reason this is interesting in this context is that you can go through any newspaper (web site or printed) on any one day of the week and find numerous examples of people at all levels and from all walks of life making poor decisions resulting in inevitable and sometimes catastrophic consequences. More often than not you don’t even need to look at a newspaper as you encounter this every single day as you go about your business to the extent that you will fall victim to the same poor decision making.

        And no one considers this to be in any way unusual or even controversial. Its viewed as being part of the human condition. Except in one very specific area in which any hint of a suggestion that people can and do make poor and error ridden decisions is shouted down as the gravest and most sinful blasphemy and sacrilege. Politics and voting choices.

        To make such a suggestion results in an almost visceral outpouring of invective laden wrath along the lines of treating people as stupid etc. A result which never ever occurs when a suggestion is made that poor and error ridden decisions occur in any and every other area and walk of life.

        And, again in context, there’s a very simple explanation as to why this is so. As is the case in commerce (buying and selling) there also exists in politics a whole very sophisticated discipline dedicated to pulling the wool over peoples eyes to sell them a pig in a poke.

        Anyone who has even only skimmed the surface of Berney’s propaganda model can join the dots…..including the . which treats as a taboo to be jumped on from a great height of bringing the purpose of this model and its approach – which is to manufacture a consent not in the interests of whole populations by ensuring poor decision making – into the spotlight.

        And, going back to Caitlin Johnson’s analysis above, among the many long term problems piling up as a result is that of the inevitable point being reached when there is no more wallet left to pick.

        If that’s ‘wining’ I would not want to see what losing looks like. Though, in truth, the outcome and result of both are indistinguishable in this context.

      2. Dave – Oh really, I don’t recall ever saying that, please feel free to provide the direct quotes that will prove that I did.

        …… and you are offering what to the electorate?

      3. Which bits of the concept of “unspoken and implicit assumptions” are you having problems with steveH?

        Its an easy enough question.

        You are the one shouting the odds that the electorate are going to vote this way and not that way. Implicit in that argument is the assumption that they are basing their choice on perfect information and are never swayed by outside influences.

        What’s up big gob? Is it too hard for you?

        Come on. Put up or shut up. No more bluster. Answer the reasonable questions to your bullshit.

  17. Dave – Unfortunately I really do have better things to do. But please, don’t let that stop you from thinking through your “unspoken and implicit assumptions”and please do come back and tell us all about it when you’ve found the answer to whatever it is that is troubling you.

  18. SteveH – you missed the point – it is not up to
    “those who composed the short list” to decide anything – it is up
    to the CLP to decide everything – viz both the long and the short list
    via study of CVs, discussion, questioning of candidates etc ..

    Instead some face-less beings decided everything – thus contradicting
    all the exec of the CLP had been told by a staffer.

    Not only that but one of the people from the short list announced it
    before the process had been officially started .. someone no-one had
    heard of from outside the area.

    1. HFM – I thought this might interest you. I’ve just done a search and I came across this, it appears that I may have been right about the reason for Greg not being selected.
      “A Labour insider said Marshall’s inability to win in the previous two elections demonstrated the need for a fresh pair of hands to win the seat.
      A spokesperson said: “Thanks to Keir Starmer’s leadership, Labour is now a serious, credible government in waiting and our candidates reflect that. Robust due diligence processes have been put in place to make sure everyone selected is of the highest calibre and for that we’ll make no apologies.”

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