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Judge who has approved Rwanda flights as lawful also ruled ‘uplift’ discrimination against poor was ‘justified’

Judicial review will take place ‘before end of July’ but judge allows flights to start in meantime

The High Court judge who has ruled that Priti Patel’s inhumane ‘removal’ of asylum seekers to Rwanda can go ahead is the same who decided that the government’s discrimination against ‘legacy benefit’ claimants was acceptable.

Justice Swift decided that the flights can begin because they are in the ‘public interest’, despite the fact that a full judicial review is pending and might not yet take place for weeks – at some time before the end of July.

And in February, the same Justice Swift ruled that the government’s decision not to award the emergency £20 per week ‘uplift’, which the government mandated for Universal Credit claimants during the pandemic, to those that were still claiming ‘legacy benefit’ because the Tories haven’t yet moved them across to Universal Credit was discriminatory, but decided that the discrimination was ‘justified’.

The Tories’ decision had deprived people often in grinding poverty on legacy benefits of more than £1,500 compared to ‘UC’ claimants – and the judge’s decision let the Tories off the hook of having to make up the difference to those they had discriminated against.

Unite’s Howard Beckett summed up the one of many issues with these decisions:

Depriving the poor of vital cash was also legal, according to Justice Swift. But it was still wrong. The judicial system in this country, like the rest of the political system, is broken – and as always it is the poor and vulnerable who suffer.

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    Deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner has been sacked from her role as chairman

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      1. Stevie boy youve probably seen the commnts about your leader in the guardian yesterday and the clear inebriated leader of the opposition whom the guardian described ” he looks like hes just come from the pub ” Now I realise you are a devotee of the knight but don’t think that partytime behaviour should be restricted and especially in public.Do sober up steve or go into isolation as your leader does to “dry out” .Have you tried counting sheep as a good nights rest and relaxation could be good for body and soul.
        Pms question time may never be considered the same again after last week’s drunken performance and don’t forget you were warned about the knight of the realm.and clearly many of you have followed his lead.Has Coyle been dried out yet?…?

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  2. Brazil – Reasons to be cheerful ……….. and not so cheerful.
    Latest polling gives Lula 53% – Bolsonaro 32%.
    However, the head of the military has issued a threatening letter to the constitutional court.
    Will Biden insist on the people of Brazil having the right to exercising their democratic rights?

      1. It was only reported an hour or two ago. I guess the text will become available soon. Maybe the court will release it or maybe it will be leaked.

      2. Thanks, I guess that explains why I couldn’t find any trace of it.

  3. Well the fact that the military has threatened the
    Election processes should be enough for
    Biden to react – maybe now there is some more
    in MSM about it?

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