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Labour members banned from discussing sanctions against Israel for human rights violations against Palestinians

Suffering in Palestine

The Labour party has banned members from even discussing the concept of sanctions against Israel over its abuses and human rights violations against Palestinians.

Delegates of Hove and Portslade CLP (constituency Labour party) should, under the party’s rules, have discussed a motion already passed – with a huge majority – by the CLP’s Goldsmid and Hove Park branch and then voted on whether the whole CLP would back the same motion.

However, Labour’s regional office and the CLP chair ruled that members were not even allowed to talk about it.

A regional party official wrote of the motion:

I feel that this discussion would act as a flashpoint for the expression of views that would undermine the Party’s ability to provide a safe and welcoming space for all members, in particular Jewish Members.

The CLP chair informed members:

The motion from Goldsmid and Hove Park branch requesting Sanctions against Israel risks opening a debate that will stir up internal conflict in our CLP and may lead to further anti-Semitic behaviour. At a branch level it maybe a safe space can be created to debate this motion. That will not be the same in the CLP GC meeting.

Many Jewish people, including Jewish members of the Labour party, object to Israel’s conduct toward the people of Palestine. Labour has ruled that they are not allowed even to discuss the kind of international sanctions that would be routinely considered for other countries behaving similarly.

One local member told Skwawkbox:

What a sad day for ‘democracy’ in the Labour party.

In 2018, all of Brighton and Hove’s CLPs – Hove & Portslade, Brighton Pavilion and Kemptown & Peacehaven – tabled motions to censure Labour Friends of Israel (LFI) after the advocacy group issued a statement blaming Palestinian groups for the massacre of unarmed Palestinian civilians by Israeli forces. The murders were condemned by the United Nations as wantonly illegal and by Doctors Without Borders, who described the massacre as ‘unacceptable and inhuman’. Hove MP Peter Kyle is an officer of LFI.

Keir Starmer and David Evans have for months attempted to suppress on the democratic rights and freedom of speech of Labour members. The war on members continues.

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  1. That will all be down to ex Hove mp,ex JLM chair ivor caplin,in discussions with our Jewish convert Rodney the knight starmer.No doubt you are flogging a dead horse with this Labour party and its managment.Soon the question needs to be asked and voted on “whats the point of Labour” ?

    1. Who is the more Dangerous of the two Evils?
      Stamer’s Apartheid Neolabour Tories!?
      Johnson’s Buffoonery Conservative Tories!?
      Lets face one thing they are both equally Thatcherite Tory, The inbred Buffoon is inadvertently Uniting The PEOPLE and the U-Turns with enough Pressure. Apartheid Keith on the other hand will send in the Armed Police and Military, like his contemporary Macron, and never back up or U-Turn. He will loophole the law until we are all imprisoned or enslaved working the fields in chained gangs!
      My Personal opinion is that Apartheid Keith is far more dangerous of those two.
      So long as the Labour Party has ONE Parasite Neolabour Party Tory in it or in any Union there is no point to a “Labour Party”! Might as well disband, it is over, RIP Labour Party! Hardie your dreams are grounded! People of Peterloo, Suffragettes, Cable Street you died and suffered in vein! The PEOPLE care no more, they care more about that latest fucking iPhone!
      We really need to vote organised and tactically in GE24 en masse, we need an opposition at least, for a start, or we can leave Commons with a vast majority Conservatives and Perhaps when many more and more people care more about where their next meal will come from or if they will have a roof by next week, instead of iPhones and cheap tat capitalist materialist gimmicks, the sooner will they start paying attention to the state of the World and Country we live in!
      Ugh! I Despair!

    2. Keir hasn’t converted to Judaism, and the issue is Zionism, NOT Judaism. It is absolutely essential to be clear on that distinction.

  2. This is why I never ever joined the Labour Party. The minute you sign on the dotted line is the minute you surrender your Article 10 right to free speech. (Unless you support Israeli terror…in which case you are at liberty to indulge yourself).

    1. Apartheid Keith is not a fan of Free Speech!
      “Don’t you dare to get Cold Feet!!!”
      Apartheid Keith is a big fan of banging people up for 10 years and suspending/expelling Democratic Socialists from their Party!
      That Cesspit has adopted a culture of Fear and Hate it’s like walking through the Damascus Gates of Gorion Airport, never know if you will make it back alive, holiday or business!

  3. Starmer is desperate to hide the atrocities of the Zionists lest it reflects upon him but of course he is too late, it already has done.
    Israeli playwrite Einat Weizman is doing her best to add to Starmer’s guilt.

    1. I feel so ashamed of stilbeing a member of a party that is turning fascist, has become racist and divisive.😭😭😭😡

      1. Lions led by Donkeys
        Only those inside the tent can change it
        Those outside are at best making a futile gesture and at worst fiddling while the Party burns

  4. “The motion from Goldsmid and Hove Park branch requesting Sanctions against Israel risks opening a debate that will stir up internal conflict in our CLP and may lead to further anti-Semitic behaviour.”

    That explains it. Sussex friends of Israel are total extremists.

  5. Labour bans discussion of capitalist system
    “I feel that this discussion would act as a flashpoint for the expression of views that would undermine the Party’s ability to provide a safe and welcoming space for all members, in particular businessmen, market traders…and of course the Royal Family.”.

      1. In other words, Labour bans any disagreement with the Tories. There is NO non-Tory position on any issue that the Tories couldn’t use to attack Labour with- and nothing they’d be unable to attack Labour for could possibly be worth doing.

    1. Thank you for the excellent link steveh.

      “Since Keir Starmer – a right-winger and self-declared supporter of Zionism – became Labour leader last year, he and his allies have relentlessly purged the party of the left and the Palestine solidarity movement.

      “Starmer has handed more and more powers in the party over to Israel’s lobby – even hiring a former Israeli spy to work in his office.

      “But a recent poll found that 61 percent of Labour Party members still support BDS, the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement against Israel, while only 8 percent oppose it.”

      Occurs to me that the 8% (of party members who oppose BDS) are probably the exact constituency of Keir Starmer’s true supporters.

      He really needs to resign from the party leadership and leave the House of Commons.

      1. I posted the link (without comment) because it includes a full copy of the motion which I thought might be of interest to others. I haven’t endorsed its editorial content.

    2. I’ve read the article- nothing in it refutes any of the premises of the Skwawkbox article. I think even you would have to admit that this ruling- which could not have happened without Starmer’s knowledge and approval- is utterly reactionary and unreasonable.

      1. kenburch – Like you I don’t know, but if you are right then one would presume that Jeremy and Jennie would also have known what was going on in the Regional Offices during their tenures. Which begs the question, why didn’t they do anything to sort it out when they were in power.

      2. Unlike Starmer, Corbyn was having to fight to hang on to his leadership on a daily basis with the rightwing, antisocialist majority in the PLP- most of whom are ONLY still in their seats because they were imposed as candidates against the will of their CLPs decades ago by either Kinnock or Blair and because it is virtually impossible to deselect them, thanks to the antisocialist, antidemocracy rule changes imposed by Labour’s vindictive and reactionary late Eighties and Nineties leaders- doing all it could to undermine him. When you’re put under that kind of relentless and totally unjustified attack by your own party.

        In any case “Corbyn didn’t control everything local branches did in his day” is an irrelevant matter, and it’s silly of you to act is if Corbyn made a particular mistake under the pressure he was subjected to, Keir has every right to make the same mistake when he is under no pressure at all from either his MPs or the right-wing media.

        Also, you really REALLY need to let go of the absurd notion you seem to have that if you concede the validity of any critique of Starmer, Corbyn will become leader again. Corbyn will never seek the leadership again. And no, what happened when he was leader does NOT mean Labour can never let a socialist-i.e., a left-winger- be leader again. The issues with Corbyn were solely with certain aspects of his personality and his strategy- none of his policies were unpopular and Labour has nothing to gain from erasing every vestige of what the party stood for, as Keir is clearly trying to do.

        The polls prove the voters don’t WANT Labour to be a party of bitter, cynical antisocialist hacks who hate dreams and demonise dreamers-and no party on the Left side of the spectrum that becomes dreamless, visionless and passionless can ever win a GE- 6th May and the Hartlepool and Chesham & Amersham results prove that. OK?

      3. kenburch – Which makes it all the more disappointing that when Corbyn had the votes at conference to force through mandatory OMOV reselections he went behind the members backs to the unions and persuaded them to vote for f’ing trigger ballots instead.

  6. “What a sad day for ‘democracy’ in the Labour party.”

    It started on 04-APR-2020 and will not end until Si Keir Rodney Starmer is removed from party office and the House of Commons (just for good measure).

      1. I hear there’s a retiremenet cottage on St. Helena which would suit him nicely.

      2. Are they still using the “special paint” there that did for Napoleon?

    1. More and more people in the world’s Jewish communities ARE speaking out against what the Israeli government does to Palestinians. The days when there was a single, consensus “Jewish position” on all those issues are gone, and have been vanishing for years, especially in the U.S. and Canada. The far more right wing position that seems to exist in the Jewish communities-I use that term to indicate that there are several such communities, Askenazim, Sephardim, Mizrahi- a group that could actually be called “Arab Jews”, people from African and Indian Jewish communities made unwelcome in their own countries, and there are numerous different views held by and within those communities-is increasingly a outlier among Diasporic people.

      1. They all should have recognised that people do not vote on block. That’s treating adults as witlings, incapable of independent thought. Remember the tartan Labour wall?

  7. Well sorry to point this out they must be either stupid or not understand that the cult of new Labour 2.0 only allows you to discuss things and topics they approve of!

    You might like to consider stopping supporting this corrupt, racist bunch of liers then stop giving them money, stop voting for the same right-wing Tory-lite scumbags that claim they are Labour then talk Tory.

    Grow up and remove your membership until it is socialist only or a true socialist only Labour party comes around. The more you stay you are supporting this BS in your name!

    Your choice, you chose but you can’t bitch later if you stay…

  8. Desperate Keir Starmer drafts in Tony Blair’s former top aide as his new spin chief with Labour threatening to go into meltdown a week before crucial Batley & Spen by-election
    Matthew Doyle has been made Sir Keir’s interim director of communications
    He is ex-head of press and broadcasting for the party when it was in power
    He was also a special adviser to Mr Blair from 2005 to 2007 before he quit No10…….

      1. n.b. The Independent says 2013. It was, actually, 2003.

  9. Any update on the atrocious Islamaphobic comments accredited to a senior Labour official in the Mail on Sunday last week relating to the Batley election. I contacted both my MP and the party but have yet to receive a reply.

    1. They’ll be no one left but the right wing, sorry for the typos, , poor light.

  10. On and on `and on it goes – the utter lunacy, the lack of any understanding of political reality, the nihilism, the self-delusion. They are like the drunk who is convinced that the meaningless drivel emanating from his mouth constitutes perceptive analysis.
    The “train crash” is getting closer.

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