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Starmer covered up abuse of women, welcomes Gapes, who defended right-wing rape and murder comments

Cesspit of Labour right regime again on show

Keir Starmer has posted a tweet welcoming Mike Gapes back to the Labour party. Gapes was one of the handful of Labour right lightweights who quit the Labour party to start the disastrous and racism-linked ‘Change UK’ and worked to prevent a Labour victory in the 2019 general election. Angela Smith, who infamously said that people of colour have a ‘funny tinge’, rejoined quietly some time ago.

Gapes has his own history of atrocious comment. When right-wing hardliner Ian McKenzie tweeted about the gang-rape and beheading of Labour MP Emily Thornberry, Gapes was one of several right-wing MPs who defended McKenzie’s comments and attacked those who were outraged at them. And when he was challenged over what he was defending, Gapes’s response was ‘Lol’:

That Starmer is welcoming back a right-wing saboteur who defended comments about the rape and murder of women should come as no surprise. When Starmer was informed by a parliamentary staffer-turned-whistleblower that the lover and employee of a right-wing MP was involved in the ‘sadistic’ and ‘criminal’ abuse of vulnerable domestic violence victims, Starmer ignored her emails, covering up the abuse and leaving Khalid Mahmood as a member of his front bench.

This has not, of course, prevented Starmer hypocritically boasting that he will protect domestic violence victims, so his welcome for Gapes is anything but anomalous.

The welcome also exposes Starmer’s complete hypocrisy over so-called ‘Labour antisemitism’. While any left-winger faces expulsion for defending Palestinian rights, Gapes – who joined in with the antisemitism smears as enthusiastically as any – in a rare moment of sense once commented that the UK should be talking to Palestinian resistance group Hamas. In 2021, Starmer whipped MPs to vote with the Tories to ban Hamas – yet, as so often, ‘it’s ok if it’s a right-winger’, as activist account ToryFibs pointed out:

The cesspit of Starmer’s Nu-Labour is exposed almost daily, but the ‘mainstream’ media continue to ignore it.

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