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Labour’s Welsh postal vote campaign forms show Keir Starmer as Welsh leader, talk about Scotland – and point to return address that isn’t there

Westminster’s take-over of national parties has apparently now progressed to Keir Starmer claiming to be Mark Drakeford and bringing Scottish Labour down to Wales

Keir Starmer’s desperation to get votes has led to a screw-up of epic proportions – and that’s its most charitable interpretation – in Wales. Labour has been running a campaign to get supporters to register to vote and to vote by post, but the campaign has heaped just about every imaginable insult on Welsh people, Welsh Labour members and the Welsh party’s leadership.

Those hardy few who click through to receive the form Starmer – and it is Starmer – is asking them to fill in receive the following canine breakfast:

In just the cover page of the form – in this instance sent to left-winger Morgan Paulett – Labour manages to:

  • miss out a whole word from the Welsh expression meaning ‘thank you’
  • put a picture of Keir Starmer in the header while claiming it’s Welsh leader Mark Drakeford
  • put Starmer’s signature above Drakeford’ name
  • put an arrow pointing to a return address that isn’t there, while telling respondents to rotate the letter so it shows in an envelope window
  • put the Scottish Labour logo in the footer of a Welsh Labour letter
  • talk about Scottish party the SNP as a ‘local’ issue
  • promise to fight for ‘a stronger, socially just Scotland’
  • say that ‘Nicola Sturgeon isn’t Scotland’ – which will be of great interest to Welsh people. Not

The letter, unsurprisingly, has caused outrage among Welsh members – and was apparently finally removed from Labour’s website only late on Wednesday evening.

Mark Drakeford’s thoughts on the matter are not known, but given Starmer’s recent interference to remove Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard at the behest of rich donors, he might be a little uneasy.

Labour was not available for comment or to name the agency it used for the document.

(And no, this is not an April Fool’s joke.)

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  1. As one always suspected without the foot soldiers the big wigs would never be able to organise the typical piss up in a brewery. Sad really.

  2. If this had happened during Jeremy Corbyn’s tenure my first thought would have been that there was a conspiracy by HQ staff to undermine him.

    1. But it isn’t, and because stammer is your leader, you’ll just insert something you think if it happened to Corbyn there’s a probability it’s happening to your greasy idiot and nothing at all to do with the incompetence of the gobshites YOU wanted ru(i)nning that clusterfuck of a party.

      In essence you’re insinuating it’s down to the left… But with less than fook all to back it up.

      Nobody’s remotely convinced by your tripe, soft ollies.

      1. Toffee – I simply expressed my opinion, if you don’t like it then that is your problem, not mine.

    2. Conspiricy of HQ staff to undermine him?Would this be the same people that fit up Jeremy Corbyn or the same people that got a 600.000pounds Windfall for sabotaging Corbyn..Do you not understand that giving in to blackmail and paying criminals money only perpetuates this culture of criminality inside the Labour party.I should expect to hear a knock on the door soon at Southside from the SFO to look at just whats been going on inside Labour and just how does foreign government get a say in whos “running” The knight and his Labour party.Really telling by the amount of members bailing out with the knights shadowy misfits and criminal behaviour of the Labour party.I think it’s probably too late to change now.and Impossible to alter the culture that’s built up over many years of entitlement amongst the Labour party and PLP

      1. Joseph – As I have no evidence I intentionally didn’t point the finger at anyone. If it was done maliciously then it could equally well be either the left or the right (again).
        I haven;t accused anyone and any presumptions you’ve made are entirely yours.

    3. Not possible now- because unlike Corbyn, Starmer has sacked veryone who isn’t to his right- Corbyn’s greatest flaw was that he wouldn’t get rid of the backstabbers.

      1. Yes ken Burch,but once you have shown weakness and the staff know that money helps to keep stum,theyre naturally going to want the same deal as the AS scammers and expect a windfall.handout.ITS down to the culture of greed from top to bottom and now the tail wags the dog 🐕..Thousands have left and a few thousand fit up or suspended and we reach the stage of “moneys to tight to mention” and simply blue doesn’t hack it anymore.To Steve H “Who let the dogs out” …?

      2. Reply to Kenburch
        Jeremy’s “flaw” was not that he wouldn’t get rid of the backstabbers – he couldn’t. The vast majority of the PLP were against his leadership and were always threatening to resign if the did this or didn’t do that. They were never off the TV accusing him of one thing or another(either openly or slyly- damning by faint praise).
        He had to fight the combined forces of the PLP, Southside, the MSM, the establishment ( such as ex Intelligence Chief John Scarlett, the Chief Rabbi and the Board of Deputies) and the Tories.
        They all had it in for him and I think he did far more than could be reasonably expected of him. I consider myself a strong individual but I would not have been able to take the lies smears insults betrayals that Jeremy Corbyn took and still been standing at the end of it. If it had been possible for him to out the Backstabbers ( and Front Stabbers like Jess Phillips) I have no doubt he would have done so but the strength of the forces against him made this impossible. Shame on them not on him.

    4. I have it on good authority, Jeremy Corbyn was responsible.

      Being a member of the NUJ, he has allies and contacts in most print-shops, all over the country.

      No more messing, this is the start of the Corbyn’s – and The Left’s – fight-back. Expect more guerilla tactics, like this, from now on.

    5. Good point SteveH, your comment is relevant. Does anybody know if a third party agency was involved and, if so, who supposedly managed them or whether the leaflet /form was produced in house? In either case though, it hardly bodes well for Sir Keir and his management.

      No wonder the hard-right in PLP are getting twitchy. May 6 is getting nearer every day.

  3. I merely… I only… It’s not my fault… Yadda Yadda yadda…

    Face facts. Your dear leader has made it all about himself and thinks he’s bigger than the party even in the devolved parliaments.

    Forget context and content, ffs make make sure stammer gets shoehorned into everything including things that aren’t even in his remit… Even if he hasn’t got a fucking jar of glue what parliament he’s prattling his usual bollocks about.

    And if that can’t be managed, then get the union flag in there, with or without stammer’s grid… But make sure it’s about stammer in some form, so get his scrawl on whatever at the very least.

  4. Thats clearly the look on Starmers face when asked do you support the pay rise of 15percent of the NHS workers rather than the miserly 2percent Labour feels appropriate.The knight would probably be more acurrate in adopting your Rat logo SH..Aka Steve Hall centrist Dad and Steve H from small mill town in? Bristol…Huddersfield?…Carrabean bolt hole your identity is has deceitful as your Knights ideology and of course yours.

  5. They are scuttling the Party. Simple as that. One cannot be that stupid. And since the Tories are so useless, they need to work very hard to become unelectable.

    1. Not knowing what the date was, I could have been taken in by this but the last line “(And no, this is not an April Fool’s joke.)” alerted me. Nearly as good as the spaghetti harvest back in the 1950s.

  6. There was once a time when my team Bolton wanderers were in the same position as the Labour party…Bankrupt…staff and players leaving.The locals had lost all faith in the club because a Tory boy 👦 from a Tax dodging bolt hole was allowed to asset strip the club and run it into receivership….The club for many represented the people of Bolton and In that way the Labour party and Bolton wanderers were linked in desperation and shame..New management and a New manager have seen a demoralised Bolton wanderers start to rebuild from the ashes.The Labour party are now very much in the same position except a number of issues for Labour to rise from the ashes.They desperately need new management and a complete clean out The players in the team like Bolton wanderers players were only interested in the money…We got rid and replaced the whole team including trainers and advisors.These Cuckoos never represented Bolton wanderers any more than Starmer and his PLP misfits and his staff NEC kangaroo courts and the whole stinking swamp culture needs a reset.My moneys now on Bolton wanderers getting promoted and onwards and upwards….This bankrupt shower of Starmers with no morals and no beliefs in the working-class and only show contempt for the members will inevitably go the Way of Bury FC and out of the league much like the Labour party who cannot and will not survive.When your fans loose hope and the team are only innit for themselves then route 1is Extinction.

  7. Skwawkbox article: “Labour was not available for comment or to name the agency it used for the document.

    (And no, this is not an April Fool’s joke.)”

    Until an NEC member or a whistleblower or meticulous journalism verifies it, I’d never dream of accusing anyone, but I do nevertheless suspect that an external “agency” could easily be a friend of a friend, or, very possibly, David Evans himself outsourcing the QC to himself to show how diligent and scrupulous the same-old ‘new management’ of Labour actually is.

    Bad, ineffective management is usually a feature of a suddenly-failing organisation.

    As the wonderful Tony Blair hasn’t quite managed to say since Sir Keir became leader, “we would be 20 pts ahead except for the party’s bad and divisive management”

    1. Speaking of whistleblowers, there won’t be anywhere that will publish dirty secrets soon. Mainstream journalists don’t want to know, whistleblower websites are being marginalised, the law makes journalists criminals and social media is busy censoring and banning while there is a huge push to label dirty secrets as conspiracy theories and fake news.

  8. And just to emphasise the importance of the establishment forty million has been stolen by the Royals from the Arts and culture relief fund to “maintain” whatever that means the Crown jewels and no doubt the parasites that feed off the public purse.IT sort of gives a message to the disintegration of the Labour party that even the members voted for one of the recipients of this pantomine of privalage and elitism Sir Rodney Starmer(plonker).and as per usual How could you have voted for someone with a Title?You must be even bigger plonkers than Rodney the knight….?

  9. For anyone interested in signing, the RNIB have a petition calling on Network Rail and the DfT to make stations safe for blind and partially sighted people.

    An investigation into an accident at Eden Park in 2020 concluded with the likelihood that the lack of tactile paving led to a partially sighted man falling onto the tracks before being hit by a train.

    The report found that about half of mainline stations lacked tactile paving on platform edges, with up to 15% of such accidents happening to blind or partially sighted people.

  10. Some people are taking Steve W’s ‘no, this is not an April Fool’s joke’ as an indication that it IS and that the leaflet story is entirely false, am I a fool for taking it as a true account of an actual story (i.e. NOT an April Fool’s joke)?

  11. This is how you spell Tory:
    PS. maybe WordPress thought this was some kind of secret code when I posted it earlier, no just a fact.

    1. Sir Rodney Knight has finally developed a “policy” and actually shared an opinion.NHS…no…Human rights…no. Spycops no…Okay kill the Bill?erm no Well its been thrashed out at shadow cabinet level after days and nights of smoke inhalation and coughing up..The Knight and his round table have made……yes yes a decision IT doesn’t seem very British “to ban people from pubs unless they have a vaccination Passport…ITs taken time and effort and much hand wringing but The Labour party actually have the beginning of a decision that will rock Glastonbury and set British people into the streets singing the praises of a new exciting and dare I say” forensic “leader of Her Majesty. Opposition..Maybe Rodney can have a quick swift pint before the Shabbat dinner tomorrow night…..Praise the Lord and may your cup runeth over on this your good Friday agreement.Get the flags out boyos.!

      1. Pure Thatcherite Neoliberal Neolabour Party Tory behaviour, they will will agree with everything and anything that will cause division and fear among The People. We can only hope that the remaining handful of Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party MPs will wake up and create our ~10 Strong Democratic Socialist Party, before they too are purged and out on their ear for some magically meaningless reason concocted by the caldron of the Silky Nylon Cloaked Neolabour Party Tories down in the caverns deep under the Knights 🙂 Templars’ passageways!!

  12. Come on skwawky tell us, is this an April fools, or is Keith’s Labour, not satisfied with outflagging and outfashing the Tories,but is now even imitating the ridiculous incompetence of the Tory party

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