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Video: Labour right-wing MP Kyle calls SNP leader Humza Yousaf ‘Mohammed’

Sky rephrases Labour Friends of Israel officer’s words in tweet – and locks comments after outcry against racism – and Kyle calls Scotland ‘Ireland’ twice for good measure

Right-wing Labour MP Peter Kyle and Sky News have stirred outrage after Kyle – an officer of ‘Labour Friends of Israel’ whose local members were banned from debating a motion on Palestinian rights – referred to SNP leader Humza Yousaf as ‘Mohammed’ during an on-screen interview – and then the broadcaster changed his words in its tweet of the interview:

Kyle also twice referred to Scotland as Ireland.

The broadcaster quickly locked comments on its tweet, but angry viewers used ‘quote tweets’, which Sky News can’t restrict, to express their opinion on the ‘racist’ comment as well as what it says about Labour’s attitude toward Scotland:

Keir Starmer’s abuse of Scottish Labour was confirmed recently when he boasted of removing elected Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard, a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn, to appeal to wealthy donors. Kyle’s description of Scotland as ‘Northern Ireland’ is also not the first demonstration of Labour’s contempt toward other UK nations – Starmer published a leaflet calling Wales Scotland during local elections.

Starmer’s party has been widely condemned for the deep-rooted Islamophobia and other forms of racism among the Labour right, including by the Labour Muslim Network, Black MPs and activists and Gypsy-Roma Traveller campaigners – and by the Forde Report that Starmer himself reluctantly commissioned. An Al Jazeera documentary exposing the Labour right’s racism won the Gold award for documentaries at this week’s New York Festivals Film and Television awards.

Labour Friends of Israel was condemned in 2018 for LFI deletes offensive Gaza tweet. No apology or explanation โ€“ SKWAWKBOX during the annual ‘Nakba’ commemoration of their forcible expulsion in 1948.

Peter Kyle has been contacted for comment.

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  1. He corrected himself on the Northern Ireland/Scotland question. And so, I would let that one go.

    However, he got his name wrong even though he was told by the interviewer what it was.

    I do hope the SNP gets its act together because I do not want to see Starmer and his henchpersons in power. They would do things that the Conservatives would not dare do.

    1. This “they’re all the same” mindset is indicative of the problem with neoliberals.
      9/11 was committed by 15 Sunni Wahhabist Saudi Arabians and 5 others. What we got from New Labour was ‘all the Muslims in the world’ could be in a global conspiracy called ‘radical Islam’ or ‘militant Islam’.
      We then got attacks on people and countries that have nothing to do with Saudi Arabia and have adversarial relations against it.
      Incidentally, the UN tries to ban โ€˜collective guiltโ€™ narratives and punishments.
      Try repeating against white western Jews the slurs used against Muslim people of colour, and that would be anti-Semitism.
      Dispicable Racism!

  2. It only proves that you don’t need to have much brains to be a Labour MP or Conservative for that matter. Although somehow the Conservatives disguised better.
    Between a Conservative government and a Labour government with Starmer as PM, I rather have Sunak. At least I know what I am getting, Starmer’s motto appears to be “things will only get worse”.

  3. The polls are narrowing – NOT because of Conservative gains, but because Labour’s shedding support (high 40s to low 30s). Next month’s local elections, the biggest test of political opinion in England before the general election that Starmer expects to win, will show Mandelson’s “no-where else to go” hypothesis to be false and unable to protect a rightwing Labour party under Keior Starmer, or at least not give it the landslide victory Sir Keior and he expect.

  4. IMO
    This is indicative of the casually abusive, often racist language, used by Labour centrists, between themselves, to ‘other’ those they don’t agree with.
    Sky interviewer put him so much at ease he forgot where he was!

  5. That jeremy kyle’s not very bright, is he?

    Oh sorry, meant Jeremy hunt…Who??

    PETER hunt??? Nah, never heard of him. Sounds a right c*** though. Just like that jeremy Kyle.

    1. Thanks Toffee. The Rt. Hon. Member for the Trilateral Commission’s Approval Ratings – #The only way is DOWN…..#

      Labour needs energy, pace and emotional intelligence from its leader, Starmer gives them a slow, leaden and calculatingly cold Blair Witch Project.

  6. Starmers Labour need Scottish votes if they are ever to form a government. These votes just won’t materialise if people like Peter Kyle continue to disrespect Scotland and the Scottish electorate.

  7. On another matter
    Why does poor Richie Rishi need defending, they don’t like it up them springs to mind
    Have you watched him at PMQ’s it’s pure continuation Boris Johnson bullshit and bluster
    These fuckers have nothing but contempt for our democracy, then there’s the overwhelming support from MSM and Toilet Papers
    So when they get a taste of their own medicine please fine by me, since when did they ever fight by the Marquis of Queensferry rules
    Get into them and fuck them up

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