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Video: Starmer says Sunak shouldn’t ‘hide behind process’ – after doing it to con Labour members

Shameless hypocrisy

Keir Starmer has told Sky News that Tory PM Rishi Sunak shouldn’t ‘hide behind the process’ to obscure or delay details of Sunak’s failure to properly declare his interests:

But Starmer infamously and excruciatingly squirmed, dodged and yes, hid behind the process during the Labour leadership contest to hide his right-wing millionaire donors until the con was complete and it was too late for Labour members to change their voting intention:

Details of some of the donors Starmer was hiding behind the process to avoid disclosing can be found in this compelling Twitter thread.

And Starmer was also investigated for breaches in his own declarations of his parliamentary interests – and his awful Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves failed on at least three occasions to properly declare donations.

Shameless hypocrisy and cynicism that will surprise no one who has been paying attention to Starmer’s appalling tenure.

More: Starmer used spycop as driver and gofer.

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  1. You got it in one Skwawkbox – shameless hypocrisy it is. It is also very foolish because the Tories will point this hypocrisy out at every opportunity.
    Of course Starmer knows this but as his remit is not to win the next election but to turn Labour into a hard right, Zionist party he won’t care about his double standards being exposed.
    As long as he can rid the party of anti Zionists, socialists and free thinkers he’ll be OK- his seat in the House of Lords will be guaranteed along with positions on the boards of various companiers, access to lucrative consultation roles,after dinner speeches etc.
    Keir Starmer like others before him will do very well out of embracing Zionism and right wing policies and the total destruction of the Labour party as a force for good.

  2. Indeed Smartboy, I have long suspected that Starmer’s “dream” is to amalgamate the Liberal Democrats with a must weaken Labour Party after persuading to leave the Labour Party or expelling from the Party any socialist and even Democratic Socialist still standing.
    He plans to turn the new amalgamated Party into a mirror image of the Democratic Party in the US, where the Trade Unions support the Democratic Party with financial donations for very little in return.
    I hope Unite sewer its links with the LP and for other TUs to follow, for the TUs to fund independent candidates that stick to a Syndicalist’s Agenda and send Starmer’s Labour Party into electoral oblivion.

  3. There’s a world of difference between hiding opportunistically behind a process and intentionally arranging a deceit or duplicity to be undetectable until a later step/stage of a process some time off.
    Ain’t that right, Trevor Chinn and Co?

    “Keir’s difficulty was that he was appealing for Labour Party members’ votes on the basis of assurances that he would uphold the progressive policies adopted by Labour under Corbyn’s leadership, as embodied in the 10 pledges that appeared on back of the campaign poster. If he wanted to win the election he had little alternative to doing this, given the membership’s overwhelming support for the continuation of the party’s leftwing programme.

    If it had got out that Keir’s campaign was being bankrolled by rightwingers with a history of vehement opposition to that progressive programme, his credibility could have been seriously undermined. Members might have concluded that the radical image Keir was projecting was just an opportunist manoeuvre to secure their votes, and that once elected he would steer the party firmly back towards the right.

    The latest update to the register of MPs’ financial interests, from 14 April, confirms suspicions about the political character of Keir’s major donors.”

    We live and learn! Would you wish such a Schlemeil to be Prime Minister and have full access to the levers of state power?

    Me neither.

  4. Sir Keir 58-days Starmer
    Party rules gave Sir Kei-or the time he needed to convince party members he was a continuity-corbyn, ‘Unity’ candidate (the 10 pledges have only ever existed on his leadership election leaflets), before needing to disclose that over £450,000 had been given to him by multi-millionaire rightwing backers to whom the 10 Pledges were unacceptable, not what they were paying-for and not what he, Keir Rodney Starmer, believed.

    Integrity? Keir 58-Days Starmer has none. He’s not a proper Labour leader, and, G*d-willing, will never be Prime Minister.

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