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Coyle, suspended for racist comment, out campaigning with Labour volunteers handing out his leaflets

Suspended MP piggybacking his campaign on Labour logo – and texting members to support his reselection despite not being a Labour MP

In February, Neil Coyle was suspended from the Labour party after making a racist comment to a British-Chinese journalist. Under the party’s rules, while suspended he no longer holds the party ‘whip’ and is no longer a Labour MP – and is not permitted to use the party’s logo, attend ‘CLP’ meetings or stand for election as a party representative in any election.

Nonetheless, Coyle was revealed last week to be texting Labour members to ask them to support his reselection as a Labour candidate at the next general election, but the Labour right is going much further than that – allowing him to campaign with them and helping him deliver his own leaflets along with Labour-branded literature, essentially presenting him as a Labour MP despite his suspension.

With the typical arrogant impunity of the Labour right, Coyle tweeted a picture of himself out campaigning with Labour members, saying what a ‘good…delivery session on the doors’ it had been.

The Labour branding can be made out on the ‘Save Southwark Buses’ leaflets his supporters are posting along with his own:

And his use of the Labour branding despite his suspension is even more blatant on his Twitter feed, where his ‘pinned tweet’ at the time of writing shows him in front of his constituency office with Labour placards prominently on show. The tweet was posted in May, some three months after his suspension:

The Labour press office was not picking up calls to answer a request for comment.

Neil Coyle’s history as a Labour MP is a troubling one. Months before Keir Starmer finally withdrew the whip, the Labour ‘leader’ ignored a personal complaint of antisemitism against Coyle sent to Starmer by a noted Jewish professor and two leading lawyers, one of them knighted, after Coyle had called for the expulsion of left-wing Jews from the party. The MP has also frequently shown himself up, sometimes leading to rebukes from local members.

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  1. First picture I’ve seen of him trying to smile and it looks as if he’s holding back a puke.

    And it’s a foregone conclusion that it was an inadvertent mistake, and no further action will be necessary as he isn’t currently a labour MP.

    …He IS however, a MASSIVE racist bellend.

    1. A bit like Sir Keir using the Holocaust Memorial for a Shoah-free photo opp, Coyle called the people who voted for brexit “fat old racists” and “absolute sh**bag racist w*****s.” Self-incriminating and then some (at least Gordon Brown phoned and apologised to Gillian Duffy).

      Cheap and nasty.

  2. I think it’s the rest of us who will puke when we see this racist gob-shite campaigning in the name of Labour.
    The (lack of) response from the leadership is predictable.

  3. More evidence Labour have become a hypocritical mess under Starmer’s miserable ‘leadership,’ alongside:

    • Starmer surrounding himself with self-radicalised Zionists while denouncing non-Zionist Jews & moderate socialists as extremists.
    • Brown touring TV studios like some Shadow Minister without portfolio demanding help on the looming energy bill/ cost of living crisis while the official opposition remain completely silent or AWOL.
    • Clear evidence of the rigging of CLP candidate selections in the favour of sketchy right-wingers. Evidence ignored by Southside because they are their favoured RW faction.
    • The Forde report’s highlighted HQ racism remains unaddressed with black MPs cold-shouldered by the leadership, suggesting a hierarchy of racism, with discrimination against black MPs seen as unimportant. Starmer’s performative wokeism / #BLM office kneeling stunt long forgotten.
    • Selective enforcement of disciplinary measures dependent on faction with regards to picket line support.

      1. qwertboy, I agree with you that any Tory including Boris Johnson is safer than Starmer as a PM. For all his promises during the leadership campaign Starmer has renounced to every single one:
        1- Uniting the Party——The Party is more divided than even under Neil Kinock
        2- Nationalism the Railways——-The economic landscape has changed so not longer in favour of nationalisation.
        3- Stop the privatisation of the NHS——-Already we are seeing signs that Starmer is not adverse to carry on privatising.
        4- Increases on the minimum salary, protect workers pay——We know that he favoured offering and increase below what the Tories eventually offered to NHS workers.
        5-Implement a Green New Deal——-He has already renegade on it.

  4. Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn has been speaking out against he imminent dangers that we face:

    Corbyn calls for revived peace movement in Hiroshima Day address to Eisteddfod | Morning Star (

  5. joined southwark labour because of JC – took me two meetings to get out of the 50’s clique while progressives rolled their eyes.

  6. In fact Gordon Brown after a much milder criticism
    of the lifelong Labour supporter Gillian Duffy went
    round to the OAPs house to apologise.

    He has also, along with John Preston and Andy
    Burnham criticised the sacking of MP Tarry.

    I must say too – his critique of the Tories and demand
    for specific actions has been far more persuasive than
    anything Starmer has said.

    Mind you anything would be preferable to the
    abysmal Starmer !

    1. Browns reappearance worries me.

      He is the architect of today’s circumstances. He should have let them fail. Now the failure will be even bigger, more painful and it’ll be us little people who suffer most.

      And it’s going to fail. They aren’t going to win against Russia or China. And they must win in order to continue feeding the Ponzi.

      1. Brown has nothing to gain from his intervention.
        As for “winning” against China or Russia – I think
        that the best that can be hoped for is “not losing”.

        Thus a return to the previous “border” would be
        desirable plus some sort of guarantee that
        Russia will not try to grab some more of
        Ukraine, remembering that they have form
        cc1939. China is suffering from their zero
        tolerance of COVID and poor vaccination
        history so is less of a threat than could be

        As for Brown
        (1) It appears that he does have a
        conscience after all. Remember the saying
        about how heaven regards a sinner returning;

        (2) There is the matter of getting a dig in at
        Blair who was a thorn in his flesh (and
        vice-versa) and has spent his time making
        money. In contrast, Brown and his wife have
        devoted a lot of time to Charity.

        There is also the question of the Sun publishing
        medical details of Browns son’s Cystic Fibrosis.
        Regardless of how they got the information –
        which was from a member of the public – to
        publish medical details of a child without the
        parents permission is repugnant for most right
        thinking people. I wonder what Brown thinks of
        Starmers schmoozing with that paper ..?

      2. One or two points:
        1. In 2010, after Kosovo unilaterally declared independence from Serbia, Serbia applied to the International Court of Justice seeking a ruling that such a declaration was illegal under international law.
        2. The ruling runs to around 80 pages, but the essence of it is captured in the sentence (Under General International Law) “… the Court considers that general international law contains no applicable prohibition of declarations of independence.”
        3. The Oblasts of Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk all declared independence in 2014
        4. The Kosovo precedent would indicate that the declarations made by Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk would be as valid as that of Kosovo.

        It follows that there would be no prospect of “a return to the previous border”.
        There has to be a negotiated settlement which would:
        1. Address the security concerns of the Ukraine government
        2. Address the security concerns of the Russian government.
        3. Allow for the recognition of independence of any of the Oblasts which chose to declare independence (looking at the results of the last general election in Ukraine in which everyone was able to vote (2010) that would likely mean that the eastern and southern Oblasts would do so).

        I’m afraid that, unfortunate though it is, the genie was let out of the bottle in 2014, and it’s impossible to put it back in.

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