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Mexico president tells US: free Assange or dismantle Statue of Liberty

Andrés Manuel López Obrador demands US President Biden intervene and that US media join the fight to free ‘the best journalist of our time’

Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador has demanded that the US end its pursuit of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange – and has said that if the country persists, it should dismantle the Statue of Liberty.

And Obrador condemned the Americans’ determination to use the Espionage Act to go after journalists who embarrass it by revealing US crimes that it would rather keep secret, warning that it will damage journalism, which would have a profound impact on even the notion of democracy:

Julian Assange’s prosecution raises profound concerns about freedom of the press. Invoking the Espionage Act for practices that include receiving and publishing classified information sends a dangerous signal to journalists and publishers worldwide.

Obrador also called on the US press to join the calls for their government to abandon its war on Assange, whom he described as ‘the best journalist of our time’ and a ‘prisoner of conscience’ who has been ‘unfairly treated’.

He continued:

if they take him to the US, and sentence him to the maximum sentence [to] die in prison, they will have to dismantle the Statue of Liberty that the French delivered …because it is no longer a symbol of freedom.

Obrador said that he would be personally asking US president Joe Biden to intervene when he meets Biden this month and repeated his offer that Mexico is prepared to grant Assange asylum and citizenship.

To its shame, the UK government has granted the US extradition request, despite the collapse of the US case when its witness against Assange admitted he had lied throughout – and despite revelations that the US used a surveillance company to spy on Assange and his discussions with his legal team. Disgracefully, Labour leader Keir Starmer, who as Director of Public Prosecutions was eager to extradite the autistic hacker Gary McKinnon to the US, has never spoken up for Assange either.

Julian Assange is appealing the decision to the European Court of Human Rights.

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    This might just be a jab, but the once mighty West ONE Ruler is not used to all these jibes left, right and centre. If it’s not Africa standing up against the WHO & WEF, it is Russia and China creating a New Equal world order.
    Or BRICS kicking the West’s rosey economic butts. Change is comming, Brothers and Sisters, only about 2200 years late mind!
    The ONE ruler, ONE god mentality is broken, well and truly broken! FINALLY!

    1. There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen.


      Going to plenty more like this in the coming months. Germany is going to be interesting for a start.

  2. Bravo..Mexico and this might have a severe effect on the espanic vote especially in the border areas were the democratic vote is strong.
    Even the traditional Catholic vote for the democrats is looking shakey under this seni!e molester Biden and his rotton to the core family
    ..Pelosi is also for the chop by traditional democrats.The war in the Balkans as opened a can of worms that has a wider sphere than just europe and America
    .Awakining the Chinese Dragon is a far more dangerous move than kicking a sleeping Russian bear….War talk from the west is not just sabre rattling but the people have no idea just who their government are picking a fight with on the other side of the world..The amount of provocation as gone way beyond flag waiving.The pounds now slipped from 1.30against the doller to 1.18so far today and the euro as reached parity with US doller.American wars have always made a profit and it looks like Europe and Britain are the chumps that will fund it.

    1. The empires may well still be propping up Wall Street and The City, with faux ivory towers, but large chunks of those empires belong to Russia, China and the likes of Israel and Saudi. Not to mention the debt
      If as they suggested BRICS expand into South America, Africa, the Middle East and Pacific they could litterally leave the West in a cloud of dust. They could cut all ties, there simply is no need for the West, their years and years of abusing power and abusing Cheap Labour, weakening themselves, not seeing that the ‘Cheap Labour’, learnt their skills and spread their own wings to become the golden dragon to show the west just another example of how Capitalist Greed is Eating itself!
      Tough times ahead, in the West, hopefully the West will fast turn to their down trodden socialist pioneers and tlak some sense for The PEOPLE!
      PS. Of course that’s if the new PM, whoever that is does get Britain Deleted, by the morning after!

    2. Well now, Joseph, there is a short video clip going round on Twitter that seems to show Hunter Biden weighing out what looks like a small quantity of cane sugar.. Will there be any ramifications?

  3. JC and Assange are two geet big shitty sticks with which we can beat to death the MSM and toilet papers
    One of the fundamental pillars of a democracy is a Free Press, but before we put them out of business, bleed them dry and put money into independent regional media

  4. Let us not forget that James Earl Ray was extradited to the United States which enabled him to be framed for the assassination of Martin Luther King.

    Judge Joe Brown was taken off the case for concluding that Ray was not the assassin. He was lucky as an earlier judge, Preston Battle, very conveniently, died of a heart attack before he could grant Ray a trial!

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