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Al Jazeera ‘Labour Files’ documentary, ignored by Establishment, wins Gold at New York awards

Wilful blindness of UK politicians and media not mirrored internationally

Al Jazeera’s ‘Labour Files’ documentary reveals the racism, sabotage and rigging committed by the Labour right during the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn – and to complete the purge of the left after Keir Starmer conned party members into voting him in as leader.

The documentary has been stubbornly and almost entirely ignored by politicians of all parties and by the Establishment media – but the international community, which does not have the same interest in covering up what went on, is paying attention.

The documentary series’ third episode ‘The Hierarchy’ – about the ‘hierarchy of racism’ of the Labour right, perpetrating and ignoring outright racism against Black, Asian and other ethnic minority people while amplifying near non-existent antisemitism in the party – has won the Gold Award for documentaries at the New York Festivals Film and Television Awards:

The Al Jazeera series represents one of the very few examples of real ‘mainstream’ journalism on the inexcusable behaviour of the Labour right – and it took an overseas broadcaster to do it. Apart from Al Jazeera, only the left independent media – and a single Conservative journalist with moral principles, Peter Oborne – have exposed the truth of the matter.

Toral Dixit, producer and director of the award-winning episode, told Skwawkbox:

The Labour Files is an important series that shines a light into the nefarious workings inside the Labour Party, largely ignored by the mainstream media. This shows how complicit the UK media are in cementing their relationship with, as they see it, the next ruling party – post General Election. I am thrilled that the international media are not so blind.

The UK looks a very different country when not viewed through the prisms, filters and veils of silence imposed by the UK’s political-media Establishment.

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    1. Outstandingly well done Al Jazeera. Together with The Lobby in 2017, this award marks some of the greatest service to the British people ever carried out by any media organisation.

      As is said in the 1st part of The Labour Files, Keir Starmer presides over a lawless party.

      Thank you Al Jazeera.

    2. Absolutely right Marty – that is why there hasn’t been a word from the Tories about what the Labour Files exposed.

  1. I do not normally rate gongs and awards but this is well worth applauding. Thank you Swawkbox for letting me know about it.

  2. And so it ought to have done. Should be winning awards worldwide but especially in that london.

    Anyway, well played, Al Jazeera 👍

  3. Very well deserved for a truly groundbreaking expose that exposed Starmer’s Labour Party as a racist and corrupt enterprise. Bravo.

  4. Fantastic News. And fantastic that you’re here to tell us, Skwawkbox.

    Sir Keir 58-Days Starmer will not be quaking though.
    The CIA, the billionaires’ corporates and the intelligence agencies totally control the mainstream media now. I doubt they’ll be informing their readership of AlJazeera’s success here, so thanks again for presenting the information and analysis you do.

  5. Over and above the hierarchy of racism that centrists infest Labour with, Twitter’s need to attach idiot-warnings on Starmer’s tweets tells us two things:

    i) the centrists-in-charge are reducing Labour to a Dominic Cummings level of honesty. What’s the difference between Vote Leave’s Turkey claims in referendum and the member for the Trilateral Commission’s (Sir Eeyore Starmer) local election NHS nonsense?

    ii) The party management hasn’t even got basic competence on its side. Would a Jeremy Corbyn LOTO have allowed such a lie to be dignified with the Labour mantle?

    Forget about the above proving that Starmer’s regime hasn’t even got the political intelligence necessary to win an election, Starmer’s Labour is probably not even able to fight an election.

    I hope the rest of the 200,000+ dearly departed members enjoy watching starmer-labour’s clanking machine flounder as much as I do.

      1. His contract to discredit Jeremy Corbyn and left-wing MPs came to an end.

      2. Reply to Qwertboi and Alan Howard
        Joseph O’keefe is probably in the UK working on his business interests, looking after his property portfolio in the UK and whatever properties he has left in the USA ( he sold some of them a couple of years ago) assisting with the conversion of his son’s wealth into gold bullion in the USA , extending his Normandy farmhouse and/ or his Cambodian property, fostering a workers revolution in Bolton ( where his “working class”father owned 3 shops in the 50s) ,fund raising for Sinn Fein and reading their newspaper ( which is no longer available to anyone else- they must do a special edition just for him ) while visiting West Cork where his heart lies (despite him never having lived there passed infancy) or maybe he is in Ulster to see people from his days as a salwart of the Ulster Civil Rights movement and the People’s Democracy. That was before he became a Blairite councillor a time which he referred to with pride saying “in nintey seven (it)was a labour party not a Tory tribute act” (which he later denied saying).
        Joseph O’Keefe is a fake- a fake socialist and a fake member of Sinn Fein, a fake wealthy multi property owing business man, a fake everything. His purpose is to discredit and undermine our movement and also Sinn Fein with his hatefilled ,racist and misognyistic posts and his boasting and bragging about his wealth and his contacts.
        I am glad to see the back of him but no doubt he will reappear (or maybe he has already done so) to carry on his work under another name.

  6. Lisa Nandy using this media/PLP manufactured AS smear last night on Peston’s show against John McDonnell. As if she and Starmer weren’t high-profile members of the Labour party at the time. Of course, McDonnell couldn’t hit back by mentioning AJ’s The Labourfiles to counter her, lest risk losing the whip.

    The left: SCG and esp Corbyn and McDonnell have a lot to answer for too, for meekly accepting the smear and letting it be weaponised. Corbyn should have called it out as bogus from the get-go ,loudly and clearly, fought the PLP RW who were pushing it. He should have backed RLB to the hilt as the only remotely left successor.

    As for McDonnell, they say he’s a nice bloke, he might be. But he’s a wimp when it comes to facing down the RW PLP – too willing to forgive and urge everyone be nice for the sake of peace. The RW PLP aren’t nice people; they are a bunch of upper middle-class Tory cuckoos who’ve stolen the party and want the UK electorate to have NO CHOICE in elections- the are the enemies of democracy itself.

    McDonnell should have run for the leadership or at least the Deputy leader, he’d have won. As it is , it’s going to be hellishly difficult to get the party back as a progressive force.

    Abstain at the polls until New Labour 2.0 are destroyed, then rebuild. Don’t reward these lying bastards.

  7. Reply to Andy
    What you are doing in effect Andy is to blame the victims of the orchestrated antisemitism smear campaign. If this had been the only smear Jeremy (and John McDonnell and Diane Abbott too) had to contend with he might have been able to overcome it but remember every day he was hit with some vile new smear – he was a spy, a terrorist supporter, unBritish, a Marxists/ Trotskite/ Communist/ Stallinist ,a threat to national security etc etc.
    These smears were published in every newspaper and reported by every TV channel especially the state broadcaster, the BBC, which disregarded its charter in order to do so. They featured on every current affairs programme with BBC even photoshopping images of Jeremy Corbyn to reinforce its lies and smears.
    On top of all this Jeremy and the others, Diane Abbott in particular, received death threats and threats of other harm against themselves and their families. These threats were a daily occurence too and upset Diane so much that she once broke down in tears in Southside She was then belittled by the staffers who tried to get in touch with a newspaper contact so that her distress could be photographed and publicised for the amusement of them all.
    This is not the first time you have made these type of comments and as I responsed previously but I think that in the you are wrong to blame the victims. They didn’t meekly accept anything – they the best anybody could have done when faced with the daily onslaught of hate lies and establishment and Zionist anti Corbyn propaganda.

    1. Smartboy

      Your view seems to be that Corbyn and the left were somehow intimidated into a state of powerlessness? But as leader you have to consent to being powerless.

      I agree there are some real nasties in politics(PLP) and the media. Both professions attract sociopath narcissist nonentities, people who crave power over others i.e., the very last people we need or want in politics or the media; we need thoughtful ,creative, tolerant people, not these sinister types. Taking these vicious sorts on is frightening, as they are capable of anything and they are usually backed by right-wing elements in the security establishment.

      But we can’t ignore that in Corbyn the left had a unique opportunity. Yet those willing to defend the man over the years grew very tired repeating their defence, due to Corbyn and the SCG’s unwillingness to pushback themselves. Corbyn and McDonnell spent most of their time apologising for this and that, and at that point you’ve already lost.

      It’s quite probable that Starmer’s role was that akin to a spy in the Shadow Cabinet, so why was Corbyn so trusting of known bad actors, MPs who’d previously resigned in the first so-called crap coup?

      Most of the left-wing members were crying out for open selection because the members foresaw the very scenario we are in now – that of powerlessness and feeling bereft. Corbyn only made a half-arsed attempt to get open selection through, yet it would’ve remedied the whole RW PLP problem by empowering members with the tools to kick out the RW’ers.

      I betya the Blairite/Mandelson right can hardly believe how easily they’ve taken the party back. What did Corbyn do with his huge mandate the huge membership support (580,000 members) to cement socialism? And don’t mention the HQ sabotage – he and Seumas Milne aren’t stupid – they should have known and got on top of that.

      1. Reply to Andy
        In my opinion it is absolutely clear that while the PLP were willing participants in the campaign against Corbyn it was orchestrated by the Pro Israel Lobby and backed by the Establishment. Nobody could win against the combined efforts of these two powerful entities. That Jeremy Corbyn survived their combined onslaught of hate bile and vilification is down to his strength and determination. They set out to destroy him and failed as evidenced by the esteem and regard he is held in by millions of us nationally and internationally.

      2. Smartboy

        I agree with you on the relentless, aggressive nature of his vicious opponents. If, back then, Corbyn feared for his life I would not think him deluded, because some of his enemies had convinced themselves he was pure evil. Some were literally deranged by hatred for Corbyn, convincing themselves.

        The only viable means of a transformative, progressive agenda like Corbyn’s winning through, is via strength in numbers. If opponents know if they remove one person they crush socialism, then of course, that person will be fearful and vulnerable, as Corbyn was.

        A party of Corbyns – all sworn to uphold the same principles & values, is what is needed. Then opponents know there is no point attacking because ‘I’m Spartacus’ scenario would unfold if they got rid of the leader – they may get someone even more radical.

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