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Coyle suspended from Commons for abuse ‘with racial overtones’

Right-wing Labour MP’s ‘Fu Manchu’ and Chinese spy abuse to British-Chinese journalist punished by Parliament – so will Starmer deselect? Don’t hold your breath

Journalist Henry Dyer and (inset) Neil Coyle MP

Right-wing Labour MP Neil Coyle has been suspended from the House of Commons for using racially-charged language in a drunken verbal assault on journalist Henry Dyer.

As Skwawkbox reported just over a year ago, Coyle:

  • used a generic stereotype name ‘Fu Manchu’ when referring to an alleged Chinese agent who was recently reported as having access to the parliamentary estate and whose son worked for Labour MP Barry Gardiner
  • told Dyer he could tell Dyer was British-Chinese because “you look like you’ve been giving renminbi [the Chinese currency] to Barry Gardiner”
  • suggested Dyer was being ‘over-sensitive’ when he took exception to the ‘Fu Manchu’ comment
  • when Dyer later tried to defuse tension by waving goodbye, stuck two fingers up at the departing journalist
  • made him feel uncomfortable again twice on the following day

The suspension also relates to a second drunken incident in a Commons bar.

Keir Starmer eventually withdrew the whip from Coyle last year, but waited days after the allegations became public before taking action. Skwawkbox understands that Coyle has been lobbying – some sources say begging – Starmer to restore the whip so he can stand in the next general election as a Labour candidate. Unlike Corbyn, who will see thousands travel to north London to campaign for him, Coyle would surely stand a below-zero chance of achieving re-election without a Labour rosette.

Coyle’s fate would seem to depend on whether Starmer thinks he can get away with quite such a blatant double standard when Jeremy Corbyn has been told he will not stand for Labour, in Corbyn’s case over trumped-up outrage about comments the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) said he has a legally-protected right to make.

The odds are probably about even. Starmer has already ignored complaints made by three leading Labour-supporting Jewish figures including a professor and a knighted barrister about Coyle’s antisemitic comments. Coyle has also been the subject of complaints by local members and a neighbouring MP about his conduct and bullying complaints by party staff. He then sent a string of seemingly drunken text messages to Corbyn when the Islington North MP was party leader.

In addition, Coyle triggered outrage when he and another right-wing MP were seen drinking on the Commons terrace with right-wing organiser Ian McKenzie, after McKenzie was suspended for tweets about the rape and beheading of front-bencher Emily Thornberry.

That his chances of standing as a Labour candidate remain better than those of the former party leader speaks volumes about what Labour has become under the Starmer regime.

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  1. ‘Course keef won’t deselect. He’s just given back the whip to rupa huq.

    Now – what do those two instances of racism have in common? 😗🎵

    And Coyle has a certain “affiliation” to a particular group/faction that keef & co are quite fond of. 😗🎵 whereas huq renounced hers.

    1. Keir Starmer has clearly stated that the former Labour MP Neil Coyle, who was suspended from the Commons last week over racist and aggressive comments made while drunk, has some way to go before he can have the Labour whip restored.

  2. In answer to your question Skwawkbox-will Starmer deselect?- I very much doubt it. Coyle is very well known for his obnoxious behaviour and has brought the party into disrepute on more than one occassion. He should have been gone long ago but as he is a committed Zionist and vociferious critic of Jeremy Corbyn he has been and in my opinion will continue to be backed to the hilt by Starmer and his fellow Zionists and Corbyn haters on the Labour benches.

  3. Coyle has eaten Humble Pie plus Sauce
    – so he will not be deselected ..

    The Sauce is in thinking that with flowery
    words “thanking those who reported him”
    – he can get away with it …

    pshaw and hrrmph ..

    1. Saw it. All he did was blame drink for his racist and antisemitic abusiveness. Still doesn’t justify Keir being more likely to readmit this reactionary bully boy to the PLP than Corbyn- even YOU, Steve, couldn’t possibly make a legitimate argument for the assertion that Corbyn would still somehow be LESS acceptable than Coyle as a Labour MP.

      1. Ken – Thanks for your input but I don’t recall having made any attempt to do so. I have simply posted the link to Coyle’s statement so (like you) they can watch it and draw their own conclusions.
        I can’t see Keir changing his mind about Jeremy, can you? The question now is whether Jeremy will stand as an independent or PJ Party candidate at the next GE. Personally I don’t think he’ll risk it.

      2. Spare me, Steve- your whole point in posting that was that you thought that pathetic, self-serving “Drink made me racist, but I’m all better now” statement somehow redeems Coyle. And I think you know full well why Skwawkbox didn’t link to that statement- it didn’t do so because the statement was meaningless and irrelevant.

        My point on the comparison to those two was the double standard- Starmer has made it clear he actually prefers to see Labour nominate people like Coyle than people like Corbyn. You think, for some delusional reason, that a contest between somebody like Coyle or Jess Phillips or Luciana Berger, on the one hand and a Tory candidate presents a meaningful difference. You think it could actually be legitimate for Starmer to impose a centrist reactionary like Berger on Islington North against the will of ALL Islington North CLP members. And you’re fine with every bit of unnecessary antidemocratic nastiness Keir and Evans have engaged in since 2020.

        If you were ever a socialist, you wouldn’t accept any of that.

      3. Ken – Really, where did I say that❓
        Do you really have so little confidence in what you are saying that you have to project your nonsense onto me.

      4. Two Cheeks
        Still shitting yourselves over JC’s next move I see

      5. Doug – I see you are still feeling the need to prop up your nonsense with childish playground insults.Will you ever grow up.

        No not at all
        Why would I be in the least bit worried, what’s the worst that could realistically happen?
        In the wider scheme of things whether Corbyn stands or not is of little real consequence, unfortunately he’s now yesterday’s man. When do you think Jeremy will stop dithering and prevaricating, will he leave it until it is too late again?

      6. “Doug – I see you are still feeling the need to prop up your nonsense with childish playground insults.Will you ever grow up.”

        Says the sorry excuse for a man who calls others out over facts and then runs away when presented with facts and evidenced based argument by engaging in ‘childish insults.’

        Medici curu ti ipsum.

        Answer the questions which have been put to you here steveH;

        Put up or shut up.

      7. Dave – Maybe you should make yourself a cuppa and have a rest.

  4. Neil Coyle won his seat from a LibDem in 2015, he performed well in the GE in 2017 and 2019 with Corbyn leading the Party.
    It would be interested to see if Coyle manages to keep the seat Labour at the next GE.

  5. Heir Obergrupenfuhrer Starmer vil alvays take care of his own and fuck anyone who tries to get in his way

  6. Here, I copy a letter I read in “The Canary”. Interesting information:
    “I first started trying to find objective sources about Russia in around 2015, a few months after the UK general election. Even though I don’t share the views of Russia Today’s editor and their articles which focus on the UK far right, I found their documentaries about Russia useful. They and other Russian media, which receives some level of government support, are now blocked in the UK.

    When I travelled to Russia a few times, I noticed patterns in reporting. I didn’t know Russian well enough to read sources in Russian. So, I followed some mainstream media such as BBC journalists either in Russia or elsewhere, and mostly UK/EU who were often ex BBC, FT or similar. Their technical production such as use of cameras and some interviews were good. However, they often focused on colonial stereotypes. They tended to live in Moscow, St Petersburg and seemed to have very narrow circles. This is because when they did interviews in more rural areas of Russia, they focused on poverty porn (Adam Curtis for example) and anything that was not working well – as if nothing had changed since 1990s. I have had conversations with people who are ex-BBC now, living back in UK and working independently because of UK state interference.
    In the UK there are a number of Russians, Brits, and Americans who fleeced Russia courtesy of Boris Yeltsin and now fund anti-Russian activities, views and publications. Occasionally the media above focus on this but generally agree with their views. For example, Pushkin House sometimes has some great cultural exhibitions. However, they and others receive political donations and as a result their book competition always features anti-Russian government views from both the panel and UK writers. Any media in the UK, or UK media in Russia, rarely feature good news stories about how Russians are building their own businesses, improving their environment etc. UK academics who specialise in research about different aspects of Russian society respond and often debunk their claims, but they are not given any mainstream media attention.

    There are over 150 ethnic groups in Russia. There were 18 known about just on a small island where I volunteered a few years ago – but they are rarely mentioned in by the UK. No one I spoke to had heard of the word Brexit or knew anything about it. Different cultures feature in Russian mainstream media. However, if they are mentioned in UK media, it is usually through colonial stereotypes: Buryat populations (who are often Buddhists) are cruel Mongols (the Pope mentioned words like this recently); “Russians don’t know about the world because of Soviet censorship” (they have access to the internet and also using VPN if needed to access more information), or “the FSB is around every corner verifying their every move.” In Russian, there are 46 regions, 22 republics with their own constitutions and legislature, nine frontiers, four autonomous areas and one autonomous region which is Jewish.
    Instead of trying to censor good ideas from Russia about making positive changes, these should be shared and barriers broken down.”

    I have omitted the young woman’s name (the author of the letter) since I have no way of asking her permission to name her.

      1. goldbach – …. and your actual reason for withholding her name was❓

      2. It’s called courtesy

        A concept completely alien to you.

      3. To be fair to you steveH you struggle to think period.

        Given that you have told us that you are only concerned with facts why are you running away and publicly refusing point blank to heed your own advice by refusing to answer the questions put to you here:

        No wriggle room. You know to what I refer.

        Put up or shut up.

    1. qwertboi – I suppose that all depends how much credibility you give to anything that Elaina Cohen says. I’m guessing from your comment that you haven’t actually bothered to read the full verdict of her Employment Tribunal. You really should make the time to read the full verdict before commenting further, you’ll find it enlightening.
      …..and then when you’ve read it ask yourself – ‘Would you employ her?’

      1. Steve
        H: “I suppose that all depends how much credibility you give to anything that Elaina Cohen says….”

        No, I’m basing my judgement on Sir Keior’s donkey-logic. If he thinks being pro-Palestinian makes a person ‘antiSemitic’ then he’s not the brightest light on the Labour tree. Semitic applies as much to islamic semites as Jewish ones. It’s obvious that when the American Empire and/or the Trilateral Commission issue their orders, Sir Eeyore (sorry, Keior) jumps in-line. It was probably the ‘war on terror’ (caused by some builodings collapsing in a neat/televisual way, for which the laws of physics indicate a probable use of meticulously-placed explosives) that deepened his racism against brown-skinned moslems (which most of the non-Jewish occiupiers of the land called Israel tend top be).

        I listened to ‘politically speaking’/ politically thinking’ or whatever the current nick robinson franchise product on bbc r4 is called, last evening on Labour-until-2018-30p-Lee Anderson yesterday. He raised a solid corbynite green-socialist son (who disowned him after he became a Tory), and could show the likes of Rachel Reeves and right-wing Labour MP Neil Coyle a thing or two about being Labour.

      2. Anderson was obviously a right-wing Labour guy most of his life. I’m sure Sir Keior regrets yucking-up Labour’s electoral prospects for GE2019. Lee Anderson would be (yet another) right-wing MP if he hadn’t –

        but then again Sir Keior had to make sure that 60-or-so formerly Labour seats turned blue in order to uproot Labour’s recovery – especially, given the covid emergency scam was all planned and only months away, and remove Corbyn.

      3. You really need to take the time to heed your own advice steveH rather than gobbing off all the time and running away.

        Questions are outstanding and a grown up evidenced and fact based response rather than – in your words – “childish insults” is awaited from this thread:

        Get on with it. Put up or shut up.

      4. Why is it “twaddle” steveH?

        Have you anything other than {checks notes} “playground insults” (copyright – checks notes again – one steveH)?

        Come on big gob. Give us some of those “facts” you claim to be so keen upon.

        Starting with the facts and evidence which remains unanswered here:

        Put up or shut up.

  7. NOT off-topic in the least. “The recruitment of that senior civil servant, Sue Gray, as Chief of Staff is emblematic of the total takeover of Labour by the ruling class as its ‘reserve party of UK Capitalism” (here) only works if Sue Gray is a spook, which she probably is. (See Old Trot’s comment on the above)

    Façade democracy and rigged economy! We mustn’t let Keior Starmer anywhere near the British State’s Levers of Power as Prime Minister.

    1. qwertboi – Personally I think that Sue Gray is an excellent choice for the job, a far better choice than the self evidently disastrous choice that Corbyn made for his Chief of Staff.

    2. “I think”

      That would be a first.

      Are we going to be informed of any fact and evidenced based argument to substantiate what is, on the basis of present utterances, nothing more than a faith based belief on your part steveH?

      Still all mouth and no trousers. Gobbing off with nothing to substantiate whatever shite comes out of your gob.

      Come on. Substantiate what you have been reasonably requested to substantiate here:

      Put up or shut up.

    1. Liz Kendall knows that hardly any aspect of covid emergency mismanagement would have been different under a Keior “show me your papers” administration. They’d have recommended the highly dangerous mRNA jabs laughingly called ‘vaccines’ although they
      * do not reduce infection and re-infection;
      * do not reduce severity of illness;
      In fact they would have tried to mandate the non-vaccines resulting in the risk from the vaccine extensively outweighing the risk from Covid.

      1. ……and yet the vast majority of actual scientists disagree with your ill informed anti-vax idiocy. I wonder why?🤔

      2. Thanks to the systemic denial of public access to any scientist that opposes or questions the use of untested experimental ”vaccines’ you have absolutely no idea how many scientists challenge the Covid vaccines. Happily, the number is rising daily.

      3. qwertboi – I’m not denying you access to anything, I just happen to believe that you have the misfortune to be a gullible idiot who has become obsessed with infantile conspiracy theories.

      4. Instead of opening up a new front with your obligatory sneering – this time at at qwertboi’s post, which wasn’t addressing you in particular – how about you deal with the issues Dave Hansell raises?

        Or are you content to be regarded as the arrogant arsehole you invariably demonstrate yourself to be?

        Certainly appears so.

      5. Toffee – Currently I’m awaiting a response from DH. What was it you were saying about butting in?

      6. goldbach – Give DH some time, I feel sure that after all the fuss he’s made that he will get around to responding as soon as he can

    2. It comes as no surprise that we are not allowed to comment on some Skwawkbox articles.

  8. I haven’t seen any reply; any definitive addressing of the issues Dave’s mentioned.

    On the contrary, all you’ve done since he threw down the gauntlet is swerved Dave and directed your obligatory bilge towards qwertboi’s posts instead.

    It hasn’t gone unnoticed, like you’d have hoped. Nobody’s taken their eyes offa the ball

    Not interested in what you’re gonna offer in the way of a reply to me (probably the yawning emoji), but as I mentioned earlier about courtesy being an alien concept to you, it’s up to you to prove me wrong and address Dave’s points.

    Either you can’t, which proves Dave right.

    …Or you won’t, which proves everyone right. And you have a massive problem anyone else being right. I mean, you’ve strived fruitlessly in your entire time on this site to convince anyone that keefs’ right about anything. And so you resort to instant dismissal without qualification.

    But you shouldn’t really be expecting to convince anyone, when it’s evident you can’t even back yourself up.

    Ordinarily, I’d pity most people with those traits, but I just don’t like you.

    1. Toffee – Oh dear, you really are delusional. Why on earth are you under the misapprehension that I owe you, diddly-squat. and why would you think that I GAF about your opinion of me or anything else.

      1. “Why on earth are you under the misapprehension that I owe you, diddly-squat…”

        Well, if you were participating here in good-faith (as I believe you once did), you’d care about the issues and be far less insulting and combative in your comments (which are some days entirely ad hominem).

    1. Yes, but he is, at most, a very minor irritant, unlike the influential members of the neocons.
      What will determine our futures is events “on the ground”.
      The UK and US are almost mirror images of each other, with the neocons firmly in control, and the two party system simply window dressing to give the impression of a choice. At least there is the opportunity for dissenting voices in the Republicans, Democrats and Conservatives as long as they continue to be marginal. The shock created by the movement that coalesced around Corbyn meant that the LP is now intent on eliminating all dissenting voices. It won’t end well.
      Meanwhile, what about the economy?
      I understand than latest data indicate that the US, UK and France are all running debts that are greater than 100% of GDP, Germany is now at 79% and Japan is fast approaching 250%. That’s without Japan buying all the arms that the US is telling it to buy to combat the mythical “Chinese threat”. It won’t end well.
      And we have the US trying to overthrow the government in Mexico, and trying to start wars in Moldova and Iran and, for goodness sake, planning to go to war with China in 2024-25. That won’t end well either.
      The neocons, don’t you just love them?

      1. The neocons would be a lot less powerful if militant neoliberalism (a de-facto hegemony) did not apply across western political arenas. America’s neoliberalism is economic in cause (and effect).

  9. Anyone seen this? It would be hilarious if it wasn’t a clear demonstration of how “trustworthy” he is.

    1. “I think if you was to ask keef what he had for dinner yesterday, he would still manage to give you a convoluted answer”

      Yeah, something along the lines of: “It wasn’t a takeaway curry, I didn’t drink any beer, and I have to stress that it was a working dinner”

      One slimy get, that. 😒

  10. And now it appears “Ribena berry-head” mike (sour) gapes has been welcomed back into the clique fold.

    Scraping the barrel just doesn’t cut it. Remember how we laughed when jakey rees-smog told us about how the toerags had all the talents?? 😒

    IDK whether to 🤣 , 🤬 or 🤦‍♂️

    1. Toffee – I agree, they are untrustworthy and they shouldn’t have been allowed back into the party.

      1. Oh, just fuck right off. You are most definitely NOT in agreement with me.

        Keefs’ trustworthy. But now its the shithouses he happily readmits who are, according to you, every bit the pariah as the fella keef was supposed to back in 19.

        They fucked off to start their own party that campaigned AGAINST labour on the same remain ticket keef shithoused through undemocratically.

        Until keef said ‘make brexit work’ , once he’d conned you and your ilk – AGAIN.

        No retrospective proscription for their open treachery, oh no. It’s “mission accomplished, welcome home” for them, from the gobshite you deem infallible.

        And all of whom besmirched Corbyn with the same antisemitism bollocks that keef does now – but didn’t back then.

        So you can cram it.

      2. Toffee – You can rant all you like (it’s what you do best) but I’ve been quite consistent on this for 3yrs now, since 2020 when I first pointed out that the left’s leadership candidate Rebecca Long-Bailey had said the following at a leadership hustings
        “Asked about the Labour whistleblowers who appeared on Panorama, however, Long-Bailey was willing to criticise the leadership [Corbyn]. She said: “I don’t think the party gave the right response. We should not have called out or attacked former members of staff… We should apologise for how we behaved. We should settle any claims that were made.” She also confirmed that she would welcome Luciana Berger and Louise Ellman back into the party, saying what they “have been through was absolutely shocking”.

      3. Did long-bailey win the leadership contest? NO.

        Did YOU vote for her? NO.

        Did I, in ANY WAY, endorse long-bailey? NO.

        Has long-bailey proscribed certain organisations retrospectively and banned former members in the same manner, without any transparency, while allowing shithouses who b>actively campaigned AGAINST (Corbynist) labour?

        Again – NO.

        Therefore, long-bailey bears ZERO relevance. Long-bailey is NOT the party fuhrer leader.

        Keef is (supposedly).

        It’s ALL happened on keefs’ watch. And YOU STILL extol the the prick as some sort of visionary.

        *Abstains on, or openly supports toerag policies

        *Reneges on every one of the pledges that got him elected AND shaft you over brexit

        *Loses £13.5m of reserves

        *Haemorrhages membership

        *Alienates CLPs and unions

        * Imposes candidates here, there & every-bastard-where

        *Welcomes toerags AND conspirators who lost the party the opportunity of government

        (Not an exhaustive list)

        All of them NO problem to you, as keef has decreed and sanctioned those actions. But you somehow agree with me that those he’s allowed back in are “untrustworthy” because RL+B once saids she’d do the same???

        As I suggested. Fuck RIGHT off, hypocrite.

  11. SteveH was asked a question about the Broxtowe stitchup –
    not sure if it has been mentioned here but there is a very damning
    interview with the Broxtowe CLP Chair on YouTube which shows how
    blatant the stitchup was and of course NOTHING in the media ..

    I think the interview is with Crispin from “Not the Andrew Marr” show
    – no time to dig it out ..

    1. HFM – ….and this is what I said “those composing the short list may well have concluded that as Greg Marshall had already lost 2 general elections in the constituency Labour would stand a better chance of winning the constituency with a change of candidate.” which I’m quite happy to repeat here.

      1. WT absolute F is YOUR problem with allowing the CLP to choose their own candidate, regardless of how many times they might’ve unsuccessfully contested that seat?

        There a fucking plethora of current and former MPs have had several attempts before taking their spec on the green benches.

        But keef has decreed it, so it is law.

        Amirite, wee obsessive?

  12. PS I really do not know the truth about the appointment of Sue Gray –
    she appears trustworthy but is a fool if she thinks she can get anywhere
    with the current Labour Party. Rule breaking and contempt of ordinary
    members is so blatant that it would be a mammoth task to get anywhere.

    1. HFM – In the unlikely event that Sue Gray isn’t the new PM’s Chief of Staff then please feel free to come back and tell me “see. I told you so”.😏

    2. We’ll certainly have bigger and better things to celebrate if Sue Gray isn’t the new PM’s Chief of Staff aftewr the next election.

      The probability that Gray was a spook in Northern Ireland for the secret services aside, it’ll be interesting to see if she has any sympathy showing at support for the Labour members (dearly departed and current) that donkey Starmer violates on a daily basis.

    1. HFW – …..and yet in both 2017 and 2019 the voters of Broxtowe said thanks nut no thanks to Greg Marshall.

      1. Oops – the voters of Broxtowe said thanks, nut but no thanks

  13. Earlier, I commented about the attempt to overthrow the government of Mexico etc.
    We now have to add Georgia to the list.

  14. Well, well. I have just found out that articles in German newspapers have the German government saying that “Ukrainians” blew up the Nord Stream pipelines. These articles appeared on the same day as similar articles in the US media.
    Here’s a coincidence:
    1. Bakhmut is about to fall to Russian forces, giving the lie to the narrative that Ukraine is winning.
    2. The US has poured billions of dollars into Ukraine in an attempt to win NATO’s proxy war with Russia, but it is failing.
    3. The economies of the US and, particularly, Germany are suffering from the disastrous economic war on Russia, and their populations are getting restive.
    4. Scholz visits DC and meets Biden with no aides present and no press allowed near and no statement at the end of it.
    5. The reports (re: Nord Stream) appear in the respective media a few days later.
    So the question arises – Is the US preparing to abandon the Ukraine adventure using the alleged Ukrainian attack on German infrastructure as a pretext? This would neatly allow Seymour Hersh’s revelations to be ignored – an added benefit.
    We’ll have to wait and see.

    1. goldbach – You could have found the reports on the Nord Stream pipeline much closer to home. If you listen to BBC radio you would have heard this being covered in the news and current affairs programs and the Guardian also covered this in the early hours of this morning. I believe that the original reports on this were published by both the New York Times and German newspaper Die Zeit.

  15. Two Cheeks
    Your man is beginning to make Boris Blush
    Is JC lining up Union support ahead of GE or after
    If he has grown a pair it will be after Red Tories disappear up their own ARSENAL

    1. Doug – Thanks for your contribution 😕
      Did you perhaps miss my comment above, its the 2nd comment on this page and was posted 2 days ago?
      SteveH 06/03/2023 at 9:13 pm
      Keir Starmer has clearly stated that the former Labour MP Neil Coyle, who was suspended from the Commons last week over racist and aggressive comments made while drunk, has some way to go before he can have the Labour whip restored.

      1. ps, Or more to the point is JC still prevaricating. Aren’t we still waiting to hear whether or not Corbyn will be standing and if he is standing, will he be standing as an independent or as the leader of the PJ Party.

      2. correction – Or more to the point why is JC still prevaricating?

      3. Maybe he just doesn’t care that an insignificant obsessive, whom he has never heard of, is desperate that he tells said obsessive about his plans.

      4. goldbach – Or maybe he’s just doing what he does best, prevaricating.
        Surely I’m not the only one who is waiting to hear whether he’ll be retiring, standing as an independent or leading a great socialist revival at the next election. Surely the whole country are on the edge of their seats?🤨
        Given the latest betting odds my money is on him retiring and that he’ll leave it until as late as he can before he announces that he is stepping down.

      5. Who knows?
        At least you are doing what you do best.

  16. The vaccine did not save a single life, the efficacy was statistically insignificant, the science has proved
    Now as for the man made virus

    1. I have sen the study that indicated that wearing masks was of no use.
      I haven’t seen the one you refer to yet. Can you tell me where to find it?
      Man-made – I think that the evidence is overwhelming in backing up that view.

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