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Starmer shredded for Mental Health Day tweet while letting vulnerable women be hounded

Labour leader’s hypocritical chancing draws righteous outrage

Apsana Begum, one of many victims of Labour persecution despite health troubles

Keir Starmer has triggered justified outrage by tweeting opportunistically on World Mental Health Day yesterday.

Starmer put out a message saying there’s no shame in ‘finding life hard at times’ and promising better treatment for people with mental health troubles:

But very recently Starmer has been rightly slammed for allowing party drones to continue to harry London MP Apsana Begum, even though the stress of her horrific treatment by the party – including a malicious and unsuccessful prosecution – and it’s agents had pushed her so far that she had to be signed of sick:

Not only did the party respond to her illness with the equivalent of ‘oh dear how sad never mind’ and plough on, but Labour officials briefed hostile media that the sick note didn’t even exist.

And warnings from the official Domestic Violence Advocate assigned to Ms Begum, that the party was perpetuating the domestic abuse she had suffered, were simply ignored.

Starmer even failed to offer a word of support to Ms Begum publicly, and according to her privately, when she was rightly acquitted of charges trumped up by a Labour council, many believe by allies of her ex-husband to punish her.

Starmer’s personal disregard for vulnerable women was seen in his decision to ignore warnings from a Jewish staffer that an MP’s lover and employee was sadistically and criminally exploiting Asian women who had turned to a domestic violence charity for help, instead allowing the allegations to be covered up.

And Starmer has done nothing to discipline former staffers who wished that a left-wing colleague suffering mental health problems would ‘die in a fire’, while his officials have mercilessly hounded vulnerable people out of the party because they stood in solidarity with oppressed Palestinians.

In this context, then, it was understandable that his shamelessness in tweeting about World Mental Health Day would trigger an avalanche of outrage, of which just a very few examples are shown below:

Starmer may have talked about no shame in mental health problems, but he himself should know plenty of shame and seems to have none.

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  1. If SteveH was anything close to a decent human being, he would admit that Apsana Begum has done nothing to deserve the campaign the antisocialist wing of Labour has waged against her, that she’s done nothing wrong as an MP and certainly nothing to merit deselection, and that it isn’t her constituency party who wants her out, but Keir and Mandy and the PLP and nobody else.

    SteveH isn’t a decent human being, though and will admit none of that.

    He thinks it will somehow be a good thing if there are no more left-wingers- i.e., no more socialists or opponents of austerity, since only the Left ARE anti-austerity and there’s no such thing as a left-wing person who supports what Keir’s done to the party- in the PLP at all. He thinks a Labour victory if the party has no left-wing MPs at all would somehow still be a change from having the Tories just stay in- even though it wasn’t between 1997 and 2010 (everything Blair did could have been done by a MacMillan Tory government).

    You wonder how a person descends to a level like that.

      1. Ken – On the contrary, you are the one who has had to sink to making stuff up.
        If Apsana is as popular in her constituency as some claim she won’t have a problem winning the OMOV ballot. Particularly if ‘the left’ get their act together.
        You are obviously taking a keen interest in this so do you have any idea who will be standing against her for the OMOV?

    1. Excellent last paragraph Steven Walker.

      Solidarity Apsana.

      Solidarity & Congratulations Zarah.

  2. It is clear that Starmer doesn’t have any decency left. How on earth the man dares to talk about Mental Health after the way his cabal is treating Apsana Begum, Naomi Wimbourne Idrissi, Pamela Fiztpatrick, Heather Mendick, Ekua Bayunu, Mandy Clare and many others.
    All of the women above were democratically elected to hold positions representing constituents and to represent members within the Party structures. However, all of them are been persecuted for the crime of been socialist.
    Is Starmer so deluded as to believe that the arbitrary treatment of these women doesn’t harm their mental health?

    1. Quite probably. Or he’s that much of a “Market Stalinist”, as the Chinese would call him.

  3. Shame the Labour Party can’t process their own Subject Access Requests within a month. That is a legal requirement NOW.

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