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Private health CEO lined up to try to take Corbyn’s seat for Starmer

Starmeroid Praful Nargun, who runs chain of private clinics with his gynaecologist mother, wants Islington North parliamentary seat

An image of Praful Nargund with Keir Starmer, from Nargund’s website

A private health boss has thrown his hat into the ring to contest Islington North for Starmer’s Labour in the hope of taking the seat from Jeremy Corbyn at the next general election. Kier Starmer’s acolytes on Labour’s national executive yesterday voted through Starmer’s motion to ban Corbyn from standing as a Labour candidate – a motion that tramples on the wishes of Islington North party members.

Praful Nargund, who runs a chain of fertility clinics with his consultant gynaecologist mother and is also a councillor in Islington, is also listed on Companies House as a current or former director of six other companies, mostly in private health. His website features a picture of him with Keir Starmer and says that Nargund wants to ‘champion a skills revolution’.

Corbyn has not yet explicitly stated that he will stand as an independent at the next election, but said yesterday that he is ‘not going anywhere’. Meanwhile, former Momentum boss Jon Lansman says he doesn’t think Corbyn should stand as an independent candidate because Lansman wants ‘to see Keir Starmer elected as Prime Minister’.

Starmer has broken every promise with which he conned Labour members into voting him into the Labour leadership, including a promise to renationalise the NHS – which has now been thrown out in favour of increasing private involvement in healthcare.

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  1. I suspect any Starmeroid drone who tries to replace Corbyn will meet the bare minimum of co-operation from the constituency party and a signal lack of members and activists prepared to turn out and do the hard unpaid work without which a campaign cannot run. By banning Corbyn, Starmer may even manage to gift the seat to the Tories; unless, that is, Corbyn runs and holds it under whatever label he chooses to adopt.

    1. Very well said John Davies. Corbyn has been deliberately maneuvered into standing as an independent Labour candidate in Islington North for the first time in at least 40 years since he won the seat for Labour.

      Jeremy Corbyn should now stand at the next GE in Islington North. It is very encouraging that Jeremy says in his Facebook response to his proscription that he is “not going anywhere “.

      So we get organised using #CanvassForCorbyn on social media for a handsome Corbyn victory at the next GE.

      The scale of Jeremy Corbyn’s victory at the next GE should be just the answer to Keir Starmer and the Labour leadership’s anti-democratic manoeuvre.

  2. How sure are we that this is the chosen one? No long ago rumours were flying first about Mary Creagh former MP from Wakefield and former Islingon Councillor and them Ed Balls that wishes to come back to Parliament and was looking for a safe Labour seat.
    It is very possible that now that Jeremy has sort of announce that he will be standing Ed Balls have cold feet?

    1. I’ve seen it reported today that sociologist David Hirsh has been compiling a list of the possible runners for Islington North and riders and that he has put Luciana Berger (of all people) at the top of his Labour list

      1. Oops a bad edit – a list of the possible runners and riders for Islington North and …..

      2. Somehow, I seriously doubt it that Luciana Berger would be as deluded as to stand against Corbyn in Islington North.
        For once, I would expect most of the local Labour Party members will refuse to actively canvass for her and I can even envisage sabotage from some in the form of:
        “We would have liked for JC to be Labour candidate but, Labour HQ prevented us from selecting him.”
        “You can vote for Corbyn if that is what you wish to do, he is a lovely man and a hard working MP. But, we have to do what we are told or would be otherwise we will be expelled from the LP and would not be able to vote in the next leadership contest” or similar.
        I expect too local Jewish members already expelled from the LP on “antisemitism” to be very critical of Berger while canvassing for Corbyn on the doorstep.
        Far more likely for Luciana Berger to stand again from Finchley & Golders Green, this time under a Labour banner.
        She came 2nd to the Tories at the 2019 under a LibDem’s banner. The seat isn’t the most safe Tory seat and was she to combine the Labour vote with the LibDem vote she could take it for Labour.

  3. I’d be going through his election expenses with a fine tooth comb… because his unlikely to find any volunteers, in Islington North, to deliver his leaflets for him.

  4. “[Jeremy Corbyn] said yesterday that he is ‘not going anywhere’

    Something we can all agree on 🤔

      1. Well said, Dave.
        It is sad, however, that SteveH cannot see the irony in the fact that his facetious comment is entirely the wrong spin on “Something we can all agree on”, because Jeremy’s observation is definitely something we can all agree on.
        I would like to add that the answer to the problem that keeps him up at night might find an answer in this excellent article by the Aussie economist Bill Mitchell:
        Bill is well worth looking to as he regularly explains the idiocies in economic thinking that currently come out of New New Labour.
        I am sure, though, that Steve will be more than happy with more of the same old ineffective same old….

      2. The comment was in reference to the continued use of the royal “We.”

        Which is in its own way interesting in that its usage is very much wrapped up in the concept of “The Crown”, if you all get my drift.

      3. Get over yourself steveH, I was talking to the organ grinder not the chimp.

      4. Dave – At least we can be thankful that you’ve stopped talking to yourself (for now), who is your organ grinder?

      5. That was almost funny steveH.

        Have you thought of employing an agent rather than sitting there in the dark handling yourself?

    1. The only thing we can all agree on – well, most of us – is, this Labour Party is neither Democratic nor is it Socialist.

      It’s operating under false pretences. Something voters need to have a close look at – or the Trades Descriptions people.

      1. Neither democratic nor socialist. But most of all it is not Labour’s party.
        As to Starmer’s dishonesty it is matched by Lansman’s

      2. And equally the signal is now clear, any chance of saving the NHS from complete privatisation will not happen should the Starmerrroid get to No.10. That is down to the rest of us to keep the re nationalise agenda high upon any manifesto pledges

    2. That’s the arrogant Royal ‘we’ then, since just about nobody agrees with you on this site about practically anything. Or are you just stupid enough not to realise that?

      Oh, I forgot, you just come here to wind people up. How childish is that?

      1. PW, the Chief Turd polisher is a paid troll and shill. Just ignore the fool.

    3. “Something we can all agree on 🤔”

      Yes indeed! The right side of history. Starmer ffound his starmeroid drone.

      Sorry to tell you this Praful Nargun, but a ‘starmeroid’ drone is just like a haemorrhoid – but it’s not bleeding veins at your anus becoming swollen and painful that you have to worry about. It’s finding local Labour members that want you to win the seat and campaign-hard for you so to do.

      1. qwertboi – I’ve never suffered from this condition myself but I have heard that it can be painful and irritating for those who suffer like yourself.

      2. SteveH: “painful and irritating for those who suffer like yourself.”

        Acute mineral imbalance aside, I’d imagine very few competent biochemists suffer from haemorrhoids. I don’t. FYI: In parts of the Caribbean, its occurrence always accompanies a boron deficiency (as does arthritic inflammation). Look it up. It’s easy to fix if you or loved-ones suffer from it.

      3. qwertboi – Well thanks for the info but why are you obsessing about this?

      4. John Davies’ post here described Praful Nargun, as a ‘starmeroid drone’ and I saw it as ‘starmerrhoid drone’. It just set me off… Piles and painful pretend-leaders of Labour, word-association at its best!

    1. Guinea pigs in captivity have a lifespan of 4-8 years.

      Is that right? Me sisters one only lasted just over a fortnight.

      Mind you, that’s most likely because the wee furry bastard chewed through the (plugged-in) cable of MY** stereo system after it escaped. Not the healthiest of diets.

      ANYWAYYYY…. Lambs to the slaughter – whoever stands against Corbyn (on the proviso Jeremy does run as an indy candidate).

      **Probably committed suicide after seeing I didn’t have any shite like kajagoogoo in my LP/tape collection. Wonder what the resident shithouse rat’s method would be if he was deprived of a keef dirge soundbite?

      1. I suspect they’d masturbate themselves to death – although experts do tell us that wanking doesn’t quite cause as much molecular damage as suffering from Obsessive Stockholm Syndrome, where, when the sufferer is a former (even ‘moderate’) socialist, the constant seeking of billionaires’ approval, causes acute psychosis and terminal “brain fog”.

      2. qwertboi – Thanks for the revealing insight into your thought processes

      3. qwertboi,

        Thank you for that useful information. I had always pondered on why it is the Caribbean is a favourite destination for Merchant Bankers.

      4. You have got the wrong end of the stick steveH.

        qwertboi was not describing his thought processes he was outlining his (and everyone else’s) observations about you on this site.

      1. That’s vastly longer than Liz Truss’s lettuce!!

        Said the actress to the bishop!!

        (Suit yer soddin’ selves, then 🙄)

      1. Yes, looks good, but the length! I look forward to having a spare 30?+ mins to read it sometime soon…

      2. qwertboi, you might be interested to know, Matt Kennard has a new book called ‘Silent Coup’ due for publication, in May.

        Co-authored with Claire Provost, and published by Bloomsbury.

        So far, the book has received very positive previews, from the likes of Chomsky and Pilger.

      3. Still on the subject of books – Asa Winstanley’s book

        “Weaponising Anti-Semitism : How the Israel Lobby Brought Down Jeremy Corbyn”

        will be published on the 4 April 2023, by OR Books.

        Sadly, publication of Alex Nunns’ follow up to ‘The Candidate’

        ‘Sabotage : The Inside Hit Job That Brought Down Jeremy Corbyn.’

        has been pushed back, yet again, too – I think – October or November, this year.

        This is, about, the fifth change in the publication date. I’m not sure what the reason is, but I suspect there may be a team of legal eagles – somewhere – beavering away, trying to stop publication, all together. Only a suspicion, mind. 😉

        They’re sh*t scared, in other words.

    1. Thanks George Peel.

      Yes, I had read this when it came out. I subscribe to Declassified, and so should other people if they want to read good journalism. It didn’t come as a surprise because I had suspected the US was controlling the UK political scene for some time. The AS Scam originated from Langley and carried out by it’s Middle East Poodle Israel.

      Currently the Labour Party has been completely taken over by the Zionists. Can’t be having a Palestine supporter in the ranks can they?

      1. Yes, baz, declassified UK is excellent. So many good journalists. So many good articles, well written, coming thick and fast.

  5. You can tell that he is empty headed when he comes up with the meaningless phrase “a skills revolution”. One of our local (LP) councillors is adept at churning out such twaddle.

  6. The above links to:
    Bath University
    the Intercept
    …. ought to be compulsory reading if you want to understand much of what has been going on all of our lives.
    Much of it I already knew.
    It good to see it written down so coherently.

    1. I guess it depends very much on the existence of the concept of “want to understand.”

      A lot of the younger self-referencing “progressives” seem to be in denial on this issue. For example, mentioning the term “Colour Revolution” or similar risks a self righteous lecture along the lines of a denial of agency on your part for those involved.

      Which is why it is easy for Official Narratives to be sold to these post-modernist/post-structuralist numpties with zero life experience who think they know it all by fake left organisations:

  7. There is absolutely Zero point in JC standing as an independent
    Then what
    Even with my best Machiavellian hat on
    Nope, fucked if I can see what he Hope’s to achieve

      1. baz2001
        What does it change
        Starmers Labour party is a disaster waiting to happen
        Either go all in under the FPTP system, cherry pick 20 seats win 10 and end up holding the balance of power
        London Mayor
        JC has Ken Livingstone written all over him

    1. Be funny if that 10.5% (minimum needed)prediction actually did equate to a single seat majority.

      As I assume that prediction included Corbyn as a labour mp it’d will have as good as fooked keef right up.

      Best case scenario would be that the scotznatz, libtards and the single green mp all refuse to coalesce with the slime so keef would have no choice but to offer Corbyn one of the other three offices of state to achieve that single seat majority.

      Imagine the fume….👍😋

    2. Doug, he could prevent Labour from one seat. This bunch of turds will lie awake for months with him living rent free in their heads. There’s real hate in that group of Zionist squatters.

  8. There is absolutely Zero point in JC standing as an independent
    Then what????”

    His constituents send a message to Starmer and don’t get shafted by Starmerlabour’s Dead Hand?

  9. Latest Survation poll has the Labour lead at 14%. Five months ago they were on 39%.

    StarmerFuhrer is sinking fast.

    1. I wonder WHEN survation did the polling for that poll. It might be even lower if it was before Starmer’s NEC Motion hit the news?

      I betcha the conversations about Starmer between his boss, Klaus Schwab, and his manager, Peter Mandelson, even turn poor Kieor’s crap blue (probably not as blue as Starmer’s made Labour tho’). Starmer’s shrinking ‘popularity’ must be causing Klaus to regret backingSir Keior to lead global capitalism’s Second Eleven.

      1. The 24th, I think, qwertboi.

        I’m waiting with bated breath for the next – up-to-date – poll.

    2. baz2001
      That’s hung parliament territory and we are nowhere near a GE
      Starmer is proper fucked

    1. I agree, he can afford to lose the London Mayoral race without losing too much face.

  10. What gets me is that Starmer as a top shot lawyer
    is supposed to be clever/analytic but truth is
    he is anything but.

    Can he not see that Sunak is nothing if not canny?
    He has been storing up the easily available evidence
    of Starmer’s chicanery and dishonesty over hie erstwhile
    “colleague and friend” plus the same untrustworthiness
    about promises/the Economy c.

    He should have learned the lesson in advocating g Ref2 –
    but truth is he is NOT a politician and when that is
    combined with ambition – I dont believe Labour will
    achieve a workable majority in the next GE. The danger is
    he will struggle on – taking the Labour govt more and more
    Right-wards while the country goes down the tube .. ..

    1. HolbyFanMw…….I don’t think Starmer gives a shit at how popular he is. His job was to destroy the Corbyn led Labour Party from coming to power. It’s not about winning the GE. He’s been very successful and will be well rewarded for his efforts.

      1. Starmer’s on 44%, in the ‘popularity polls, at the moment, and dropping like a stone.

        JC was on 45%, in 2017.

      2. “It is undeniable that Keir is by a substantial margin significantly more popular with the electorate than his predecessor Jeremy ever was.

        Three things stevieh:

        FPTP can render this ineffective. You know the reasons. In 2015 UKIP attracted 3.8 million votes, yet FPTP only gave them 1 seat in HoC. Clearly, FPTP favours the two main parties, and this should assist even a terminally-distrusted leader like the pro-oligarchy, Trilateral Commission member, Keir Rodney Starmer, when he reverses the principles and policies he fights elections on one the election is finished.

        Keir Rodney Starmer is distrusted by voters, recognised as the “third-way” Tony Blair continuity successor that he is.

        Away from general elections, polls do not indicate guaranteed FPTP electoral support, primarily indicating disapprobation of the ‘other’ party in Westminster’s creaky two-party system.

        Starmer and his billionaire-backers should not be confident that their centrist- enterists in the Labour party are necessarily “a sure thing”. Hundreds of thousands of highly committed activists, many of whom are the “dearly departed” (and, of course, the official opponents of Labour, the Conservatives, Lib Dems, Greens, SNP etc.), will try to use the peculiarities of FPTP to minimise Starmer’s electoral success.

        All power to them!

      3. SteveH, comparing Apples and oranges, again?

        Corbyn faced a barrage of negative headlines, ever single day – false headlines about supporting terrorism , ‘thugs’ in Momentum beating up old people , or some other lying crap about antisemitism.. Bricks thrown through windows and other made up stories.

        Starmer has had a easy ride.

      4. The vagaries of our FPTP system doesn’t necessarily translate votes/vote share into seats, as is clear from Labours own record since 1997:

        Year – – – Votes – – – – Seats – Vote%
        1997 – 13,518,167 – 418 – 43.2%
        2001 – 10,724,953 – 412 – 40.7%
        2005 – 9,552,436 – – 355 – 35.2%
        2010 – 8,609,527 – – 258 – 29.0%
        2015 – 9,347,273 – – 232 – 30.4%
        2017 – 12,877,918 – 262 – 40.0%
        2019 – 10,269,051 – 202 – 32.1%

      5. I guess that is why we also have MRP polls which typically use a much larger sample size and are specifically designed to predict the results in individual constituencies. If you follow the link below and after looking at the overall seat predictions you look at the right hand column you’ll see that you have the option to enter a postcode and get the predicted results for the constituency.

  11. I never tire of saying that it would be interesting to see how Keir’s standing in the polls would be if he was subjected to the same level of barefaced lying from the MSM as JC, and Keir also had to cope with an equal level of total disloyalty from the majority of the PLP and Labour HQ, plus the made-up story of Labour Party anti-Semitism thrown in.

  12. The NHS is Socialism in action and therefore must be destined to fail under a Tory gov’t and without the support of the Labour Party. The agenda is already being set on GB News that ‘the failing and expensive NHS’ must be dissolved and replaced by ‘a more efficient’ private sector version. The end of Socialism; the end of the NHS.

    1. Yes, but the NHS has not been a very good ‘socialist paradigm’ since Starmer’s idol, Tony Blair, became PM:
      * PFI,
      *patient-as-customer (an anti-medicine principle if ever there was one),
      *internal markets,
      *outsourcing, and
      *highly-political appointments to the NHS board.
      : if the NHS really is ‘socialism in practice’, then the supposed antagonism of socialism and capitalism must be false – and true socialists (and billionaires like Soros) know it isn’t. Corbyn and McDonnel had some great ‘restoring socialism’ plans for the NHS.

      Well said steve101704!

      1. I meant “if the NHS really is ‘socialism in practice’ – AS IT IS, TODAY – , then the supposed antagonism of socialism and capitalism must be false..

        🙂 sorry, as you were! 🙂

    1. Like all their betrayals and Establishment lies (eg 9/11, War on Terror, Murder of President JFK), they’re proudly displayed in plain sight with a beam of strong light carefully illuminating them!

      They think they’re so clever, so f*cking clever! When they get away with it, it’s not that the ‘sheeple’ are blind or stupid, it’s that most of us can’t manage any critical thinking these days. It’s been trained out of us. Never mind, Apple or M’soft will soon provide a smart-phone App to provide it.

  13. Just who is happy with Starmer and this reheated New Labour crap nobody voted for or wanted?

    Why are the unions so passive? Promised seats in the wholly unelected Lords, à la Frances O’Grady perhaps? Selfish fcuks.

    How the hell is such an unrepresentative NEC getting elected?

    This country is a dispiriting, disenfranchising joke, politically. No future with such a miserable lack of choice.

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