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Starmer boasts he prosecuted govt minister Huhne – yet he wasn’t responsible for not prosecuting Savile

Labour leader boasts he took the decision to prosecute Chris Huhne for speeding offence – but we are told he didn’t take the decision not to prosecute notorious paedophile

Labour leader Keir Starmer boasted in a speech on Tuesday that he had been responsible as head of the CPS for the decision to prosecute LibDem then-Energy Secretary Chris Huhne. He was, giving a press conference about it in 2012.

But we are also told that Starmer played no role in the decision not to prosecute paedophile Jimmy Savile.

This has drawn considerable comment on social media:

It certainly seems to be a one-way street. Starmer admitted he was responsible for the CPS and says he will be responsible for errors made by Labour:

Yet he is apparently not responsible for the Savile case:

In 2020, Starmer boasted that he had shown the ‘leadership’ to suspend Jeremy Corbyn as a Labour MP, a clear breach of the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s ban on political interference in disciplinary cases – but also denied he had played a role.

It seems the CPS management structure then was similar to that of the Labour party now.

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    1. Yes, but we know Starmer lies all the time, don’t we?! For example, he lied about what Jeremy said in his statement the day the EHRC published their fraudulent report, and then had Jeremy suspended based on his Big Lie. And the fact that you support such a person says everything we need to know about YOU!

      1. And then there were his Ten Pledges

        And needless to say, the MSM knew he was lying through his teeth, because they wouldn’t have endorsed him if they’d believed his pledges were for real!

      2. God, I bet you found it really hard waiting a whole thirteen minutes before posting your response to my initial reply to you!

        But why do you bother when just about EVERYONE knows you monitor this site fifteen/sixteen hours or more a day, practically every day, and have been doing so for over five years!

      3. Allan – Keep up the good work, I’m depending on you. 😏

      4. Funny you should say that, because here’s some ‘good work’ I put together a couple of days ago, and I was just waiting for an opportune moment to post it:

        As just about ALL readers (and commenters) will know, since shortly after JC stood down as leader, SteveH has posted numerous times denigrating him for losing the 2019 GE and losing so many seats *AND* putting the reason for the big loss solely down to Jeremy. Yes, we all know that SteveH is an im-poster and a paid full-time shill for the Establishment, who of course pretended he was a left-winger and a Jeremy Corbyn supporter during the time Jeremy was leader, but if the result of the 2019 GE was solely down to Jeremy – as SteveH has repeatedly said on dozens and dozens of occasions during the past couple of years or so – isn’t it odd that he posted the following on 12.02.2019:

        Yes of course Israel is interfering in British politics

        And later on, just after midnight, he posted another comment in the same thread which he began by saying the following:

        The UK’s Labour Party aren’t the only ones being persecuted by the Israeli Lobby

        “Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is under attack for telling the truth about the power of the Israel lobby. …..

        PS I’ve posted a direct link to his first comment below, and the second one that I mentioned is a bit further down the page. Please save the page with his two comments to your favourites so that whenever he denigrates JC for losing the 2019 GE you can repost them along with a link to the page. Thanks

      5. Allan – Thanks for all your hard work but I’m struggling to see the point you are so desperate to make.

      6. Thanks to Alan & all for trying to make valuable contributions but we all should be wary of responding to a certain neoliberal troll who only visits this site to subvert leftist activism. Sadly, directly responding only enables the troll to highjack our activism

        The genuine issue is Starmer’s corruption and we might want to ask ourselves why after years of protecting Johnson from Peter Stefanovic et als documentation of Johnson’s lies, the BBC then started offering former DPP head Starmer the same protection -pretending he had no responsibility for neglecting to prosecute Jimmy Savile?

        Well you could google Jeremy Paxman’s testimony about BBC management’s protection of Savile from investigation?
        You could google Newsnight team Meirion Jones, Liz MacKean, and Tom Giles and read the Guardian & Press Gazette reports of their sacking for attempting to investigate Savile while those protecting him were rewarded. See link below.
        The BBC has a vested interest in sideling the issue of Starmer’s corruption across numerous cases from Julian Assange, turning a blind eye to Jimmy Savile, police killers of Jean Charles de Menzies, Marc Duggan and many more.

        And for Gods sake! lets not dignify the entryist troll with engagement.

    2. Extremely distressing to report – Sir Keith Starmer’s collaboration to silence Julian Assange, -> Starmer joining with Pritti Patel to wickedly extradite Julian to the USA.

      Doubtless, Sir Keith is dripping with pride that yet ANOTHER of his evil aims has help of his soulmate Pritti Patel.

      Decent, honourable WHISTLE BLOWER JULIAN ASSANGE is tortured and may be sent to die in the USA with the FULL SUPPORT of Sir Keith Starmer.

      1. windchime – You obviously have zero knowledge of the role the CPS has in extradition cases. The CPS don’t get to pick and choose which extradition cases they take on that is dictated by another body and they don’t get to decide on the outcome of cases that is done by the judiciary.

      2. COME ON sir Keith Starmer, status quo tool⚠️ Condemn the wicked extradition of a decent honourable man, Julian Assange. Julian revealed TRUTHS which your Establishment puppeteers try to hide.

        ⚠️ DESPOTIC regimes =
        ⚠️ Outsourcing TORTURE + other

        ⚠️ Sir KEITH is OK with pure evil, EXACTLY like WMD Blair 45 minutes creature of liars.

      3. Yes, but remember he would’ve been on his flavour of get-Corbyn Bandwagon, “but he then went out and voted labour”!

      4. Looking back from 2023. Well worth it. Just read the dripping bit. He’s still dripping all over the benches. Lucky JC remains dry and clean. Thanks to all posters here, it’s a great thread. Strikers in Scarborough standing up -3 told them to get braziers. They’re young but keen to learn, even from old gits in wheelchairs. They asked me about my wobblie badge. Amazing 30mins exchange of views. Haven’t felt so uplifted in years.

    3. No Steve H
      Either Starmer was or was not responsible for the actions of the CSP while he was in charge. He can’t have it both ways.

      1. Smartboy – That would obviously be dependant on whether he had any direct involvement in the cases.

      2. I disagree Steve H. The person in charge of an organisation usually carries the can when mistakes are made which is why you have Chief Executives resigning when things go wrong. But that is not really the point I was making. Starmer says that the failure to prosecute Saville was nothing to do with him while the decision to prosecute Huhne was taken by him. In both instances he was in charge and as I said he can’t have it both ways- either he was responsible for both or else he was responsible for neither.

      3. Smartboy – You are of course entitled to your opinion regardless of how unfounded it may be. However I think that the opinions of Savil’s victims carry significantly more weight than your prejudiced musings. Perhaps you should listen to Savil’s victims and take note.

        A Jimmy Savile victim has told LBC that she was “furious” over Boris Johnson’s jibes at Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer.
        Boris Johnson made a baseless claim in the Commons on Monday that Sir Keir failed to prosecute Savile when he was director of public prosecutions.
        The woman, known as “Miss A”, said that she was 15 when she was raped by Savile in London in the late 1960s and he went on to repeatedly attack her over many years.
        Speaking about Mr Johnson’s comments, she said: “I was absolutely furious and, at the same time, I was really upset as well.
        “I just thought: ‘How dare he?’
        The PM’s Trumpian plan now links Starmer and Savile in the public conscience
        She went on to say: “I thought this was a real cheap political issue against Keir Starmer and it was absolutely unnecessary.
        “I was completely outraged by it – I was very upset by it – and I know other Savile victims still suffer life-long trauma from it as I do.
        “To then have the Prime Minister say this on this particular issue and with all of these other things going around as well… I was just furious.
        “It was just like he was using it as a flippant thing for other people’s purposes. The whole thing…it’s really upset me.”
        When asked if it brought any bad memories back, she said: “It triggered all the flashbacks, all the memories – it was absolutely horrendous.
        “I can’t begin to tell you how upset I was hearing them talk about that. It was so unnecessary.”
        Miss A added: “If he were to revoke those comments totally – 100% – that would help.
        “Maybe it might be a lesson to other people: please think of other victims of rape and sexual abuse. Think of them for a change, not just what you want to do.”

      4. Steve H
        While I have every sympathy for Ms A for the trauma she experienced it does not alter the fact that as I said Starmer can’t have it both ways- he cannot be responsible for a high profile prosecution but at the same time not responsible for a high profile failure to prosecute.

      5. Smartboy – As I said above
        That would obviously be dependant on whether he had any direct involvement in the cases.

        This is what lawyer Richard Scorer, a specialist in abuse and human rights, who represented many of the victims of Savile said.
        “Charges were not brought against Savile in 2007 because of the way in which police handled evidence from victims at the time. Starmer was not involved in the decision not to prosecute Savile, and an inquiry was launched into police mishandling of evidence.
        “The complainants pulled out and didn’t want to go forward but there was a reason for that, which was to do with the police policy, not the CPS or Keir Starmer,” Scorer explained.
        “I hope people would acknowledge as Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Starmer did an awful lot to reorientate the CPS towards thinking about the rights of victims.”

        You are letting your hatred for Starmer cloud your judgement

      6. Reply to Steve H
        Just to clarify -I don’t hate Starmer. I just see him for what he is – a right wing Zionist who is purging the party of socialists and non Zionists [especially non Zionist Jews] and anyone who dares to disagree with him, trashing their reputations and denouncing them as antisemites .
        I hold him in total contempt but I also fear him and what he would do to this country if elected PM. Starmer is, in my opinion, a dangerous slippery man whose “principles” can be bought and paid for – a man whose word is worth nothing.
        In relation to his responsibility for prosecutions/ non prosecutions while head of the CPS clearly we are not going to agree on this so I see no point in continuing this discussion

  1. Speaking has the resident health advisor on squawkbox many of you will like me have noticed the deteriation of Steve H Hall centrist dad who fleeing to the Caribbean bolt hole seems to have been unable to obtain good quality mental health advice..Psudologia fantasfica “seems to be the main problem here with symtoms becoming increasingly dangerous to readers of his” facts “and the total inability to understand lodgic as with the knights influence in the Jimmy saville fiasco and failure to prosecute.the most prolific deviant in the history of criminal paedophiles.The lies exibited by Steve H has now progressed to attacks and insults upon posters
    ..I have done my best to reason with him but the type of” Mythomania “is quite common inside the labour party and the leader whos lack of awarness match the symptoms of the troll Steve H hall and appears incurable even if enforcment of “distancing” with masks was used.and the cancelling of all office partytime partying at the southside disco “.Maybe a period of seclusion will need to be used if we are ever able to see anything sensible from mr H Hall centrist dad ..davidh ..currently used on other sites….Steve Hall and any other aliases

    1. Joseph – If you are going to attempt to impress us all by using big words it might be an idea to to learn how to spell them first

      1. Christ almighty! Now the grammar nazi’s telling people how to spell…😒

      2. Steve H…noted you didnt challenge the sickness you and your paedophiles enabler leader the knight from Surrey suffer from or the fact that your cavalier answer betrays the lack of concern or humanity in the appalling abuse of children at the hands of fellow knight of the realm Sir jimmy Saville…

      3. Careful now, Joseph! 😲

        The headhunted teacher will have your backside thoroughly thrashed for daring to question him or nonce enabler-in-chief’s total disregard for the victims of CSA.

      4. Too right Toffee we never know just how depraved they are at HQ but I understand that Sado masochism or SM has its known amongst the Surrey boyos around warlingham \oxted is rife especially when the Croyden mob turn up.ITs really worrying just what the membership are enabling through funding with this “party” time party?

    2. Good points J. Of course, there is no evidence to support the supposition that ‘SteveH’ is a single person. Like wolves, accused shills might very-well work in packs.

  2. Met police: “grant shapps’ actions may have constituted fraud”

    keef smarmer resigned as DPP that very same day.

    1. Toffee – Keir stepped down from his post as DPP when he had completed his 5yr term and duly received his knighthood just like every other DPP has since 1880. Absolutely bugger all to do with Grant Shapps

      1. Wrong.


        Check the date of the met plod’s public statement against the day keef resigned.

        You’ll find they were both 31-10-2013

        Therefore on keefs’ last day he decided to have a party rather than give the ok to prosecute shafts.

        End of discussion.

      2. Toffee – Don’t be so silly, Your argument is nonsense. Keir had reached the end of his 5yr tenure so any decision regarding Shapps would logically be the remit of Keir’s successor.

      3. Logically the remot of smarmer’s successor

        Corbett. 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦

        Stop snivelling, you pathetic, arselicking moron.

        Keef refused to take the decision to prosecute shafts ON THE SAME DAY as the plod said shafts’ actions may have constituted fraud

        So it’s not as of he knew nothing of it (like savile, allefedly 😙🎶) or that he didn’t have enough collaboration from the old bill…

        NOTHINGsilly about it…

        Therefore, not ONLY are you rimming the greasy arsehole again, you’re ALSO condoning smarmer’s skiving at taxpayer expense.

        What a right soft bastard you truly are.

  3. Doesn’t matter what Starmer says or does. He been seen through for some time now. He’s the can carrier for the destruction of labour. We will know when he’s done, as he’ll quit the same day most likely…

    (Thanks for the factoid Toffee)

  4. Also, from keefs’ statement of shithousery regarding green:

    I have concluded that there is evidence upon which a jury might find that there was damage to the proper functioning of the Home Office. Such damage should not be underestimated.

    So, DESPITE there being evidence, keef decides he WASNT going to prosecute one of two toerag MP.s he had the opportunity to.

    (damien) green went on to become deputy PM.

    Seb green went on to make shit, cringeworthy videos…

    …And who could forget those beer and bingo..conservatives…giving the people what they want slogans?

    Yep, that too, was Michael Fox, or grant shafts, or whatever he calls himself this week.

    Well in, keef. 😒

  5. Keef ought to be hanged for allowing shafts to be ona position to make THAT video.

    Come down to London for a bit of retail therapy

    Fuck me. Nobody’s got the money to go to their local high street to buy a fucking mars bar ffs.

    Why the absolute fuck would they want to go to that rat-infested shithole (that gets grotequely disproportionate and overinflated amounts of taxpayers pounds spent on it) to pay (more than) twice as much for the same bloody thing?

    Plus it’s only for off-peak travel when the kids are back at school. Nowt for the commuters.

    Shifty little prick. 🤬

    But I digress. Keef enabled this. Never forget it. Never allow HIM to forget it.

    And NEVER forgive him for it. Serial nonce and thieving toerag enabler that he is.

  6. We’ve been told ir wasn’t Stammer’s decision not to prosicute Savile, never whose it was. We should be told whp dropped the ball in the case of the rich and well conected DJ.

    1. Noooooo! You can’t do that!

      That’d be breaching their DPA/GDPR and could possibly put them at risk of death if people found out who allowed the nonce to walk scot-free.

      Isn’t that right, KEEF? 🤫

    2. The rich well connected DJ who holds a LOT of Dark Secrets over the heads of a lot of well to-do connections! Now I wonder, …what those well connected totties offered BlueKeef in return!? A Shiny bunch of Keys with a black tag and the number ’10’ on it, perhaps!?
      Is there truly any point in voting Post-GE2019, I am not suggesting that 2019 was the first criminal elite robbery, but it certainly was the least believable outcome! I have a feeling that BlueKeef was promised PM for a Not Guilty Verdict, and he delivered, just as he delivered Julian Assange to the Americans!
      If Savile was found guilty, can you imagine how many people he’d have taken down with him, in an instant, well that’s if he didn’t “Commit Suicide” before getting the chance to!?

  7. In the upcoming local elections the electorate should be made aware of Starmer’s culpability in the Saville case
    Remember the CPS dragged its feet on freedom of information request regarding this, as head of the CPS he knew all about the high profile Saville case, To say he did not would be to think the electorate were idiots. The buck should stop with the head of the CPS. I think Starmer protected Saville and thus is as guilty as Saville was. The electorate must be made aware of Starmers filthy guilt.

    1. Quite correct, Harry.

      Of course keef was kept in the dark… Just like de piffle didn’t know he was breaking his own laws.

      It’s like these so-called western experts that are saying Putin isn’t being told the full story by his generals in Ukraine…

      A former KGB Lt Col, and president of Russia –
      having sitreps withheld from him?

      Yeah, ok. And I’ve scored more goals in single match than Dixie Dean scored in a season…🙄

  8. This is precisely what I predicted some time ago on this website.

    If Savile had been prosecuted, it would have raised awkward questions about the judgement of senior politicians who ignored the warnings.

    Savile also claimed, very plausibly, that there were senior police officers who protected him.
    The decision not to prosecute was thus probably taken to protect them rather than Savile himself.

    It seems highly implausible that a decision in a high profile case would not be taken at the highest level.

    1. Tony, Savile spent countless Xmas holidays with Thatcher. He also spent numerous holidays with HRH in GlenCoe at his holiday cottage. They were often see prancing around the area dressed in their kilts. Say no more……

      1. IT all comes back to the Westminster paedophiles ring and the cover up by the establishment including the knight of the realm Sir keir Starmer
        Tom Watson didn’t realise what he had stumbled on when he was looking to boost his profile and was warned off by the establishment.into any further digging into the Westminster paedophiles or else..and.!to destroy the labour leader a dangerous socialist
        I have no doubt that Watson from theron worked against the labour party and the leader Jeremy Corbyn after toms skeletons in the cupboard were used to blackmail him.There has been many comments about the weight loss and the about face of Tom Watson but you can be sure that with security services involment,royalty and senior judges that the fate of the labour party was decided then.and the knight of the realm was the anointed “plant” of the establishment.Pure unadulterated evil stalks the corridors of Westminster and theres very little to stop them from commiting even more.obscenitys…..Conspiracy it reeks of it.

      2. Savile spent countless Xmas holidays with Thatcher.

        EVERY Christmas of the 11 years while the arl’ bag was PM, the nonce stayed with her and the arl’ soak (denis) at Chequers.

        Wonder what louche information he was *ahem* pumping the witch with about ted heath**? 🤔

        Probably things MI5 already knew, but then again, you have to wonder how savile passed the vetting to spend time socially with the arl witch…

        **heath awarded the nonce an OBE, despite Harold Wilson declining/refusing to hand it MBE only a couple of years previously…Go figure 😗🎵

  9. I spent many years working as a DJ front bar Cavern Club & some of my ‘bessie mates’ were in bands. After the shows the conversation was often about Jimmy Saville & how it was an open secret that everyone knew what Saville was doing, even the Police who often ‘stayed late for a drink’ would comment.. They waited until after he died before launching Operation Yew Tree so that he couldn’t testify; the system is rotten, especially Sir Keir Starmer.

    1. I’ve got it on good authority (A close relative of a former frontman of a ‘Merseybeat’ band) that savile was given a pasting by Billy Fury on both sides of a stage door, towards the end of a variety gig in the early/mid 60’s.

      The words: ‘I’ve f***ing warned you about that’ were clearly heard while it was taking place, but apparently Fury kept schtum on why it happened, but others present had what you could call ‘educated guesses’

      Can’t remember the venue, but it wasn’t Liverpool or London.

  10. Starmer is a protector of the Establishment. There is no doubt he is protecting senior members of said club. He personally took an interest and oversaw every other abuse case but not Savile’s….

    Yeah, of course you corrupt bastard Mr Starmer.

    1. Establishment-protectors like Keir Starmer surround themselves with like spirits. Maybe he didn’t need to take a direct involovement in Saville. He could rely on his ‘underlings’ to follow the corporate line.

      Seriously, if true, it proves that people like Starmer destroy everything they become part of. There’s a lesson in that for those people wwho think Labour can be saved merely by reoving Starmer and his type from it?

      The sooner affiliated trade unions see this, the quicker they will disaffiliate and help finance a ‘new party’.

      1. In true Marxist Spirit, the Unions could all unite as one massive union, for The PEOPLE, and create the Party within the Union, The Union as The Party, The Party as the Union. It could be called Unite the Union/Unite The Party, For The PEOPLE, not The Criminal Elite! All the Unions split into their various specialities. Within one large organisation, it would be so easy to sniff out and boot out imposters and other parasites. Ah, to be a dreamer! It could be magic if The PEOPLE, for the most, didn’t all fall into a deep, deep slumber again!

      2. nellyskelly – Perhaps they could if they can ever get past their apathy of their members. Have you seen the turnout figures for Union ballots to elect their officials.

      3. Have you seen what is going on in the rot that is left of the once “Labour”!? If you haven’t, you will in soon!

      4. nellyskelly – Yes I have, Labour have been consistently leading in all the polls for months now.

      5. Polls, Polls, Polls!
        Polls mean sweet fuck all in real terms, they’re a mere tool for The Elite’s, run by their Millionaire lackeys like Mattinson, to announce their next chosen candidate for PM!

  11. Keef is an out and out liar and hypicrite to boot. Not much if any difference between him and Johnson.

  12. I bet youre pleased with that arnt you Steve H…another slice of democracy trodden underfoot.Again look to the knights influence and involvement in the julian Assange miscarriage of justice.

      1. Joseph – You couldn’t be more wrong if you tried…Influence? Pfft! I’d have much preferred keef to have been the one to have directly sent Assange to his demise


      2. If keef HAD been the one to have given the green light, you’d be the only one here defending him for it.

        And we’re still to hear a murmur of outright criticism or condemnation of keef’s stance from you about it.

        So it isn’t lies.

      3. Toffee – In extradition cases the CPS are not the prosecuting authority their duty is to act as the ‘agents’ of the country seeking the extradition The DPP and/or the CPS don’t get to pick and choose which extradition cases they take on, that is decided for them by a separate body which decides whether the extradition request has met the legal thresholds laid out in the relevant extradition treaty. They also don’t get to decide the outcome of cases that is entirely within the remit of the Judiciary and the Home Sec. Did you not read the document that I posted on here a few weeks ago, it went into a lot of detail explaining all this.
        Unless you can produce some evidence that I have ever supported Julian’s extradition (and we both know that you can’t) then you are lying

      4. Really!? So the CPS had no involvement in this case!? WOW!

        So are you Pro-Extradition of Julian Assange or Anti-Extradition of Julian Assange?

      5. nellyskelly – I’m surprised that you felt the need to ask. Of course I’m against Julian Assange being extradited. What have I ever said on these pages that could be construed otherwise.

      6. Never said you supported the extradition.

        But you’ve NEVER ONCE criticised or condemned area shithousery.

        And you’re as likely to as keef is to oppose a toerag policy.

      7. nellyskelly – Thanks for your contribution to the debate. 🙄

  13. “Julian’s fate is now in Priti Patel’s hands”

    He’d be any better off in a StarmerLabour Home Secretary’s hands?

    Remember, Keir Starmer as DPP was the Establishment agent that started/ set-up this entire shit-show.

    1. Not one bit, Julian goes to his death in America, Judas’ wash their hands in bloodied water and all the injustices and law breaking that constitutes the entire case goes entirely unchallenged and unpunished!
      It is frightening to think that the Nazi Elites have full power over absolutely everything, there is not one single institution that is not invaded, there is no Law Watchdog that has the Power to hold to account, there is no Media Watchdog that is not at the feet of the Nazi Elite, No EHRC, ICO, etc, etc, etc that are actually doing the work that they should! Even the UN and ICC are futile and worthless! This is frightening indeed!

      1. nellyskelly – The same Judge found Claudia Webb guilty.

    2. Having a Labour government did not help James Earl Ray who was extradited and then framed for the assassination of Martin Luther King.

  14. SteveH20/04/2022 AT 6:01 PM
    Toffee – You’re a joke


    Now you’re even copying the colossal dullard’s limp as Liberace’s wrist performance in the commons yesterday 🤦

    And all because you’ve been called out again.

    How desperate. You WERE told that the more you post, the ever-fairer game you become.

    But you just HAVE to prattle on, dontcha?

    1. Toffee – You have delusions of grandeur if you think that your opinion counts for anything with me.

      1. And you are royally fucked in the head if you think keefs’ gonna thank you for the shit you load on yourself in his defence, you sick, sick puppy.

  15. Wee gobshite logic….

    Smarmer refuses to prosecute shafts and steps down as DPP the SAME DAY as the met tell the public that shafts actions may have constituted fraud

    Wee gobshite’s excuse: ‘It wasn’t down to him it was down to his successor’

    Oh yes indeedy! It’s all on black & white above!!

    Keef (Don’t you dare get cold feet!!) As an MP shouts loudest and longest for Assange’s extradition to the US, and wee gobshite refuses to criticize and/or condemn keefs’ shithousery

    Wee gobshite’s excuse: The CPS don’t deal with extraditions…blah blah blah

    Yes folks, it’s wee stevie gobshite logic…THE zaniest wackiest, most irrelevant bullshit you’ll EVER have the misfortune to read.

    Get help, lad. No, really, get help.

    1. Toffee “Keef (Don’t you dare get cold feet!!) ” …but Keir never said that
      As an MP shouts loudest and longest for Assange’s extradition to the US, Has he? Have you just made that up, can you quote some examples?

      1. Oh yeah…it was some subordinate and keef knew nowt about it until the message was sent 😙🎶

        Sound familiar? It should do.

    1. Toffee – Surely the problem here is the extradition treaty, it needs to be scrapped and renegotiated.

      1. Not just that though, is it? .

        The major problem – and the topic of this thread – is the nonce toerag enabler and his double standards that put the toerags to shame.

        Now go away. Forever.

  16. SteveH20/04/2022 AT 7:04 PM
    Toffee – The truth often does

    And the truth is, you’re the ONLY gobshite desperately defending the indefensible nonce and thieving toerag enabler.

    And that’s it. On off to watch the game. Bore someone else with your keef rimming obsessions or go and amuse yerself with those young goats, you utterly despicable wrong ‘un.


  17. He appears to have caught himself in a lie over when the decision was given to send high-profile cases up to the DPP for review. for Savile (Oct) came after the Huhne decision Starmer boasts he made much earlier that year

    Why aren’t the media picking up on this?

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