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Breaking: Braverman gone for sharing ‘highly sensitive’ info – on relaxing immigration

Hapless Home Sec copied in wrong person on an email, say parliamentary sources

Suella Braverman quit – or was told to – as Home Secretary this afternoon because she shared ‘highly sensitive’ information that she shouldn’t have – and Number 10 only heard of it because Braverman copied in the wrong person, according to parliamentary sources.

Braverman apparently shared a draft of a ‘Written Ministerial Statement’ (WMS) that Liz Truss and co consider ‘highly sensitive’ – because it relates to potential plans to relax immigration rules – commonsense when there are jobs to fill and the NHS is around 100,000 workers short but a red rag to the Tory right and the majority of their membership.

Braverman, meanwhile, told Liz Truss she should quit.

Why Braverman shared the statement when she shouldn’t have is not yet clear, but as a Home Secretary who said her ‘dream and obsession’ was to see front pages about deportation flights to Rwanda, it’s unlikely she was promoting the idea.

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  1. It just gets worse and worse . It is important to remember these incompetent obnoxious people were elected by the voters of this country thanks to the combined efforts of the PLP, Southside, the State Broadcaster , the MSM, the establishment and the Zionist lobby. I hope those voters who swallowed the lies and were made mugs of by this anti democratic alliance reflect on the choices they made when they are suffering the effects of Tory fiscal policies this winter and beyond.

    1. Only one problem Smartboy, even if they were to reflect, right now they not longer have a Corbyn lead government as an option.
      Would a Starmer’s government be any better? Look how the right of the Party is treating Ian Byrne, Apsana Begum, Claudia Webbe and let’s us not forget Jeremy Corbyn.
      Hence, where is the choice Smartboy? As appalling as the Tories are Starmer isn’t any better, it is probably worse once you start realising that Reeves is accusing the Tories or not deporting people fast enough or the treatment of Assange at the hands of Starmer when he was the Director of Public Prosecutions.
      My fear actually is that the same people that voted Tory in 2019 will now vote Labour without realising the are voting for a fascist Party.

    2. Reply to Maria V
      I don’t disagree Maria . The people responsible for us losing the 2019 election and those who have overseen the purge of Socialists and Anti Zionists from the party since have created a situation where the electorate has no real choice – both main parties are now Tory.
      Both will bring misery to ordinary people who swallowed the lies and disinformation they were fed .

  2. Jumped or pushed, does it matter? The British coup proceeds regardless.

    Not sure that poaching workers is commonsense…

  3. I agree about poaching workers – which isa what they
    are doing un respect of medically qualified Doctors.

    There was a program on BBC where a candidate for an
    examination was filmed. This took place in Nigeria
    where the intention was to decide medics suitable for
    employment in the UK. Since Nigeria is on the “Red
    List”*** this is illegal. The govt here – supposedly –
    knew nothing of it in spite of it being held on UK supported

    The medics who are employed – largely in Private
    Hospitals – are exploited and made to opt out of restrictions
    on number of hours worked. If they are ill and want to take
    time off their pay is docked so as to pay for their replacement.
    Some are MADE ill because of their anxiety that they might
    make a mistake

    *** Third World Countries basically ..

    1. HolbyFanMW, it is also the questionable ethics of expecting countries that are poorer than the UK to pay for the medical degrees and other useful degrees of its people and them for the UK to poach them at not expense, and as you rightly say to subject foreign workers to questionable employment’s practices.
      While the UK was in the EU, the cheaper option were to import us from southern EU countries: Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain. Our economies aren’t as strong as the UK’s economy but somehow we manage to educate enough doctors, nurses etc. Many of us were persuaded to come to the UK because the UK needed our skills.
      Brexit has created a problem, in that people like me that still work in the UK public sector and were encouraged to come here while the UK was in the EU aren’t coming to the UK any longer and our children are leaving as soon as they finish university degrees (many studied high value degrees) as they not longer see their futures in the UK and go back to EU countries.
      The problem with EU workers was that we were coming with rights protected by the EU and we couldn’t be exploited at will by employers. Hence, in a lot of cases we weren’t competing with the locals but, rather closing the gaps on high value jobs that couldn’t be filled by locals.
      Somehow, the British education system isn’t good enough to ensure that enough of its young people reach the standards needed to study certain very necessary degrees like medicine or engineering to cite two examples.
      Instead the British education system expanded into creating what I would call Mickey mouse degrees of very little value in the real work that needs doctors, nurses, engineers and similar. But, sold the dream of been “the first with a university degree in my family” Riches were promised to those with degrees and the only thing many students from working class backgrounds are reaping from those degrees is a huge debt and zero hours contracts on minimum wage.
      It is a scandal that the fifth economy on earth cannot ensure that enough of its people qualify as doctors, nurses, social workers, engineers, etc. Thus, making them dependent on a foreign workforce.

  4. I see that Grant Shapps is replacing her ..

    I wont repeat what my husband says about him ..
    It would be slanderous ..

    Thinking back – one of the best (ie least bad)
    Home Secretaries was Ms May. I remember
    she refused an extradition (to the US)
    request for a young man who hacked into
    US Govt files -out of curiosity. She refused
    permission for (I think) reasons of his Mental

    Alan Johnson (caring and Labour .. !) decried
    her decision and roundly criticised it thinking
    that the guy should be thrown to the wolves
    in the US.

    1. Alan Johnson also got rid of Prof Nutt when evidence contradicted New Labour ideology. I never liked him. A wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    2. Yes, re. Theresa May blocking the extradition of Gary McKinnon to the USA: he admittedy accessing US government computers: and Home Sec May told parliament that McKinnon’s health (Asperger’s syndrome, and depressive illness) caused her to rescind the extradition order.
      May’s statement to parliamenmt “”After careful consideration of all of the relevant material, I have concluded that Mr McKinnon’s extradition would give rise to such a high risk of him ending his life that a decision to extradite would be incompatible with Mr McKinnon’s human rights.”

      wiki tells us “She stated that the Director of Public Prosecutions would determine whether McKinnon should face trial before a British court. On 14 December, the DPP, Keir Starmer, announced that McKinnon would not be prosecuted in the United Kingdom, because of the difficulties involved in bringing a case against him when the evidence was in the United States.”

      Starmer will ensure that in any sad future when he is PM any anti-Government speech, thought or contemplation will be instantly prosecutable as sedition. (He’ll probably reintroduce the death penalty for sedition and replace Trial by Jury).

      1. This kind of approach is unfortunately not limited to the sort of example but manifests itself across the entire spectrum at every level.

        The latest example being that Starmer, speaking at last nights Pink News Awards, is committing the Labour Party to introduce tougher ‘hate crime’ legislation. Making such breaches an “aggravated Offence.”

        This clearly implies that the subjectively defined ‘offence’ of ‘misgendering’ is likely to made a criminal one:

        As one observer remarked:

        “The country is in chaos. Ministers are having punch-ups in the Commons. The electorate is crying out for grown-ups to take charge. So what did Keir Starmer do last night? He announced he’ll make it a crime to refer to these two as ‘he’. What time’s the first flight to Mars, Elon?”

        Yet a further example, in a line stretching beyond the horizon, of the Labour Party being committed to treating the general populace in the same way in treats its members at the first whiff of power.

        The gap between cancelling sitting MP’s – never mind ordinary members – for being too concerned about poverty and hunger and cancelling the kings subjects for not agreeing 2+2=5 is linked by a single step.

        Despite the always transitory aggregated polls which the resident thicko troll and cowardly ex-pat steveH always hangs his hat on Starmers LP will lose significant numbers of votes – male, female, straight, gay and lesbian votes over this anti-enlightenment position.

        Those votes, in the total absence of meaningful choice, will likely go nowhere as the ‘Non of the above’ option of not bothering to vote/spoiling the ballot paper exceeds the 18+ million of 2001. With every possibility of breaching 20 million/40% of registered voters.

        And doubtless when that happens the thicko cowardly troll, hiding in his Caribbean safe from all this space bolt hole, will blame the voters rather than his hero worshiping fantasies.

        Which raises the thought as just how many boxes on Umberto Eco’s fourteen characteristics of Fascism does the Labour Party now tick?:

        1. The cult of tradition. “One has only to look at the syllabus of every fascist movement to find the major traditionalist thinkers. The Nazi gnosis was nourished by traditionalist, syncretistic, occult elements.”

        2. The rejection of modernism. “The Enlightenment, the Age of Reason, is seen as the beginning of modern depravity. In this sense Ur-Fascism can be defined as irrationalism.”

        3. The cult of action for action’s sake. “Action being beautiful in itself, it must be taken before, or without, any previous reflection. Thinking is a form of emasculation.”

        4. Disagreement is treason. “The critical spirit makes distinctions, and to distinguish is a sign of modernism. In modern culture the scientific community praises disagreement as a way to improve knowledge.”

        5. Fear of difference. “The first appeal of a fascist or prematurely fascist movement is an appeal against the intruders. Thus Ur-Fascism is racist by definition.”

        6. Appeal to social frustration. “One of the most typical features of the historical fascism was the appeal to a frustrated middle class, a class suffering from an economic crisis or feelings of political humiliation, and frightened by the pressure of lower social groups.”

        7.The obsession with a plot. “Thus at the root of the Ur-Fascist psychology there is the obsession with a plot, possibly an international one. The followers must feel besieged.”

        8.The enemy is both strong and weak. “By a continuous shifting of rhetorical focus, the enemies are at the same time too strong and too weak.”

        9. Pacifism is trafficking with the enemy. “For Ur-Fascism there is no struggle for life but, rather, life is lived for struggle.”

        10.Contempt for the weak. “Elitism is a typical aspect of any reactionary ideology.”

        11. Everybody is educated to become a hero. “In Ur-Fascist ideology, heroism is the norm. This cult of heroism is strictly linked with the cult of death.”

        12.Machismo and weaponry. “Machismo implies both disdain for women and intolerance and condemnation of nonstandard sexual habits, from chastity to homosexuality.”

        13. Selective populism. “There is in our future a TV or Internet populism, in which the emotional response of a selected group of citizens can be presented and accepted as the Voice of the People.”

        14. Ur-Fascism speaks Newspeak. “All the Nazi or Fascist schoolbooks made use of an impoverished vocabulary, and an elementary syntax, in order to limit the instruments for complex and critical reasoning.”

        Any like to have a go?

  5. “commonsense when there are jobs to fill and the NHS is around 100,000 workers short”

    Yes, common sense indeed, and one of the many detriments of Brexit, which has proven to be the disaster which many Socialists predicted. But how hypocritical of Skwawkbox to aim this back at the Tories when it was one of the obvious and foreseeable consequences of Brexit which Skwawkbox and many of the contributors here supported!

    1. Not an automatic consequence of Brexit, but a consequence of what the Tories had decided they would do with their new powers.

      1. “a consequence of what the Tories had decided they would do with their new powers.”
        Yes, powers which they were able to obtain by leaving the EU. Brexit was just the start of their plan to demolish civil and human rights but many on the left, who were blinkered, couldn’t see that far.

      2. You may be right about some people on the left. It did appear that the UK had bought a pig in a poke by voting for Brexit, and that proved to be the case. However, if the vote had been to remain (something that I voted rather unenthusiastically for) we would still have been part of an EU which is currently destroying itself just as effectively as the UK is. The whole globalist project appears to be crumbling.

      3. @Goldbach

        I voted out on the much, much bigger picture and it’s going exactly how I expected. I’ve said it before, Europe (not the EU, it’ll be gone) will pivot to Asia. I remember Nemtona mocking me when I said it. Wonder if they revisited that scorn yet?

        NATO is gone too (one way or the other…) The establishment here decided they didn’t need the EU because they could control Europe via that for a lot less cash. That’s going to fail badly.

        So where does leave us? Alone, isolated and very unloved. Asians don’t forget, ever. Who knows how long the charade will last here, but we’ve almost lost the pension system.

        Expect something monumental in the next two weeks or so. The global system is going to fail, have no doubt. They’ve gotta create some sort of false flag in order to claim the system was working okay and this “incident” will be the reason for the failure.

        Stay safe.

      4. Maybe it’s the medically irrelevant BUT POLITICALLY DISABLING Coronavirus Act 2020 that needs close scrutiny from us: the globocapitalists in brexit-Britain are not doing anything that they wouldn’t in the self-harming EU.

    2. Jack T, so you only objected to Brexit because the UK would find more difficult to get highly skilled labour from the EU?
      As a Spaniard working in the public sector in a high value job because not enough locals are prepared or able to do it, let me tell you something: the Spanish state paid for my education. Hence, why should the UK reap off the Spanish state when the UK’s economy is stronger that the Spanish economy is? What about the UK investing in the education of its own people?
      I objected to Brexit but not because the UK needed workers from the EU.
      I have two sons and both of them got medical degrees in the UK, one already completed its two years as a junior Doctor and is in Spain working as a Doctor, The other will follow as soon as he finishes his two years as a junior Doctor in the UK.
      After all it was us their parents that fully supported them financially so neither of them have student’s debts to repay (Labour introduced fees).
      Yes the UK needs Doctors but guess what it isn’t my sons’ problem. The NHS is on its knees, long working hours and not enough staff as it is. Hence, why not to get a job in a health service that offers better employment conditions?
      As I say to my Tory voting neighbours when the criticise my oldest choice with the ” UK needs Doctors and he has trained here” my reply: welcome to capitalism.

      1. “Jack T, so you only objected to Brexit because the UK would find more difficult to get highly skilled labour from the EU?”

        No Maria, don’t twist my words. I objected to Brexit because it was a right wing plan, with racism at it’s heart, to destroy workers’ rights and freedoms. Freedom of movement was just one of its consequences. Some on the left were too short sighted to recognise it. If we rejoined the EU which of the ‘benefits’ of Brexit would you miss most?

      2. …As I say to my Tory voting neighbours when the criticise my oldest choice with the ” UK needs Doctors and he has trained here” my reply: welcome to capitalism…

        I like the cut of your jib Maria. Hit them with their own weapons


        Whilst I could spilt hairs over what’s hot and what’s not, I saw a bigger picture.

        The biggest loss would be returning to those unelected farts such as the Prez, Ursula Fond Of Lying. You’re obviously content over her vaccine shenanigans with the boss of Pfizer?

        Sad fact is, EU is not utopia you believe it is. Your beloved EU is destroying itself. What’s worse is it’s wrecking the lives of millions. Just think of the impact of German engineering disappearing.

        Time to wake up Jack. Time to wake up and smell the ashes. We’re not the golden billion anymore.

        If only it had stayed as a trading block…

    3. The entire EU economy is founded on cheap labour as the rich man’s club has kept the standard of living for manual labour to a minimum. This is reflected in all the Neo-liberal economies, including Britain & USA. The standard of living for the poor has not risen for decades as manufacturing is willingly exported to China.

      1. Steve, you are wrong. For example Germany’s economy grew by producing high quality products with a highly skilled and well paid work force. In Britain, much of our wealth was produced in the same way but with a lower paid work force, largely due to politicians such as Thatcher who wanted to compete by having low paid workers. None of this has anything to do with the EU. In fact it could be said that the whole basis of the EU had Socialist principles at its heart, of solidarity, and those who could afford the most paid the most. Again, the right wing here knew this, which is one of the reasons they wanted out, but they had to keep it quiet because they didn’t want to scare off those on the left who were their useful idiots in recruiting the uninformed against the EU.

  6. P.S. Why has Ben Wallace jetted off to Washington to see Lloyd Austin?
    To be far away when Truss is ejected, in order to not be cast as a “plotter”?

    1. P.P.S. Keep an eye on Thailand. Looks like things May be building up for a coup attempt.
      And who is usually behind coups?

      1. An inadvertent capitalisation made it look as though I thought Theresa might be an agent of a possible coup. Apologies.

    2. All sorts of possibilities are viable goldbach.

      One I encountered yesterday is a concern that there now exists no secure means of communicating between the two defence secretaries. Hence the need for a face to face meeting.

      However, one should not discount the present context of an annual NATO nuclear offensive capability exercise currently co-hosted by the UK and Belgium which is running from the 17 October (last Monday) to the 31st October.

      Maybe Wallace has been told to get his arse over there pronto to pick up the necessary codes to make that a live exercise?

  7. Ref the article on Rachel Reeves “Video: ‘Labour’ Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves wants long-term sick back in work” which unfortunately doesn’t currently have a comments section.
    Here is a more complete direct quote, it gives a totally different impression on what she intends to achieve.

    ……..”The truth is that a million people are missing from the labour market and half of those have long-term health conditions. We need to do much more to get those people back to work. One reason why unemployment is low is that so many people are not even looking for work because they are waiting for NHS operations, with waiting times at an all-time high. “……..

    and here is the link to Hansard so that you can verify it for yourself and put it in the context of her full speech

      1. Yes, a poll report please stevieh, and maybe a mask, an ebola vaccine and a DNR form or two wouldn’t go amiss while you’re at it

        Austerity is certainly a political choice that is easily made by someone as amoral, as unprincipled, as unscrupulous, as Rachel Reeves

  8. And the snake charmer sais believe in her and the puppet said il stab him in the front hmmm who should we believe we see the acts of betrayal yet on this shitte goes.

    1. Toffee – I gave you the links to both the official written record and the video. It isn’t my fault that you’re either haven’t bothered to inform yourself or you are just too stupid to understand what you’ve read.

      1. And what did reeves say, prick?

        Something about being tougher than the toerags on welfare, wasn’t it?

        So shit up, knobhead.

  9. Braverman removed as Home Sec – Shapps will be the next monster to replace her

    Probably wouldn’t even be an MP if keef had decided to prosecute him instead of resigning the very same day the met said shafts’ business may have constituted fraud

    Instead, he’s gone on to hold several cabinet positions.

    Thanks, keef. 😒

    1. Toffee – You mean the fact that he didn’t make a decision to prosecute a political sensitive case on his last day in office and before he’d had the opportunity to examine the case fully if at all.
      So what in your opinion did he do wrong?
      Does being an idiot come easy to you or is it something you’ve accomplished through hard work?

      1. The question ISN’T What did keef do wrong

        But what did he do right??

        And the answer is: NOTHING.

        You snivelling little shitehawk, making excuses for the knobhead having a leaving bash instead of leaving behind a legacy of at least prosecuting ONE toerag establishment stooge.

        He was quick enough to lie to the commons to claim that HE, himself, personally prosecuted Chris huhne (he didn’t)

        And now you’re claiming he never had anything to do with savile OR shafts?

        Even the met plod said shafts’ dealings may have constituted fraud so it’s NOT as if keef wasn’t aware of any investigation.

        But, like being brexit secretary, the job of investigating & prosecuting shafts was too big for keef, so he decided to go to his leaving bash instead.

        And that’s perfectly acceptable to you.

        What next? He was totally correct in NOT prosecuting damien grope, and totally correct to want to see assange prosecuted for the exact same thing as grope was let off the hook for?

        You godawful fucking nonce.

    1. Great.

      Now keef will be (allegedly) opposing the next most corrupt, incompetent toerag PM on the bounce.

      And he’ll still be as shite as he’s been against the last two.

      1. What were Corbyn’s victories against the Tories when Boris didn’t even have a majority.

    2. Because the dissatisfaction and lack of trust with LisTruss has been chronic (since her appt), it will be interesting to see whether the SLIGHT prospect of a GE reduces or increases Sir Keir Omerta’s personal scores on the doors.

      Me, I honestly can’t guess it; but if he’s as personally abhorrent as many people find him*, the Lab gain will be lower than expected (Green n LD’s taking some of the extra points). Sunday’ll be the earliest poll I’d trust on the question/issue. Can’t wait… Pajama party in formation??

      * ‘repellent’ is even applied to Sir K by some (usually left-leaning) respondents.

  10. I objected to Brexit because it was a right wing plan, with racism at it’s heart, to destroy workers’ rights and freedoms.

    And the possibility (maybe a probabilty) of a Corbyn-led brexit would’ve been a right-wing racist endeavour, would it, Jack?

    And one that would’ve destroyed workers rights?

    Perhaps…If keef had negotiated it. But he wasn’t up to the job. So he shithoused the second referendum knowing full well it would scupper the chances of a socialist, Corbyn-led, labour government.

  11. Enoch Powell initially invited nurses who were educated & trained in the West Indies, to fill post war shortages in the NHS, soon followed by further invitations to provide cheap manual labour “to do the jobs that ‘white people’ didn’t want to do, such as drive buses & trains”. It was they who rebuilt the British economy after WW2, & not my lazy parents.
    This Tory gov’t, with Labour Party support, again cries out for more cheap labour rather that educate & train our own workforce. We have to maintain Blair’s vision of a flexible. low paid gig economy to keep the cost of wages low to prevent inflation & increase GDP. May I suggest that if a government seeks to lower inflation & increase GDP request shareholders, banksters & other financial institutions put their money where their mouths are; they’ve had 12 years of Tory economic mismanagement, with zero interest rates (aka cheap money). money printing (recapitalisation) & Quantative Easing…………but no investment, so why would they invest now?

    1. steve101704 – You obviously haven’t read Labour’s Green Paper on Employment Rights. Come back and tell us all about it when you’ve caught up.

      1. steve101704 – You obviously haven’t read Labour’s Green Paper on Employment Rights

        Green paper

        Not even been debated in parliament. Unlikely to be, neither. Open to all and any sort of change at keefs’ whim….Because re: renationalisation for example ‘circumstances change’ don’t they? 😙🎶

        Pffft!! Just like his ten pledges, not worth wiping your arse with.

        But to gullible, mentally-challenged keef-idolater ponces like you, the promises of the Messiah.

        What a prize prick.

      2. Toffee – By the looks of the polls Keir will be the next PM and the Labour party have said on numerous occasions that they will bring this legislation into law within their first 100 days in office. What’s your problem, are you against British workers getting better employment rights.

      3. OK SteveH – I give up, what have I missed by not reading Labour’s Green Paper on Employment Rights, please bring me up to speed

      4. steve101704 – Here is a very brief synopsis but I would encourage you to read the full paper (follow the link below). It is also worth noting that it has the enthusiastic support of the TUC. Labour have promised to bring it into law within the first 100 days of being in office. You will find that it addresses many of the issues that you have rightly raised about the gig economy on this page and elsewhere.

        ▪ Fair pay agreements. “A Labour government will bring together representatives of workers and employers to negotiate pay and conditions in every sector. Collective bargaining in every sector will end the free market free-for-all that encourages undercutting, exploitation and a race to the bottom.”
        ▪ Give all workers rights from day one in their jobs: sick pay, holiday pay, parental leave and protection against unfair dismissal.
        ▪ Create one, single worker status, banning bogus self-employment.
        ▪ Ban zero-hour contracts and ensure all contracts come with minimum hours and reflect normal working life, requiring notice of shift changes and pay.
        ▪ End fire and rehire. “Labour will end the scandalous practice of fire and rehire once and for all.”
        ▪ Introduce a new right to flexible working as the default, protections for those with caring responsibilities and a right to switch off.
        ▪ Increase statutory sick pay and make it universal.
        ▪ Put mental health and safety on a legal par with physical health and safety, and make sure the laws are enforced by a new, empowered watchdog.
        ▪ Sign into law the new deal for working people within the first 100 days of coming to office.

  12. NVLA “Whilst I could spilt hairs over what’s hot and what’s not, I saw a bigger picture.”
    The bigger picture is exactly what you didn’t see! You didn’t see this, or maybe you did and simply don’t care:

    Your remarks show that you saw the same picture as Farage and the right wing press who used silly little digs to have a go at the EU because they saw it as an afront to ‘Queen and Country’ – Rule Britania and all that nonsense. Leavers, who are not rabid right wingers – who dare not give the public the real reasons for their plan, still cannot come up with any benefits of leaving the EU and simply ignore the absolute disaster that it’s been and will continue to be.

    1. NVLA, was this in your ‘bigger picture’? The Tories determination to get rid of laws protecting our freedom and civil rights ‘now that we are free from the EU’ as Liz Truss said.
      “Draconian legislation to sweep away 47 years of laws in less than one year to get its second reading on Tuesday, Penny Mordaunt confirmed today.
      Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill publications will get rid of 2,400 laws unless someone actively seeks to save them.”

      1. Wouldn’t have happened of keef hadn’t undemocratically shithoused the second referendum policy.through.

      2. Toffee – Jeremy Corbyn disagrees with you. He has admitted on camera that the overwhelming majority of both Labour’s members and supporters wanted a CV and to stay in the EU. You are the one that is a member of a small minority who were captured by the interests of the likes of JRM. Sadly you and your cohorts have turned out to be nothing more than useful idiots for the enrichment of the ERG and the right-wing of the Tory Party. The very ones who are desperate to remove your rights and make you poorer. It is sad that you were duped, but duped you were.

  13. As for getting shut of 2400 laws, I seem to remember the bliarite government shithousing in something like 3000 laws (The vast majority of them criminal laws and those on civil liberty restrictions) in it’s first term in parliament.

    All done hush-hush, via the back door while bleating on about the rights of disease-spreading vermin not to be chased around the countryside.

    Be in NO doubt, that keef will, if given the opportunity, go even further, and with as much gusto and fourberie as the bliarites did.

    It will matter not who’s in power, your rights as an individual are – and will continue to be – diminishing each and every day while the corporates’ rights are increasing at an even quicker pace.

    1. Toffee – Have you looked at Labour’s current policy platform, You really should make more of an effort to keep yourself informed.

      1. Current being the key word.

        But, like keefs’ reneged-on** pledge on renationalisation circumstances change 😙🎶

        **Just one of the every ten pledges he made, reneged on.

        And your green paper calls for collective bargaining, yet keef has t got the bollocks to come out with supporting an above-inflation payrise for nurses, citing mechanisms are already in place for that

        Well those mechanisms are what’s leading towards the nurses’ call for strike action, the fucking gutless nincompoop that he is.

      2. Toffee – It was always my impression that the outcomes of the various ‘independent’ pay review boards were in large part dictated by the parameters that were set for them by government. Who is in power matters.
        Don’t you agree that Labour’s plans for the future of wage negotiations are a good way forward. The TUC are enthusiastically supporting it.

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