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Starmer: we’re just like the Tories on immigration and the right to protest

Starmer wants longer sentences for protesters and will maintain Tory ‘hostile environment’ as he slithers even further to the right of Sunak

LINO (Labour in name only) party leader Keir Starmer has been tacking even further to the right of the Tories today as he continues to try to persuade billionaire newspaper owners that they needn’t worry that he’ll change anything, or at least not on behalf of those who really need it.

Speaking to LBC – which on Saturday cut off a caller for even mentioning the Al Jazeera ‘Labour Files’ documentary exposing the racism, bigotry, misogyny, rigging and abuse of the Labour party regime – Starmer told listeners he had wanted tougher sentencing for environmental protesters and had been stymied by the Tories from getting it, then said admitted that there isn’t a cigarette paper between his rotting shell of what was once the Labour party and the blue-rosetted monsters opposite:

In fact, he wasn’t quite being accurate in that second item: there is a functional difference between Starmer’s Labour and the Tories on immigration. Starmer’s party wants to deport more refugees, faster.

And Starmer also told his interviewer that he would never go on a picket line and that ‘it’s a straight no from me’ on the idea of him taking the UK back into the EU – what a different country we would have been living in had he not said the opposite to help sabotage Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour.

Vote Starmer, get Tory. The UK is broken.

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  1. Longer sentences, for The Tolpuddle Martyers!

    Longer sentences, for the survivors of The Peterloo Massacre!

    1. Yep.

      Unlike bliar, though, keef wouldn’t order his home sec to look into the case of the ‘Weatherfield One

      He’d have imposed martial law to prevent any protest.

    1. Toffee, it’s tough trying to join the oligarchs when you’ve only got one mouth.

  2. Off topic, but…..

    In a RT notification email from a couple of days ago there’s an article (which you can’t open and read of course) in which it says the following:

    EU seeks to lower its dependency on China

    EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has warned against becoming too reliant on China for technologies and raw-materials supply

    Presumably this is the first salvo in economic warfare against China by the EU, along with its economic warfare against RUSSIA!

    I just did a search and here’s a passage from one of the articles that came up in the results:

    Obviously, we have to be very vigilant when it comes to dependencies. And we have learnt our lesson concerning the over-dependency on fossil fuels from Russia, and how tough but necessary it is to get rid of this dependency. In the case of China, it is the risk of dependency on technologies and raw materials. Therefore, the priorities here are to reinforce our own capacities and of course also to diversify the supply of raw materials towards reliable, trustworthy suppliers.

    Oh, right, so THAT’s the pretext they’ve come up with!

    1. Not the Andrew Marr Show

      ‘We want Emma Dent Coad to stand – against Labour’

    2. Allan – A sensible move, Europe and the US should never have off-shored so much of our manufacturing.

      1. Yeah… But regarding keef on immigration and protests etc…?

      2. Toffee – Are you saying that the UK shouldn’t deport failed asylum seekers whenever possible? Keir was highlighting the mess that the immigration service is in with it often taking years to process claims. What are the details of immigration and asylum system that you would employ.

      3. China is not the problem, we are told it is because it is challenging US unipolar hegemony and the financial dominance of the dollar. via its own growth, BRICS and its Belt and Road initiative. China does not go around de-stabilising countries or surrounding them with military bases – that’s what the US does. China has questions to answer in the human rights area for sure but then so do the Uk and the US. The US is the most dangerous country on earth right now, but empires in decline usually are – it could well drive us to nuclear extinction via its proxy war with Russia. Rather foolishly the EU has towed the US line and it will cost them dear – it was of course the US which sabotage Nordstream II pipeline so that Europe turns to the US for supplies.- Van Leyden is simply a US neo-liberal puppet.

      4. Roll on The Multpolar New World Order, at last a World Order to deliver a United Nations of Fairness, Equality and Justice, not run by The USA/Isreal, their lackeys The UK & EU, and their bastard child Ukraine screaming for more, in the background.
        As far as China being a problem, like Russia, Iran, etc, they ‘will be a problem’ if The Great White West Old World Order keeps pissing on their patch! The rest is purely Propaganda and Spin by the MSM for the benefit of the War/Greedmongers and the Zombified MSM Sheeple who believe it.

      5. nellyskelly – Why would anyone choose to live in an authoritarian constant fear of state persuasion and repression. You haven’t.

      6. PS. No I didn’t choose to live in an authoritarian dictatorship. In constant fear of state persuasion and repression. And it will be far worse under BlueKeef and his Starmerstruppen!

      7. John – More dangerous than Ukraine? Don’t you think that we should stand up to authoritarian and corrupt dictators with expansionist imperialist ambitions. I am struggling to see how you can compare them with European democracies. The only way to stay safe from the harsh retribution of the state in China and Russia, where any sort of opposition is ruthlessly crushed, is to be a compliant little bot.

      8. Shut the fuck up, you maggot.

        Keef ALWAYS wanted out so he could impose laws the EU would tell him to GTF about.

        He couldn’t do that A/ while still an EU mber, and most definitely B/ while Corbyn was leading the party.

        It YOU fell for his shit, hook line & sinker.

        Human rights lawyer… Pffft!

      9. Toffee – His work as a human rights advocate is a matter of public record. Keir is responsible for saving the lives of 100’s of people and the changes he brought about continue to do so.

      10. His work as a human rights advocate is a matter of public record.

        Shame about his attitude towards Palestine:

        Keir Starmer’s refusal to recognise Amnesty International’s findings about Israeli apartheid isn’t just a betrayal of Palestinians – it shows that his appreciation for human rights extends only as far as it benefits his career.

        And Ian Tomlinson and Jean Charles de Menezes? I guess upholding their Human Rights by pressing charges wouldn’t have done much for his career either.

      11. “More dangerous than Ukraine? Don’t you think that we should stand up to authoritarian and corrupt dictators with expansionist imperialist ambitions…”

        YES we should, but be very careful SteveH, because Israel is at the top of that list. ALSO re. Ukraine, why don’t you non-googggle ‘the minsk agreement’ to assure you that Russia’s special operation in Ukraine is not a regular ‘invasion’/expansionist venture?

      12. And our local bigwigs should never have turned blind eyes to kids in care being ponced out by people who are paid to keep them safe.

    3. Let’s remember that it wasn’t “the EU,” “the UK,” or “the USA” that offshored production to China (and loads of other low-pay countries) it was our own oligarchs and business people seeking excessive profits. The move to China et al became an avalanche, ironically destroying many businesses when their customers were laid off and impoverished so couldn’t afford their products (Remember what Henry Ford said on that matter). Competing for your job with someone who lived in a country where the cost of living is a mere fraction of what it is, is an impossibilty, but it is what both Tories such as JRM, and “socialists” (like Starmer and Reeves) are working for.

    4. Wonderful, marvellous, take that Putin and Xi err and us. We just have to tell those little boy slaves to produce more lithium for our leccy cars. Lazy bastards.

  3. Starmer is not genuine Labour , has no policies to offer, lacks principles, is a Zionist bigot and a would be dictator. Therefore he suits the Establishment and once he completes his task of making Labour a Socialist free, Zionist party they may decide to allow him to win the next election.

      1. SteveH, are your programmers trying to take the piss. I did my basic under a 6ft 4ins prop forward, racist Welsh Guardsman. Ooh we did laugh. Bring it on Mr.China false flagger. Assad is taking care of the Chinese rebels visiting his sovereign country. For your information I support the opposition party in Ukraine wherever they have fled to.

      2. Wobbly – Ukraine has formed a wartime coalition government.

    1. Reply to Andrew
      Name calling and insulting people who are still members of the party verges on bullying. Whether people choose to leave or retain their membership is their business not yours.

  4. Yes spot on – absolutely agree UK politics is indeed broken. Sadly also the left is in disarray and it is unclear how the change we all need so badly is going to happen post Corbyn

    1. I think the Corporate Mafia and their minions made it more than crystal clear during the past seven years that they are NEVER gonna let that change happen John. And their man Starmer is finishing off the job by expunging the left from main-stream politics completely.

    2. John Barnard…A thoroughly discredited and fascist endeavour the labour party stands in the way of a genuine working class movement of the people,.Whilst the labour party exists nothing of any significant change will happen.You cannot reform or improve a fascist endeavour.

      1. Joseph – Apart from a lack of support what’s stopping you from setting up a party to represent and promote your ideology.

      2. Some of us still remember the desperation all of us felt back in the 90s I will never forget. You fucking Morons that still support a party that would rather see you starve in the street! While each and every one of it’s MPs grow ever extremely richer on your fucking Ignorance!!! I am totally ashamed of what the working class people of this cun tree has become. You look back at all those who tried their utmost to wake you fodder up..

      3. Andrew – What have you been doing for the last 3 decades. Where is your credible alternative?

      4. Andrew – What about the culpability of ‘the left’. WTF are you going to get your act together, sometime never?

      5. The GE will be here sooner than you think petal. I reckon the ‘act’ is getting together quite nicely.
        Do you remember VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn?

      6. Steve H. I have a democratic socialists party and I am confident that we will improve on the neo liberal alliances in Ireland.Funding for a New united Ireland is not far away but Mr Starmer will do his darkest arts to retain the partition of Ireland as he has done in Palestine.The thought of a fascist labour government is a step too far.for many of us who hate the world at war….And thats the opinion of a former labour party councillor and I am sure many other former labour party members.who have seen the light.

      7. Joseph – So you keep telling us but that’s FA good to those who live in England, Scotland & Wales.
        Your post is disingenuous because you know that Starmer doesn’t have a vote on this and that the future of Ireland lies entirely in the hands of the Irish people.

      8. I’d agree in broad terms but would suggest Labour is authoritarian rather than fascist

  5. “A sensible move, Europe and the US should never have off-shored so much of our manufacturing.”
    Horse – stable door.

  6. Treacherous back-stabbing wanna be Tory. He betrayed Jeremy Corbyn, he’s a paid lackey of Israel, he’s practiced anti-semitism against his own Jewish members, he’s practiced anti-muslim bias against his own MP’s and members! What the hell is there to vote for in this sad excuse for a man.
    Starmer’s Labour is just another Tory party waiting in the wings for their cue!

    1. They count on Britain being populated by the most unsophisticated and most propagandized electorate in Western Europe.

      1. Ludus, nothing to do with our brave NUT. Riven with Trots and Tories and oddities all doing their best to avoid teaching anything of use to our kids. Real history, for example Churchill and the gringos did not win ww2. Our kids, even the blonde ones with gap toothed smiles are undereducated and Tasha and Tahini, often filmed in lesbian embraces at results time have their futures all mapped out. I have to be fair. As a child my, lefty, history teachers still pushed the old flag out. And I’m a pensioner. Thank god for mum, dad and the old unions and party. Our system is a real piece of work. Still our empire didn’t last for a thousand years.

    2. restless – …..and the credible alternative that ‘the left’ are offering is?

      1. But for the democracy-subverting psychopaths who run the show, we could create a sane world in which we live together in harmony with each-other and nature and the planet that sustains us. And live to live,instead of the totally fucked-up reality they have created as a consequence of their power-mad planet-destroying mass-murdering insanity.

      2. After all the betrayal and fucking Lies by Cunts like Margaret Hodge etc etc etc recurring for ever!!!
        You fucking dickheads would rather vote for pretence and filthy lies!! Labour is nothing but a collection of filthy CUNTS !!! Right wing at that…

      3. Andrew – Have you been reading “How to Win Friends and Influence People” again

      4. bevin – Which brand of socialism would that be or are you still arguing about having a meeting about having a meeting etc etc. to agree on this. When are ‘the left’ going to get there act together. Nobody can vote for a word, where’s the substance.

      5. Andrew, would you mind directing your ire at the only person who posts on here who supports Starmer and Co and his right-wing democracy-subverting fascists. You KNOW that THAT’s the case, so just put a sock in it you obnoxious piece of shit.

        Many thanks

      6. You’ve been told.

        It isn’t more of the same that keef would give (or rather, take away from) the people.

        It isn’t a full-tilt boogie towards corporate law superseding common law.

        It isn’t more ideologically-imposed austerity.

        However, if he was offering the opportunity of seeing arrogant, condescending twotts like you waterboarded or wired up to the mains for an hour on national TV every Saturday, instead of the usual attention-starved nobodies poncing around, trying to do the paso doble while burning cakes, and simultaneously singing God save the King on ice skates in the jungle – dressed as a fucking bag of spanners or what have you

        Then I, for one, would consider that a plus.

      7. I have lived long enough to be witness to their betrayal, I am an ex Labour Supporter and I am proud, vote WP.
        The workers party GB

      8. ^^^^ in reply to the wee gobshite’s credible alternative ennui.

      9. SteveH25/10/2022 AT 2:41 AM
        Toffee – are you having a laugh?

        Not a bit of it.

        Those who would gladly allow children to go hungry to further their political ambitions – as well as those who defend and excuse it – deserve nothing less, in my own humble opinion.

        But first of all, I’d drag you, kicking and squealing, to a foodbank full of parents who can barely afford to feed themselves – nevermind their children – and get you you explain your reason for defending keef.

        …And see how long you remain conscious.

  7. “We’re just like the Tories”
    No! BlueKeef! You are NOTHING LIKE the TORIES, you and your Starmerstruppen are quite a lot more like the Neuveau Far-Right of France, Itally, Sweden, Hungary, and counting, except you and your Starmerstruppen slobber with slime!

  8. China has chosen to use Belt and Road as something between soft power and military posturing. In their different ways US, Russia and China believe that their place in the world cannot be to stand still but has to be improved/consolidated else they will effectively lose ground. The UK, even more so post-Brexit, should pursue a path that favours no one major power. It lacks the strategic location that Turkey has and, hastened by Truss’ calamitous brief tenure, is likely to see its financial importance further eroded.

    1. Tim white China put their money were their mouth is especially in Cambodia my home.The continuation of the Belt road is just a few hundred yards down my dirt road.ITs investment is clear for all to see with jobs,and opportunities for Business for the locals.We see a New city being built in Kampot a former French colonial town.We see a deep water port in kampot and new Hotels,shops and restaurants including new schools and playgrounds.I have seen the development of Phnom Penh rising from the ashes of the khmer rouge insanity…and I have also seen the development of Shinoukville which in many ways is a sign of Chinese overdevelopment in the seaside city.with Chinese casinos and gambling taking centre stage..along with the establishment of Chinese mafia from Taiwan.and Hong Kong who have exploited the Cambodians and their welcome. for real money and development..
      .Nothing is perfect but the investment without strings as rebuilt a country decimated by war and genocide..The USA were here first and it was always carrot and stick with military bases at Ream on the edge of the S.China sea.They have gone now and thats a relief to all the locals.who saw nothing from the US only explotation for military purposes.and using the local women as a form of we saw in the old Saigon days of Vietnam and Americas version of investment….Dirty bombs…brothels and eternal War..This is the type of investment the USA offer around the globe .New world disorder.

  9. Reactionary, as always. Not a fan of Ian Dunt but, writing in inews, a summary of this observation from 2021 serves as a perfect illustration:

    Last month, Dorothy Bain, Scotland’s chief law officer, announced changes to drug law enforcement north of the border. Under her plan, people caught with substances like heroin or cocaine for personal use could be given a police warning rather than face prosecution[…]Instead of dismissing it out of hand, Labour leader Keir Starmer looked like he was about to support it. It was “probably the right thing to do”, he said[…]Half a century of cross-party consensus on the war on drugs seemed like it was beginning to fracture. The leader of the opposition was making supportive comments about a de-facto drug decriminalisation programme.

    The backlash was predictable and immediate. Home secretary Priti Patel tweeted that “under Keir Starmer, Labour is weak on crime and weak on the causes of crime”. Boris Johnson used his conference speech to say that only in “the powder rooms of North London” would people want to “decriminalise hard drugs” and “let the gangsters off with a caution”.

    And now, Labour’s position appears to have hardened. “I do not think that what happens in Scotland should be of general application across the United Kingdom,” Starmer said last week. “If I was prime minister of the United Kingdom, I would not be introducing that to the United Kingdom…I wouldn’t be changing the drugs law.”

    So there it is. We’re back to the same old learned-by-rote proclamations about the need for drug laws and a faith-like insistence that prohibition is the only model.

    1. PW – If Labour remain in perpetual opposition it won’t make FA difference either way. We need to be in power to implement change.

      1. Arrant nonsense: what ‘change’ did Labour introduce between 1997 and 2010? Almost none.
        The problem with an opposition that doesn’t oppose is that it prevents real debate of the alternatives. Of course that is what is designed to do.
        What we see currently is a race to the bottom as two sets of demagogues compete to come up with ever more evil policies.
        The basic question of neo-liberalism cannot be addressed by two parties which are both neo-liberal because they are both afraid of angering the tiny elites which insist that there is no alternative, the elites which own the media, the security services the Establishment and live off the poverty of the masses that they exploit.

      2. bevin – Labour actually achieved quite a lot during Blair’s tenure, but you knew that already. What have ‘the left’ achieved in the last 50 years?

      3. bevin25/10/2022 AT 12:45 AM
        Arrant nonsense: what ‘change’ did Labour introduce between 1997 and 2010? Almost none.

        Not quite, bevin.

        Try the something like 20-odd thousand new laws – the majority of them criminal and those designed to restrict civil liberties – mainly delivered by statutory instrument i.e. implemented via the back door, with little, or no debate.

        (And then there’s the ID card ones he wanted)

        Worked out at something like a new law every 3.5 hours.

        A mere bagatelle to the amount of laws keef’d shithouse through. I fully expect keef to try to (re)introduce an ID card system in the event he IS handed the keys to downing st even for the single term he’d get.

      4. [New] Labour actually achieved quite a lot during Blair’s tenure

        They did, indeed. Some were welcome but did not necessarily achieve much. For instance, minimum wage was unquestionably a good thing but failing to keep a lid on house prices and rents rendered it somewhat ineffective by the time they left office.

        In no particular order, some of their less notable achievements, virtually all of which have serious repercussions today:

        WCA & Atos;
        Further deregulation of finance industry;
        Failed to address Council House sell-off – housing now unaffordable;
        Failed to address rail, energy and water privatisation;
        Massively increased PFI in infrastructure leading to financial issues today;
        Continued outsourcing and privatisation in NHS;
        Failed ID scheme – over-intrusive database;
        Massively increased CCTV surveillance;
        A law introduced for every day in office;
        Tuition fees;
        Removal of Clause 4 and further undermining of Unions;
        Candidates approved by Central Office and parachuted in;
        Kosovo NATO bombing;
        Professor Nutt sacked for advocating a scientific based approach;

      5. Selling the same turd for decades! Labour needs to be wiped out for the sake of honesty in this country

      6. “We need to be power to implement change” Too right mr Steve H and thats much of what Hitler said before the Nazis got in..You are a clear and present danger for the working class and will certainly prop up the partition of Ireland.
        Fascist endeavour whichever way you look at it.and thats your version of a credible alternative to the Conservative and unionist party.?… couldn’t give a toss about ordinary people whilst sunning yourself in the Caribbean bolt hole like many of your lot.

      7. Steve H – is it true that you live in the Caribbean? 🤣

      8. Steve sometimes you respond to people and there is no opportunity to reply – your comment in response to my comment about China earlier on in this thread for example so let me respond here. Whilst I would accept that both China & Russia have imperialist ambitions and suppress dissent, it is a mistake in my view to blithely assume that the West in the form of Europe and the US are spotless examples of democracy and don’t suppress dissent – of course they do! You only have to look at the dreadful treatment of Julian Assamge to understand that, and the Establishment coup that deprived us of a Corbyn led government that would on the basis of the 2019 manifesto quite clearly have delivered change. The US supported by Europe engineered both the Maidan coup if 2014 and in the face of repeated warnings for advisors such as Meerscheimer and Kissinger continued to expand NATO eastwards and in effect precipitated the Russian response. Meanwhile silicon valley platforms such as Facebook and Twitter “police” comment not least to support the Ukraine narrative of “poor Ukraine” /”Putin mad” / China dangerous” but you know this otherwise you wouldn’t be using WordPress. And if you want an even starker example of government narrative management, just look at how the US government is now moving to prevent Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter because of his perceived pro Russia stance. So I would suggest before you start pointing fingers at other countries suppression of free speech you need to look closer to home. It is a complete canard and a measure of the success of Western agitprop that so many people actually believ we live in freedom loving democracies and it’s all those other countries “out there” that are the problem.

      9. ” If Labour remains in perpetual opposition…” it would be entirely due to the notional leder of Labour, Sir Keir Spiffy Starmer, becoming no different than the party he is in post to oppose.

      10. I’d just make two observation Steve. First that is against one of the worst administration’s in UK political history and probably owes more to how awful the Tories are than to how great Labour are under Starmer. Second whilst I don’t doubt Labour leading over the Tories ( see point one) this is a YouGov survey – they have consistently shown themselves to be outliers in terms of pollsters results taken as a whole. Having said all that one does sense that time may be running out for the Tories and the tide could turn against them very quickly if there are any more fuck ups.

      11. John – Labour have been consistently ahead in the polls for the last 11 months now, Most of that was whilst Johnson was in office. When Jeremy was in tenure how did his personal and party results compare with Boris and the Tory’s polling.
        Please feel free to check it out for yourself Labour have been consistently ahead in all the polls for months now.

      12. Yes understood, of course, you’re absolutely right and same points apply.

    1. Patricia – That’s rubbish and you know it and if you don’t you really should do some research.

      1. Name single keef policy that ISN’T toerag/corporatist/neo-liberal based.

        Name a single occasion when keef has given an ORDER (a three-lined or even two-lined to OPPOSE a toerag motion)

        Name a toerag cabinet minister that keef HAS prosecuted when being in possession of the evidence

        Name a (leftist) dissenter – with a rank higher than that of ordinary member – that he hasn’t trumped up charges on, hasn’t got a dossier on, or has NO intention of interfering with their position now, or in the future.

        Same applies to a whistleblower.

        Clock’s ticking…

      2. Toffee – Why don’t you answer your own questions. If you want to know then look it up yourself, if you already know then why are you attempting to waste my time. Go on, you know you are itching to impress us all.

      3. Steve H ….Do you have to insult every poster especially new ones who also recognise your ignorance.and the futility of the labour a second rate tory tribute act.

      4. Just further evidence of your gobshitery.

        You won’t answer because you have no answer, else you’d be trying to lord it over me & everyone else.

        Meanwhile, by all means please continue to post your opinion as fact and be ridiculed for it.

        Found any examples of people who really quite like keef, recently?

        Oh, I almost forgot…you don’t answer questions. You can’t be bothered. You just demand everyone else answers to you.


      5. What was that you said to someone recently?
        Ah yeah: “Awww Diddums!”

        “That’s rubbish and you know it” I would say that Patricia knows her own mind quite a lot better than you do! It is because of the research we do that we can come to “such alarming” conclussions.
        Not everyone are Zombified MSM Sheeple, SteveH, you’ll have to lurk about The Sun in Lambskin’s Comments Section for that trick, oh aka The Guardian.

    2. Exactly Patricia, for the Few, not the Many, the polar opposite of Jeremy Corbyn. Someone who is completely devoid of integrity and principles, who used Jeremy’s legacy to dupe and deceive the membership to obtain the leadership, whereupon he and his fascist buddies began their purging of the left from the party.

      1. Allan – Were you in hibernation when the working class rejected Corbyn and voted Tory for the first time in their lives.

      2. Reply to Steve H
        Many working class people who voted Tory having swallowed the lies and smears about Jeremy Corbyn put out by the PLP and others have lived to regret it . They will regret it even more this winter. That is not something to gloat about because Tory policies may cost the many lives in the months ahead.

    3. Patricia M Roberts24/10/2022 AT 11:16 PM
      They’re just like the Tories on everything!

      And worse than them on most things. At least the toerags tell you they’re gonna shaft you before doing so.

      1. Where’s the policy for the take back of those sections of the NHS that have been flogged off to toerags and smarmerists/bliarists alike?

        Where’s policy for the renationalisation of mail, rail & utilities?

        Where’s the policy for the fundamental right to lawful democratic protest – without restriction?

        Where’s the policy for common law trumping corporate law in perpetuity?

        Where’s the policy for the fundamental right to food?

        I’ll tell you where these policies aren’t and won’t ever be found…😙🎶

      2. It’s what they do, and proud of it. Max would love to be more brazen but he’s not one of them. He’s their boy, poor dear doesn’t get it. Thinks that being p.m means being in charge. CPS, don’t make me laugh.

      3. wobbly – ….and Corbyn’s experience of running a large and complex organisation was?

  10. Following above exchanges with interest – it’s a very interesting discussion. Bevin are you the same Bevin who wrote this really excellent article for Unity News, because if you are, it’s very good and I would urge everyone on this thread to read it explaining as it does how we got here and why of course Starmer is not the answer and why Labour is a non starter under his leadership.

    Like everyone else I struggle to figure out where we go from here. I know I can’t bring myself to vote for a party led by and stuffed to the gills with Zionists.

    1. John erhard. I mean, WOW. How did you get that link. Oxford, Winchester, Trots onwards and upwards chaps. Then as if from nowhere, ladies and gentlemen, I give you a perfectly formed moment. Clap, clap, . Look, leaders and sections already.

  11. Can I do an internet scream please? SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAMING. Why does everyone rise to the bait every single bloody time? Another thread totally ruined by the one, who delights in deflecting, patronising or insulting people. I could count on one hand, indeed too many fingers with even one hand, the number of interesting or useful contributions from this person. Intelligent debate of opposing views yes, this awful endless loop no. And yes, you know who you are.

    1. Yes, Julia, he just goes through practically every thread posting a ‘reply’ to practically every poster – ie posting a reply to whatever they said designed to annoy them and provoke them – and disrupt the thread, as such. In this thread alone he’s posted twenty-two times, and practically ALL of them ‘replies’. He is of course a paid full-time shill, and everyone knows it, as must Steve Walker, and yet he just lets him going on doing it every day, day after day after day, week after week after week, month after month after month. I don’t know exactly when he started posting on this site, but he was ALREADY posting on skwawkbox regularly when I started posting on here nearly six years ago now, AND, during the time Jeremy was leader led everyone to believe he was a left-winger and a Jeremy Corbyn supporter, but since Jeremy stood down, this former left-wing Jeremy Corbyn supporter now supports and defends a lying, cheating, deceiving, left-wing purging authoritarian leader and his fascist regime, AND posts comments/replies deriding and denigrating and disparaging Jeremy Corbyn and the left, as he does in THIS thread:

      bevin – Which brand of socialism would that be or are you still arguing about having a meeting about having a meeting etc etc. to agree on this. When are ‘the left’ going to get there act together.

      restless – …..and the credible alternative that ‘the left’ are offering is?

      Andrew – What about the culpability of ‘the left’. WTF are you going to get your act together, sometime never?

      Andrew – What have you been doing for the last 3 decades. Where is your credible alternative?

      And whereas he defended Jeremy against those smearing him when he was leader – ie the Blairites and the Israel lobby and the MSM, now he regularly blames Jeremy himself for his downfall, as he did yet again in THIS thread, in a ‘reply’ to me:

      Allan – Were you in hibernation when the working class rejected Corbyn and voted Tory for the first time in their lives.

      And this is a guy who – along with RH – posted literally thousands of comments/replies denigrating and dismissing and ridiculing and abusing posters arguing that we should respect the result of the referendum.

      NB Funny, isn’t it, how RH did a disappearing act just at the point where Starmer and Co began purging the left, after posting numerous times during the leadership election trying to convince everyone that we have to be ‘pragmatic’ and vote for Starmer!

  12. SteveH25/10/2022 AT 2:34 AM
    Toffee – His work as a human rights advocate is a matter of public record.

    Yes. Yes it is.

    Like torvill & dean have dined out on the back of their Olympic gold way back in 1984 keef’s dined out on the back of doing a bit of pro bono on the mclibel case.

    Except keef has more fuck-ups hanging over him as that single success.

    1. Reply to steve really: but Keef also has a hierarchy to who is deserving of human rights, and it is not the palestinian population in that there Israel. And that makes him a hypocrite in my eyes.

  13. Julia is correct. What he clearly doesn’t understand is that the “world order”, that is to say the attempt by the super-rich to control the whole world through the military power of the US, is disintegrating and the theory that “the West” can live off the “financial sector” is being exposed as the nonsense it always was. The whole edifice is starting to crack and the countries of Asia and Africa are realising that they have power. In ten years time we may well see a completely new dynamic in the world. I hope that I live to see it. Even more than that, I hope that he lives to see it.
    In the meantime the loop will continue to play the tedious message.

    1. The beauty of allowing Steve H to broadcast the propaganda is that we all get to see the type of members that infest the labour party including the Thoughts of the Regime in the South side bunker….The message comes loud and clear from the snearing labour party that we built and funded
      “You are redundent left wingers…!and the sooner you are gone the better..” !
      …!WE are the working class and the sooner the labour party get out of the way then the sooner a working class party will arise.
      I personally never ever read any of the rubbish that mr H pushes and underlines for the consumption on here or anywhere else.because its all straight from HQ labour fascist endeavour party
      standard sarcasm and filthy language which is mandatory for the labour party.and a clue to their version of democracy for the members and the country.
      .Without Stevie numbnuts we would all be singing from the same hymn sheet.and thats not the answer for a true democratic socialist party.were debate and people are valued for more than a membership fee.

      1. Yes, I agree with you. Anyway is being a Socialist being a true believer in freedom of speech. He can post, people can choose whether or not to scroll down.

      2. So says Joe and Wobbly, both deliberately missing the point. The guy is goddam Establishment shill, and yur both defending his right to continue disrupting the comments section in practically every thread. AND defending his right to lie and dissemble a false narrative. Give over!

        “I personally never ever read any of the rubbish that mr H pushes and underlines for the consumption on here” says Joe, who has responded to posts by SteveH on literally hundreds of occasions!, and more-or-less every single day. Oh, right, but he does so without first reading what SteveH has said!

        Ffs Joe, get real!

      3. Allan – “defending his right to lie and dissemble a false narrative.”

        You are more than welcome to point out were I have published anything that is inaccurate. Please be precise and post links to your evidence.

      4. Says the guy who did a complete 180 after Jeremy stood down! Yep, goes from supporting a democrat and a man of integrity and principles, to supporting an authoritarian and someone completely devoid of integrity and principles.

        YOU, yourself are a Big Lie, an imposter and a fraud. And you have lied about JC on numerous occasions, but you only do so to wind people up of course and, as such, are a fascist piece of shit.

  14. Quite a turn around for a man who once edited and wrote for a Trotskyite magazine don’t you think? . What do you call someone like that – politically immature – hypocritical – very mixed up – cynical opportunist – untustworthy – an enrtyist perhaps?

    1. All that “left wing” and do-gooder pretence must have scarred BlueKeef for life!
      Didn’t Hitler have a similar ‘Left Wing’ and life trauma when he was young?

    2. Sorry Albert, it’s almost obligatory. Vanguards, elitism chameleons all. Have a butchers at the New York College boys from the 30s. The yanqui neodemons and neocons are interesting. Nothing new when it comes to the greasy pole.

  15. Corbyn-Wan Kenobi is our only hope!

    Please front a new party. Honorary President will do.

  16. Read quickly through these posts concerning the Labour Party plus policies and I will
    just answer one of them- ie the Maidan “coup”. This makes me very angry for it seems
    \to assume that those taking part in the Demo had no agency but were “lead” by the US.

    This rather reminds me of some pompous presenter of an otherwise interesting
    program about the Cambridge Spy network stating “In the 1930s people were
    either pro-Russia or Pro Nazi Germany.” I found myself shouting at the Telly –
    No they were NOT mate – my working class family were well informed and
    had their own opinions about International Relations and Politics in the 1930s.

    Folks here are rightly angry when Starmer tries to suppress Demos –
    and dub him authoritarian. Ukrainians wanted much less Russian influence
    in 2014 when they demonstrated – and this to me is similar to the
    Civil Rights Movement in Northern Ireland when Nationalists marched in 1968
    \and were attacked by B-Specials., It is patronising to assert that the US
    organised the Maidan – Ukrainians had their own agency – radical nationalists constituting
    only a small minority among revolutionaries and their right wing
    parties performing poorly in the elections which followed. There are extreme right
    wing elements in Ukraine just as there are in other ex-members of the Warsaw
    Pact and including Russia. Russia equates Ukrainian independence with
    extreme nationalism – just as the Unionists in Northern Ireland
    asserted that the Civil Rights movement in Northern Ireland was linked with the IRA . We
    all know what followed that – and I speak as someone well aware of Sectarianism
    in the NW of the UK during the 1940s and so on right through until the 1990s.
    Of course they are still coming to terms with this in NI at the moment – and

    Enmity between Ukraine and Russia dated back to the 1920s Independence
    war between the two – hence the slogan “Glory to Ukraine” The enmity
    increased when Ukraine was starved during the 1930s and brutalised during and
    after WW2 – this particularly applying to the chunk of Poland expropriated
    by the USSR during their “arrangement” with Nazi Germany and which
    Stalin held onto after WW2. Since Polish people were particular targets of the
    extreme Right Wing in Ukraine they would hardly be part of them. The slogan
    “Glory to Ukraine ” and the response which followed about the Heroes
    referred back to the 1920s War and was appropriated by the Right Wing
    during WW2 and then re-appropriated by the Ukraine forces more recently.
    Russia has used this for propaganda purposes. A presenter on RT
    remarked that in western Ukraine back in 1980 he had heard children
    saying “Ukraine is occupied by Muscovites” and then made some hateful
    remarks about murdering such children. He was strongly criticised by the authorities
    and then dismissed. However as bitterly remarked by those Ukrainians sheltering
    from Russian missiles targeting them – children in Ukraine are being murdered
    there along with other Civilians.

    1. Oh dear, singled out as “pompous” am I, and I daresay “a Putin apologist” There is more than ample evidence of US involvement in the Maidan Square uprising and it follows a well established pattern of CIA interference designed to destabilise a country for foreign policy ends, in this case by supporting fascist elements within it – maybe your happy with that and maybe you also think the USA is the land of the free and apple pie, and buy into the myth that Putin started it all, rather than that the US using NATO as proxy precipitated what is an entirely uneccesarily war that may consign all of us to nuclear oblivion. That does not rule out that some of the participants did not have agency – the two things are not mutually exclusive. Try watching Oliver Stones documentary Ukraine on Fire. I can’t really add to what I’ve said and have better things to do than argue the toss with the benighted or those operating out of troll farms. Bye.

      1. ‘…… and it follows a well established pattern of CIA interference designed to destabilise a country for foreign policy ends…’

        Yes, and:

        ‘West prepares to plunder post-war Ukraine with neoliberal shock therapy: privatization, deregulation, slashing worker protections’

        While the United States and Europe flood Ukraine with tens of billions of dollars of weapons, using it as an anti-Russian proxy and pouring fuel on the fire of a brutal war that is devastating the country, they are also making plans to essentially plunder its post-war economy.

        Representatives of Western governments and corporations met in Switzerland this July to plan a series of harsh neoliberal policies to impose on post-war Ukraine, calling to cut labor laws, “open markets,” drop tariffs, deregulate industries, and “sell state-owned enterprises to private investors.”

        Ukraine has been destabilized by violence since 2014, when a US-sponsored coup d’etat overthrew its democratically elected government…..

      2. Sadly true and exactly the same as they did in Iraq in particular.

    2. The events in the Maidan were not straightforward, one thing or the other. According to multiple reports there were many who just went to protest, but there were also agents provocateurs who started violent confrontations; and there were also reports of people shooting from buildings killing both police and protestors. Regardless of what the reality was, and we’ll never find that out, it remains that Yanukovich was democratically elected and there were due to be elections 7 (I think) months later when the electorate could have voted him out. There is a word for the undemocratic transfer of power – coup.
      Victoria Nuland’s recorded telephone conversation with the, then, US ambassador to Ukraine clearly demonstrates that it was, indeed, a coup and that she played a significant part in organising it.

      1. And the alphabet boys are now working merrily in Thailand, Iran and Ethiopia. Probably more, they can’t stop.

    3. Calm down holby…..and although I have never been to the Ukraine I was brought up amongst many Ukrainian kids in Catholic school in Bolton.Lancashire…..
      I don’t believe that N.Ireland and the civil rights movement was in anyway similar to what happened in Maiden Ukraine
      .Peoples democracy led by the great women Bernadette Devlin were in no way CIA inspired revolutionerys and we were only asking as catholics to be treated as equal citizens in the secatarian state.The fact that we brought down Stormont was not the plan and as one of those that actually was there in the civil rights movement I would say that they the protestant Stormont government brought themselves their bigoted and vicious response to the Catholic population of demanding one man one vote……and women of course!
      r.The.struggle for freedom and democracy is not over in Ulster and we await the decission of a Conservative and unionist government as to the mandate of the population of gerrymandered Ulster that Sinn Fein take office and the leadership of the Assembly still being blocked by the flat earth society also known as the Democratic Unionist party….My best guess would be another election and another opportunity lost to the colonial rulers of Ulster Great Britain who couldn’t give a toss to the colonial problems of Ocuppied Ireland…You reap what you sow ” and that applys to the Nazis regime in the Ukraine.who are facing the might of a Russian army in the Winter which will suit mr Putin whilst the actor comedian and his appalling regime head for warmer climates after wrecking most of europe and Britain using the begging bowl to siphon money abroad .Yes mr two mansions zelensky one in Miami and the other in the Italian Rivera
      .Meanwhile in Britain Risky Sunak plans the wholesale destruction of the “Welfare state and the flogging off of the NHS.amongst the so called austerity measures favoured by all the” partygate partys including the labour party. ” We have difficult decisions “they snear
      Budget moved to Nov 17th to allow for planning and bullshit excuses.for….Why the working class will be made to shoulder all the greed of the Neo liberals roundabout.and with peoples lives shattered and destroyed this winter.because as mr knight of the realm knows “Crime does pay”in this new world order.!

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