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Exclusive: Starmer ‘used undercover spycop as driver/gofer during McLibel case’

Labour leader has not denied that John Dines drove and carried papers for him in lawsuit over leaflet written by another undercover officer

Labour leader Keir Starmer used a notorious undercover ‘spycop’ as his driver and gofer when he was practising as a barrister, according to sources close to activists who fought McDonalds in a famous libel suit – one of whom was deceived by the undercover officer into an affair.

Helen Steel and David Morris were sued by the fast food giant for distributing a leaflet disparaging the company’s food, business and employment practices – the leaflet was written by yet another undercover officer who took advantage of women using his false identity – and lost parts of the initial case, then eventually hired Starmer as their barrister for their successful appeal to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

During the case, according to sources close to the pair, Starmer used ‘John Barker’ as his driver and bag carrier. But ‘Barker’ turned out to be police officer John Dines – a fact discovered only during the later ‘spycops’ scandal, long after Dines had deceived Helen Steel into a two-year relationship with his alter-ego Barker during the course of the case.

In 1998, the Metropolitan Police paid compensation to Steel and Morris for passing information to McDonalds’ investigators.

Skwawbox contacted Keir Starmer directly to ask:

Undercover police officer John Dines/Barker acted as your driver and carried your court papers during the McLibel trial. Were you aware he was police? If not, who did you think he was? Any comment on such closeness to an undercover officer given your support for immunity for spycops?

Mr Starmer did not respond, either to comment or to deny that Dines worked with him, despite having well over twenty-four hours to do so. He has previously enabled government legislation to provide immunity for undercover police and their agents from crimes committed in the course of their spying – and has opposed even environmental protesters.

Unfounded surveillance by police of activist groups continues. Earlier this month, a Metropolitan Police officer told the court during the trial of five Palestine Action activists that his full-time job is surveilling groups who support human rights and freedom for Palestinians.

Keir Starmer has been described as a ‘long-time servant of the British security state’. During his tenure as Director of Public Prosecutions, the Crown Prosecution Service failed to prosecute Jimmy Savile and police officers who murdered Jean-Charles de Menezes and Ian Tomlinson – and destroyed key records in the Julian Assange extradition case after warning Swedish prosecutors not to ‘dare’ drop their attempts to extradite Assange.

Update 25/4/23: Helen Steel and Dave Morris have said that Starmer did not use Dines as driver/gofer and that as far as they know he was not aware that Dines was an undercover cop. Obviously, this does not mean that he was not aware and Stamer did not deny it when approached. Details here.

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  1. But but but….keef did the mclibel case pro bono.

    Therefore, was dines working pro bono for keef? 😙🎵

    Is there anyone else (staffers, etc) currently working pro bono for keef?

    I think we should be told.

    1. My understanding was that Starmer ( along with the trial Judge(s?) and some solicitors ) gave the McLibel two some pro-bono advice.
      They actually had to defend themselves as legal aid was denied for libel cases.
      Basically no legal aid meant no Starmer!
      There was however legal aid for a later successful separate case they took to the European court of human rights in Strasbourg, against the UK government to decide whether they should have had legal aid. ( Wonder who thought of that?)
      For this case legal aid was granted so Starmer was there to represent them

  2. What exactly is Keir Starmer being accused of here? 😕
    The last time I looked Keir won the McLibel case

      1. How exactly did Starmer win it?

        By being born to a lowly toolmaker and a nurse, in a unicorn’s stable in Bermondsey Bethlehem, under a mysterious star that appeared in the east, as well as a triple rainbow.

        …And being able to recite word for word, the entire content of Osborn’s law dictionary as soon as he was evicted from his mother’s womb (his first legal argument was that he didn’t have to pay the rent, although the saintly keef later insisted he left of his own free will and a matter of principle).

        Thought that was common knowledge?

    1. The last time I looked Keir won the McLibel case”

      Where did you look SteveH. Try wiki instead of whatever centrist fanzine you consulted. Steel and Morris kinda won the McLibel Case against the McDonald’s Corporation. Starmer reportedly provided “considerable” pro-bono assistance. What’s the source of that? Dunno, but I bet it originally said “considerable forensic” assistance.

      Nothing that man says – or the MSM has (so far) said about him – can be trusted!

      1. qwertboi – Are you having a laugh, you’re an anti-vax f’wit?

      2. Oh, good attempt at a deflection, Steve H! Well done!

        Come on, everyone, Steve H wants to talk about Covid-19 Vaccinations. Forget about Starmer’s involvement in the McLibel Case, and talk about vaccinations instead.

        Go on, Steve H – you start.

      3. SteveH18/04/2023 AT 1:21 AM
        qwertboi – Are you having a laugh, you’re an anti-vax f’wit?

        Ooof! Devastating repartee from the nonce-enabling apologist, there.

        …Nice use of a question mark in the wrong place, too, fuckwit👍

      4. …you’re an anti-vax f’wit?…

        Interesting retort. You had a large choice of descriptors and yet you choose the anti Vax. The question mark is also curious. It is because you’re unsure of the correct stance? Or is it more because you cannot discern between who’s and whose?

        Still, you can stick to your standard tactic of disruption, but even that fails slowly as more and more become aware of the name. People become aware. Funny that, how people have become aware of Starmer like they have vaccinations.

        I do hope they pay you for this SteveH, I really do.

      5. I do hope they pay you for this SteveH, I really do.

        It’d go some way to explaining why the party’s gone from a £13.5m reserve to a £4.8m deficit over the last three years…although I very much doubt there’s any oversight of his productivity.

        They’d be better off paying him NOT to spout his shite, seeing as he only repulses people even further away from the idea of voting smarmerist labour than keef does…Or maybe that’s part of keefs’ grand scheme.

      6. “qwertboi – Are you having a laugh, you’re an anti-vax f’wit?”

        No and yes: No, I see nothing funny about Keir Rodney Starmer being the leader of Labour, an organisation that ‘third-way’ centrists need to denature and disable, or his being able to promote himself as the forensic genius that won the McLibel case.

        Yes, I am anti-Covid ‘vaccine’, most definitely, other, appropriately-tested vaccines are fine.

      7. “I do hope they pay you for this SteveH, I really do.”

        Given how shite he is at it ‘they’ are likely to be seeking a substantial rebate.

      8. As far as I recall the McLibel case was infamous for someone having leaked parts of the defence case to the McDonald’s prosecution team.
        Is this something for which Starmer’s ra-ra-skirted cheer leaders really want to take credit???

  3. The last time I looked Keir won the McLibel case

    On his own; by himself, with nobody to even make him a cup of tea…

    Turn it in, for absolute fucksakes.

      1. Oh ffs! Just shut up, you complete cretin. Fucks sake, why don’t you regale us with how KEEF won the case and NOT Corbyn…or anyone else, for that matter.

        Because KEEF won it. And KEEF ALONE…Not even the defendants.

        Jesus wept.

      2. Toffee – You’re the one doing all the obsessive ranting. I wonder sometimes if you even know what you are ranting about. 🍿

      3. Says the gawp can’t tell keefs’ arse from his own elbow…

        Wasn’tthe defendants (or any of the other barristers working pro bono) won mclibel…it was keef.

        Wasn’t the local cps prosecuted chris huhne…it was keef

        Wasn’t keef failed to prosecute savile…it was the local cps (and Corbyn and sunak)

      4. Here:

        17/04/2023 at 11:25 pm

        What exactly is Keir Starmer being accused of here? 😕
        The last time I looked Keir won the McLibel case”

        You’re welcome.

      5. Shouldn’t have bothered, Dave.

        He’ll be denying he ever said it when he’s forgotten about it and thinks everyone else has.

        Just be sure to remind him when he gives you the opportunity. (if I don’t first).

        And then watch the wee gobshite whine that it was taken out of context

  4. It’s significant that the ‘long-time servant of the British security state’, currently serving as the Labour Member for the Trilateral Commission and alleged leader of that party, didn’t respond to SW’s question? Mmmmm, I don’t know, but I’m not surprised and I noticed the bit on the wiki page that said:

    “Chapter 5 of Paul Lewis and Rob Evans’ 2012 book Undercover: The True Story of Britain’s Secret Police is titled “McSpies“. In recounting the history of the Special Demonstration Squad (SDS) it recounts the involvement of Bob Lambert and John Dines in the activities which led up to the trial. ”

    Spot-on again SW.

    1. So, SteveH doesn’t see it and maybe is trying to make sure you don’t. The possibility exists that one of the spy-cops who infiltrated Greenpeace and provided McDonald’s with the “evidence” for their Libel action against Helen Steel and David Morris (‘The McLibel Two’), also worked for Keir Rodney Starmer at the very time when he was providing ‘considerable’ pro-bono advice to said defendants.
      This possibility NEEDS to be investigated. Forensically!

  5. AFAIA, keef’s pursuing a (reportedly rather expensive) litigation against some labour members as I type this.

    Who are the people investigating these claims keef’ & fat dave’s made/are making?

    What is their status/remit? Are any of them working pro bono or are they all on a retainer…and is the litigation case fully accounted for?

    I think (for the purposes of transparency) people should be told. Especially the paid-up members, eh wee helmet?? 🤔

  6. Given how shite he is at it ‘they’ are likely to be seeking a substantial rebate.

    Nah they don’t pay him that much to have made a major dint in their finances, Dave. Those mates and former colleagues of keef seem to be getting the biggest whack of all.

    …Money for old rope, I s’pose.

    Although I’m rather disappointed they’ve chosen to outsource their propagandist bullshit department to the Caribbean – instead of employing domestic lackeys.

    Maybe that’s how they intend to make brexit work.😕

    1. “Although I’m rather disappointed they’ve chosen to outsource their propagandist bullshit department to the Caribbean – instead of employing domestic lackeys.”

      On the basis of where there’s money there’s a fiddle, it could be soothing to do with tax havens?

      Though the last time I looked Berkshire wasn’t a FTZ.

      1. Appropriate, Berkshire=Berkshire Hunt. And you know the diminutive is berk and worse Hunt rhymes with another word.

  7. Hmmm…“Mischief”, eh?🤔

    How much is that ex-mossad IT whopper getting paid?

    Keef really ought to start saving/recouping/cutting the losses of members’ moolah by sacking him; although there’s the inevitability keef will immediately pay out on the threat of an unfair dismissal claim.

    Ho-hum. Still, are those figures you bandy about in each and every thread (as regards voting intentions) still valid, wee haufwit??

  8. so was Starmer either wittingly or unwittingly part of efforts to infiltrate and surveil left-wing activists?

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