Why didn’t Labour suspend Starmer-ally sex-pest Matheson?

And why aren’t the ‘mainstream’ media asking why Chris Matheson wasn’t suspended by party pending investigation’s outcome?

Blairite Chris Matheson resigned as an MP this week after being found guilty of ‘threatening’ sexual misconduct toward a junior staff member, despite continuing to deny the allegations.

After the panel’s finding, the party said that it had ‘immediately suspended Matheson after the verdict – but Matheson was never suspended by the Labour party pending the outcome of the parliamentary ‘Independent Expert Panel’, which would be usual practice – nor was the fact of the investigation leaked to the media by party insiders, as so often happens in other cases.

And despite the obvious questions, none of the so-called ‘mainstream’ media appear to be asking why.

Matheson is said to be a very close ally of party leader Keir Starmer – and reportedly stood in for him at a leadership election hustings when Starmer’s mother-in-law was critically injured in an accident.

Keir Starmer has been accused of repeatedly covering up abuse of vulnerable domestic violence victims by a right-wing MP’s lover – and of ignoring allegations of abuse, threats and rigging perpetrated against left-wing Muslim MP Apsana Begum by right-wing Labour officials.

Why would the party fail to suspend Starmer’s ally Matheson when he was accused of being a sex pest – and why aren’t the UK media asking?

It’s a mystery.

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  1. The answer to the question” why didn’t Labour suspend Starmer- ally sex-pest Matheson” is in the question.
    Matheson is an ally of Starmers and therefore an antiSocialist and a Friend of Israel. The rules that apply to Socialists and Anti Zionists in Starmers Labour don’t apply to the likes of Matheson. People like him can behave as badly as they like and Starmer will turn a blind eye to it – it just that simple

  2. James O’Brien was very impressed with the swiftness of how Matheson was forced to stand down. If only he knew.

    1. Reply to Back of Beyond
      He knows all right . He’s part of the MSM and just covering for Starmer as usual

      1. Smartboy
        True. He does seem to give Starmer a lot more leeway than he ever did with Corbyn.

  3. I suppose we ought to be grateful the charges were actually *ahem* prosecuted.

    Just shows that even when they ARE, keef’ll do feck-all.

    Oh!! I guess it’s not within his remit to suspend/expel sex cases – or any other cases – from the party, is it?

    And it hasn’t gone unnoticed that the resident genius is conspicuous by his absence – again. 😙🎶

  4. Anything from the mouthpiece philips, the casual racism tweeter greasy, or harold wimmin harman on the subject?

    I think skwawky should contact them for comment.

    1. Reply to Toffee
      No point in contacting any of them Toffee.
      Jess Phillips has already demonstrated that a person’s politics are more important to her than their sleazy behaviour . She stood by Brendan Cox and defended him when he had to leave his job(s) because he was a sex pest.
      Stella Creasy published a racist cartoon but was too stupid to see that it was racist so clearly she wouldn’t have the intelligence respond to any enquiry.
      Harriet Harman is a champion of women rights and women’s shortlists except in Erdington where despite a Women only shortlist she supported getting her late husband Jack Dromey parachuted into the constituency so no point contacting her either.
      We all already know what they are Toffee. Their double standards shame them and the Labour party.

  5. Well, now, this was the lead story in Friday’s ITV Granada Reports. I thought they had got it wrong when they said – ‘It is understood that the Labour Party launched an investigation and immediately suspended Mr Matheson from Labour Party membership in light of the report.’

    I was certain Skwawky had said they hadn’t, and, in this day and age, I prefer to believe Skwawky.

    Here’s the complete segment. Judge for yourselves. Who’s pulling the wool over whose eyes?

    I make that Skwawky well ahead, over the MSM, for authenticity and honesty, although the MSM have made it easy to be lied to by political parties, with their gullibility.

  6. From that link…

    The former MP asked for privacy and thanked his constituents and Conservative party for “allowing him to serve”.

    1. Poor sod was hospitalised because of the stress. That happened to him, what did the victim endure? Typical r/winger. No empathy, compassion or regret. Not me guv, I was the wronged one. Despicable and there are more of the swine hiding in plain sight. This is a late post cause I’m following up on other bad behaviour by our golden ones.

  7. OFF SUBJECT: I’ve just seen “We want our star back!” For FKS SAKE! Those fkng FBPE/Remoaners! They are like fkng babies who lost their fkn pacifiers!
    Yet again idiots are screeching about something entirely pointless amid a disastrous crisis of so many extremely worthy facets, causes to URGENTLY screech over, and they choose yo hop back onto BLiar, Mande, Campbell’s fkn FBPE/Remoaners Bandwagon fkn screeching it’s all Brexit’s fault! Perhaps if they actually supported the UK Labour Party (RIP 13 Dec’19) instead of the BLiar Witch Remoan whinge fest, we may have had a Government who would deliver a competent Brexit and a fkn Confirmatory Vote! Have they actually seen the state of the fkng EU! Are they fkng awake!? Are they even Fkng Alive!? Goddamned Zombified MSM Sheeple!
    They and VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn are to blame for GE19, nobody else, they did this to themselves they did this to all of us and now like true Spoilt Brats the Whine and Cry Rivers of Tear, Pathetic!
    Here is just one miniscule reason why they are utter fkng MORONS!
    How much farther will we have to fall before people wake up!

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