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Video: Starmer told US he’d ‘do everything’ to extradite autistic hacker

Starmer then flew in fury to Washington after Theresa May blocked McKinnon extradition

Red barely conceals blue: Keir Starmer

As Director of Public Prosecutions, Labour ‘leader’ Keir Starmer promised the American government the extradition of autistic hacker Gary McKinnon, who had gained access to poorly-protected US military systems looking for information about UFOs. The US, to cover its embarrassment, pursued McKinnon’s extradition in order to imprison him for life.

The extradition was eventually blocked by Tory then-PM Theresa May on humanitarian grounds, prompting Starmer to rush in a fury to Washington to tell his US intelligence contacts that he was horrified by May’s move and to plead with them not to hold it against him. Yet when he was challenged by McKinnon’s mother before the extradition was blocked, his only thought was for himself, that she was making him uncomfortable.

This information, revealed by author Oliver Eagleton, has never been challenged by Starmer – and Eagleton discussed his discovery in a video that has been republished by writer Saul Staniforth:

Starmer has been described as a ‘long-time servant of the British security state’ and has relentlessly backed moves to protect state agents from even such crimes as rape and murder, his attacks on environmental and human rights protesters, his support for immunity for soldiers who murdered civilians in Northern Ireland and more and his refusal to oppose laws allowing the state to persecute journalists. He has never spoken out against the even more relentless US pursuit of Julian Assange, despite the collapse of the US case when its main witness admitted lying all along.

Scratch a Labour right-winger and the Tory beneath is revealed in a heartbeat – and Starmer’s coat of paint is micron-thin.

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    1. In the first two years Starmer lost Labour around 8 councils. This year Starmer lost Labour around 5k votes in Uxbridge & South Ruislip since 2017 and 2019.
      He lost Labour 8-9k votes in Somerton & Frome over the same period. Selby & Ainsty was up on 2019 but 5k voters down on 2017. This mirrors the 5mil votes neoliberal entryism lost Labour between 1997-2010.
      As Skawkbox cited a week or so ago
      “Starmer disliked by all age groups, poll finds”

    1. true! ‘What should bother socialists is the abundant evidence those years provide of Sir Keir’s authoritarian instincts…..’ here

      “We urgently need a pushback against this overbearing state — a campaign for our rights as citizens to go about our business unmolested by the police; to associate, to demonstrate, to strike.”

      It won’t come from Sir K ‘show-me-your-papers’ Starmer.

      1. Fits the M.O. , baz. Let’s just enjoy it without the beaut, for the time being.

        Oh!! But he’ll be on later – after the rage has subsided and the table leg’s been gnawed to a splinter. 😒

  1. You think hes a godawful authoritarian qunt now…

    …Should read: “You think hes a godawful vindictive authoritarian qunt now…

    The amount of moolah that muculent meff will spaff on frivolous, grudge-borne legal cases/challenges (Should he ever make it to number ten – God forbid) will make the rags’ spending on the same look positively parsimonious in comparison.

    After all, under the supposed “legal expert”‘s tenure, he’s had his arse handed to him on a fair few occasions, with more to follow. He’s skinted the party, but he’s been restricted by (ever-decreasing) funding.

    That won’t be the case if people remain ignorant of not only his incompetence, and hypocrisy, but also – and every bit as important as the first two – his snide propensities, to elect him as first lord of the treasury.

    Then he’ll have a fooking field day with taxpayer’s moolah in order to impoverish them in one way or another.

    I genuinely fear for those least able to defend themselves every bit as much as I do under the current shower.

    It not, more so. The toerags’ raison d’etre is borne of avarice.

    Keef’s is borne of narcissism and megalomania.

  2. That story just can’t be right. Starmer is a “Human Rights Lawyer” as I recall.

  3. He’s turning out to be a right little Adolf. What a disgusting rear-end tragedy he is!!!!

    1. Let’s not forget, though, what an absolutely gutless bastard keef is when fronted in person with his shithousery.

      (Many thanks to a certain T Greenstein for the recording 👍)

      I mean …ffs. The beaut’s practically paralysed with fear, from a mild berating delivered by a senior citizen. Too scared to even murmur a response when under ZERO threat.

      All his braggadocio abar getting rid of (exaggerated and manufactured) antisemitism…jailing benefit claimants…and protestors…And journalists…

      And then you see that video…

      *shakes head, rolls eyes and sighs*

      1. Indeed ‘Toffee’. I take no pleasure in being totally right in my estimation of Starmer from the very day of his election, but if anyone is in any doubt then this video truly reveals him for what he is.

  4. Expected SteveH to post this:

    Westminster Voting Intention:

    LAB: 50% (+4)
    CON: 25% (-4)
    LDM: 9% (-3)
    GRN: 7% (+2)
    RFM: 4% (=)
    SNP: 3% (+1)

    Via @DeltapollUK, 17-21 Aug.
    Changes w/ 9-11 Aug.


    Big dick poll leads yet the promise of political inertia, with no plans to do anything should they get a large majority.

    In 1997, Blair had devolution (Scotland & Wales), House of Lords reform(part1) Bringing the ECHR into UK law, plus signing the EU’s social chapter(a big deal). Even a referendum on changing the voting system was promised. Big ticket items that made turning out worthwhile, even leftist sceptics of Blair.

    The levels of disillusionment over Starmer pursuing continuity conservatism starkly juxtaposed alongside his huge ‘do anything’ majority, could seriously trigger some sort of public revolt in those who put him there.

    At the very least Labour should embrace Gordon Brown’s federalism plans, stopped pretending Brexit is working well and seek EFTA status. The idea anyone is ‘enjoying’ Brexit, be they red/blue wall or anywhere else, is now outdated and thus deeply misguided.

    1. Thanks for drawing everyone’s attention to this poll
      Here are some more results from the same poll

      For each of the following party leaders, do you
      think they are doing very well in their job, quite
      well, quite badly or very badly?

      The leader of the Labour Party, Keir Starmer
      Well (All) 45%
      Badly (All) 42%
      Net +3

      The Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak
      Well (All) 34%
      Badly (All) 58%
      Net -24

      1. ……..and here’s some more promising results from the same poll

        Putting aside any support for a political party
        you may have, which of the following do you
        think would be best for the British economy?

        A Conservative government led Rishi Sunak with
        Jeremy Hunt as Chancellor of the Exchequer – 29%
        A Labour government led by Keir Starmer with
        Rachel Reeves as Chancellor of the Exchequer 45%
        Don’t know – 26%

        And if there were a second referendum on
        British membership of the European Union, how
        would you vote?
        [Excluding ‘Don’t know’]
        To stay out of the European Union – 39%
        To re-join the European Union- 52%
        Would not vote – 9%

        ps Have you forgotten that the UK/EU deal is up for renegotiation in 2025 and every 5 years thereafter.

      2. People haven’t realised/been-informed-of-the-fact that the EU is rapidly going down the pan.
        Frying pan and fire – just like the result, whatever it is, of the next GE will be.

      3. Herr Flick
        Will the Fuhrer go with ‘Make Brexit Work’ for the GE then hold a 2nd Referendum afterwards

      4. @goldbach

        We’ll see lockdowns before that happens.

      5. “promising” for who and to what end?

        When what is being offered is more of the same only worse what exactly is the point? The purpose of “winning” is to improve the situation. When you are committed to policies which are not going to improve the situation there is nothing “promising” about the situation.

        This is not a game of football.

        Its time you grew up steveH.

      6. “🥱😪😴💤💤”
        ……. oh, I enjoyed that – absolutely priceless from the master of endless repetition.

    2. Actually Andy, shall we have a look at this one as well…..

      Westminster voting intention:

      LAB: 42% (-6)
      CON: 27% (-1)
      LDEM: 13% (+3)
      REF: 7% (+2)
      GRN: 6% (+2)

      20 Aug
      Chgs. w/ 13 Aug

      1. Thanks for confirming that Labour is consistently in the lead across all the polls.
        The Tories had an 11 point lead at the 19GE so15 % points is more than suffice to give Labour a very substantial majority,
        Using the figures that you’ve kindly provided above Labour would have a majority of around 140 seats (using the new boundaries)

      2. I thought that would wake the Paedo Protector up……So predictable.

    3. Andy, and this one…

      Westminster voting intention:

      LAB: 44% (-4)
      CON: 28% (+4)
      LDEM: 10% (-)
      REF: 7% (+1)
      GRN: 5% (-1)

      , 18 Aug

      1. Still consistently in the lead 😉
        A 16 % point lead is more than enough to give Labour a significant majority.

  5. Doug – I doubt it, at least not in their first term.
    In the near future (2025) the most likely outcome is that Labour will make Brexit work by negotiating a much more favourable deal with the EU.

    1. Herr Flick
      That’s a Yes then
      Why bother negotiating when your going to hold a 2nd Referendum

      1. Doug – Which bit of what I said did you have difficulty in understanding.

      2. Herr Flick
        Which part of he’s the most dishonest politician in the country do you not understand

  6. ….Aaaaand it’s returned. 😒

    Right at the exact moment when the thread went off-topic; with absolutely NO intention of returning to topic, neither.

    As that’s the case, here’s one for you, wee nonsense….beige or yellow?

    1. Why would I want to distract you and your comrades from your silly rants that only serve to illustrate just how desperate you are all getting?

      “beige or yellow?” 😕
      What on earth are you prattling on about?

      1. It’s a simple enough question with a simple enough meaning.

        Beige – as in drab, boring and uninspiring; like keef’s charisma – or rather his woeful lack of?

        Or yellow – like keef’s fortitude when fronted?

        Which is it?

  7. I see he’s been back on ..But not to say owt about the OP.

    Just more opinion polling bollocks. Even though actual polling is telling a completely different result up & down the country.

    Won’t learn.

    1. Toffee – Oh dear🙄
      We’ll see who is proved right next year, Toffee or the polls. 😉

      1. Oh dear, keef’s been grassed up as the vindictive cowardly little shitehawk everyone already knows he is.

        And you’re still swerving the issue by posting your opinion poll bollocks that hasn’t translated to results.

        Oh dear.

      2. Toffee – I’m leaving the straw clutching to you.
        We’ll see who is proved right next year, Toffee or the polls. 😉

      3. Yeah let’s leave it to ACTUAL polling.

        Where we’ll witness a fair few more lost deposits from being the clear second choice.

        Where the libtards will go from the low single thousands of votes to claim seats keef had his eye on – and you were growing about winning

        Where we’ll see 56% drops in vote share in seats.

        Where we’ll see the rags hold on to smarmerite top-target seats.

        And see smarmer-imposed candidates barely returned in others

        With vastly reduced majorities in those he does retain.

        …Y’know? Just as has happened in ALL the by-elections keef’s contested?

        …Against THE three shortest toerag PMs in history in succession?

        Where keef’s record can only be – at best – described as held his own in the eleven(?) By elections to date.

        ….With a friendly media AND having neutered any dissent within his own party….

        Yeah, let’s wait and see who’ll be right.

        Now, about his shithousery RE Gary MacKinnon?? 😙🎵

  8. Maybe criminal isn’t the right word, but treacherous certainly is. He was willing to sell out one of his own countrymen via a one sided extradition treaty (Sacoolas…) and then ran as fast as he could to grovel and repent when he failed.

    Replace America with Russia, China, Iran etc…

    It’s a clear statement about what Starmers real loyalties are. And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but kudos to May for stopping the charade. And the nonce protector whines about Tory enabler FFS…

  9. The absolute flake was all over the media saying he couldn’t afford to go to university nowadays with not even a mention of the fact that he’d abandoned his pledge to scrap tuition fees.
    Kick out the Tories
    Keep out Labour

    1. Owen Jones’ last paragraph on it in one of his opinion pieces precisely states Starmer’s self-inflicted predicament:

      Having a clear vision isn’t some nerdy abstraction for wonks: it’s what keeps a government anchored, rather than drifting at the mercy of circumstance. And so Starmer’s deceit may have bought him the leadership of his party, but may well sink him in government.”

      or maybe even reduce the chances of him forming a ‘landslide’ government at all?

      1. More good news for Labour!

        End of the SNP era as Labour draws level in Scotland
        New poll suggests both parties would win 24 seats north of the border in major boost to Keir Starmer’s hopes of becoming PM
        Labour achieved 35 per cent support in the poll, its highest level since 2014
        The era of SNP dominance in Scotland appears to be over after a poll showed Labour on course to win the same number of seats in next year’s general election following a dramatic shift in support…….

  10. When the leader of New New Labour is, on this issue at least, to the right of the Tories. You know The party of labour is no more.

  11. If anyone has a problem defining the word FASCIST………look no further than the leader of the Labour Party.

  12. The DPP is not a political position (or, at least, it shouldn’t be).
    If Starmer was going to the US and behaving as he is said to have done, he was exceeding his authority and should have been sacked.
    Credit to Mrs May for intervening and saving Mr McKinnon from torture at the hands of the US state.
    A black mark for Mrs May for not coming down hard on Starmer.

    1. The CPS doesn’t get to decide on the outcome of any extradition case that they have assigned to them, those decisions lie wholly in the hands of the courts and/or government ministers.

      1. goldbach – I am just stating the easily verifiable facts. Anything else is just conjecture.

      2. Quote from SB – “prompting Starmer to rush in a fury to Washington to tell his US intelligence contacts that he was horrified by May’s move and to plead with them not to hold it against him.” – Not something the DPP should be doing, surely.
        The statement has been made in many media outlets with no denial that I’ve seen from Starmer. He could sue, but then he’d have to testify in court.
        It does raise questions.

      3. (g’bach) “prompting Starmer to rush in a fury to Washington to tell his US intelligence contacts that he was horrified by May’s move and to plead with them not to hold it against him.”

        Showing that he even defines himself as a “made man”, a loyal mafia-member and promoter of the corrupt, organised crime rigged system that sustains the US’ leadership of ‘the free world’.

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