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Video: ‘Labour’ Reeves: Tories are not deporting enough people fast enough

Shadow Chancellor infamous for saying Labour not the party of people out of work finds new depths to plumb

‘Labour’ Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves is infamous for her statements under Ed Miliband that Labour was not the party to represent people who were out of work and would be tougher on benefit claimants than the Tories.

Skwawkbox readers might think it would be hard to go much lower, but Reeves has done her best – saying only earlier this year that the exodus of hundreds of thousands of members from the Labour party was a good thing and trying to blame Corbyn – whose time as Labour leader left the party with a £13.5m surplus funded in large part by those members – for Labour’s near-bankruptcy.

And with tens of energy companies going bust last year, Reeves laughed at the idea of renationalising the corporations that are now busy gouging struggling people.

But if none of those statements manage to limbo under the moral standard of her comments about benefits, she seems to have managed it today – telling Sky News that the Tories hadn’t deported enough people fast enough:

At its conference last month, Starmer’s Labour essentially pledged loyalty to the death to Ukraine, abusing and suspending anyone who dared to point out that Ukraine is infested by nazis and fascists, so presumably it’s not Ukrainian refugees that need to be deported more rapidly in the view of the Labour right, but some other type or types.

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    1. Hullo Nelly, I always get her confused with that other one who thinks the she is geourgous. You know, tree trunk pins and miniskirts. She was treacherous as well. I think she was a trench dog for the A/S scam. Can’t remember the name, there was/is a few of them. Hope all is well with you. Dark days, eh.

      1. Dark Days indeed, Wobbly, yes like everyone else one foot at a time. Keep Strong Comrade, we’ll keep fighting the bastards on all sides until we can fight no more.

  1. ‘There will be trouble ahead…’🎶
    The only thing wrong with Nancy Astor’s agh! Margaret Thatcher’s agh! Rachael Reeves’ prediction is that the riots will have NOTHING to do with immigration, immigrants, legal or illegal and EVERYTHING to do with a Desperate Britain promised The UK Labour Party (RIP 13 Dec’19) and given lies upon lies upon lies NEO-Labour Party TORIES! That will be the cause of unrest those middle up class TORY TWATS!

  2. Where’s he gone?……Yes, but Jeremy Corbyn said this and did that. Kieth is wonderful etc etc….

    1. baz, why do you keep asking where Jeremy Corbyn is? Just yesterday (well, the day before yesterday now) you posted:

      Yes, but Jeremy Corbyn…..blah blah blah….

      Where is he?

      Are you trying to make a point about Jeremy? If so, could you elaborate? Thanks

      1. Lighten up, Allan. Baz is having a dig at SteveH.

        Unfortunately humour, particularly sarcasm, doesn’t always come across too well in comment sections — as I’ve found myself on a few occasions.

      2. Yes, I see it now!. I think what threw me was the fact that there was no ‘reply’ from SteveH, which is highly unusual. He practically ALWAYS responds to comments directed at him..

      3. Allan Howard, Baiting the Chief Turd Polisher you know….I was bored.

      4. PS And what with him constantly monitoring the site, he usually turns up in a matter of a few minutes to respond to anyone addressing him in a post!

  3. Rachel Reeves has not got a labour bone in her body so is anybody really surprised at this latest revelation. If she had one iota of honesty she would cross the floor to the Tory benches where she would fit in perfectly.

    1. Smartboy. No chance, too many Wets. Besides she wants government office: flunkeys, junkets, baubles , bangles beads and QT appearances.

      1. Reply to Allan Howard and Wobbly
        I agree with both of you except I think Allan is slightly underestimating the number of MPs who should cross the floor with her

      2. and her hands on every single lever of state! A Le Pen government in France would not be even a tenth as dangerous as a Labour government with the likes of Starmer or Reeves at its head.

      3. Indeed qwertboi.

        The way those who control His Majesty’s Official Loyal Opposition on behalf of the [now almost a thousand year old] Establishment operate its own internal processes provides sufficient grounds for concluding what is still amazingly referred to as the LP would have no qualms in outdoing the Tories if they ever got back into power again.

        Tax expert Richard Murphy, writing here:

        ….makes the observation:

        “The Tory infighting is now so clear and strong that three things are clear. The first is that Truss cannot govern. Second, nor could any other Tory. Third, that means we have, in effect, a hung parliament. A zombie Tory government might exist but not really govern.

        The good news inherent in that might seem to be that the damage Truss and her crew might seek to deliver will be mitigated. As example, Rees-Mogg’s plans for employment law reform have been already been abandoned as they are too extreme to get parliamentary approval.”

        An observation which might well come back to bite him if Trilateral stooge Starmer takes the helm in the obviously well planned seamless transfer now that the second eleven are back under control.

        The Clintons and Obama were able to get away with far more than the Bush clan when it came to lethal force applied abroad. Similarly, a Starmer led Junta, given its own internal track record, is likely to get away with far more than the Tories when it comes to draconian laws such as those presently shelved employment laws of Reese-Mogg.

        The statement of Reeves, alongside the Party controlling elite’s attitude and approach to anyone who transgresses The Official Narrative and challenges sacred Establishment policies, provides a clear dog whistle signal that Deportation may not be limited to anyone considered an immigrant.

        Its easy to see between the lines of this rhetoric Thatcher’s ‘enemy within’ Narrative being dusted down. When Canada’s Trudeau can successfully freeze the bank accounts of thousands of ordinary citizens – effectively outlawing/cancelling them from being able to function in society – for having the temerity to make small donations to protesting truckers it does not seem far fetched to consider the deportation of those of the Kings Subjects who are deemed, like Party Members, to be the wrong sort.

        Australia anyone?

    1. Thanks Allan. is a very useful resource to consult routinely on a wide range of socio-economic issues and subjects. The site would be improved even further, I think, if left-leaning participants (and the issues they champions) were more certainly/clearly present there.

  4. Cooper was pushing this angle about a decade ago. It’s a regularly appearing side of labour

    1. Combined with the anti-Gypsy, anti-Black, anti-Muslim, anti-“Fringe Jews”, anti-Socialist, anti-Unionist, anti-FOS, anti-FOI, etc Sentiments and Rhetoric of that Fascist Party, I believe there is real reason for us to fear for our lives!
      Her reasoning that we will see rioting because of immigration is a blatantly Far Right racist ideology, how many riots have we seen in Britain by caused by immigrants? She is reasoning and feeding directly into the Far Right naritive that non-whites riot and that non-whites are not British, they will forever be immigrants! If her NEO-Labour TORY Party does win the the next GE, it will be THEIR OWN Lies, THEIR OWN Racism, THEIR OWN Corruption, THEIR OWN Deceit, THEIR OWN DOING! As I said before I give it less than 3 Months, before the first riot. It will have nothing to do with skin colour, religion or race!

      1. nellyskelly, I agree that the future riots would have nothing to do with race or religion. It would have everything to do with class. It would be those worse off, the ones unable to heat their homes and put food on the table that would be rioting in desperation.
        However, when we look at class, we see a higher percentage of blacks and Muslims among the less affluent.
        Clue the BBC, SKY the MSM to take pictures of any ensuing riot with an abundance of black and Muslim faces, thus, trying to blame the riots on emigrants.

      2. Absolutely Maria and there is another of the Great White British shameful racist statistics. That our minorities are the majority of the struggling class is a shame and a blemish on every Briton since the first imigrants arrived, be they Jews, Black, East European, South East Asian, African! Britain needed their help, used their labours, and shoved them to the side! It is a rare thing to find a White Brit who is truely at ease with race, I don’t mean the left blah blah about racism, but then whine because the Gypsies messed up the field on their estate, or whine about the smell of spices from the neighbors cooking, or the rythm and music from here there everywhere! Or the rage about it for a bit then, forget about it until something starts it off again, and repeat anti-Racism Activism! What’s happened to tackle it by the horns until it is done and dealt with!

  5. Double Down News…..

    Liz Truss: The Oligarch’s Prime Minister | George Monbiot

    1. Allan, thank you for the video. Only one problem the Labour Party is turning into a fascist Party before our eyes.
      Labour would privatise the NHS, would cut public services and would like to suppress our freedoms as much or more than the Tories.
      Look at members been suspended and expelled from the Labour Party for expressing opinions that the leadership dislikes. This is fascism.
      Hence, it would be better for George Monbiot to denounce the Labour Party for what it is now: a fascist Party and to advocate for the Trade Unions to create/support another party more in tune with the needs of the workers.

      1. Well, he doesn’t exactly praise Starmer’s Labour Party Maria, and the video was primarily about those who are in power now, precisely because they ARE. And as I recall, George only uses the F word once in the video, and does so in relation to the LP.

  6. Reeves is a Right Wing Lightweight Labour Loser (with Miliband she got a petty 9.6m votes in the 2015 GE when Jeremy Corbyn got 12.8m votes in 2017 despite years of Right Wing Labour sabotage).
    Perhaps Ms R (a) lacks the political courage to counter the Dominant Right Wing Narrative on migration? And (b) lacks the political acumen to offer a counter narrative?
    Oh and when the likes of Ms R vote to bomb Syria etc such actions can contribute to the root cause of people to fleeing?
    I was very lucky in around 2019 to attend a talk at Leeds University given by the then Chief Medical Officer on ‘Health Needs in 2030’ and he was very clear that Europe by then would face a major crisis in care as there would simply not be enough young people to care for its older citizens.
    So believe me we will be crying out for migrant workers so we need mature planning and decision making now!
    Firstly treat Refugees with compassion.
    Secondly have a rational migration system: the democratic control of labour supply.
    Thirdly we should process applicants at Calais.
    Fourthly then offer safe travel to the UK via ferries/Eurostar etc.
    Fifthly I would like trade unions to make great efforts to organise refugees & migrant workers after all what are these human beings but unorganised workers.

    1. Bazza – The first 4 items in your list are all current Labour policy. You really should make an effort to keep up to date

  7. Reeves is a former Treasury official who is thoroughly steeped in Treasury orthodoxy, after PPE at Oxford then postgrad study at the LSE. That she seriously considered investment banking before choosing the Civil Service tells us that as a Labour chancellor she would be a disaster, and that needs no elaboration here.

    1. Following her graduation Rachel Reeves worked as an economist at the Bank of England and British Embassy in Washington, D.C. Reeves moved to Leeds in 2006 to work for HBOS.

  8. This posting from yesterday’s Naked Capitalism might interest some people here.
    I particularly recommend the conversation in the Comments section, initiated by Colonel Smithers at 10.02 am, particularly in the light of the shenanigans of the Labour right in recent times.

  9. I will be coming home to Ireland early next year and I am bringing my grandchildren who are Khmer….but have the rights of citizenship under the Irish disapora laws that recognise that people left their own country not to make a fortune but because they had to “exist” .The Irish recognise the debt to the world that welcomed a people who didn’t choose to leave but had to exist outside of their country to survive….
    “People like Reeves would have been run out of town on a donkey for the vile comments on immigrants in my the labour party.
    Many who have been forced out of their countrys due to the former colonial rulers,or civil wars and risk a death defying attempt to cross the not have any choice only leave
    The words of Reeves confirm for me why the labour party are a threat to the country and to democracy.and Britain needs to get back to a more civilized society were people like Reeves are ostracized and shunned in decent society
    .I would love to visit Britain but I am certainly not sure anymore
    just how my Eurasian grandchildren will be treated were comments like Reeves have become mainstream from labour party politicians and presumably supporters…..sad that a country should descend into isolation were a fascist endeavour the
    Labour party now wish to form the next government of Britain.and very likely default.if they don’t go bankrupt first….fingers crossed…!Luckily we will not burden the western world very long with a visit to west cork and Dromagh castle to show the legacy of a visit of Cromwell and the fleeing of the Chieftain of the Okeefes to refuge in France.We will be flying back to Phnom Penh Cambodia…god willing.!the riverdance carrys on”

  10. How many of you will be joining this protest against Julian Assange’s extradition?

    Stella Assange: Courage calls to Courage everywhere. Surround Parliament Oct 8 – form a human chain

      1. Toffee – Then that is obviously entirely their choice. Why do you ask, are you feeling lonely and bored?

    1. I will. See you there Mr Chief Turd Polisher. Make yourself known and I’ll but you a beer.

      1. baz2001 – Unfortunately I won’t be attending the protest myself. It is really disappointing that we won’t be able to meet up face to face.

      2. . Make yourself known and I’ll but you.


        That’s the spirit, baz 👍😉

      3. Toffee – Ooh, what a big strong man you are.
        Who are you trying to impress, yourself?
        FFS grow up.

    1. …and

      A press photographer has been physically manhandled out of the Conservative party conference today.
      The snapper, believed to be Tolga Akmen, a staff photojournalist at European Pressphoto Agency (EPA), can be seen being escorted physically to an exit of the Birmingham venue.
      A bystander commented: “A photographer has just been dragged off the conference centre floor by security.”
      The photographer is heard to plead: “Just leave me be. I’m a member of the media. Can you please stop this please?
      “What are you doing? I promise you, I didn’t do anything.”

      1. As for what they achieved, well for starters significantly more publicity than the dockers protest managed

      2. Tongue in cheek, I wonder why!?
        I reckon VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn had significantly more MSM publicity at GE2019 than Jeremy Corbyn had 12 September 2019 to 12 December 2019.

      3. nellyskelly – Why did Labour go into hiding after the 17GE. What were they doing, whatever they were up to it almost certainly wasn’t the planning their campaign strategy for the next GE. Why weren’t they taking every opportunity to get out there and consolidate the gains that we made in 2017.

      4. nellyskelly – Perhaps it would have helped if Labour hadn’t hidden from the media for month after bloody month and only emerged blinking into the daylight once the election had been called with a badly judged and chaotic election campaign. Yes it became increasingly frustrating at the time to hear that Labour had yet again declined an invitation to appear on various political and news programs. Hiding behind ‘constructive ambiguity’ trashed Corbyn’s USP and led to the electorate losing their trust in him. Hiding away did not serve either Labour or Corbyn well.

      5. “Labour” did not hide from the MSM, if there ever was a time they didn’t attend an invitation then there was a very good reason, ie Far Right figures within the NEO-Labour Party TORIES and MSM planning a MSM Propagandist Live attack on Corbyn/Labour (see any MSM coverage with Corbyn/Labour or speaking about Corbyn/Labour – 12 Sept’15 to 13 Dec’19) Keeping in mind that the MSM would be a first priority, to Regulate and De-Propagandise by a Corbyn/Labour Government.
        The only “Chaotic” was Manufactured by the Sabotage, Smear, Lies, Corruption from The NEO-Labour Party TORIES, BLiar, Campbell, Mandy FBPE Remoaner Bandwagon (Gaslighting Labour Leave into Panic, and for their dirty games), working hand in hand with the MSM, MSSM, MSP, USA, Israel in a Coup to prevent a Socialist Government in the UK!
        See The Lobby, Forde Report plus leaked doccuments and The Labour Files.
        Corbyn has never hiden behind anything, can you tell me of any other LOTO in political history anywhere in the world at any time in history who had the MSM posted outside of his house 24/7 4y3m!?
        He had MSM contact Daily, whether he wanted it ir not!
        Anyone who lost their trust in Corbyn/Labour did so for the Dirty Tricks above and as you already know the only single way labour could possibly lose GE2019 (even taking the handful of voters who fell for the nasty corrupt practices of the NEO-Labour TORY Party above) was through a well Organised VotedTORYtoStopCorbyn Coup Campaign, I’d say that quite a bit of front page coverage from failed actresses, MPs and exMPs of the “Labour Party” is a pretty well organised Coup Campaign, wouldn’t you!?
        As I have said before the only negative thing that went against Corbyn was Nicer, Kinder, Gentler Pollitics which Politics is NOT and never will be! It ked to him making Naïve mistakes by not taking hard action when hard, touch action was needed and being advised/listening to many of the wrong people and then giving them all another chance, to do it all again! Now that was not the sole reason he/Labour lost, that was a factor, standing against the above a minor factor and as far as bad points of a Leader/prospective PM goes, being Nice, Kind, Gentle are not the worst I have seen, especially not standing next to the Corrupt, Sly, Slimy, Fuck Up that BlueKeef is!

      6. nellyskelly – But Karie Murphy was in charge of the 19GE campaign. Her campaign strategy was so disastrous that they had to abandon it half way through.

      7. That was the day/days before GE19, the only withdraw came from your orchestreated VotedTORYtoStopCorbyn Campaigners, especially in the Red Wall where all the MPs who lost seats were 1. anti-Corbyn, anti-Socialist 2. NEO-Labour Party TORY 3. Ready for Retirement, (excpt LauraP, LauraS and Denis) and that was easily sorted out with VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn Campaigning!
        Corbyn attended all interviews and debates while BoJoke hid in Fridges, and the NEO-Labour Party TORIES Connived the VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn Campaign!
        You heard what that chap said he was up and down the country like a young man couldn’t keep up with him, where is the abandonment?
        Abandoned Campaign: NO!
        Sabotaged Campaign: YES!
        Anyhow you must be a fucking Brick not to be crystal clear on this, with all the evidence stacked up against you, all your dirty bussiness, is out in the public eye!
        You are lucky to have so many Zombified MSM Sheeple believing that this “Labour” is better than no Labour, but never you mind, we’ll be tinkering away and ensuring everyone watches at least the Labour Files! GOOD always prevail EVIL! Just not sure if there is enough GOOD in the entire world to counter the EVIL of the NEO-Labour TORY Party!
        “You sure speak like someone who would have voted Labour!”
        Fucking lying TWAT!

      8. Well they WOULD do, seeing as they gained entrance.

        But keef shat himself, and kept the unwashed outside, didn’t he?


      9. Toffee – Or in other words they achieved an effective outcome by using their brains.

      10. Oh, so those dockers are brainless, are they?

        That just confirms everything everyone knew about you.

        Filthy nonce. Die screaming, and soon.

      11. Toffee – I’ve not said that anyone is ‘brainless’ that is entirely your choice of words.

      12. Not a difficult feat to achieve seeing how the Corporate media ruthlessly pick, choose and openly censor information to suit the Establishment’s Official Narrative.

        No matter how many people turned up at a workers protest – dockers or anyone else – it would not be covered unless some kind of trouble could be manufactured to project a negative story and image.

        As an argument, steveH, that is about as pathetic as its possible to get. The only positive spin which could be put on it is that it meets your consistently low standards everyone here has become accustomed to.

        Our cat could do better.

      13. Dave – Or perhaps the Green’s chosen strategy was just significantly more effective than the one the dockers chose.

      14. You’ve said far too much, nonce apologist.

        No amount of bactracking can undo your slime words.

        I sincerely hope you bump into a docker or two and tell them what you’ve posted on here.🤜 🤕🤛.

      15. Toffee – I’m not backtracking about anything whatsoever. I’ve simply pointed out that I didn’t say what you are claiming.
        This is what I actually said “Or in other words they [the Greens] achieved an effective outcome by using their brains.” I have made no reference whatsoever to anyone being ‘brainless’, those are your words not mine. I have no direct knowledge of dockers work but I would imagine that they are skilled workers
        Perhaps you should be questioning your own train of thought instead of mine. Unlike you the thought that they are ‘brainless’ never even occurred to me. The question here is why did that thought occur to you?

      16. Neo-Middle-Class v The Worker Class the “Brainless Scum of the Earth” along with “The UNDESERVING POOR”, don’t belong in the Thatcherite NEO-Labour TORY Party, they must fuck off and the Neo-Middle Class demands it, that the Brainless Scum MUST vote NEO-Labour TORY! Or there will be rivers of tears, whinging and whining consequences to pay!

      17. nellyskelly – It wasn’t my fault that the striking dockers chosen strategy of parading round the conference centre chanting ‘If you aren’t on a picket line you’re a scab’ was badly judged.

      18. Was it!? That gives you and your Neo-Middle-Class Pompous Wannabees the right to judge working class Brain Capacity!? That Supremacist attitude is badly judged, keep at it, I want to see your faces rubbed in the dirt by your own ignorance!

  11. I thought that registering your approval of something that the Greens did was an offence punishable by excommunication from the LP.

  12. The gobshite STILL doesn’t get it -and NEVER will.

    Those two women have put up infinitely more opposition in those few seconds than keef has in over two years.

    And if I’m wrong, wee shitstain on society, name me a single vote/policy that keef has whipped his flunkeys to oppose.

    You can’t.

    1. Toffee – I’ve already been quite clear that I’m happy to own what I actually said. Ive done nothing more than point out what was blindingly obvious. The question is are you prepared to own your own misguided thoughts that you are so desperately trying to attribute to me.

      1. More tedious, prolix SHITE designed to obfuscate and absolve you of your own guilt.

        Nope. Not working. Sneering at others for something they were unable to carry out.

        And yet there’s been no criticism whatsoever from you for those what abstained (on keef’s order) to allow schoolkids to go hungry.

        Instead, you’ve made paltry, shithouse excuses for them.

        You’ll be sneering at the disabled next.

  13. Re the Greenpeace protestors – they got in thanks to their ingenuity and if they’d just held their banner aloft should have been allowed to stay as those who disagreed with them ignored it. Once they started heckling then they should have been told they had a choice to shut up or be removed as their shouts were preventing the others in the room listening to what they came to hear. I’m indifferent to the validity or even truthfulness of what they were claiming (unless it was patently an incitement to violence) and would expect the same if for example protestors had infiltrated a Labour Conference under its previous leader to display a banner saying ‘Corbyn – useful idiot’ – if that’s their view and they had the guile to get in then if it doesn’t stop me from attending to what I came to hear they are free to do their thing.

    1. Quite revealing that you mention you’d allow protesters to have said “Corbyn – useful idiot”

      He hasn’t been the leader for almost three years…And hasn’t been in the party for over two of them.


      1. Specifically to make the point that tolerance of opposing views should be expected regardless of where one locates themselves on the political spectrum. I was mindful that the example I gave would be one that might provoke the Sqwawkbox constituency – defence of free speech counts for nothing unless you are prepared to defend the right of others to say things you don’t agree with. If I had settled upon “Starmer – Establishment poodle” held aloft under the current regime then it would have not served to prompt reflection on whether that might be acceptable as (almost) everyone here would heartily endorse the sentiment.

      2. And I thought the wee fella doth protest too much…Ho-hum.

        Birtspeak for: “I posted it to provoke that kind of response and that’s what I got”.

        Except you inserted a negative reference to Corbyn as part of your surreptitiously-veiled anti-Corbynist agenda.

        There were other, more pertinent examples you could have used.

        Example:“Who voted for Evans??”**

        But it just HAD to be Corbyn, didn’t it? 😙🎶

        **And yes, I’m aware fat dave was subsequently *elected* – but I posted that to elicit a response. 😏

    1. I guess that this is a reference to the disaggregation. The downside is that it only takes the smallest 1/3 of the branches, or indeed the affiliates and unions, to be captured by the insurgents for an MP to be triggered.
      To quote Labour List “The new system is designed to trigger more MPs and make them go through a full process.”
      My suspicion is that it is designed to enable the triggering of more left MPs.

      1. goldbach – Really, I don’t recall reading that, could you post a link to the article that you have quoted?

      2. goldbach – What you are describing is the trigger ballot process that was put in place by Jeremy Corbyn. It is also worth noting that it was Jeremy that made it easier to trigger sitting MPs by reducing the threshold from 50% to 30%. Keir made significant changes to the voting system for trigger ballots in Sept21.

        The crucial matter is Labour’s trigger ballots rule change at conference in September [2021]. Proposed by the leadership, it undid the Corbyn era reform that made triggering an MP easier, and raised the threshold for setting off a full selection process. Instead of requiring one third of either party or affiliate branches to vote for triggering the sitting Labour MP, the rules now require at least 50% of an electoral college comprising party and affiliate branches (each weighted 50%) to vote in favour of triggering the MP. Trade unions usually agree not to start fierce deselection battles. That makes the new threshold a high bar to meet.

  14. This all sounds rather wonderful in the labour…but nothing is nailed on certain even a win against the worst example of a government in living memory for Britain
    ..The electorate are not entirely gullible and when the media cast there eyes on labour the obvious danger of a bought and paid for”made in Israel “labour party will not go down well in a country reknown for its dislike of the” alian ”
    .Not too difficult to guess the Conservative and unionist party campaign is it when a known self proclaimed Zionist labour party leader ask to be trusted with the keys to downing street…..bankruptcy is more likely every day because the truth will come out…..and labour continues to rupture with the members running for the exit door.

      1. Ooops – Sorry my comment above should have been addressed to Joseph.

      2. Oops – my comment above should have been addressed to Joseph.

      3. Well I’ll answer – seeing as I was mentioned**…

        IIRC – Didn’t jlm nominate nandy? Even they couldn’t bring theirselves to nominate keef.

        Not that any of them were/are worth a carrot anyway.

        **And you claim I’m “obsessed” by you 😏

  15. About 6 of my messages on this thread have been removed, none of them were more offensive than what I replied to! This is what cancel culture has done, this is what Labour anti-FOS & anti-FOI has done the normalisation of removing, deleting, expelling, etc without so much as a notification!
    See you there maybe,
    Good Luck Comrades

  16. I’ve had several of mine vanish into the ether, nelly.

    (Sometimes just as well, I guess 😋)

    Wouldn’t put it down to cancel culture given some of the shite I’ve posted in the past…Or anything a certain beaut posts consistently.

    At least they appear here on skwawkbox – most of the time (and after a delay)

    They don’t even get published 99.9% of the time on Mike Sivier’s site!

    1. Those Fascists and Far Right CNUTS, all pure and good, don’t drink, don’t swear, don’t this don’t that, but theey are all very happy with Middle Eastern Children and Families being blown to pieces, oh but do speak propper about it! The fkn CNUTS can take their fkn speak propper and shove it right up their fkn @rses so fkn deep that it fkn tickles their fkn tonsils!
      I am so done with walking on eggshells around supposed comrades more than the fkn enemy! You know Toffee 2015 to date has exposed so much pssing bullshit left and right of the spectrum and I am so Fkn done with People’s sht it is hidious. I reckon the left need a right fkn wake up call! All this wishy washy nicer, kinder, gentler Naïvety has completely ruined the spirit of the left, forget about camaraderie or solidarity those fkrs will have you hung out to dry faster than the far right could, fk em!
      Take Chris he was one of the most popular MPs on the left. He leaves the party because of the inaction of the process to deal with ANYTHING OTHER THAN FAKE Antisemitism claims. Now he is cast out into obscurity, the same with LauraP, LauraS, Dennis, Marc, Jackie, Tony, those are all experienced campaigners and exMPs “The Left should have takwn full advantage of that, inside outside ‘the party’ makes no fkn difference, we could do far more damage from the out than the in and this dangerous imposter TORY Party need to be destroyed entirely! Agh No Toffee, until the left gets their shit together, I am not interested! I feel like I am stuck in a Kafkaesque Mirror Maize World where there is no language and no sound. I am going to join the Socialist Labour Party and watch my inbox with baited breath.
      It’s about time I spent some energy on the flat!
      Good Luck my Old Mucka, it’s been a tough fight with nothing more than kcks in the teeth, from “Comrades” or Tw@ts! Don’t let the fkrs get you and the true Comrades on here down! Stand as ONE!
      xox (on your cheek you foolish old man :);) )

  17. Toffee,
    I know little, nor much care, about Evans. I am indifferent to the fate of Labour and was intent on exemplifying what might constitute tolerance of differing views by providing one that many here would disagree with but that, in the context of a comparable situation to Truss’ speech, would, I hope, have the common sense to allow and ignore. Your sensitivity to the most mild criticism of Corbyn (and not one I share, not that that matters either way) suggests you’d be the one manhandling someone out of a hall should they have the temerity to articulate it.
    If I felt the urge to criticise Corbyn I’d do so and it would be more exhaustive and substantive than the lazy slur I used. Amongst the various charges you have previously levelled against me I’ll plead guilty to verbosity which in my book is a lesser infraction than baseless insults so I’ll just reiterate that my intent was not to cast aspersions on Corbyn and leave it at that.

  18. Whatever. I’ll now take the liberty of typing my own long-winded response.

    You’re free to criticise Corbyn all you please; God knows the resident whopper does it on every post other than the ones where he’s not virtually rimming smarmer….And in plenty of cases he manages to do both.

    But whenever you DO – you can expect to be called on it, whether you try to disguise it as a mere example, your own polictical/factional indifference, even-handedness or what-have-ya.

    The wee idiot has tried & failed to cover up his backhanded slur at the dockers,.

    It’s all too clear to anyone bothered enough to take in interest in (what was said) what he has said.

    And you have attempted to lend credence to his words; and in doing so, you have – to all intents and purposes – admitted to using Corbyn to elicit the response you were seeking.

    A trick the wee idiot freely confesses to although in mitigation you quite probably haven’t done it with malice aforethought.

    Returning to your freedom of expression, in my own humble opinion, someone who posts something in support or mitigation of someone who excuses child harming measures and the perpetual sneering & condescension of socialist views on a socialist forum, really ought to expect their posts to come under closer scrutiny than those who don’t, and cannot be expected to be either taken seriously, nor complain when they are called on it.

    It’s not as if you’re unfamiliar with the leanings of the regular posters on this site.

    There’s a reason I don’t go on the daily mail comments section (or their website) , or conservative forums.

    1. Toffee – ……and yet despite all your faux solidarity with Jeremy Corbyn you couldn’t be arsed to even vote for him. 🙄

  19. Re: The new system is designed to trigger more MPs and make them go through a full process.
    The general argument of this report is clearly correct. There has been significant profiteering.
    However, there is a factor that is not taken into account. The SAP is a function of all transactions. The volume of transactions conducted between Russia and China/India/various other Asian countries has increased, and Russia has ensured that the price was kept reasonably low. This has, in significant part, helped to reduce the SAP. Now that the US has virtually stopped the export of LNG to Europe, fearing the development of a shortage at home, we are likely to see the SAP start to increase again. UK and Germany are supporting demand by subsidising energy bills at the same time as we are seeing reductions in supply. This will mean that Europe will have to be willing to put up with energy rationing and the consequent industrial closures. We’re now in a recession, and a depression, at least in “the West” could follow. How long before the economic war causes the fall of governments in Europe? Who will be first? Germany? UK? Moldova? Italy?
    And what will replace any government that falls?
    Keep taking the laudanum.

  20. Toffee,
    Thank you for your considered and explanatory post. I would reject any charge that I empathise or am a fellow traveller with the individual you mention, never mind thereby find myself through a somewhat oblique line of causation as championing the withholding of food from kids.
    My sensibilities are not wholly in alignment with what might pass for a consensus on this site and I am quite happy to defend or argue my position when required. I find dissensus more productive than self-affirming groupthink and I will gladly accept being proved wrong on occasion as preferable to continuing in a state of blissful ignorance. It is my preference to engage with ideas rather than trade written blows – I am quite experienced in doing that also but it is a pleasure I like to reserve for a select few elsewhere who have wilfully located themselves in little circles of hell.

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