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Breaking: Johnson NOT running

Boris Johnson has announced that he is not standing to be re-elected as PM by Tory MPs. Earlier, Johnson’s supporters were claiming he had over a hundred confirmed nominations.

Was the hype about to be exposed, or did Johnson realise his lockdown criminality would end his run – or something else?

The Tory contest appears now to be a two-horse race between Sunak and Mordaunt, monstrous-A and monstrous-B – with their understudy Keir Starmer waiting in the wings, all promising more politically-driven and entirely needless austerity. The country is screwed.

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    1. Seems to me that the permanent state has had its way.
      We’ll never find out, but my guess would be that Johnson would have had a better chance of beating Starmer in 2024.

      1. @goldbach


        Sunak went to Stanford via Fulbright scheme (CIA?), Has many banking connections most notably Goldman Sachs (vampire squid) and has been promoted as a WEF young leader.

  1. “Or is it something else?” It’s because he does NOT have the required number of nominations. The man is a compulsory liar and wants to save face, so he’ll pretend he’s still popular but doesn’t want to run instead of admitting he didn’t pass threshold.

    1. TPF? The IBM mainframe operating system? No.

      My point is, you have no idea of what ‘the left’ (and people who come here as democratic socialists) are doing, do you? So why do you come here (because your comments are irrelevant to the thought-processes of most people on the page)?

      1. qwertboi – Tooting Popular Front (Google ‘Citizen Smith’ if you’re too young to remember this TV series)

        The real point is that the self proclaimed guardians of ‘the left’ are self evidently incapable of getting their act together.

      2. I’m not! I never watched it though, having fine marxist parents like I did, the television was a cherished resource and viewed selectively. I loved The Waltons tho’ (BBC2 Tuesday nights).

  2. Yes Johnson claims he had 102 backers hmmn?
    Sunday Times survey (21/10) showed with Sunak Right Wing Labour’s lead would be cut to 10% (Johnson would have done worse) but Labour would not have a majority so Hung Parliament territory?
    This is what happens when Right Wing Labour wasn’t winning on IDEAS but the Tories were losing by imploding.
    And such leads are fickle and weak.
    Perhaps now Emma has been prevented from standing in Kensington and Laura Pidock has left Labour plus JC’s fate as a Labour candidate in Islington is yet to be decided and with the rise of Enough is Enough surely it’s time for the Left to put up an alternative to give us a choice- either A National List of 620 JC Independents or Enough Is Enough candidates?
    As an old song goes “This Is The Time.”

    1. Bazza – “This Is The Time.”

      Well it might be if you had something credible to offer, but you don’t.

      1. I’m sure those two under investigation who keef’s protecting, are a major constituent of your credible alternative, eh?

        Even the toerags tell theirs who are under investigation not to turn up at the commons.

        Not keef. Doesn’t even remove the whip.

      2. “something credible to offer…”

        SteveH what are you talking about with this often-repeated comment and similar? You don’t understand how democratic politics work, do you – even less how a broken system doesn’t work the way it should?

        We’re not “offering” (via a party machine, a manifesto, etc.), we are channelling. We’re in the real-world; you are taking about something else, which, as some here said, many people now recognise is broken.

        Over your head?

      3. Well, with a TORY PM legitimately farther left than the BlueKeef and his Starmerstruppen and their “left wing” policies falling to pieces everytime they open their mouths. It is fair to say that the now entirely abandoned “Undeserving Poor” along with the Exiled Left, will oblige the Far Right BlueKeef and his Starmerstruppen, with “something credible to offer”, it may not be a party, but it sure will reflect on the Ballots!

      4. We have a Corbyn type programme whilst Right Wing Labour offers merely crumbs.
        Right Wing Labour’s job is to keep the working class and unions in their place
        whilst the Left want to empower citizens, more say at work, more public ownership with bus users councils, rail users councils, energy users councils etc.
        The Left has a dynamic vision, Right Wing Labour stands for NOTHING!

      5. Bazza – ….and your cunning plan for achieving this dynamic vision is?

  3. The countrys turned into a laughing stock abroad….talk about pigs trough feeders profession Mp. ..Drunken partying at Downing street and Drunken campaigning Opposition leader..The opinions stick abroad and the knight of the realm is just as guilty as Johnson in the eyed of the foreign media whatever plod say after being nobbled in Durham..The scramble for the pie has not gone unnoticed by the former empires enemys of which there are many.

    I dread to think what type of government will be produced by this insane scramble and a sniveling opposition leader screaming “I want my downing street” now its mine all mine?Does any of them care about the fate of ordinary people who will suffer this winter..NO and its a big fat no for pigs at the trough.

  4. Oh God… it gets worse. Austerity from equally reactionary gangs of Westminster careerists. Tory MPs will choose a leader without refering to their rabid membership and the controlled loyal opposition (loyal only to the establishment and of course Israel) have a Party purged of the left where no dissent is allowed and no alternative to austerity is contemplated.

  5. ….and your cunning plan for achieving this dynamic vision is?

    What it isn’t is further-imposed austerity.

    Or the removal of civil liberties at the expense of corporate law(s) slowly but surely outnumbering and superseding common law(s).

    Or the protection of the establishment – again at the expense of common law and civil liberties.

    Or the further enslavement of the poorest to the point of a return to medieval serfdom/feudalism by said removal of rights, laws and liberties.

    Or the protection of establishment nonsensism, and everything that goes with it.

    In essence, plenty (just about ALL) of the stuff what keef doesn’t want.

      1. Actual policies MY ARSE.

        keef doesn’t even do actual pledges

        So, go on…green paper next. 😴

      2. Toffee – I’ll take that as a no then. Yet more confirmation that you haven’t a clue what you are blathering on about.

      3. By ALL means take it as a ‘no’

        As in NO actual policies

        So, time to give us your green paper spiel…again. 😴

        Also, it’s been noted that you’re hiding on a now-old thread and dodging the latest one; another that shows keef to be torier than the actual tories.

      4. Toffee – Not at all, I’ve been out and now I’m back home I’m working through my emails

        Why do you think it is wrong for Labour to significantly improve worker’s right?

      1. Our next pm


        According to you, you’re halfway around the planet.

        So how the absolute FECK is he your prime minister?

        Freudian slip, or howling giveaway? 😙🎶

      2. What’s silly about it?

        He’s YOUR PM. You said so yourself.

        So, just HOW is that? 😙🎶

      3. Toffee – So what, its obvious that desperately clutching at straws is all you’ve got.

      4. Who’s clutching at straws?

        You said he’s YOUR PM.

        The rest of us want to know HOW he’s YOUR PM when you allegedly live 4000 miles away and allegedly vote keef.

        It speaks for itself so YOU need to work your way out of this latest whopper.

        Good luck 😏

  6. And another unelected PM billionaire businessman steps into drowning street with no mandate from the public or even the Tory membership.Looks like a country with no constitution is sinking into its own sewage…..God save the working class “

    1. Another wee stevie giveaway that he detests anyone who has a go but doesn’t win. Wee stevie only likes this who won…And generally, those who win by default.

      For grovelling statements we can all of us refer to the ones that come from keef when he’s asked an awkward question.


      Nowhere does that say renationalisation

      Plenty (far too many ) of other examples – to be easily found on this website, amongst many others.

      1. Toffee – I simply described her twitter post as I saw it, anything else that you’ve added is just more of your blathering nonsense.

  7. SteveH24/10/2022 AT 7:35 PM
    Toffee – I simply

    I simply…I was only…I was merely.

    Except you weren’t. But there’s always a simple explanation from the simpleton, isn’t there?

    1. Toffee – When I reply to you I try to use language that is appropriate to my intended audience..

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