Keir Starmer ‘liked’ this thread exposing the ‘Labour antisemitism’ scam

Labour leader’s two faces on show again, including conduct that would get any left-winger expelled under purge

The two-faces of Keir Starmer have been exposed again, this time by a sharp-eyed Twitter user who spotted that Starmer – when it suited him – ‘liked’ a tweet highlighting a Twitter thread that exposed the absolute scam of the ‘Labour antisemitism’ smear.

Starmer was challenged over his duplicity and hypocrisy in a tweet today by Steve @RedCollectiveUK:

The thread is blunt and brutal, as these examples show:

Starmer’s untrustworthiness has been amply demonstrated since he conned his way into the Labour leadership by, among other things, defending Jeremy Corbyn against the scandalous and brazen smear campaign. Now, presumably in the hope of gaining billionaire brownie points and assuring the Establishment that he is no threat to their interests, he has banned Corbyn from standing as a Labour candidate.

But Starmer’s social media would see him expelled from Labour – were the party actually interested in applying standards equally instead of weaponising anything it can, including antisemitism claims as Starmer’s own Forde Report had to acknowledge, to attack the left.

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  1. Well Ive found this for starters as to the obviousness of
    Starmers duplicity – a Spectator piece

    No doubt (as Ive pointed out many times) Sunak will be storing these
    facts up to put to Starmer once the campaigning starts for the next GE ..

    And all those journalists who have repeated the lies about Corbyn
    will not hesitate to join in – even if it means sympathising with the
    betrayed ex-leader for they have absolutely no shame whatsoever.

    The headlines almost write themselves ..

    1. The Tories will regard the next General Election as a damage limitation exercise. They know the can’t win it but they will aim to leave Labour short of a Parliamentary majority.
      You can bet that they & their friends in the press haven’t forgotten about things like the Forde Report. I can see the headlines now “Labour deliberately trashed supporters votes during war with own members.”. The Tory press didn’t give the Forde Report much coverage when Labour finally published it but I think that we can safely assume that they are saving it for a time when the can take the maximum advantage from it. Look out for a Panorama “Special” around the end of 2024.
      The Tories only have to obtain 37-38% of the vote and Labour will be short of a majority. They have almost 2 years to do that.

  2. A smarmerite spokesperson replied:

    “Nah. Not havin it. Keef doesn’t do his own twitter…Or at least he didn’t back then. Someone else liked it on his behalf.

    Can’t recall their name. It went west alongside all the other membership data that got cyber-jacked (after we employed that former mossad geezer to look after it).

    But keef had to let his twitter account manager go, once we discovered CORBYN had spunked £13.5m away after LOSING ‘x’ amount of the membership and the revenue that went with it. (Hence us employing the mossad geezer – he was the cheapest we could get because of CORBYN)

    If we’d had those lost members’ funding coming in we might’ve been able to pay the ransom and deduce just who it was.

    That said, they’re still getting our letters asking for financial and voluntary support….err….that we wouldn’t have had to beg for had CORBYN not LOST all those members and the corresponding funding etc, etc…..

    But as it is/was, our priorities ensured we HAD to pay out compensation to jewish members who really had suffered CORBYN-INSTIGATED antisemitic persecution.”

  3. All party’s have a political broadcast advert when a G/E is due I’m sure the Tory’s will come up with something like can you trust a man who brakes every promise he’s made expels anyone that don’t agree with his politics, lies every time he opens his trap WOULD YOU TRUST HIM

  4. Between Starmer and Sunak I rather have Sunak as PM. Sunak is very right wing but, at least he isn’t a fascist.

    1. Between Starmer and Sunak…

      …There’s staphylococcus and streptococcus.

      I’d rather suffer either or both, than any of keef or richy. 😒

  5. A smoke-and-mirrors politician, playing smoke-and-mirrors politics on a smoke-and-mirrors technology platform.

    There’s nothing here but smoke and mirrors.

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