LFI deletes offensive Gaza tweet. No apology or explanation

lfi gaza deleted

The organisation Labour Friends of Israel yesterday tweeted a comment on the slaughter of over fifty Palestinians that closely mirrored the statement of the Trump White House in blaming Hamas for the deaths caused when Israeli soldiers fired on crowds marking the seventieth Nakba anniversary:

lfi gaza

The comment was in marked contrast to the unequivocal condemnation the Labour Party issued via Shadow Home Secretary Emily Thornberry.

As of this morning, the tweet has been deleted and replaced with a new statement:

lfi deleted

lfi replace.png

There appears to be no apology for the original tweet, nor even a mention that the new statement is a replacement.

The reaction to the new tweet has been largely negative, such as these first few in the thread:

lfi reac

30 responses to “LFI deletes offensive Gaza tweet. No apology or explanation

  1. FOI support state extra-judicial murders. This is pure anti Palestinian racism and must be eliminated by the Labour Party.

    • As best we can. The organisation is not affiliated. It should now bep proscribed and a list of MP members published. Thornberry may be in it as it was thought best to be in to influence than out. But enough is enough as someone said recently.

      • It seems the preceding comment, where I misspelt Palestinians due to fat fingers (hence “Pardon me”), has been removed…

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  3. Hamas supporters must stop throwing stones at IDF and they are URGED to HALT SHOOTING UNARMED CIVILIANS

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  5. “It never happened, nothing ever happened, even while it was happening it wasn’t happening …”

    Harold Pinter.

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    • That explains Thornberry wanting to deny Ken Livingstone due process, but what excuse has Chakrabarty got?

  7. wheres is the outrage from friends of Israel Smeth/Berger/Hodge and the rest of the R/W MPs who were quick to scream about antisemitism but not prepared to say anything about young KIDS GETTING KILLED BY ISRAELI SOLDIERS WHO THEY SUPPORT

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  9. I wrote an email early this morning to Joan Ryan under my name of Roisie Brocklehurst criticising LI statement (both are disgusting) and saying that Labour should demand that its name be taken off the title of this sick organisation. I am appalled by their callous nastiness against unarmed people. Vile and base response to genuinely felt angry but helpless protest. This focus on Hamas is all spin. I will not get a reply as I am not a constituent and apparently she wears blinkers, enjoys the powerplay role she has in the Jewish community where she lives, Vile woman.

  10. If LFI is not ‘bringing Labour into disrepute’ then what does the term mean? Any member of the Labour Party who is a member must resign from LFI or be kicked out of the Party, and I expect to see a motion to that effect at Conference.

  11. If people were demonstrating outside the Israeli embassy in London and somebody threw a stone would they shoot at us?
    Shooting across borders – even illegal ones – is generally frowned upon isn’t it?

    When moving the US embassy to Jerusalem was mooted last year (?) I suggested an alternative – buying the land and putting up a giant hoarding saying, “SITE OF FUTURE US EMBASSY TO ISRAEL.”
    At the same time as erecting another in East Jerusalem saying, “SITE OF FUTURE US EMBASSY TO PALESTINE.”

    If we genuinely believe in a two State solution could we not lead the way by lobbying the British government to do the same for our own embassy?

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