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Exclusive: Labour seizes direct control of Uxbridge/S Ruislip, ousts elected officers

White male now believed to be acting as BAME, women’s and disability officer

The Keir Starmer regime has seized direct control of yet another constituency party (CLP), again exposing the laughable nature of Starmer’s claims that he wants to empower local people and increase local democracy – this time in the Uxbridge and South Ruislip consituency that Labour disastrously failed to win in the recent by-election triggered by the resignation of disgraced Tory Boris Johnson.

An email, seen by Skwawkbox, sent by the outgoing chair to local members explains that all elected officers have been removed on the pretext of boundary changes:

Dear fellow members of Uxbridge & South Ruislip CLP, by now you should have received an email from the London Labour Party informing you that they have appointed themselves as the interim officers of the new Uxbridge and South Ruislip Constituency Labour Party.

Due to the boundary changes the current CLP is deemed to be substantially changing with the addition of Harefield and Ickenham wards from Ruislip Northwood & Pinner (RNP).

The means London Region have removed all current EC officers from our posts, temporarily dissolved the EC and appointed themselves as the EC officers.

I have sought further clarification of the next steps but at this time I can only confirm that London Region will be in contact to arrange an AGM for the new constituency sometime in the Autumn, post Party conference. Until then the CLP is in effect temporarily dissolved.

Some of you will be aware we had intended inviting the Harefield & Ickenham members to our September & October meetings so we could get to know each other prior to any AGM which really should be held face to face in person for full transparency. It is our hope London Region carry out this proposal.

In the meantime, on behalf of the EC officers I would like to thank you for your support and we look forward to working with you all again in the future.

Some locals believe that the positions representing Black and ethnic minority, women, and disabled members are now all held by ‘the same white man’. The Labour party did not respond to a request to identify which party functionary or functionaries are filling these positions in the interim. Shortly after Starmer’s success in fooling Labour members into voting him in as party leader in early 2020, he created a ‘diversity panel’ that consisted entirely of white people and excluded Labour’s most senior ethnic minority employee.

Uxbridge and South Ruislip suffered an earlier power-grab by the party machine when Labour took direct control of the selection process for the parliamentary by-election, after Starmer’s preferred candidate lost six out of seven branch nominations – then went on to fail dismally to win the seat despite the Tories’ implosion and Johnson’s disgrace.

Similar anti-democratic moves have been made in London and around the country to stitch-up selections and prevent motions that what passes for Labour’s leadership find inconvenient.

No officers of the CLP were available for comment.

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  1. As a proudly socialist site it is becoming ever more difficult to reconcile the steady flow of stories regarding the ever more authoritarian moves of Labour. They are as contemptible an entity as the Tories, whose failings are rarely featured here. It is for SW to pursue his own agenda (as befits the ‘my gaffe. my rules’ mantra) but is there not a case for acknowledging Labour’s irrelevance and giving greater prominence to affirming and progressive developments rather than forever tramping the dirt down on the grave of Labour?

    1. We are not Tories, we are Socialists and starmer has stolen our party on behalf of the establishment. At the same time, he is a shoe-in for prime minister by said establishment, aided and abetted by the MSM. We must keep pointing out what a great danger he is to democracy.

      1. Very well-said Ellie. Indestructible Captain Starmer – he obviously models himself on a square-head Gerry Anderson puppet – will not last as Labour leader, doesn’t want to last, and is there to do as much damage to the Labour Party of Jeremy Corbyn as possible, state-asset that he is.

        Starmer will fall the way he rose by way of the Tories saying “keep Brexit safe ” against ultra-remoaniac Starmer, and he doesn’t care. This is what he is there for. The sooner Labour members realise this & mount a leadership challenge in time for the next GE the better it will be for Labour.

        Meanwhile we must mobilize with OCISA to remove Starmer from Holborn and St Pancras, defend Jeremy in Islington North & support Emma Dent Coad in Kensington.

      2. …… even Jeremy Corbyn has acknowledged that c70% of both Labour’s members and voters supported a confirmatory referendum and remaining on the EU.

      3. ……and the objective facts and evidence is that the majority of the electorate in the ‘red wall’ seats disagreed* – which those of us actually living in those seats were warning about almost a year before the election in 2019 – and subsequently went for the ‘ready made Brexit as we had been predicting.

        * – When ‘Tinge” Smith resigned we ran by -election petition stalls across the Constituency; delivered them everywhere – shops, pubs, clubs, market stalls etc etc. Getting Brexit done was all people were interested in talking about. Period. End of. Frustrating, but that’s reality for you.

      4. Brian Precious: ” .. we must mobilize with OCISA to remove Starmer from Holborn and St Pancras, defend Jeremy in Islington North & support Emma Dent Coad in Kensington.”

        1 – Choose and elect a new candidate.
        2 – Get Starmer out

  2. Would that Labour was irrelevant. Sadly, it commands the loyalty of millions who respond to the moral attractiveness of equality. Labour feeds off that genuine feeling to pursue its phoney agenda and has done so for decades. It manages, now and again, to offer enough to keep people loyal. After 1945 and in the 1960s it threw more crumbs than usual. It has to be said that some of the changes were significant. However, since 1979 and the Tory assault on the unions and the public sector, Labour has lost even its social democratic edge. The problem we face is how to bring about radical change democratically. To do so we have to peel off a big chunk of Labour’s support and it has to have somewhere to go. That’s a huge problem. But its important to convince people Labour is finished as a party of change.

      1. …..and that 80% 0f Labour’s voters think that a Labour government led by Keir Starmer with
        Rachel Reeves as Chancellor of the Exchequer would be the best for the British economy.

      2. Just out of interest I had a look as I had not heard of ‘Deltapoll’. I got no further than reading part of their sample (around 1500) being described as ‘Generation Baby Boomer’. I am supposed to take this ‘poll’ seriously? Please don’t bother answering.

  3. Recent events are reminiscent of what happened in 1997.
    At the general election, the long-serving Tory MP held the seat, but with a majority reduced from more than 13,000 to less than 800. The Labour candidate who nearly did it was David Williams – presumably the person of that namewho has just resigned s constituency chair – a well-regarded Labour councillor in Hillingdon. When the Tory MP dies only a week after holding the seat, Williams expected to fight the by-election.
    Bliar knew better, and parachuted in a clone from head office. The Tories had more sense and put up a mirror image of Williams, John Randall. He won easily. To give Randall his due, he was a good constituency MP and I found him helpful (collaborating with John McDonnell)when I was a constituent and senior rep for the Association of University Teachers at Brunel University.

    1. I am glad that I reread your post. First time round I thought that it was the borderline weirdo Walliams. Phw..

  4. Starmer lied his way to the leadership of this Labour Party.

    There is nothing to suppose, he’s not prepared to lie his way into No.10 Downing Street.

    The UK does not need, yet, one more liar as it’s PM.

    1. and – assuming the worst for us, but best for the Starmer brigade – if every single member who became “dearly departed” under Starmer persuaded only two or three ‘no-where else to go-ers’ in their constutuency to not vote Labour at the next election, Labour would undergo harm.

      Of course, Transform, Peace & Justice, Liverpool Community Independents, socialists loaning their votes to greens, independents, or even – heaven forbid – choosing not to cast a vote at all, will all have their effects too.

      Wait till the Tory media guns enter election mode. All-in-all Sir Keir of Davos will have a fight on his hand even to get into Downing Street as a squatter PM leading a minority ‘Labour’ government.

      1. Qwertboi, never mind the paedo apologist and Starmer Protector on here will be working 24/7 to get his Boss Man into number 10.

    2. As most recent PMs have demonstrated, being a liar is the primary qualification.

  5. As an Uxbridge member unhappy with factionalism within the party, I and many other locals, have to advise that much of this article is fake news. Correct it or take it down. Skwawkbox plummeting in our estimation.

    1. @Curlew, goldbach’s technical analysis on the article seems correct in all details to me, and both purported facts can be easily verified.
      Please explain your accusation against the article if it is not actually a factional difference of opinion about the SW’s commentary.

  6. I’d be grateful if you could elaborate, for someone who has no contacts in Uxbridge.
    As I read the article, there are two statements which are stated a fact:
    * The email
    * “Some locals believe that the positions representing Black and ethnic minority, women, and disabled members are now all held by ‘the same white man’.”
    The rest seems, to me, to be an opinion piece.
    Is one or other of these statements wrong, or is there another one that I have missed?

  7. Meanwhile, interesting news from South Africa:
    Six countries are being offered membership of BRICS (maybe they’ll have to change the name).
    They are – Saudi Arabia (this has been flagged for a long time), Iran (proposed by India, so the reports of India being against expansion appear to have been off beam), Argentina (proposed by Brazil), the UAE, Egypt and Ethiopia.

    1. Encouraging news goldbach from the perspective of making the world order better-consider the economic and political needs of 40 per cent of the planet’s population. Not only are these six new nations going to become full-members during 2024, applications have also been formalised by 17 other nations (Algeria, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Belarus, Bolivia, Cuba, Honduras, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Morocco, Nigeria, Palestine, Senegal, Thailand, Venezuela and Vietnam).

  8. SteveH24/08/2023 AT 9:51 PM
    …… even Jeremy Corbyn has acknowledged that c70% of both Labour’s members and voters supported a confirmatory referendum and remaining on the EU

    Did he, indeed? Show me verbatim evidence then.

    You didn’t get a vote on it. So this notion that the members chose to vote for it is complete bollocks.

    As is your claim that Labour supporters voted for it.

    So enlighten us, O! genial one – what happened in those red wallseats, hmmm?

    Far from voting for the undemocratic shithousery, labour voters fooked the smarmerite second referendum RIGHT off.

    …Something you continually and very much mistakenly claim was down solely to a dislike of Corbyn.

  9. ..and that 80% 0f Labour’s voters think that a Labour government led by Keir Starmer with
    Rachel Reeves as Chancellor of the Exchequer would be the best for the British economy.

    So WHY has keef failed to GAIN as many seats as the libtards?

    WHY has keef lost deposits?

    WHY have the turnouts been shite in by-elections? If this 80% of labour voters think keef and reeves are the dog’s where’s the numbers turning out to vote for them?

    I don’t know ANYBODY in my area considers either of them worth a carrot and devoid of ideas.

    Even the MSM are gradually cottoning on to the clueless leeches. And once they start delving a bit deeper so will joe public.

    Oh, hang on….Great British Energy

    *Guffaws, then stops abruptly*

    1. Toffee – I’ve reported on what was published in the polls. You are more than welcome to post any polls that support your ‘assertions’.
      Please remind us again what ‘the left’ are offering the electorate.
      ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯ .

      1. Opinions are like arseholes, everyone’s got one. I know of no one [apart from those gullible idiots like steveH] who listens to what comes out of their own backside and the vast majority of sentient and sensible people are certainly not going to pay any heed to what comes out of other peoples.

        And to repeat, once again for the terminally stupid and baffled who prefer their own made up reality, the alternative is very straightforward; its an approach based on Capitalism being subservient to the elected Government for the benefit of the majority rather than the elected Government being subservient to the Oligarchs who control Capital for the sole benefit of a tiny minority of sociopaths and their idiotic wormtongue cheerleaders.

      2. SteveH “You are more than welcome to post any polls that support your ‘assertions’…”

        Why would we if we hold that polls are meaningless in the present situation (FPTP and generalised despondency)?

  10. Toffee – I’ve reported on what was published in the polls.


    YOU claimed Corbyn said he acknowledged 70% of members AND voters supported a confirmatory vote.

    …With NO verbatim corroboration. I asked how did HE know when NO vote was taken?

    And while you try to weasel out with your: “I’ve merely reported on the polls”

    Well guess what? I’ve been “merely reporting on the facts.


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