SNP’s Flynn shreds ‘spineless’ Starmer after Sunak thanks him for agreeing to starve children

Deserved humiliation for Labour’s cowardly and sociopathic leader and his cronies

Starmer chokes as Sunak thanks him for his support on the ‘two-child cap’ that has put 1.5 million children into poverty

SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn humiliated ‘spineless’ Keir Starmer and his front bench with a well-placed barb in the Commons on Wednesday – after Tory PM Rishi Sunak had thanked Starmer for his support for the evil two-child benefit cap that has put 1.5 million children either below the poverty line or even deeper into poverty. Sunak also mocked Starmer’s addiction to breaking all his promises:

Starmer’s abject cowardice has deprived the UK of a meaningful opposition – except for the SNP and a handful of Labour backbenchers. While Starmer’s humiliation was deserved and amusing, the consequences are anything but funny for millions of children in poverty – including 1.5 million hit by the two-child cap.

Ending the cap would not only instantly lift 250,000 children out of poverty and vastly improve the situation of another 1.25 million – it would also save the UK almost £40 billion. Yet Starmer has said that he has no intention of doing so, such is his desperation to please enough billionaires, corporate bosses and press barons.

As a result of his sociopathic disregard for the poverty, illness, stigma and hunger of the UK’s desperate children, Starmer has been dubbed ‘Sir Kid Starver’ – a moniker that will deservedly stick to him as thoroughly as ‘milk snatcher’ did to Starmer’s role model, the late and unlamented Margaret Thatcher.

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  1. At least the SNP have been consistently anti-austerity.

    And they have a fair few MPs who tell it as it is. (Black, Blackford & Flynn to name three) and have actually provided REAL opposition to the rags, rather than the continual gutless abstention (Or indeed the open support that Flynn and sunak talk about in the clip).

    That it’s come to it requiring a footballer to shame the government to abandon poverty-inducing policies, plus a couple of tv personalities and a former pop star to highlight greed, cruelty, neglect and outright corruption within (and without) government is a damning indictment of the supine shithousery of smarmer, who towards the end of that video clip, seems to find the whole thing rather amusing.

    That’s the measure of the rodent.

  2. Starmers new Labour protects pedofiles starves children associates and advised by a disgusting mass fucking murdering baby killer interviewed by the same scum bag and fucking laughs about it haw anyone can vote for this rat

    1. Really?

      Fair enough, if that’s your rationale

      But give me the danger SNP (anti-austerity) policies and ethics over flag-shagging smarmerite *ahem* socialism each and every time. 👍

      1. Apart from the obvious historical links to 1930s Germany, I have a problem with any form of nationalism or patriotism whether it be English, Irish or Scottish or originating in any country, I cannot believe it is an elightened ideology, but rather an introverted form of bigotry. Nationalism is a very dangerous belief that has been responsible for sectarianism and wars and continues to divide communities today.

    2. Nice try Steve. Being intentionally jesuitical does not excuse Starmers fulsome support of the Tories attack on the working class. Abstention or support does not equate with opposition, which is what we need desperately. If this carries on all of Starmers wishes will have been realised before the next GE. God knows what his platform will be then.

      1. I make no excuses for the actions of Der Starmer; this post directly addresses the ‘evil’ of Nationalism; do you really believe that I am one of his supporters?

  3. It’s funny how neo-liberals can always find enough money when it helps they care about, rich donars. When the money’s going to people they don’t care about, children living in poverty, the country suddenly becomes poorer than a church mouse.

  4. An overall majority for Starmers Labour at the next election is not possible without Scottish votes.
    The SNP were losing support owing to the police investigation into missing funds etc and it looked likely that Starmers Labour would pick up a number of Scottish seats as a result. Well Starmer has just put paid to that.
    The SNP may have their problems but at least they have the decency to oppose immoral legislation which thrusts innocent children into poverty. In my opinion this will outweigh by far whatever issues the Scottish electorate have with the SNP.
    So now we can add the Scottish to the Irish, Muslim, Kashmiri, BAME, Socialist, Anti Zionist, Trade Union voters who Starmer has deliberately alienated.
    This man clearly does not want to win the next election. His sole remit is to purge the party of Socialists and antiZionists.Once he has achieved this he’ll be off to the House of Lords leaving one of his a fellow travellers to take over and cement the transformation of Labour into a Conserative Zionist party to the right of most Tories.

  5. I don’t understand the two posts by Brian Precious and one by Steve Richards.
    The don’t address the betrayals that Starver is committing.
    Are either of you two (probable trolls) prepare to condemn Starver for his lies, his betrayals and for his membership of the Trilateral Commission ?
    We should be told.

      1. Why not. What are you afraid of? You seem to have a pathological aversion to evidence which does not fit your subjective egocentric view of what should be.

        There! There! Go and have a lie down in your safe space with your teddy bear.

      2. Dave – Don’t be silly, you’re the one answering a question with a question.

  6. Lucy Powell clearly cannot understand the nature of the attack.

    I wonder how many people in Scotland are going to vote Labour now.

  7. Media Lens……

    ‘‘A Death Sentence For People And Ecosystems’: The Climate Emergency, Governments And The Public Enemy’

    As we have pointed out before, there is no threat of such justice happening under a likely future Labour government led by Sir Keir Starmer, seemingly the establishment’s favoured choice for maintaining the status quo.

    Jonathan Cook summed it up succinctly:

    ‘Starmer has overseen the rush by the party back into the arms of the establishment. He has ostentatiously embraced patriotism and the flag.

    ‘He demands lockstep support for Nato. Labour policy is once again in thrall to big business, and against strikes by workers. And, since the death of the Queen, Starmer has sought to bow as low as possible before the new king without toppling over.’

    After Just Stop Oil protests had temporarily interrupted two tennis matches at Wimbledon, Starmer was quick to condemn them:

    ‘I can’t wait for them to stop their antics, frankly. You know, they’re interrupting iconic sporting events that are part of our history, tradition and massively looked forward to across the nation. I absolutely condemn the way they go about their tactics.’

    The Leader of His Majesty’s Most Loyal Opposition added:

    ‘And I have to say it’s riddled with an arrogance that only they have the sort of right to force their argument on other people in this way.’

    Presumably, if Starmer had been around during the women’s emancipation movement, he would have condemned the actions of suffragette Emily Davison for hindering the progress of the king’s horse at Epsom racecourse.

    1. Excellent documentary posted just six days ago, and well worth watching:

      Climate change – Averting catastrophe | DW Documentary

      1. Jonathan Cook’s back on the case:

        ‘Across the West, people are dying in greater numbers. Nobody wants to learn why’

        There has been a spate of “excess deaths” over the past two years across the West – well above what would normally be expected – and yet this sustained trend is being universally ignored by governments, establishment media and medical bodies. No one is protesting. The cult of compliance is still in the ascendant.

        More on that in a moment.

        But it is worth first revisiting briefly the climate of intolerance and willed ignorance that predominated at the height of the pandemic, as I documented in real time in a series of essays that upset more of my readers than any I had written before.

        It was always unwarranted to press for vaccine mandates……

    2. Jonathon Cook’s letter from Nazareth is always worth reading but may I point out that the jockey riding the horse that Davison threw herself in front of later committed suicide.

  8. I bet Starmer wouldn’t have let his mum’s donkeys starve that would have been cruel

  9. Starmer won’t even give a view on the de-banking scandal. Farage is totally wrong when he claims Coutts(and NatWest) behaved like angry Corbynistas, the reality is it’s far more like the behaviour you’d expect from an authoritarian ‘woke’ moderate or Centrist. No one should be denied a bank account based on their legally held views.

    Starmer says he can’t comment because the matter “is contested,” this excuse is BS, all political stuff is supposedly contested. And if a leader who wants to be a PM can’t have an opinion on this, then he shouldn’t be leader. Absolutely feckin hopeless as per usual from Starmer.

    Aaron Bastani thinks it’s likely because Starmer doesn’t want to upset the banks. But the real reason, imho. is more likely to do with his intolerant behaviour towards anyone to the left of him, kicking people out of the party on spurious grounds. Starmer’s Labour is just as intolerant as these banks. If an opinion is legal eg. on Israel’s conduct, there should be no basis for removing someone’s membership of a party.

      1. Farage is right in saying the only ‘permitted views’ test should be the legal test.

        Once people start discriminating and denying others rights on dubious ‘moral grounds’ you get sorry situation with individuals and factions abusing the process. As seen in the Labour party and its hyper vigilant and often warped interpretation of the IHRA. Even the man who developed the IHRA stated he never intended or wanted it be used as a disciplinary ‘test’ code. Zero tolerance of antisemitism has become zero tolerance for criticism of Israel.

  10. Unsurprisingly, I see that there is no answer to the questions that I put to Brian Precious and Steve Richards in my post at 12.28pm.
    Obvious trolls – as I observed.
    It’s informative that this thread had no input from the wretched and dishonest SteveH.

    1. A troll, me a troll? A troll de roll who lives under a bridge waiting to ambush Billy Goat Gruff? Which questions specifically would you like me to answer & could you wait just a little longer than an hour for compliance?

    2. It appears that johnsco1 is continuing the ‘Scum’ tradition of evidence free accusation.

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