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Video: millionaire Tory donor defects to Labour: ‘under Starmer it’s not a dramatic change’

Gareth Quarry has joined Labour and given party £100,000 – because, he says, there’s not a ‘dramatic difference’ between the parties

Lifelong Tory activist and donor, millionaire Gareth Quarry, has jumped ship and joined Labour and donated £100,000 to the party.

He told Beth Rigby on Sky News that this was because it was ‘not such a dramatic change’ to be in Starmer’s version of the party compared to the Tories:

He’s certainly ‘right’ about that…

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      1. Wirral – Not at all. Given that the blinkered ideology that you have practised for last 43yrs has got you and your comrades where you are today I think it is quite legitimate to point out that “What’s the point…?” very neatly sums you up.

      2. Wirral…..A hundred grand is not going to be enough when all the court cases come to fruition. What a tight bastard he is.

      3. “Wirral – I guess that succinctly sums you up

        Why would Paul – or anyone else here – want to watch a successful capitalist who has been a life-long donor to and supporter of the Conservative party boast about his “early-adopter” status and switch to Labour? He’ll only state the bleeding obvious that WEF-Agent Starmer has turned Labour into a second eleven for globo-cap, that atm Starmer’s 2nd Eleven is a safer choice for the capital accumulators and exploiters because the 1st team are having a severe breakdown and need a short break from Downing Street.

        Why would we want to watch that?

        We already know that Sir Keir Quisling-Starmer has denatured Labour and made it bereft of purpoose – that’s what Entryists do.

      4. There used to be a ancient site of execution for High treason at the now marble arch used mainly against Catholics in the reformation.There is still a order of nuns that say prayers every evening at around six for the souls of the faithful that met a horrible death of hung drawn and quartered at the former site …Maybe the use of this ancient law might be ressurected for these bought and paid for mps to face the people “for their treachery as the law of high treason is still there and I am sure the Royalist mps who swear loyalty to the Crown couldn’t argue with that?…having sold their souls to a unelected and foreign new world order..How many thousands on social security and pensions will meet their maker this winter whilst the pigs of parliament jostle at the trough.They must answer for the crimes of genocide against the working class.

      5. Joseph okeefe,

        Such a task would need to be carried out thoroughly and properly, leaving no stone unturned.

        As a result lets give ‘credit’ where it is due and not forget or leave out the substantial numbers of grovelling wormtongues, sycophants, Uriah Heeps and toadies at all levels below who work around the clock in a task which impacts negatively on the lives and potential of countless numbers of us all.

        They deserve everything which is due to them.

      6. It is in my experience that politicians are cheap as whores go. Not sure who said it, but they should have race suits so we can see the sponsors. Bigger the badge, bigger the bung.

    1. As far as I could see there was only 1 current Labour MP on the Free Julian Assange demo yesterday. Claudia Webbe and Jeremy Corbyn were there together with Len McCluskey. There may have been others I didn’t spot but I doubt it.
      Also conspicuous by their absence was the british far left.
      Fight Impeerialism Fight Racism were there. They had an open field and were doing a good trade.
      Counterfire were involved in organising the event, they didn’t have many to spare to promote their own organisation.
      It was a step forward for the campaign attracting thousands instead of the usual hundreds but time is running out.

  1. SteveH06/10/2022 AT 11:42 PM
    Wirral – I guess that succinctly sums you up

    Meaning what, exactly??

    Out with it.

  2. I’ve tacked, –marginally – to the left… …Of who?

    …But it’s not such a dramatic change

    And he’ll no doubt get as good – if not better – vfm.

    Gareth Quarry: Ex-Tory donor says he joined Labour because Conservative Party is ‘riven with arrogance and complacency’

    Oh, really?

    “I sat in rooms with the top group of donors.

    ..He said that invitations to events “were linked to the amount you gave a year” and he attended lunches and dinners with cabinet ministers and the former PM.

    However, he said he “didn’t see it as paying for access or influence”

    Of course not. You’ll get more bang for your buck in a (morally AND financially) skint smarmerite clique than you will a replete toerag one, where £100k is a paltry individual donation

    On his move to joining Labour, Mr Quarry said the party under Sir Keir Starmer “is a left of centre alliance”,

    For “left of centre” read: left of centre-far-right

    And what DOES he mean by an“alliance”???

    Not quite, mister. The correct term is cabal

    But hey! Quarry runs a professional legal search company, so maybe he can save keef a few nicker with the party’s ongoing legal bills…@ let’s say £100k a pop? 😙🎶

    1. Who was the membership secretary who interviewed and carded him up? What do new members get asked for heavens sake? I though my old party sucked before the civil war but we wouldn’t have accepted him. Err.. yes we would.

      1. They did spend time talking to him. The membership secretary would have been thoroughly briefed.

        “Hi. I’m £100k. The gentleman you see next to me is anxious about the state of the country and somehow managed to mistake the Conservative party for it’s namesake.

        Any questions?”

  3. Legal search company “Toffee that opens up a whole new can of worms and also explain the conspiracy behind the bought and paid for labour party… hundred thousand that was chicken feed inside Tony Bliars” One thousand club “were they were all ups for the bidding especially three grand a hour jack straw.!

  4. Liz Truss is the best gift to Starmer. Without the disaster that Truss represents, this Tory donor would have never donate to the Labour Party.
    I expect that unless the Tory Party launches another internal leadership election very soon, more Tory donors are going to start donating to Labour with the intention of protecting their bourgeois’s interest by buying influence with the Labour Party through thus, insuring Labour Policies protect their interest and allow them to keep making money by exploiting the working class.
    Thus, despite the promises at Conference the railways aren’t going to be nationalise, the NHS will go further down the road towards privatisation and we can all forget about increasing the stock of public housing.

    1. Reply to Maria V
      Given Starmers track record – his word means absolutely nothing – I don’t think many believe he will stick to these latest promises unless its suits him to do so.
      Starmer will always do what is in the best interests of Starmer and his backers/ puppet masters.

      1. Smartboy, I agree with you. The problem is that faced with a prospect of Truss (or similar) and Starmer, many would be prepared to give Starmer the benefit of the doubt. You know the old mantra ” Labour is always better than Tory”
        The old mantra has to be substituted for “One nation Tory is always better than Labour-Fascism”. I don’t believe the Tories are going to allow Truss to lead them at the next General Election. Hence, really it is going to depend in whom the Tories chose to be the next PM. Should the Tories chose some one like David Davis, Starmer would be destroyed at the ballot box.

  5. The changing of the old guard (very much like the new guard) is in full swing. For all the evident disarray in the Tories, they are now being forced to reflect on what they stand for, with increasingly open warfare breaking out. By contrast, Starmer’s labour suffocate and suppress debate and difference and thus inevitably become an attractive, tax-deductible haven for the likes of Quarry.

  6. “Despite a healthy poll lead, there are no signs of a let up in internal machinations against the left and the membership at large — that’s because party democracy is the last thing Starmer wants if Labour wins power, writes ANDREW MURRAY”
    (credit, Morning Star).

    1. From the above link:

      It is all but certain that Starmer and Rachel Reeves will put placating the money markets first. They are not interested in transformational change. Fiscal conservatism will be their lodestar — although perhaps the purse strings will be loosened a little for the military.

      Bingo! 😕

  7. I expect that unless the Tory Party launches another internal leadership election very soon, more Tory donors are going to start donating to Labour with the intention of protecting their bourgeois’s interest by buying influence with the Labour Party through thus, insuring Labour Policies protect their interest and allow them to keep making money by exploiting the working class

    It’s exactly what keef was after. Now he’ll be getting it by default rather than earning it.

    Of course, it will be hailed as a masterstroke, a genial decision, by you-know-who, IF it comes to pass. Again conveniently omitting the facts that they will be TORY donors and the ONLY reason they’ll be donating to keef is because they believe he’s a less of a TORY liability than the current imbecile running the show.

    If ever there was a time and necessity (To withdraw union funding, and withdraw individual financial support through subscription) to prevent this scenario from becoming a probability (as its looking more so than a possibility with each passing week that truss is pm) then it’s NOW.

    You wouldn’t pay for a weapon for someone who’d mug you with it.

  8. I’d prohibit any funding of political parties other than by capped membership subscription, effectively one member, one lump sum. Just as your vote has no more or less worth than everyone else’s, so too with funding. Businesses, unions and high net worth individuals should not be able to avail themselves of a pay to play mechanic that skews the system in their favour.

  9. As I said before, a hundred grand from a Tory millionaire is chickenshit….How will that replace the £13m in reserves that Kieth and Co has spaffed up the wall in the last two years? Labour has been bankrupted by the Red Tories.

    And, as a connection to that and a side issue, did anybody see that Smeeth, Watson, Prentis and O’Grady are being given an Ermine coat and £300 a day for sitting in the Lords. See how it works people? Do your duty for the Establishment, protect them from the decent human being, marrow growing, Corbyn and you will get your rewards. If you fuck over the elderly, sick, unemployed, disabled, refugees and homeless you will get there even quicker.

    Britain 2022.

    1. As it ever was baz2001.

      You dig around enough and the evidence is there. Callaghan. Daughter wears ermine. Kinnock. Ermine and huge amounts of cash via EU (become very wealthy within six months of blowing the election). Bliar…

      The table is tilted. The game is rigged. It is exactly how Carlin describes.

    2. Reply to Baz2001
      I am disgusted but not surprised these individuals are back to accumulate even more money and perks from Labour party politics via the House of Lords but I am shocked that Tom Watson was eventually for accepted for it given Lady Britten’s objections to him receiving this “honour”
      She objected because it is a matter of record that Tom Watson had the police hound Leon Brittan over sex crimes he didn’t commit when he, Britten , was dying of cancer. Watson failed to check out the story of a man who falsely claimed that Leon Britten and others had sexually abused him so Britten died in despair with his reputation in tatters.
      Watson’s behaviour was despicable and caused serious hurt and damage to a dying man too sick to properly defend himself. He is a bully and a total disgrace so I suppose he’ll fit in well on the Labour benches in the house of Lords along with John Mann, Iain McNicholl etc

      1. Smartboy. Don’t forget that ALL the main culprits in the PLP Corbyn destruct exercise are now in the Lords….Austin, Mann, Woodcock, Watson, Smeeth, McNichol. Mandelson. etc etc.

        All put there by the Tories, all worked for the Tories, rewards for a job well done. Wouldn’t be surprised to see the resident Jester on here even getting his ermine coat soon.

      2. Reply to Baz 2001
        Absolutely sickening Baz2001 – I agree with you entirely – they got their reward for trying to destroy Jeremy Corbyn and the socialist revival he represented. They are a disgrace and I hope people reflect on this when they complain about the government – it was these people and others like them that deprived us of a socialist government and gave ” Boris” a landslide victory.

  10. You won’t get any tears 😢from me over Leon Britain and the fiasco of the Westminster paedophile ring ,were Tom Watson has now got his reward for backing off unmasking Royals,Lords and ladys and a whole bunch of MPs tory leader,and judges from the murder of young children used has playthings by establishment perverts and deviants..then dropped off a helicopter courtesy of the armed forces into the N.Sea…and the Irish sea.weighed down.
    The evidence is out there and it will one day come out but sadly most of the perverts will have escaped justice by old age much like Brittan and Heath..We know the names and so do the police but their hands are tied in approaching the list of the “untouchables” …I spit on their graves the evil old perverts and deviants.

    1. Joseph O’Keefe, Of course the biggest Establishment protector from Paedo scandals is now in charge of the Labour Party. He fixed it for Jim right enough…..

    2. Reply to Joseph O’Keefe
      I would not expect any tears from you over a totally innocent terminally ill man being hounded by the police (at the behest of Tom Watson) in the lasts days of his life. That would require some empathy which you clearly are incapable of

      1. And so smarmboy you clearly show why you remain a member of the labour party funding a fascist endeavour shedding tears for depraved thatcherite old men whilst I shed genuine tears for abused ex members of the labour party and not a bloody disgrace of a old pervert like leon britian and his nonce your mate harvey wallbanger right hand of racist labour \tory mp and unionist Enoch Powell who later moved onto Ulster to stir the pot of fascism.Try to calm down and not intervene with your personalised nonsense every time you are corrected on your twisted veiw of politics….Labour.

      2. Reply To Joseph O’Keefe
        Dripping venom as usual I see Joseph. Truth and justice clearly mean nothing to you and you feel free to name call a dead man who was a victim of a witch hunt perpetuated by Tom Watson.
        You constantly post vicious comments on this site nearly every day and while you never have a good word to say about any Socialist, you never have a bad word to say about the right wing. This is a prime example of it – you are trying to defend Tom Watson, one of the darlings of the Right, by vilifying his victim.
        I hated Leon Britten’s politics but as a decent human and a Socialist I deplore the fact that Tom Watson caused the police to hound him in his final illness over something he did not do. He was suffering the pain of terminal cancer but that wasn’t enough for Tom Watson (or you) He was made suffer the pain of disgusting and completely false allegation too.
        Shame on Tom Watson and shame on you

  11. Baz 2001 ….you are correct that the knights part of the problem,but hes too young to have been on the inside of the planning to assault and murder of children..Hes an enabler “but there are a few old men and women in the House of horrors who know exactly what went on and the evidence is for all to see..Margaret Hodge and Mrs Dromey two evil old ladys know exactly were the bodys are and participated in a cover up that goes to the former head of state and the armed forces,judiciary and police force including Ms…5 and 6….and it would bring down more than just a government but the whole rotton depraved establishment..And thats why I doubt we will hear the truth in my liftime.PS my info comes from those who guarded the Royal and the Mps and peers….and those that sacrificed their lives and carreers to unmasking of degenerate and perverts who killed those children they tortured.and kidnapped whilst in the so called care of the state….Ps there was always volunteers watching the security services in N.Ireland and thats another story in itself with the kinkora boys home the Rev ian paisley snr and the leader of the shankill butchers who was a notorious pervert and killer of young Catholics whom paisley used and blackmailed to do his bidding….Paisley was rewarded as head of the queens privy council.?

    1. Steady on Joseph O’Keefe,

      The real story of the N Ireland kids homes will no doubt come out in the future. Uncle Louis and Powell were frequent visitors to Kincora apparently. Mi5 used to run it to control the Politicians too. All of it totally sickening. Similar stuff went on in N Wales.

    2. I doubt that he has an inkling about what you are on about. Don’t make his head explode by discussing Tara and Wallace.

  12. The real story of the N Ireland kids homes will no doubt come out in the future.

    You’d hope so.

    But then again, you’d hope keef’d see the light and adopt (and stick rigidly to) those pledges – that were barely adequate.

    As much chance of that as me waking up 20 years younger and 3 stones lighter; with the all-time goalscoring record for my beloved blues intact for all time**.

    **my irresistible charm to the fairer sex will never leave me

    Joking aside, the establishment’s nonsensism of children is entrenched every bit as much as it is within the two main UK Christian denominations.

    And they’ve been operating almost in flagrante for centuries.

    The omerta of said institutions would be in the top 5 of my priorities.

    Yes, it’s a tough nut to crack. But I’d certainly take a sledgehammer to it.

    And I’d certainly the eliminate those rites of passage that get those wrong’uns into the places where they are able to extend their perversions on society at large.

    Including ordering party members to abstain on policies that allow children to go hungry.

    1. Toffee, thanks for using the word ‘omerta’. (I love it when I need to look up words to understand their use). Josephine and Rodney Starmer, sensing that their son was destined for anti-greatness, should have called their child “Keir Omerta Starmer”.

      (“omertà | ˌəʊmɛːˈtɑː | | Italian omerˈta |
      noun [mass noun]
      (among the Mafia) a code of silence about criminal activity and a refusal to give evidence to the police: loyal to the oath of omertà.
      Italian dialect, variant of umiltà ‘humility’.”

      Very fitting for someone so tightly aligned to the dark-side, to Capital, anti-democracy, authoritarianism, and the repression of the Many for the Few!

  13. Toffee you summed it up far better than I could ever do,and those wondering whats it to do with a Tory donner or a labour donner buying influence in the former democratic socialists labour party then study just how influential people have closed down a high level investigation by the police because the elite of British society worried about their reputations which is according to them more important than young children being buggered and tortured and dumped into a watery grave…..God bless those that seek retribution and their are still those in positions of power in the police force and judiciary who realise that justice must be answered for by the souls of the lost children crying out for justice and peace….Amen! them.

  14. You may be interested that, last week for the first time ever, a greater volume of international transactions was conducted in the Yuan (Renmibi) than in the Dollar. Times change.

    1. Goldbach Topsy turvy world of currency speculation….and “fixing” .I worry about my grandson who does it for a living and we talk weekly about the doller and Sterling.but the ruble and the yuen naturally come into the conversation.I have to study the currency as the sterling \doller rate has affected both our pensions to the tune of three hundred dollers a month and we are the lucky ones living here which is much more affordable.and not worrying about heating or eating.
      Trying to make a living from currency trading and forcasting is a dodgy business as I tell my grandson….and he just laughs.

    2. Goldbach “You may be interested that…”

      Thanks, for we can be certain that the synchronised-MSM is not going to widely report that the mighty US dollar is being out-transacted by the PRC’s currency…….,

      or that Israel is an apartheid state, or that more British, European, American (probably too, Russian and Chinese) people die from taking a highly-dangerous, inadequately tested and wrongly-described covid ‘vaccine’ than die from covid (and indeed every other respiratory virus known to man).

      They misinform for a reason:

  15. quertboi ….I am puzzled by the way China jumped into the covid scam hook, line and sinker?..Putin clearly fell out with the new world order when they eyed up the minerals and energy of the Russian federation,but the explanation for China who firmly believe they will be the new world order is a puzzle
    .Was there more to the Wuhan labs than we have ever been told or is it the fact that western media and USA involvement always muddy the waters and we naturally distrust anything they say.
    .China is without doubt unstoppable as far as a world power…and I respect them but knowing their distrust and dislike of anything foreign leaves me with a nagging feeling.?Just the regular trips to China that I used to have before covid was a great eye opener but not a re.assurance of intent?.Maybe for the weaker nations like Britain and Ireland the world order is stacked against us including real decision making on the international stage.You are certainly right on the untested dangerous vaccine and the results of the “get out clause” in the supply of the vaccine has never been explained or questioned amongst the western leaders.The Legacy of it has already revealed itself amongst my own family and friends who have suffered from strokes,blindness and heart problems.The loss of smell is hardly worth commenting on..I am not suprised that its not commented on because any news like that is buried.I talked the other day about the marble arch executions formerly “Newgate” a place of execution for High treason and the negate nuns who say prayers every single day for the souls of those who were martyred in the rule of Elizabeth 1st hung…drawn and quartered…mother marisa head of the order came into conflict with the Catholic Westminster diocise over the covid jabs when she advised against the vaccine after seeing the damage done to sisters and parishoners who were genuinely frightened of a licensed untested vaccine.its worth remembering that this order of nuns are very well educated…I have been unable to trace what happened to her when she crossed swords with the diocese of Westminster?….

      1. Steve H The Catholic church thinks in centuries much like China and are very insulated from opinion much like China.The relationship between the two is one of convenience being as they have a say or possibly control of half the population of the world.The difference is that the Vatican are influential far more than most people realise as my cousin a Jesuit priest tells me..My cousin who works internationally for the Holy sea gave us a private tour of the Vatican which re..inforced my dwindling confidence in a God and I never doubted afterwards…..Maybe you would feel much the same about the “fairy in the sky” if you had been lucky enough to experience what we did inside the Vatican ?…and I can assure you that I was never a “holy joe” although my family has been involved with the Vatican for many centuries and employed by them..which makes it difficult to be impartial but never blind to the wickedness of some of rome rule over the centuries….Late night early morning for you Steve?

      2. 2000 year old institution being compared to Chinese civilisation. My..

      3. I suppose it would be hard for two powerful “control centres” NOT to. But re. covid, lockdowns, masks and social distancing, mandatory drugging, etc., are for the autocrats there (and here since the CoronaVirus Act), what specially-scheduled and -arranged football matches were for Franco (ask Maria V).

        Pope Francis claimed that “it takes a century to understand China.” Does he expect the Uyghur, Tibetans, Hong Kongers, and the Church in China to wait that long?

        He emphasized the importance of dialogue, claiming of China that: “They have an eternity to advance. They are a people of infinite patience.” Yet this is a naïve approach.

        “The question is whether Beijing is sincere in its dialogue with the Vatican, or whether it is stringing the pope along in order to buy his silence”

      5. Vatican has begun to take its money back. P2 never died or even faded away. How are they going to cover the paedo payoffs?

      6. “His (Holy Father’s) silence” is not really that important to the People’s Republic of China. The leadership there will repress anyone to maintain its autocracy – it’s just a pity that the West is losing the high ground and capable of criticising them now that the billionaires an
        d PTB that ‘own’ and control the rest of the world are creating and using China’s covid scam .

      7. qwertboi – What a load of drivel, are you really so gullible that you actually believe the nonsense you proselytise or are you just playing games?
        Surely nobody can be as dumb as you profess to be.

      8. ” What a load of drivel… nobody can be as dumb as you profess to be”.

        It’s massively unscientific propaganda. And nobody “professes” to be dumb, SteveH. Use your words properly or don’t use them at all.

        For everyone else, watch the first 20 mins of this and you will see begin to understand how a ‘PHEIC’ (fake) health emergency is being used to steal your human rights, poison you, destroy your financial autonomy and put autocratic fascism in their place. Starmer is a massively important part of this ‘reset’.

      9. qwertboi – So you are not playing games after all, you really are just a gullible idiot.

      10. Thanks for the article on China and the Vatican deal “Steve H but I reiterate that the Vatican thinks in centuries as my Jesuit cousin told me.The writer of the article should realise the thinking behind the church and then he would understand that cardinal Zen is just another martyr to the ” faith “and the importance of the Catholic church the universal church as the name says keeps a foothold in the next great empire in the East The peoples republic of China….IF only the labour party thought of labour future and not just a power grab the ordinary “people” of Britain would not be in a position of neglect and apathy of democracy turned upside down. “Politics means democracy” the Catholic church is the opposite of democracy and thats another story in itself for those like myself who are part of the faithful “who survived the reformation.”

      11. Joseph – The world would probably be a far better place without the various brands of sky fairies.

      12. Interesting boys, the black robes. Not averse to a few naughty pleasures. They like generals and shiny things even though they aren’t really supposed to. Benefits of being clever I suppose. Well, service has its own rewards.

  16. PS…..Sorry I should have said tyburn nuns and Tyburn….marble arch….not newgate which was the newer place of execution and a prison…..old age and memory lapse..!Interesting subject including the tyburn tree and speakers corner and the place becoming more a place of entertainment for the grisly executions including the comments from the martyrs who joked and laughed before meeting their maker at tyburn…now marble arch!

    1. The “world would be a far better place without the various forms of Sky fairies”
      …Steve H for a so called intelligent labour propoganda pusher you completely miss the point.What do you think the universal church are doing in China?….does not two thousand years of history of the Catholic church from the first pope peter christs trusted apostle give you a clue that the pope and the catholic church
      would probably agree with you?….Steve your ignorance and parochial British attitude is breathtakingly revealing about your background. The Catholic church plans to be still in control when the blip of the reformation and the British empire is long forgotten.Steve have you ever wondered why you are the only intelligent person on the planet whos discovered the meaning of life “and all the rest are like me illiterate peasants and wealthy because we are all stupid?and believe in fairies in the sky?They dont hand out money at the Vatican steve it works well the other way.

      1. Joseph – As you’ve said yourself the Catholic Church is all about power and control and we’ve all witnessed over many years how they have repeatedly abused their power in the most heinous of ways. I see no reason to withdraw or alter what I’ve said above.

      2. Maybe true SteveH, BUT as Joseph has said, he might acknowledge that the Holy Roman Catholic Church is – organisationally and ideologically (for reasons of theology) a ‘Control Centre’, but his beliefs* extend to areas of Faith, where no other person (not you or me) have the right to criticise them (sure, we can de construct his ‘articles’ of faith, but not the Faith itself). Aren’t you ‘moderate’ labourites supposed to be live-and-let-live liberals (says something when democratic socialists have to yank on the enerists’ chains to defend human rights)?

        *Despite being Jewish by birth, I attended Catholic schools and marvel at the beauty and clarity and honesty of the basic ‘terms and conditions’ for being a Catholic, The Apostles’ Creed. (I kinda wish Judaism, Islam and non-catholic Christianity had such a robust mindset and method; I’d respect them more, as if that matters, but I would).

      3. Off subject but an update on something that has been covered previously on these pages

        This evening (following the triggering of Tarry) the party members of Ilford South will hold a OMOV to decide on whether it will be Sam Tarry or Jas Athwal who will stand as their Labour candidate at the next GE. The meeting starts at 7pm.

      4. Oops – My above comment was not intended to be directed at Joseph.

      5. They do hand it out but not to the needy. Occasionally some stalwart mums and dads might get a few Bob but threats are cheaper.

  17. Steve H anyone pointing to democracy lost “as qwertboi as shown should be aplauded as hard won rights are precious and should never be dismissed as you are doing
    .Remember that democracy is precious and taken for granted in Britain of my youth but like the water in the kitchen tap you don’t notice it until its stopped.?…We are entering a period of real danger for ordinary people and ridicule doesn’t help Steve and you may wish to reflect on this as the labour party disintegrates before our eyes.

      1. Really?

        Seems the biggest gullible idiot here is permanently alone in his views.

        Nobody, but NOBODY flocks to him.

        Then again, nonce apologists have no view worthy of consideration, and not only deserve their ostracism & ridicule – but far, far worse.

  18. Off Topic:
    How GREAT it is to see the wonderful Pearly ‘Gates’ Joubert along with Andrew Feinstein and the marvelous Jeremy Corbyn (whose short succinct statement to Steve ‘Skwawkie Walker is well-worth watching) form part of the human chain around parliament to draw attention to the UK’s part in the persecution of Julian Assange. WATCH IT

    1. Watched it earlier.

      Pearlie & Andrew certainly make a fallacy of the Spitting Image song…Skwawky met TWO nice South Africans – at the same time!

      1. There were many. Decent, brave and victorious. This mob in SA aren’t fit to lick the ****** of those men and women. Do you remember how uncomfortable Mandela looked sitting next to boyo- the shitehouse vigilante- at the Wembley buffet?

    2. “……the human chain around parliament to draw attention to the UK’s part in the persecution of Julian Assange…”

      And let’s not forget: the UK would not be persecuting Assange (he would not have needed to take sanctuary in foreign embassy or been imprisoned in a maximum security prison for four years) without the heinous part played by Sir Keir Rodney Starmer, a ferocious, doctrinaire anti-democrat, and – heaven forbid – the UK’s next Prime Minister.

      1. qwertboi – It is unfortunate that you still haven’t managed to grasp the role of the CPS in extradition proceedings..

      2. @SteveH – The Eichmann Defence? (‘the role of the CPS’ indeed!)

        It’s unfortunate that you (still?) haven’t managed to grasp the devastating and deadly role of Keir Omata Starmer in destroying democracy and decency in Great Britain!

        (Chris Williamson summed it up nicely when he was talking to Steve Walker (Assange Chain footage): A Starmer Labour Govt. would be worse for Julian Assange (and all that is good) than a Truss Govt)

      3. qwertboi – It isn’t my fault that you have wantonly failed to understand the role of the CPS in extradition proceedings because it doesn’t fit your false narrative.
        The CPS’s duty in these proceedings is to act as the representatives of the authorities who are seeking the extradition. Not the same as but similar to the role of a solicitor or barrister acting on the instructions of their client.
        The CPS are not the prosecuting authority, they don’t get to decide which cases they take on and they don’t get to decide the outcome.

      4. To facilitate a dubious extradition was a political decision by the head of the CPS. Starmer showed his colours and worse there. A separate extradition (of the autistic youngster) of his was revoked by Theresa May on humane grounds. Theresa May! That’s how bad Starmer is: even reprobates like Priti Patel and other Conservatives like Theresa May look fair and decent in comparison. Show me your papers and make the Labour Conference stand for the national anthem (Ist time in 70 years)!

      5. qwertboi – No it wasn’t, whether an extradition request meets the relevant criteria is not decided by the CPS. This is decided by a separate government body who then pass it on to the CPS. The CPS don’t get to pick and choose whether they accept a case and the CPS don’t get to decide the outcome of a case, that is down to the courts and politicians. You really should make sure you know what you are talking about before making your ‘assertions’

  19. I hope the compliant media suffer for their treachery against Assange and most importantly…against themselves who will without doubt be the recipients of their own destruction.
    Welcome back to “soothsayers” the journalists are all gone….

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