Labour shortlists candidate who posted ‘disgusting’ anti-women and anti-refugee comments

Garry Haldane shared posts by far right group and attacking women’s mental health – but Starmer’s Labour thinks he’s a fit candidate

Right-wing Labour figure Garry Haldane has proclaimed his delight at being shortlisted by the party in the parliamentary selection for Dunfermline and West Fife/Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath:

However, in 2017 Mr Haldane was discovered to have made ‘disgusting’ anti-refugee and anti-women posts on social media, including sharing posts by right-wing extremist groups, of which some are shown below:

The posts caused the CWU union to withdraw support for his 2017 local election campaign.

Starmer and his factional allies have tried to claim that left-wingers have been blocked from standing for selection – despite or more likely because of their popularity with local members – because he wants to ensure that no controversial candidates or those who might bring disrepute to the party.

But right-wing candidates have been greenlit despite allegations as grave as serious sexual assault and hate speech toward the disabled, as well as undisputed track records of racist comment and sexual harassment.

Starmer has been accused of trying to appeal to racists and ‘little Englanders’ – understandably, given his affinity for dogwhistle politics, cosiness with billionaires and corporations, demonisation of the poor and support for anti-democracy laws – and has covered up abuse of vulnerable domestic violence victims while sheltering alleged sex pests on his front bench.

In this context, Garry Haldane’s shortlisting looks more like par for the course, or even a plan, than any kind of oversight or blunder.

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  1. Seeing this I would have thought that one J Corbyn would be breathing a sigh of relief that he cannot be associated with such asinine politics!!

  2. For those of you NOT in the know. Please see Oliver Eagleton’s book The Starmer Project. It makes for an uncomfortable read. There are no redeeming qualities whatsoever regarding this zionazi who now heads Labour-In-Name-Only.

  3. RE: The “75% of women are running around untreated” ( for mental illness) tweet…

    Which one of jesssss (mouthpiece) philips, smeller (I’ve had a baby, y’know) greasy, angela “growler” rayner and harriet “pink minibuses for us wimmin” harman are gonna be the first to protest in any way about this, and call for haldane’s immediate disqualification and/or dismissal?


    1. That’s HarPERSON if you don’t mind, Toffee! But the 75% figure sounds about right.
      (I’ll get me coat…)

  4. It isn’t like he has a chance at winning this seat. No with Starmer in the Leadership and this sort of candidate. The SNP will have not trouble retaining this seat.

  5. The more Heir Starmer puts these sort of people with track records like this parasite it will work out better for the Tory’s to bring up in the next G/E Tory’s are ruthless when it comes to keeping power they will bring up the ford report false A/S and that’s just to start with along with starmers constant lying im looking forwards to his debates

    1. Yup Brian61 – I often imagine that Daily Mail ‘journalists’ visit Skwawkbox and pay meticulous attention to its comments. It’s the full extent of all the ‘research’ needed to ensure the return of the current billionaire PM at the next General Election.

      They’re clever enough NOT to give SteveH too many likes tho’.

  6. I have posted to this effect before and I’ll say it again – Starmer’s remit is not to win the next election . It is to rid the party of Socialists and anti Zionists.The short listing of this man, the attacks on the JVL, the BAME racism and the banning of Muslims and others most notably Jeremy Corbyn from standing for Labour in various elections proves this.
    Once the party has been completely neutered by wholesale expulsions and voluntary resignations and Starmer has taken his seat in the House of Lords, a hard Right Zionist Labour party will be “allowed ” to win a General Election probably about 2030.

    1. Smartboy – ……so you keep saying, it didn’t make any sense the first time you said it and it still doesn’t make sense today.

  7. Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath was represented at one time by Gordon Brown.

    Here he is scapegoating immigrants and using a notorious neo-Nazi slogan at the 2007 Labour Party conference, his first as leader.

    “In the most shameless section, he implied that immigrants were the main cause of drug dealing and crime. They would be thrown out. For that excursion into Tebbitry, he was rewarded with the endorsement of the retired Tory polecat. In an ugly phrase that would come to haunt Brown, he talked of ‘British jobs for British workers’

    This was a slogan of the BNP and a promise that could not be kept unless Britain left the European Union”.

    (Andrew Rawnsley, The End of the Party, page 502).

    The correct response would have been to have booed him off the stage. Instead, however, he got a standing ovation.

    1. Prefer the Blairite pro-EU ideology that we need as much ‘cheap labour’ as possible to drive the low wage, casual labour, gig economy?

  8. I just received a begging letter from starmer must be scraping the barrel to say i left the LP over 2 years ago

    1. There’ll be more! He’s v desperate. Get your mail programme to send labour mails straight to junk?
      It’d be good for your mental health.

      1. Better still email them back with a cease & desist notice.

    2. Brian61, I had one too, calling me Dear Member…..We need your money.

      Despite the fact I resigned two minutes after Starmer was crowned leader. I expect we are still being counted as members.

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