Delayed Al Jazeera ‘Labour Files’ 3 now out. Watch here

Update: at last the video is back up, on a different link. Watch while you can because who knows if it might disappear again!

Last nights third instalment of Al Jazeera’s exposé of the Labour right’s racism and war on democracy was scheduled for last night but delayed for unspecified reasons.

it is now available. Watch below and share widely:

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  1. Al Jaz Twitter feed says this will be broadcast at 1pm today, for those who prefer old skool TV-watching…

      1. Been pulled. Informed by Not the Andres Marr show Crispin Flintoff. who also have been threatened by legal action by Big Guns Labour

        So big guns are out. But I can confirm by my own life time and recent experiences that Labour has always been racist, sexist, classist (Eurgh Plebs and Manual) and openly Antisemitic, and I have heard nice Labour and Socialists and leading people (also same in Nicey Whitey LibDems and Greens – and churches and Quakers) Basic vile beliefs and ideas. So it is True.

        But Labour and Socialists like the churches tell people to be quiet and shut up and appear one body FOR THE CAUSE!

        Looking forward to 3rd episode. But nothing new and not known, but silenced and covered up for ages.

        Labour will never get my vote again. But glad truth is out. And Yes Jeremy Corbyn did not stand up and protect Mark Wadsworth and many others he is a small boy. His history shows he drops out and sideways shuffles and is absent many many times when things get tough for others and he decides he cant cope. Small Boy who will come alongside, but fuck off first.

      2. Was great to watch Pt 3.

        Save all 3 parts of The Labour Files so you can refer to them even if they are removed from YouTube by using any one of several sites which download YouTube videos. Just Google “YouTube downloader “.Have copyright in mind so don’t take the piss…

  2. Al-Jazeera will be marked by the Establishment as a dangerous, conspiracy-theory merchant simply for producing and broadcasting The Labour Files.

    “Delayed for unspecified reasons” chilled me to the bone. It’s not just ‘democracy’ and the pantomime of politics that suffer under an increasingly authoritarian and intolerant Establishment, it is the very currency of information and its mechanism for distribution. Press and politics.

    Thank heaven for an independent questioning alternative media, special mention due to Al-Jazeera and Skwawkbox. Freedom and Solidarity citizens.

    1. Do you honestly believe that AJ are a thorn in the side of the stablishment? Fair enough they air some controversial stuff but when they do it’s after the horse has bolted.

      1. AJ, RT, PressTV staples of the 2015 to 2019 coup phase are MSMs and they are not to be trusted, not without the same/similar cross referencing.
        They do however have a lot more good and honnest reporting than any of the Western MSMs. Albeit on occasion a political weapon to serve an alternative purpose to that of which it serves of ours.
        I truly hope that they make the leaked file and that frightening Dossier available online!

  3. I thought I was beyond disgust at Starmer’s ‘Labour’ Party, but this week it has managed to fall to a further new low. Allowing the ‘S*n’ entry to the Conference (and what a shower of **** that was, the ‘Union Jack’ laden hall with participants singing the national anthem) but suspending Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi last Thursday, and now barring her from entry leaves me almost lost for words. I allowed my membership to lapse sometime ago – not without sadness and perhaps a sense of guilt at ‘giving up’ – but whilst I admire those who are fighting on to try and reclaim the Party, surely the time has come to draw a line under it and not give one penny more or one minute of time to the vile people who claim ‘leadership’.

    1. If we put all that blame on Starmer we’d kid ourselves. That happened since 12 September 2015 and the blame lands in the 80% Neo-Labour Party TORIES and the Naivity of The 20% UK Labour Party. People for whom believing in the goodness of others, being kind and gentle, etc, became the very thing that sacrificed them and those they care about so much. However as we’ve known since that wonderful day of 12 September 2015 we were not dealing with “nice” people.
      Too many opportunities were missed to root out the problems, for the sake of nice, kind and trust.
      The most shameful thing was that throwing good Comrades under the bus was done for the sake of appeasing bad people.
      Anyhow that is done, I truly hope all those people will get the justice they deserve, and I truly hope that “The Left” learnt valuable lessons from 2015 to date. If we make excuses or attacks on those who highlight our failings, is just like sticking our heads in the sand and hoping/wishing/praying for a better tomorrow.

      1. The record is MINE! I play it whenever the hell I CHOOSE to! MY Record has NOTHING to do with you! If you don’t like it, and you have every right not to DON’T LISTEN TO IT!
        You and your other two pals DO NOT have the right to censor Freedom of Speech! As much as you may feel that you are entitled to!
        Now please, unless I make a comment directed at you, it is not for you! I have already made it clear that I have no further interest in interacting with you or Allan since your recent pile on and rediculously construed meanings of what I said, even after a clear explanation.
        No Petal, I will not Change my Record, not for you, Allan or SteveH. I am too old and long in the tooth for that kind of nonsense, I have been an excruciatingly independent man my entire life, why the hell would I feel a need to adapt to suit YOUR liking!? You don’t like my record move on as I do with yours.

      2. Yes NellyKSkelly its your anti Socialist/anti Corbyn record ( or more correctly , your employers anti Socialist/ anti Corbyn record ) so I suppose you’ll keep playing it until they tell you to stop.

    1. Me too. So I tried to reload the page, then the file, then thought ‘bugger it’ and went to youtube (don’t worry I’ll sanitize my cache and cookies), but it either isn’t there (other two seem to be) or was removed/designated private.
      Is this a sneaky form of censorship or random IT problem? Only Al-Jazeera will know

  4. I just watched it, tried to get the link to post here and it went “Private”. I am glad that I managed to watch the whole thing, two take aways for me: 1. the level of espionage that party uses to justify their Racism is Secret Services, a dossier that tracks a person’s children to school, where they park their car, how many properties they own, and how many tennants, who their tennants vote for and not only their tennants race, but their fucking dialects is not “access to Labour Data”! That is espionage and I fucking hope that gets taken very seriously!
    2. “The Left” is like those deranged Self-flagellating Monks. Just this morning I saw good strong Left Wing members/ex-members demanding Starmer gives back the whip to Corbyn, among several other things, to make “Labour” electable! There will be millions of complete idiots that will vote for that DANGEROUS PIECE OF SHIT TORY (COMFORTABLY) FAR-PARTY!

    1. Just looked on both the Al Jaz site and also on their YouTube channel and it’s not there (yet). You were lucky to catch it while it was up. Maybe it was taken down again for final tweaking before scheduled TV broadcast at 1pm today…

      1. Sadly, it appears we’re getting part 2 again. I’d guess it’s on hold for legal reasons. We must ensure it doesn’t get memory-holed!

      2. I tried to download it but I am only using my Android, and my bleeding NewPipe need some resetting or something.
        So I am sorry I can’t provide the rudding video to download,.
        It must’ve been vanished while I was watching it. It is important because it confirms a lot of what we already knew, example and still unconfirmed, the SS that got them the intimate data on MPs, staff and members was more than likely not MI5 and probably not CIA, bit it was most certainly SS and not internal data!
        I hope it comes back soon, I wonder who makes all these videos dissappear like that!
        If you are anything other than White/Zionist and still in that Far Right Party you should be ashamed of yourself.
        In the meantime Crispin did a great job at interviewing most on the AJ documentary. infact more detailed reports.
        AND several other very important ones since, Labour Fascism for example.

      1. And you find pleasure in nobody being able to watch the final episode now, because I “slipped up” in downloading it for all to see!?
        Fuck Off you twisted FUCK!
        I have no interest in you, stop stalking me!

    1. The Information War! After watching the above, a question: Will it EVER be possible for the BBC (or anyone) to not be a mouthpiece of the powerful people and corporations that control the News business model/supply chain??

      Mmmmm, in this context SW and his Skwawkbox are crucial,

      Ta muchly Steve W and others. All power to your pen!

      1. You’ve seen the NZ PM talking about global government censorship, to protect us from disinformation? She’s another of Klaus’s club…

        Wonder how long before we see soldiers on the streets? Germany gets them next week.

  5. Im guessing Al J pulled the program for
    legal reasons – maybe to make
    absolutely sure they are legally safe from
    the claws of the Establishment.

    Hope they get No 3 back up..

    The first two were excellent – the second much
    more coherent than the first as originally televised.

    1. The only reason I can think of is the leaked highly sensitive most certainly SS obtained data, it could and should have major implications for all involved. It breaks every Data Protection Law and that’s before you throw The SS of home or away in, because then it starts looking real ugly.
      If they manage to bury this, then as Socialists, we have real reasons to be extremely frightened! Hopefully someone has Episode 3 downloaded somewhere!

    2. It hasn’t been available at all today Holby so you are probably right about it being pulled for legal reasons – their lawyers are likely to be going over it with a fine tooth comb before it is finally released.

  6. Maybe Starmer didn’t want it shown just before his lack lustre speech….Might have livened it up somewhat.

    1. The sync’d-MSM will be proclaiming the key points from The Labour Files the very second it suits them. Broadcasting them in all their disgusting detail 24/7/365. They’re using the deceitful, insincere, double-dealing Starmer – but he’s too stupid or insecure to realise it.

      This is how they keep themselves at the top of the dung-heap They keep grip of Sir Keir Spurious-Starmer’s balls so they can yank them every time he doesn’t do what they demand.

      The S-n and the rest of the Murdoch Menagerie must hate him more than the other billionaires he and Reeves will service. most. They’ll keep a clamp-like grasp of Starmer’s insecurities and indiscretions and enjoy threatening to broadcast them the very second the titular leader of a once great political party pleases them no more. (After all they know how faithless, dishonest and two-faced the forensic one actually is, he gets a staff discount from them).

  7. Just watched it, powerful & moving.
    Diverse working class people & the progressive middle class deserve better than Right Wing Labour.
    Let’s have a real Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party and are hundreds of thousands of us diverse Corbyn supporters out there.
    May be down to what happens to JC?

  8. Part 3 is available again on this link as I just watch it. I knew most of the people who spoke about what happened withon Newham Labour, and East Ham and West Ham CLPs. I was a member of East Ham. I was also aware of who the main critics were of these groups but was blissfully ignorant of the extent of the corruption going on. These guys truly loved Corbyn and were inspirational in their community work within Newham, which they still continue.

    1. Your comrades in your neck of the woods have an honourable history of unearthing discrimination and CORRUPTION. They are exactly the type of humans(?) we are going to need. Thanks and best wishes to your comrades

  9. Ive just watched Part 3 – introduced on JVL.

    Have also watched Apsana Begum’s moving and powerful speech.

    Observing the Tories who seem – and this is unbelievable – to have
    an even worse leader than Johnson in incompetence and
    sheer stupidity ..

    I agree with the guy who used to write for the
    Daily Telegraph (I forget his name!)
    – who said that our whole
    Political Establishment is trying to outdo the others
    in rule breaking and undemocratic behaviour.

    There are some exceptions of course ..

    No wonder the public is turning their back on
    conventional politics ..

    NB The last program features a white
    employee*** writing a resume of how BAME
    Communities are treated by the Labour Party.
    THe document includes the Expression
    “Going Forward ..” which would condemn it
    as a load of piffle in my opinion .

    ****THere is only one BAME person involved
    in this – and many many from non-BAME

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