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Starmer’s Labour blasted for amplifying racist Tory anti-immigrant dog-whistle

‘Tories are not very good at chasing out asylum seekers, we’ll be better at it’ sums up hideous message – and not a peep about safe and legal routes so asylum seekers don’t have to risk lives in boats

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Keir Starmer’s Labour has been rightly slammed today for responding to the Tories’ racist scapegoating of immigrants, not with a plan for more humane treatment of those fleeing horror abroad – often created or at least exacerbated by western governments – nor even with condemnation of the illegality of the latest Braverman-Sunak plan.

Instead, the red Tories currently masquerading as a Labour front bench have posted comments and graphics condemning the Tories for not being very good at implementing their previous racist policies – and promising, in woolly terms of course, to be better at keeping brown people out of the UK.

Shadow Immigration MInister Stephen Kinnock tweeted an appalling ‘infographic’ pointing out how badly the Tories have ‘failed’ on ‘small boat crossings’ – and was correctly shredded for amplifying the Tories’ core anti-asylum seeker message:

One respondent pointed out dryly that with the Tories ‘failing’ so abjectly and Labour promising to do the same things more efficiently, anyone who hates Tory policies should logically vote Conservative.

The appalling Jess Phillips joined in, asking for help photoshopping ‘facts’ about ‘stopping the boats’ into an image of Sunak’s blatantly racist podium message – and was taken to task by the more right-minded:

Phillips is notionally the member of Starmer’s team responsible for combatting violence against women – but presumably a woman fleeing rape or forced marriage in a war-torn or oppressive country doesn’t count if she tries to get to the UK in a boat. Phillips has been criticised in the past for comments about Asian families. Of course, Keir Starmer ignored a whistleblower’s warnings about ‘sadistic’ and ‘criminal’ abuse of domestic violence victims by a party staffer having an affair with her MP employer – but that hasn’t stopped him boasting how great he’ll be for women and child victims, or welcoming back former MPs who defended comments about the rape and beheading of a female front-bencher.

And front-bencher Jessica Morden tweeted yet another vague Labour ‘mission’ – it doesn’t merit the term ‘plan’ – and was criticised for failing to point out that the ‘boats’ are not just boats but are filled with desperate people:

The logically-minded also pointed out that ‘have new agreements with France’ is meaningless because France has no obligation to accommodate UK wishes – and why should it, when both main parties here are as bad as each other – and that rather than ‘tackling humanitarian crises at source’, Labour’s imperialism under Starmer sees the UK helping to create and prolong those crises.

And of course, it goes without saying that both parties are happy to have Ukrainian refugees – who happen to be white – arriving freely, regardless of the massive problems of racism and even nazism in Ukraine.

The UK’s democracy, always shaky, has been fundamentally broken by the racist and corporatist take-over of the Labour party, leaving people only with a choice of the rosette colour of which callous, corrupt and racist party governs – and Keir Starmer and his drones, who assume that the rest of the country is as blinkered and hateful as them, are at the heart of that collapse, swinging sledgehammers in their eagerness to complete the job.

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