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Video: Starmer repeatedly refuses to oppose pay-cut for nurses – or say he’d give a rise

Only yesterday he claimed his sister was a low-paid care-worker struggling to make ends meet, now he won’t back a pay-rise for struggling nurses. Starmer in Number 10 would be as bad or worse than he is now and that’s very bad indeed

Keir Starmer – just a day after the multi-millionaire barrister claimed his own sister is a low-paid care worker who struggles to make ends meet ‘every week, yes, every week’ – refused to say he would oppose a real-terms pay-cut for nurses, when repeatedly grilled about it on ITV.

Instead he hid behind the official process for pay awards that has underpaid NHS workers and other public servants for more than a decade, in a scene that was reminiscent of how he hid behind parliamentary processes during the Labour leadership election in order to conceal the large donations he accepted from anti-Corbyn donors:

As well as his claims about his sister, Starmer also used his TUC speech yesterday to reassure billionaires and corporations that he’ll continue Tory austerity. It’s clear whose side Starmer is on and it’s not that of striking nurses and other workers.

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  1. While Starmer’s making a complete ass of himself, once more, JC is off to Brazil, next week, to team up with Progressive International, to act as an Election Monitor, during the Run-off Election between Lula and Jair Bolsonaro.

    Even, as an Independent MP, he’s more use to the world, than Starmer is as – well – anything, really.

    Viva, Lula! Solidarity!!

  2. What would be the point of voting Labour at the next GE? Starmer as PM is going to be as worse than Johnson.
    Better to ensure Labour’s defeat while ensuring that some one like Ian Byrne have the numbers in the PLP to ensure he can win the leadership.
    We all witness the result of Corbyn’s leadership on the Tory Party after 2017 no Tory MP was talking about cuts or austerity.
    We only have to see the Tory manifesto for 2019:
    -stop non-fault evictions for private sector tenants.
    -levelling up through investment for areas left behind
    Corbyn’s labour did that, if forced right wing Tories to go back to behave like One Nation Tories. The first budget of Sunak was a One Nation Tory budget.
    Furlong was agreed with Corbyn still in the leadership. All the regressive policies attacking our freedoms the Tories have imposed on the country had happened under Starmer’s leadership. Macron despite a majority in the French’s parliament couldn’t impose its policies because the french left mounted an effective opposition.
    Hence, better a Tory government with a Labour leader like Byrne mounting an effective and robust opposition that Starmer in N.10 that will be the same as having a Tory government but without an effective opposition.

    1. Yes.

      Corporation tax increases…. Corbyn and co.

      Ed Balls even said that he would not have increased corporation tax by as much as Sunak when he appeared on the Andrew Neil show on Channel 4.

  3. Starmer and Streeting, funded by the three biggest Hedge Funding Private Health Care Investors in the UK. Not a lot to see here is there? Quick let’s move on…..

  4. Starmer at the TUC: Labour is the party of ‘Sound Money’. Time to get the books out on the MacDonald/Snowden government in 1931. (Bu not Marquand’s apologia.)

    The 1930s were a time of pay and benefit cuts but prices also fell Not today.

  5. The so-called choice on 2022 is only different to what it was in 2015 because theres no referendum to offer.

    It’s toerag austerity or smarmerite austerity. 😒

    1. Toffee – I blame those who were stupid enough to vote for the Tories or couldn’t even be bothered to get off their arse and vote.

      1. Those stupid people who didn’t know what they were voting for?

        Who you’d happily have made vote again & again until YOU got the result YOU wanted?

        Who allowed keef to shit all over the democratic process and instill a second referendum policy without YOU having a vote on it?

        Yep, it’s all their fault for not doing as YOU wanted.

        You pathetic, entitled nonce case.

      2. Toffee – Which version of Brexit did you vote for?
        ….and yes it was the fault of those gullible pretend lefties who were stupid enough to be taken in by what was always a neo-con wet dream.
        They chose a Tory government led by Johnson over a Labour government led by Corbyn on the basis of supporting what was always a Tory policy. They threw away a one time opportunity for what? Their idiocy was palpable.
        Labour’s proposal was to give the electorate the opportunity to decide whether they wanted to proceed with leaving the EU once they knew what the actual deal that had been negotiated entailed. What were you afraid of?

  6. But anyway – Back to the main issue of the thread…

    You know keef’s green paper you’ve been creaming yourself over?

    Does it have anything related to instilling a fair payrise for public sector employees? 🤨

  7. He does not want to know. He does not care. We, the people are not a priority. He is more or less supporting the tories in reaching their ultimate aim of total privatisation of our nhs. Also put that in context with the speech he gave at TUC congress. You then now all you need to know. Am really disgusted.

  8. “Starmer in Number 10 would be as bad or worse than he is now and that’s very bad indeed

    ⬆︎ 1 Million Likes.

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