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Whittome forced to delete Sunak tweet, while Starmer copies Tories

Anti-black/brown immigration policy apparently is compatible with Labour now, but pointing out that Sunak is a class enemy is not

Labour MP Nadia Whittome has been forced by Keir Starmer’s party regime to delete a tweet pointing out that Rishi Sunak’s coronation as unelected PM is not the triumph for Asian communities that the media is presenting, because his class interests are at odds with theirs and those of people of every ethnicity.

Whittome’s tweet

Just as Margaret Thatcher becoming Prime Minister was no victory for women – and indeed a disaster for millions because of the policies she imposed in the service of the wealthiest – Sunak is first and foremost a representative of his class and therefore at odds with the best interests of the many. The same, of course, goes for Keir Starmer – he and Sunak are both men of the Establishment and there for its benefit, not to change things for the better of the majority.

But the very white leader of a ‘Labour’ now ridden with anti-Black and anti-Muslim racism – who dismissed the Black Lives Matter movement as a mere ‘moment’ – thinks he can tell an ethnic minority woman MP how to view race issues. The party has made Whittome delete her tweet and is deciding what further disciplinary action to take against her, with a party spokesperson declining to deny that the Labour whip might be withdrawn.

At the same time, Starmer has said Labour under him is almost identical to the Tories on immigration – against the arrival of Black and brown people, then – and the party has distanced itself from backbencher Richard Burgon’s call in the Commons for the government to tax the wealthy instead of imposing cuts on the poor, saying:

This sort of language around wealth taxes is not where we are.

The great tragedy of our time is that there is no representation for the millions of people struggling and going under in this country, at the moment where they most desperately need it, because the so-called ‘leaders’ of both major parties are too busy competing for the approval of billionaires and hedge-fund managers.

It must never be forgotten or forgiven.

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  1. Stunned! Nadia was, absolutely, right.

    It doesn’t matter a damn if he’s black, brown, white, striped or polka-dot – above all else, he’s a Tory.

    Someone in Southside, or wherever the order came from, needs a boot up the backside and be ordered to undergo further training, themselves.

    Just a thought – has Nadia been ‘triggered’?

    1. Reply to George Peel
      If Nadia hasn’t been triggered yet I expect she soon will be . She is clearly an “anti-toryite” and there is no place for “anti- toryites” in Starmers Labour.
      Nadia’s tweet will bring the party into disrepute with Tories and will hinder the party’s ability to fight ” anti -toryism”
      I am just surprised she hasn’t had the whip withdrawn yet.

      1. The timetable for CLPs to carry out trigger ballots was announced almost exactly a year ago. If Nadia was going to be triggered it would have happened by now.

    2. So I just came on to skwawkbox again to check out any new articles that have been posted since I was last on the site, to find that there were three new articles *AND* that SteveH, the resident right-wing Starmer-supporting trolling shill, is straight away off again sniping at just about everyone who posts a comment, as he does on a daily basis. Out of the 69 comments that have been posted so far, he’s posted 23 of them, practically all of them a ‘reply’. I don’t suppose many people saw it, so here’s what Julia said in the thread prior to this one:

      Can I do an internet scream please? SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAMING. Why does everyone rise to the bait every single bloody time? Another thread totally ruined by the one, who delights in deflecting, patronising or insulting people. I could count on one hand, indeed too many fingers with even one hand, the number of interesting or useful contributions from this person. Intelligent debate of opposing views yes, this awful endless loop no. And yes, you know who you are.

    3. If Whittome was a real left winger she would have been suspended. If not then there would have been a media firestorm until she was.
      Whittome is too useful as a pro- war “left winger”.
      I watched her and 200 other lunatics marching past parliament demanding no peace negotiations and NATO to escalate the war.
      She has also been loud in promoting the Uyghurs genocide hoax on behalf of the warmongers.
      There’ll be bo trigger ballot.

  2. Class is not a suitable subject for polite conversation. The very mention of it could unintentionally start people thinking about the real reasons for their current and ongoing travails, when we in the Labour party prefer them to accept the propaganda and misleading information put out by the MSM.
    Remember: all problems, from bins, to potholes in your street, to dire NHS waiting lists, to the imposition of austerity by the ConLib coalition way back in 2010, are all down to Vladimir Putin and his invasion of Ukraine.
    And Jeremy Corbyn………..

    1. And Cuba, China, Venezuala that bunch of bastards who abstained on the cowboys call for something or other in the UN. But the real enemy is the working class, an ignorant bunch who need an elite vanguard to teach them to love war, Israel and hate Russians.

      1. wobbly – Do you condone the imperialist ambitions of the corrupt dictator Putin.

      2. Agreed,
        as Professor Jeffery Sachs has pointed out…
        “The most violent country in the world, since 1950, has been the United States.”
        To name just a couple of examples, 2 mil dead in Vietnam where the US used Napalm and Agent Orange.
        And a generation of Iraqi babies – those who survived despite their mums being exposed to US uranium based munitions – born with birth defects.
        Obviously racists will want to distract us with stuff about Russians. See link –

      3. Bernie – Does whataboutery make the atrocities that Putin is committing today OK in your book?

      4. The ” Steve H”atrocities comitted today”…You ignorant barsteward.and a warmonger.think before silly comments
        Vietnam and Cambodia including Laos are still suffering today from the results of Chemical bombing in the rice fields TODAY! “.I only have to glance at my grandson who was born without a pipe or opening for waste product and no opening in his backside.He had a emergency operation in Phnom Penh and a colostomy bag attatched because no one was capable of performing Micro surgury here in Cambodia on a baby only hours old..after the genocide destroyed most of the “intelligencia of the country
        .Most babys still die here in the rice fields from the effects of USA chemical weapons nearly half a century ago.dropped on countries like Cambodia \Loas who were never at war with the USA.and were bombed indiscriminately” just in case “Vietcong were hiding in nearby countrys like Cambodia.
        We flew to Hanoi and the Vietnamese were specialists in the repairing the damage caused by the legacy of Chemical weapons including the millions of mines planted around Laos Cambodia and Veitnam…..some of us are not blinkered in the casual dismissal of the effects of the insane warmongers the USA and western lackeys like Britain and most of europe.The thought of waking up to a Labour government gives me nightmares… go away and think before opening your mouth Steve H.or whatever your aliases you broadcast under?

      5. Joseph – Does whataboutery make the atrocities that Putin is committing today OK in your book?

      6. Starmer-type racists will try and pretend there is no equivalence between Brown-skinned victims of US racist-imperialisms and whites being bombed in Ukraine – but it is such a double-standard it is obvious!

        And we’re supposed to forget the provocations of the 2014 US enabled coup and US pumping arms and bio-chems into a country on Russia’s border.
        The same US telling us to ignore the existence of Ukraine’s Nazis, dumped a Fascist regime and its death squads on Chile resulting in the ‘Disappeared’ population, a Fascist regime and death squads on Salvador, the monarchical Shah and his death squads on then democratic Iran, assassination attempts on Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro – a tip of a very nasty iceberg!

        And let’s remember that when decent leftists were objecting to Russia’s people’s wealth be handed over to oligarchs and their corrupt government it was the US and their neoliberals insisting on this, because it was supposedly better than socialism.
        Btw the topic is Starmer’s racist treatment of Whittome.

      7. Steve H you are a callous human being and bereft of the basics of humanity and morality.The chemical bombing and mining of land still maims and kills thousands of people
        you dismiss the damage caused by the USA chemical weapons bombing to my own grandson and discribe the damage caused as “whataboutery”
        Hes had one successful and two follow on operations to save his life and also to alleviate the importing of colostomy bags and all the mess that goes with changing and disposing of medical waste .We have been patiently waiting for the all clear on the covid scam before a final flight to Hanoi were the adjustment of the pipe that protrudes from his backside will be done.and he can then lead a proper healthy life without any embarrassment for himself at school. Youve no idea Steve H about other peoples lives and I seriously doubt you are capable of “caring”or even understanding the concept of civilised society You are not a good advert for the labour party
        .I am pleased that the posters on here some being Labour party members will be able to see the type of creatures inhabiting the modern day world of the fascist endeavour.and judge just how dangerous you lot your dismissal of the effects of eternal War from the USA and their allies in the western world.

      8. Joseph – ” You are not a good advert for the labour party”
        I am not professing to speak for the Labour party, I’m just calling you out for your whataboutery. I am not the one who is trying to justify the wholesale slaughter of civilians by Putin on the back of whataboutery about past atrocities by the likes of the US. Of course the actions of the US in SE Asia were egregious and those responsible for this should have been held to account but how does this in anyway justify what Putin is doing now, nearly half a century later.?

      9. The effrontery of Steve H using whataboutery as an argument!

        There is no finer exponent of whataboutery, on these threads, than Steve H, himself.

        I’ll play your silly little game.

        No. I do not condone Putin’s atrocities that are being committed, in his name, today, any more than I condone the atrocities committed by, certain, Ukrainian factions, against their Roma population, or their treatment of black or brown people, simply trying to leave their country, or attacks against Ukrainians who do not support the actions of the Ukrainian government, before and, now, during this needless war.

        It is possible to hold contradictory thoughts in your head, at the same time. This is not a binary situation.

        In the link provided by Bernie, we see a reasonable statement, by Jeffery Sachs, being forcefully shut down by Steven Erlanger, for no apparent reason, other than it being an inconvenient truth.

        Similar to Nadia Whittome being forced to delete her tweet, because it contained an inconvenient truth.

      10. George – Where have I criticised anything that Nadia said in her tweet?

  3. So it was okay for Starmer to mention his wife’s wealth as a non-dom, but not for others in the party to criticise his wealth, and ask for wealth taxes. No wonder the party is losing mmbers in droves still. Every time Starmer criticises his MPs in this way more members leave.

    1. Here’s the latest YouGov poll results

      Leadership Nett Approval Index
      Keir Starmer -5
      Rishi Sunak -21
      Keir has a 16 point lead

      Party Nett Approval Index
      Labour +1
      Tory -53
      Labour has a 54 point lead

      1. So keef has a MINUS 5 approval rating and you’re telling us people really quite like him?

        Do yerself a favour…

      2. Toffee – Oh for goodness sake get a grip, Have you taken a look at Corbyn’s polling when he was leader. The overwhelming majority of the electorate were expressing a dislike for Jeremy, have you conveniently forgotten how many seats Corbyn lost.

        YouGov Poll Jeremy Corbyn 06/12/19
        Approve 22%
        Disapprove 69%
        Don’t know 9%
        Nett Approval Index -47

      3. “Politically what exists today in many parts of the world is a large criminal gang of war racketeering corporate fascist psychopaths passing themselves off as “government,” preying upon (and victimising) the rest of hapless humanity. If only there was honest government of the people, by the people, for the people, based on the principles of equality (political/economic/social), civil liberty, respect and peace.

      4. Reply to Steve H
        Lets see how long it takes Starmer to throw away Labours lead in the polls. I’d guess he’ll do it before Christmas.

      5. Smartboy – Please remember to come back and tell me all about it.

      6. Hullo Steveh, it’s your old mate from North Yorkshire. Did you see Max on pmqs on the telly. There he was upright, proud. A proud man. Proud of his achievements. A clever, wily man. There he was, voice like Paul Robeson, ideas like Aristotle and the wit of George Carlin. Did you see him say something funny. Did you see him look around and behind to see who was or wasn’t laughing. That’s your boy. You must be very proud of him.

      7. Wobbly – Why wouldn’t I be pleased that Labour are on track for a decisive win at the next GE?

      8. No…how about YOU get a grip, helmet.

        You’re the (only) one trying to convince us that most people really quite like keef.

        The poll YOU posted unquestionably demonstrates that to be a pile of steaming horse shit. As per.

        And Corbyn hasn’t been the leader for the last two-and-a-half YEARS,for complete and utter fucks sake. It isn’t a competition between the two of them, you fucking DOLT.

      9. Toffee ” It isn’t a competition between the two of them, you fucking DOLT.”

        Why are you getting your knickers in such a twist, what are you afraid of?

      10. Toffee – Why do you get so upset about me pointing out a few facts

      11. Another thing, soft ollies.

        The rags have just trashed the economy and STILL more people (intensely) dislike keef than like him.

        Although you’re STILL trying to tell us otherwise, and making it out as though Corbyn is supposedly the yardstick to measure keef by.

        …And that’s from those who actually know WHO keef IS ffs.

        But they KNOW that keef means more idealogically-imposed austerity.

        They KNOW he cant be trusted to keep his word.

        And they KNOW he’s NO DIFFERENT to what we’ve got now…the toerags HE lumbered us with – aided by slime like YOU

        Yes, YOU – who pissed off sharpish once keef told you brexit was fait accompli after convincing you it wasn’t ever gonna happen on his watch, to (allegedly) live out your days in the Caribbean

        YOU – who continues to pontificate (to those of us left behind) about what’s best for us.

        Just like you tried to tell us the second referendum was meant to be the best bet for the prospect of a labour government.

        And lest we forget, you told us sunak was OUR prime minister

        Still waiting to discover how that particular whopper works if you’re in the Caribbean and allegedly vote keef…added to the the fact that only a few hundred voted for sunak to become pm when your the self-titled champion of democracy

        (Where was YOUR vote on the second ref shithousery, again, hmmm?)

        You’re full of shit. More than the entire Westminster setup.

      12. SteveH26/10/2022 AT 11:43 PM
        Toffee – Why do you get so upset about me pointing out a few facts

        Who’s getting upset? I’m simply doing YOU a favour by pointing out YOUR OWN gobshitery.

        Here’s the FACT for ya.

        YOU posted a poll that unmistakably demonstrates that MORE people dislike keef than like him.

        And you STILL claim b>people actually quite like keef

        You’re welcome. Now choke on the fucker.

      13. Toffee – Who’s in the lead now and who trailed way behind in 2019. I’m quite happy to post the links to their respective results and let people draw their own conclusions.

      14. That didn’t last long. Sunak’s one point ahead, of Starmer, on one poll, this evening.

        Hey ho, eh?

      15. George – Is he really, I’m surprised that you didn’t post a link to it. Could you please post a link so that we can all see the results that you have reported in context?

        Redfield & Wilton Strategies
        Labour leads by 32%.
        Westminster Voting Intention (25-26 October):
        Labour 55% (+1)
        Conservative 23% (+2)
        Liberal Democrat 9% (-2)
        Green 5% (+1)
        Reform UK 4% (–)
        Scottish National Party 4% (+1)
        Other 1% (-1)
        Changes +/- 23 October

    2. Yep. In a nutshell.

      Don’t do as keef does do as keef says…oh, and don’t say what keef says.

      I’ve seen kids at the local nursery with a more mature attitude than that greasy beaut.

    3. That is the object of the exercise Jenw2049. His remit is to rid the party of Socialists and AntiZionists not win an election so the more members who leave in disgust because of his behaviour the better pleased he and his backers will be

      1. There are a few dark, powerful, entities who wouldn’t mind positioning Headroom to no10. He is considered a safe pair of hands by the Economist and BoE. I don’t like coups. I know that our democracy is a joke but I don’t like colour revolutions from whatever source. That’s where me and the Trots and Bolshies go our separate ways. Bad things happen.

      2. Smartboy – …….and yet the polling results clearly indicate that Labour will win the next GE by a significant margin. Contrast this with the 19GE where they lost by a very considerable margin.

      3. I presume that you haven’t watched the Labour files by Al Jazeera, to show why labour lost in 2019. I bet Starmer has seen them and is studiously ignoring them.

      4. Corbyn won’t lose. Emma Dent Coad won’t lose. Ian Byrne won’t lose. Have you seen how many people support a new party instead of the present Labour cabal?

      5. jen – Do you mean that you are hopeful that they won’t lose their deposits like CW did.
        Does anyone know whether Jeremy will be standing in the next GE? I have my doubts, why would he?

      6. So you are not following him on social media? Oh well. Peace and Justice? Corbyn has probably had as much money donated as the labour party itself has.

      7. jen – I challenge you to post a link where Corbyn confirms that he will be standing at the next General Election.

    4. jenw2049.
      Odd Watson. Puffs on pipe. Not to worry, there are things around us which are not in our control.
      The games afoot Holmes. Now where are the kids for the evenings entertainment?

    5. Corbyn’s Labour had the largest Labour turnout this century in 2017.
      Despite negative spin its 2019 turnout beat the last efforts by Miliband, Brown and Blair. The Party was the largest in Europe (and solvent). When it comes to popularity, the figures below don’t lie.

      1992 Neil Kinnock 11.5mil votes
      1997 Blair’s Tory-sleeze 13.5mil votes
      2001 Blair’s-betrayals 10.7 mil votes
      (Blair had actually started losing Kinnocks votes).
      2005 Blair 9.5 mil votes (another mil gone)
      2010 Brown 8.5mil votes (another mil gone).
      Blair/Brown neoliberals had lost 5mil votes, 2-thirds of Party membership, a number of trade unions and killed-off Party stronghold Scotland.
      2015 Miliband 9.5 mil votes
      2017 Corbyn 12.8 mil votes (Century’s Largest Labour turnout)
      Labour becomes larges membership Party in Europe – 0.5 mil.
      2019 Corbyn 10.2 mil votes

      1. Bernie – ……….and Labour lost 60 seats and for the first time in history more of the working class electorate voted for the Tories than voted for Labour.

      2. Btw most Northerners who were Labour traditionalists will tell anyone that will listen, that the so-called ‘Red Wall’ started to disintegrate as part of the overall Blairite collapse that included losing 5mil votes, 2-thirds of Party membership, a number of trade unions and the killing-off Party stronghold Scotland.
        For people that were not interested or paying attention to London-centric anti-Corbyn smears, the final nail in the northern vote coffin, was Starmer et als decision to try and subvert the referendum vote.
        Even a veteran Graham Stringer in a North Manchester Labour citadel only hung on by his fingertips, this by siding with the referendum voters.

      3. Bernie – So what you are saying is that Labour’s RedWall voters abandoned their chance to vote in a Corbyn led government and the Labour manifesto in favour of a right wing Tory wet dream policy that was being promoted by the likes of JRM and the ERG. How stupid was that?
        Jeez,you couldn’t make it up.
        ps – Labour are now projected to win back the RedWall seats whose voters abandoned Corbyn.

    6. SteveH 27/10/2022 at 9:50 pm :

      As soon as I receive your £500 research fee, I’ll release the relevant poll, for your perusal.

  4. The NEO-Labour Party TORIES minimum requirements:
    [ ] White
    [ ] Zionist
    [ ] Upper Middle-Class
    [ ] Anti-Socialist
    [ ] Anti-Corbyn
    [ ] Hate Russians
    [ ] Hate Chinese
    [ ] Hate Iranians
    [ ] Hate Palestinians
    [ ] Hate Yemenis
    [ ] Hate Imigrans
    [ ] Hate “The UNDESERVING POOR” ie. the poor, the unemployed, the old, the sick, the disabled, pacifists, immigrants, minorities and the unions.
    It is desirable for applicants to check all boxes, but consideration will be given for the more boxes you can check.

  5. When burgon spoke about sunak’s wealth, and imposing a wealth tax, the groans were most audible from the labour front bench. I’m certain of that.

    If only the cameras had captured the grids on them instead of the mics picking up their griping.

  6. The cynic in me is not going to be surprised if Whittome has the Labour’s whip removed for one reason or another before the next General Election.
    My guess is that we are on a count down, anything that can be used to remove the whip from a member of the SCG will be used before the next GE is called.

    1. I did wonder if that was what he was doing, but can he afford to get rid of 35 MPs?
      Maybe that could be the name of the new party, Socialist Campaign Party.
      Either that or the Peace and Justice Party.

      1. jen – Who’s going to donate the lost deposits, the TUSC got their fingers burnt in 2015 when they embarrassingly lost every single one of their deposits for all of the 135 parliamentary seats that they contested.

      2. Whilst the labour party are still trading and hypocrites continue to pay their subs to support the labour party then a new Working class movement cannot flourish.The sooner labour go the better for all of the ordinary people who are the working class struggling to exist in the archaic system of establishment politics..This winter will see the end of many…..go labour party and take your collaberators with you.

      3. Joseph – Is that why Keir made sitting members of the PLP more secure by upping the threshold for trigger ballots by a considerable margin. I think you’ll find that all the trigger ballots that are going to take place have already done so. The published timetable for trigger ballots was set months ago

      4. Reply to Steve H
        The Finances of the Labour party are in such a bad state with all the expulsions, resignations, legal fees, payouts etc etc that if the present trend continues it won’t be in a position to fund an election campaign next time round.
        In fact if the Tories manage to hold on for another 18 months – 2 years Labour will be probably be bankrupt by the time the next election is called. So don’t gloat about lost deposits too soon Steve H

      5. Smartboy – You forgot to mention that despite 20% of the membership abandoning Corbyn’s Labour prior to the 19GE he continues to ignore the fact that Labour’s budget had been set on the premise that we had over 500,000 members. You also failed t mention the considerable impact that losing 60 seats had on the amount of ‘short money’ that Labour receives. As well as also forgetting to mention that it was Corbyn’s reckless behaviour that created the liability in the first place and that even RLB recognised that the likelihood of winning the case were not good and publicly stated in the election campaign that she would if she won compensate those involve in the Panorama program and apologise to them.

      6. Steve H She must have thought long and hard about not “offending the fascist labour leader and put forward a rather measured attack upon the conservative and unionist party.and their wealth of many of them.
        Fat lot of good that did as its clearly not allowed to criticise extreme wealth of the ruling party and their wealthy private educated mps and cabinet..Shes now on the” Hit list for a “fit up” by fatty Evans and his brood..Outright Opposition to the politics of greed is a must for the British people and the few mps left in the PLP who support Taxing the wealthy till the pips squeek
        ,after all they gained most of their millons and billions on the backs of the underpaid working class and handouts on the millionaire welfare system.for unhappy greed merchants.!
        The only way for democracy is to clear out the labour party and a new party will arise from the ashes of a thoroughly descredited and despicable Fascist labour party.and those that fund them.Goodbye Whittome nice gesture but even your comments were judged inappropriate for aspiring second rate tory tribute act.and his brood..Who said crime doesn’t pay?

      7. Reply to Steve H
        When Jeremy Corbyn resigned as leader Labour had a plus balance of £13 million . That money has now gone and the party hasn’t got the funds to fight a General election campaign. Its back to where it was before Jeremy Corbyn won the leadership in 2015 – facing bankruptcy. Those are the facts – like them or not.

      8. Smartboy – When Jeremy stepped down Labour were spending substantially more than they had coming in hence the need when Keir took over for the redundancies and the decision not to renew short term contracts. I remember that at the time many people on these pages were up in arms about these fiscal necessities It is also worth noting that Jeremy looked after his senior staff by moving them over from short term contracts to permanent staff contracts.
        If you are bleeding substantial amounts of cash each month £13m doesn’t last very long. It’s called cash-flow, look it up.

  7. Wow!? But you’re so far up your own arse that you’re almost coming out the other side (And will, no doubt, expect a fucking ticker-tape parade to be laid on when you do)

    The same clichéd, repetitive bollocks. The same abused-to-death phrases trotted out because you have no fucking idea of spontaneity (or just about anything else).

    What is its purpose? Everyone rips into your crap, so it serves none – other than to get people riled. Something you’ve admitted you find ‘entertainong until you start whinging (like the ponce you are) about being trolled

    Goebbels said something along the lines of the more shite you throw out, the more sticks

    Even he’d have had you hanging from a lamppost with a stout hemp rope around your pencil neck because you’re shite at that, too.

    Mind, it’s barely worth racking your pea-brain into attempting to come up with something other than your stock answers because any answer you give gets it’s rightful treatment.

    Just go away you sadsack.

    1. Toffee – The TUSC also lost around 650 council seats in 2015. I’m simply pointing out the facts, you getting all wound up about them is your problem.

      1. Who’s getting wound up??

        It ain’t me. I’m simply doing YOU the favour by trying to explain to you your own useless fuckwittery in repeating the same tired arld shite ad nauseam, ad infinitum

        It isn’t MY fault you’re too much of a gobshite to appreciate that.

        (See what I’m doing here? Probably not because you’re so far up yourself. I won’t bother to explain, there’s no point)

      2. Toffee – I’ll accept that in the spirit it was intended. Are you now going to impress us all with your analysis of their respective polling results.

  8. I’m sure Nadia Whittome would agree with Mohammad Hussein’s assessment of hi risk anus (aka Rishi Sunak) in MEMO . The problem is, so would Sir Keir Starmer, who is – to Labour’s eternal shame – its pro-austerity, authoritarian warmongering leader.

    1. SteveH 28/10/2022 at 7:07 pm :

      So, we’re agreed, for once. Starmer should have kept his mouth shut about N. Ireland.

      Instead, he waffled on and on, about how much work he’d done in N. Ireland and about how it should remain a part of the UK, exacerbating a situation he, obviously, knows very little about.

      That raises the question – how many other subjects has he waffled on and on about? From my observations, the vast majority.

      Nadia Whittome’s tweet being the latest.

      How Blair and Mandelson thought he was qualified to lead The Labour Party, is beyond me. Or, did they, simply, see a pliable patsy to do their dirty work for them?

  9. Are you now going to impress us all with your analysis of their respective polling results.

    Only if you guarantee to desist from boring us to fuck with your persistent creaming yourself in the hope that Corbyn doesn’t stand at the next election.

    For someone who regards Corbyn as an irrelevance (Or at least wishes him to be so) you don’t half harp on about keefs’ alleged popularity while dismissing the monumental upsurge Corbyn brought to the membership.

    Oh….of course Corbyn LOST membership before 2019 election didn’t he?

    …And keefs’ more than replaced them, hasn’t he?

    Because even though more people dislike keef than like him – as demonstrated by the poll YOU YOURSELF posted – you’re STILL trying to convince us that people actually quite like keef


    1. Toffee – You’re right I do hope that Corbyn doesn’t stand in the next GE but only because it would be a shame for Corbyn to end his political career in rejection and defeat.
      You are also right about Corbyn losing approx 20% of the membership prior to the 19GE, it is a matter public record.
      As I’ve said before I’m quite happy for others to study their respective polling results and draw there own conclusions. It is why I posted the links.

      1. You can post as many polls as you like – I’ll be sorry I said that – and Starmer can go begging to as many donors as he likes, but the one place he’s going to have great difficulty – where it counts – is getting people to, actually, vote for him. It’s votes that count – not money, or poll leads.

        At the moment, he’ll, probably, get a minority government – perhaps, a small working majority. I’d prefer a hung parliament, which would leave Labour floundering, not knowing which to turn.

        He can’t count on the SNP to save his ass. He’s burnt his bridges, there.

        The LibDems – the eternal coalitionists – may take the leap.

        The SDLP? That would depend on what position Starmer intends taking on any Border Poll. From past positions, the signs aren’t hopeful.

      2. George – I wasn’t aware that Starmer had a say in whether there is a border poll or not or that he was in a position to effect the outcome of the poll. The criteria for a poll taking place are as I understand it written into the treaty and the outcome of the poll will be decided by the votes of the Irish people, Starmer doesn’t have a vote.
        Personally I expect to see the reunification of the island of Ireland within the next decade and I think that this would be a positive and logical move.

      3. You are also right about Corbyn losing approx 20% of the membership prior to the 19GE

        If I walk into a casino with 180k get up to 520k and then walk out with 450k I’ve GAINED 270k

        A 150% INCREASE on my starting point.

        There is NO LOSS.

        …Except for the £13.5 MILLION that went west within keefs’ first year or so.


      4. Toffee – That isn’t really the point is it and your similarly simply doesn’t work, it is nonsense. What happens if you have an income of £538,606 and then your income drops over a period of 2 years to £430,359 but you ignore the drop in your income and carry on spending as if you are still earning over £500k how long will your savings last. This has absolutely nothing to do with casinos or gambling (apart from Corbyn gambling against the odds on a Labour win). This is about appreciating the impact of a negative cash-flow, it isn’t complicated.

      5. Steve H 27/10/22 @ 1108pm

        Starmer has said, previously, his Labour Party will campaign for N. Ireland to remain part of the UK. Showing his amateurism, right there.

        Any Border Poll is not a matter for the involvement of any UK political party.

        It is a matter for the people of Ireland – North and South – of the border. No one else.

        Westminster has caused, more than, enough problems, for Ireland. Any further input would be unwelcome.

      6. George – So what, nobody is compelling the Irish people to be influenced by anything Labour says. I obviously have more faith in the Irish people and their cause for reunification than you do. As I said above – I expect to see the reunification of the island of Ireland within the next decade and I think that this would be a positive and logical move.

      7. I was born in Ireland. I lived in Ireland for the first twenty years of my life.

        I left Ireland to join the Armed Forces. I returned to Ireland in the mid-eighties, and served there, for three years.

        Perhaps, next time you’re in the UK, we can meet up and you can tell me more of what we Irish should, and shouldn’t, be doing.

        We do enjoy your insight.

      8. George – What’s your problem, come the time you’ll have a vote. I am simply expressing my opinion, if you have a problem with me doing so then that is your problem, not mine.
        What’s your opinion on the reunification of the island of Ireland?

  10. Joseph – I have come late to this report and seen some of the interactions.
    I have a suggestion. Ask him what those “atrocities” are.
    When people fight, there are people killed and injured on both sides.
    Civilians get caught up in it too.
    That is the nature of “modern” warfare.
    Maybe, when he refers to “atrocities” he is referring to events like the burning to death of almost 50 peaceful protestors in Odessa in 2014, or the tying to lamp posts of Russian speakers, semi-naked, in Kiev in early 2022, or the constant shelling of Donetsk city since 2014 with an estimated 13000 civilians killed.
    Or maybe that was Zelensky’s crowd. I forget. Please remind me.

  11. Being truthful and calling a spade a spade are principles not valued by the establishment, especially the tories with the red rosettes. Why can’t we sack Keef?

    1. Sabine – There is a democratic process for removing a party leader it is detailed in the Rule Book. I may be wrong but didn’t Corbyn up the threshold to make sitting party leaders more secure in post

  12. continues to ignore the fact that Labour’s budget had been set on the premise that we had over 500,000 members

    And who’s fault is it there’s less than that now?

    It isn’t Corbyn’s. Corbyn brought them and their moolah in in the first place. People aren’t – over the last 30 months -being expelled or leaving in disgust because of Corbyn, are they?

    …And they’re not queueing around the block to sign up under keef. Nor would they.

    Rayner said she’d gladly get shut of hundreds of thousands and keef’s already doing so, so maybe they should’ve budgeted/ should be budgeting for THAT scenario – ever thought of that?

    (Makes me wonder how they’d budget for a nation if they can’t get their own finances in order)

    No, I guess you never. You’ll just tell us how people actually quite like keef but will blame Corbyn for those same people NOT actually quite liking keef enough to give him their hard-earned.

    All said without any sense of hypocrisy or irony.

    But it’s ALWAYS someone else with you & keef, isn’t it?

    1. Conveniently ignoring the fact that 20% of the membership abandoned the party in the 2yrs leading up to 19GE. In November 2019 the number of fully paid up members stood at precisely 430,359.

  13. SteveH, I would argue that Keef has lost what you would call a mandate. My Reasoning is that by reneging on all his pledges, on which he was elected, he has no mandate left. He has more or less cheated his way into position.

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