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Braverman removed as Home Sec – Shapps will be the next monster to replace her

The face will change but the Establishment’s fanning of hate and division won’t

Suella Braverman has been sacked as Home Secretary, as Tory PM Liz Truss flails about in a desperate attempt to save her skin. Braverman is the second Cabinet minister of colour to fall victim to Truss’s axe.

Braverman was the latest in a long line of monstrous Home Secretaries, seeming to model her approach on the loathsome Priti Patel, but any Tory who replaces her will be no less a disaster for vulnerable people.

Grant Shapps has been appointed to replace her, although it’s not clear whether he will use the name Michael Green or Corinne Stockheath – both are pseudonyms he denied using, along with having a second job, but later had to admit.

Despite the change of face in the role, there is unlikely to be any u-turn on the Tories’ plans to criminalise protest and drive us into police-statehood – and their promotion of hideously racist immigration policies. Tragically for the nation, the ‘leader’ of the so-called ‘opposition’ is just as much a creature of the same Establishment and has helped the Tories push through ‘spycops’ laws to protect criminal police and state agents, so even a change of government will signal no improvement. Nor would a Starmer government be more likely to free wrongly-detained journalist Julian Assange than they Tories, as Starmer has failed to mention him let alone support him and has form as an enabler of US extradition.

As this article was being published, Grant Shapps was confirmed as replacement – the article has been re-worded to reflect this change.

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