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Zelenskiy bans 11 left parties and merges all TV channels into one – but neo-nazi groups still welcomed

Ukrainian president accuses left parties of being pro-Russian

Ukrainian president Volodimir Zelenskiy has today broadcast a video message banning eleven left-wing opposition parties, claiming that they are pro-Russian. The move has been criticised as an opportunistic move to remove political opposition, though Zelenskiy has been given a free pass by western media.

Opposition Platform – For Life, Sharij’s Party, Nashi, Opposition Bloc, Left Opposition, Union of Left Forces, Derzhava, Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, Socialist Party of Ukraine, the Socialists, and Volodymyr Saldo’s Bloc are now all outlawed and facing severe repression.

At the same time, numerous videos have emerged claiming to show Ukrainian citizens, including children, being tied to lampposts and other street furniture and beaten by members of the Ukrainian neo-nazi ‘Azov’ militia and others, allegedly for dissent. Azov and other right-wing extremist groups continue to be welcomed by the Ukrainian government, with members reportedly receiving medals from the president.

Zelenskiy has also consolidated all the nation’s TV channels, claiming the need to present only one narrative to the people of Ukraine.

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    1. Steve H……You should be ashamed of your self but you are little more than a Nazi yourself who touts the propoganda of a fascist labour party who are owned lock and stock by the One World order.Take note of what you are funding labour party members…The likes of Steve H who feel that anythings okay if its directed at the left and the working class.You may think that Nazi is a exaggeration,but they will come for you if they win.

      1. Joseph – You’ll be telling me next that Putin is a visionary democratic socialist. 🙄
        What is it about evil authoritarian dictators that you pretend lefties find so attractive.

      2. Joe, and other comrades, please ignore SteveH, he’s a troll who tries to bait people. He doesn’t answer any argument and tends to go for one liners. He’s a sad knobhead.

      3. Thanks v-much for Joseph okeefe’s widely shared & applauded sentiments.
        That said Johnfrancispaul probably more hits the nail on the head. Because there is a troll that has nothing in common with this community, yet he keeps visiting this site purely for the purposes of undermining genuine debate. Unfortunately this means a large part of Comments is filled with refuting his b*llocks.
        So it might be better to ignore him altogether. If you are refuting his nonsense don’t refer to the troll by name. And only reply to each other NOT to the troll. That way the troll wont get an automatic notification of news posts, which he’d respond to as usual, with more bad faith gibberish – thereby starting the cycle all over again.

      4. Bernie – “Unfortunately this means a large part of Comments is filled with refuting his b*llocks”.
        Which bollocks would that be?

      5. Well you can see for yourself when you ignore it, and talk around the troll it becomes desperate and try’s to draw you in. And you can see trolls purpose. This should have been a comment section dealing with Nazification and anti-democratic activity in Ukraine. Instead some space has been wasted confronting nonsensical McCarthyite “Putin’s puppet-type” slurs.

        Incidentally even the BBC were confronting the issue of Nazification in Ukraine as far back as 2014 – see Newsnight ‘Neo Nazi threat in new Ukraine’

      6. Bernie – Or maybe I just wanted you to justify your statement.

    2. Of the 38 comments posted at the time of typing, FIFTEEN of them were posted by StevesHill – ie about 40% of them!

      He’s been posting over 20,000 comments a year on here for five years that *I* know of. But perish the thought that he’s a paid shill working for the establishment fascists!

      1. Allan – It would be rude to ignore people responding to my comments.
        Do you have problem with simple arithmetic?
        Who is this ‘Hill’ guy that you are referring to, is there a reason that you keep getting ‘confused’.

      2. Make that FORTY out of 129 comments at the time of typing – ie just slightly under a third of the comments, which is about average for him!

        And THAT’s just in this one thread alone!!

      3. – And it’s very boring as they are nearly all simple abuse

      4. Paul – You are welcome to ignore me, the choice is entirely yours.

      5. As I’ve said on more than a few occasions before, who on this planet would retire to sunny climes and spend ALL day practically EVERY single day posting comments in practically every single thread – ie what ordinary legitimate person would do THAT???

        Given that just about everyone who visits this site knows you’re a paid shill, why don’t you just admit it?!!

        PS I wonder if he’s already responded to my previous post ten minutes ago! I’ll find out when I post this one!

      6. Allan – The point is that for the most part I have the luxury of choice.
        We have had a second home here for decades. We now live here permanently, I’m not on holiday trying to cram everything into a couple of weeks.

      7. 20,000 plus comments a year, and his response is…. ‘and?’

        AND…. it must amount to over 100,000 comments since I started posting on here about FIVE years ago! Oh, right, but that’s perfectly normal of course

      8. It might be that there is more than one person involved under the moniker Steve H. Working in shifts?

      9. StevesHill pretends that he doesn’t know that it says sHill – ie s h i l l with a capital H -, and ALSO thinks that people visiting the site are so stupid that they won’t see that it says sHill! FS, you really REALLY *do* think and believe that you’re highly superior and that everyone visiting skwawkbox are dumbos!!

        So how long were you in the army then? Did you see any action? N Ireland perhaps?

      10. Allan – It’s not hard with idiots like you around, What has my military service got to do with anything?

      11. And like all narcissists the only choice which matters is that of the pub bore who insists everyone must put up with his inane evidence free bullshit opinion and name calling. No one else has any choice of not having to listen to this child whose only purpose left in life is to insist he be the centre of attention because his ego is as shallow and fragile as his sorry excuses for analysis and argument.

        In many ways it is a shame this is not a pub. As, in such an environment, he would have been permanently silenced long ago to put everybody out of his misery.

    3. Is Zelensky and the Ukrainian Government pro-Nazi?

      There. Fixed it for you steveH

      1. Dave – How does you confirming how gullible you are again fix anything. What is it about Putin and his regime that you admire.

    4. SteveH
      I was taught to be pro Russian, 27 million gave their lives to defeat the Nazis, my grandad a Cavalry man in India in the 20’s never trusted the Yanks, he said they ‘never did anything for others it was always for what they could get out of if’
      Are you a Nazi
      What say Starmfuhrer

      1. SteveH
        You are a Nazi sympathiser
        According to my grandad their were loads of people like you and Temporary Embarrassment in this country in the 30’s
        Do you read the Daily Mail

      2. Doug:

        Just as a select generation of England and Yorkshire cricketers could claim they had been ROGB (Run Out by Geoff Boycott) you can now join a select generation of people with gumption who have been POSH (Projected Onto by SteveH)

        Wear it with pride mate. That’s all he hot and all he’s ever going to have.

        Sad case really.

      3. Dave Hansell
        People like SteveH are tolerated in a democracy, I’m on record as saying he serves an important service on here
        Just wish Red Tories would make the leap across to the bucket party

    5. Following the critiques of those well known “gullible Putin apologists” – such as Henry Kissinger, current CIA Directer William Burns, former Reagan appointee and member of the anti-soviet ‘Committee for the Present Danger Paul Craig Roberts, former CIA operative Larry Johnson, and a host of others – even run of the mill Conservatives are opting for common sense rather than fantasy:

      To quote from steveH’s hero Zelensky – here on CNN, Sunday last denouncing the hypocrisy and perfidy of NATO and the US/UK/EU elites:

      ““I requested them personally to say directly that we are going to accept you into NATO in a year or two or five, just say it directly and clearly, or just say no,” Zelensky said. “And the response was very clear, you’re not going to be a NATO member, but publicly, the doors will remain open,” he said. {CITATION)

      So, privately NATO and the Biden administration were telling Zelenskyy Ukraine was never going to be in NATO, yet they told him they were going to publicly act like the possibility existed. There was no way for Ukraine to enter NATO, but they were going to pretend he could. Why would they do this?”

      Why indeed?

      To get the war they were desperate for thinking they could use Zelensky, Ukraine and those gullible useful idiots among our populace incapable and unwilling to learn from the lies and propaganda of our elites in the past to create another Afghanistan in the 80’s scenario.

      You’ve been had steveH. Hook, line, sinker and copy of Angling Times. Sucker!

      1. I don’t know who’s the bigger sucker; stevetinyknob or Zelensky. Personally, I’d say Zelensky has proved to be America’s leading useful idiot so far.

        I bet he believed them when they promised to see him right after the war, so he’s dutifully touring European parliaments by Zoom, pleading for us to impose a no-fly zone in the hope we’ll join him in some mutual suicide pact. All in the virtue-signalling name of Standing Up To Russia! (And helping the WEF elites keep the population down).

        He chose to rehabilitate the Nazis in his midst. Now he’s reaping the whirlwind. His people ought to be tearing him to shreds, not laying down their lives for him!

        Shame those Chechen hit squads got knobbled, but there’s still time…

      2. Usually Leaders – responsible ones – have to weigh up the odds on winning or allowing the enemy to kill all your people and destroy every building. There are very few examples of Leaders who offered up their people and cities – one was Hitler of course.

    1. “I think we’ve been here before…”

      We have indeed*. The “give-away” is, to quote SW, “Zelenskiy has also consolidated all the nation’s TV channels, claiming the need to present only one narrative to the people of Ukraine.”

      ONE Narrative! It’s happening all over the American-controlled world.. ‘HIV’, ‘covid’, ‘banking crisis’, ‘war on terrorism’.

      The proponents of this ‘one narrative’ authoritarianism (which can be indistinguishable from full-blown Fascism), fear and hate ‘the left’ for one reson: Our dialectic (Marx called it ‘scientific’) method NEVER operates in a one narrative environment. Never! Hypotheses are seen as dangerously conspiratorial and the ‘scientific method’ is seen as dangerous.

      * FWIW Paul, it’s not just that ‘we’ve been here before’, it’s that the Oligarchy which neoliberal capitalism is creating, is deliberately taking us there. And its intended target? A New World Order **
      – the ‘reset’ of which Biden, Starmer and the other oligarchists pretending to be democrats, are facilitating as we breath.

      1. qwertboi – But this wouldn’t have been necessary and wouldn’t have happened if Putin hadn’t declared war by invading Ukraine, why don’t you tell us all about the ‘free press’ in Putin’s Russia.

      2. steveh “why don’t you tell us all about the ‘free press’ in Putin’s Russia.”

        It’s probably every bit as synchorised with the power elite as the horrendous synchronised-MSM is here.

      3. quertboi…..The virus scam didnt kill enough and many vulnerable people didnt die as intended.Maybe a war with massive food shortages and fuel crisis will do the job.They can always blame Russia even before theyve shut off the oil and gas with wheat
        .I would suggest that people on here stock up on grains including rice and store it in breathable sacks.Buy packet soups,sauces and flavourings.I have already done this because even here we will be affected by the coming meltdown,although in many cases including energy we are self sustainable.and live in a modest fashion from the land
        I hope I am wrong but I have noticed many pointers to a depression the likes of we have never seen but only read about in pre war Germany of hyper inflation and collapsing food and fuel supplies.before the rise of fascism..ITs not “end times” or Armageddon but a rebalancing of the global economy and it will hurt the working class more than anyone across the Western world.This has been engineered by the ruling class and hopefully they will have planned their own downfall but I doubt it and until the western world develops a sense of morality and decency then the criminal ruling class will bounce back from the chaos they have caused.

  1. These parties are probably critical thinkers like most left wing democratic socialists.
    A dangerous thing in a Neo-Liberal capitalist world where the powerful want only one narrative – theirs?

      1. One of these parties has 44 Parliamentary seats (out if 450?). Thousands vote for them. Some are akin to Western European ‘liberals’ while others see Russia as their homeland that will protect them against the Ukrainian Far Right who have been notorious for 100 years. They showed their ruthlessness at Maiden in 2013 using snipers to kill as many as 100 police officers. The claim today by Zelensky that Ukraine ‘saved the Jews’ in WW2 was extraordinary, the very opposite of the truth. Establishing one Party (Far Right) rule is not a good sign because it means a long war as the West inches towards it’s War Aims – Regime Change in Russia, their dream since 1917.

      2. Dave – No, are you? I’m not the one trying to defend Putin.

      3. Dave – Where is the detailed follow up, maybe the very next line on the thread was correct
        “It was shot down by the Russian AD systems. That’s why it fell on an urban center.” Are you seriously trying to compare one stray missile with the wanton destruction of whole urban areas by the Russians and the murder of women and children. What is it about shouty men that the gullible left fall for?

      4. You just can’t get the staff can you.

        This missile, if you bother to do your homework and research properly (and that would be first) is a cluster munition.

        The interception you have hung your hat on was incomplete in that one of the clusters managed to get through. That one cluster caused all the deaths shown on that video report. If the rest of the missile had got through the death toll of civilians would have been far higher.

        This was not as you disingenuously (that, by the way, is a posh word for a deliberate liar) claim a stray missile but one deliberately aimed at civilian centers. Indeed, there is evidence that a call had gone out on the Telegram platform by people associated with the nationalist nazi groups pretending to be some group calling for ethnic Russians, including women and children, to gather in the center of Donetsk that Sunday to commemorate something or other.

        -5/10. Must try harder.

      5. Dave – Don’t be silly, If the rest of the missile had got through then it would have landed elsewhere. Are you seriously trying to compare one stray missile with the wanton destruction of whole urban areas by the Russians and the murder of women and children. What is it about shouty men that the gullible left fall for?

      6. SteveH
        In Ukraine half the country supports Russia and half support the Nazis
        Twas the same in WW2

      7. Doug – The overwhelming majority of Ukrainians don’t want to be part of Russia or to be subject to the whims of Putin’s Imperialist ambitions.

      8. The facts do not support this disingenuous interpretation.

        The missile was deliberately aimed at the center of the city and one cluster got through. To claim this was a stray tells us everything one needs to know about those who attempt to justify this slaughter along with disingenuously projecting those actions onto others.

        This deliberate targeting of ethnic Russians has been going on for eight years. And what does steveH present us with? Pathetic evidence free conjecture masquerading as serious analysis.

        Presumably, all the other missiles dropped on the civilian populations of the Donbass by the fanatics of Azov/RS etc were all strays as well.

        I’m calling you out as a liar steveH

      9. Dave – You make lot of bold claim with zero evidence to support it. All your link proves is that “the missile was intercepted in mid-air and did not reach its direct target”.

      10. SteveH
        Let’s try again
        What do people like you and Temporary Embarrassment have against Jewish people and Union members
        What links do you have with Nazis in the Ukraine

      11. The missile aimed at civilians in the city Center was, as previously stated, only partially intercepted as one cluster got through. If the rest had succeeded in reaching its civilian target there would have been even more carnage.

        Is the best 77 Brigade or its groupies can do? I’ve met five year olds who can put up a better level of argument than this.

        You are are still a liar steveH.

      12. Dave – Why would I waste my time when you have no credible evidence that it had been targeted at civilians. All you have is that a missile was intercepted in mid-air and did not reach its direct target,

      13. Its direct target was civilians in the city center. Like much else they have had to put up with over the past eight years of shelling, mining and deliberate sniper fire at civilians. Otherwise the cluster which got through would not have landed where it did and if not intercepted would have caused far more devestation..

        You are clutching at straws and it really is not good optics for you to be continually making excuses for nazi war crimes like this. Do you not ken that people in the past have been hung for that?

        If I were you mate I’d be begging Skwawkbox to delete your posts on this thread rather than leaving this evidence in the public domain.

        But, its your funeral son.

    1. Serious question, when will SteveH DIE!? or just Fuck off? Do we really need that poison little Nazi sucking all the air out of the room? Aren’t there any redundant American gas chambers we could shove him into for an hour?

      1. If my parents longevity is anything to go by I’ll be around for another 25yrs

    1. Steve H theres no such thing as illegitimate children only illegitimate parents “so don’t worry about that…. somebody must love you.?

      1. Joseph – I really don’t have a clue what you are prattling on about, if you do could you try explaining the point you were trying to make again.

  2. Steve H. The better question; is Zelensky a Far Right politician who will sacrifice the country to start a major war against Russia? Establishing himself as a dictator is surely a major first step?

    1. Paul – Don’t be silly, it may have escaped your notice but Putin is the one who has invaded Ukraine and Putin is a thieving authoritarian dictator with Imperialist ambitions.

      1. Ever hear of two Imperialist Powers fighting it out? You think if a peace deal was struck next week the Right in Ukraine would accept it and return their newly acquired weapons from where they came? Your instinct for choosing the wrong side is phenomenal. You think pro Russians should be tied to lamp posts and beaten?

      2. Paul – Ukraine was a functioning democratic state with a popular elected government before Putin the dictator decided to invade.

      3. Nonsense. It’s been on the verge of civil war ever since 2013-4 as well as fighting an actual war in the East for 8 years killing thousands of civilians. What’s democratic about One Part Rule and one State media?

      4. As SteveH knows very well, this is a proxy war between the US/NATO countries and Russia, and Ukraine is just a pawn in the Imperial West’s game, and all the death and destruction and devastation and suffering of the Ukrainians….. is a price worth paying!

      5. There usually comes a point when the Leaders of a country that can’t prevent mass death and destruction to consider surrender; they have a responsibility to do that. Think of France in 1940 who came to terms to save millions of French lives and cities like Paris. Zelensky doesn’t give a damn about Ukraine; if he did he wouldn’t be offering a Peace Deal IF Russia surrenders and withdraws. With far right fighters armed by the West and foreign fighters to boot Ukraine risks becoming the new Syria

      6. Paul – Has it escaped your notice that it is Putin’s invading army that is killing civilians, destroying the infrastructure and levelling the homes of innocent civilians.

      7. Allan – Really, and Putin invading a democratic country, murdering civilians and committing war crimes is OK in your eyes is it.
        FFS get a grip and grow up a bit.

      8. Did Putin not embark on a “special operation” which possibly transmuted into an “invasion” in order to defend the Russian Federation against the US-led NATO aggression?

        That the covid-mongering BBC doesn’t admit the possibility persuades me to consider it. Just saying..

      9. steveH – Don’t be silly, The Ukrainian Government, acting as cover for Nazi groups using western supplied munitions have been invading the Donbass Republics (formed to avoid genocide against ethnic Russians by nazis you support) for eight years.

        They have been held off so far. However, it is noticeable that the concentration of these rabid far right thugs you are acting as a shill for and their forces has been on the Donbass contact line rather than focusing on the borders were any Russian forces would likely enter. Strategically inept as they have been trapped in a cauldron for the past several weeks, running out of fuel, munitions, and moral.

        Reduced to using their own civilian populations as human shields. Knowing the only realistic choices are either a war crimes trial or oblivion.

        Talking of munitions it seems that they have been reclassified as ‘humanitarian aid’.

        Which, given this ‘aid’ is for nazis (if it behaves like one it is one) is about right – given their predicament trapped between the LNDR and Russian forces because they conveniently lined up their force concentration there.

        Perhaps they going to the Black Sea coast for their holidays rather than massing for a planned invasion of the Donbass Republics to commit genocide against ethnic Russians?

        Either way, some genuine solidarity by Italian workers has at least slowed that shipment of weapons to these thugs. If this had been happening since 2014 we would not be where we are.

      10. Dave – So you keep saying. However in the version of events that most people accept Putin is a long way from being the innocent party.

    2. Well paul Zelenskiy has pissed off the Israeli government with his fascist comments regarding Ukraine saving Jewish people instead of supplying the gas camps with more jews for the slaughtering..So thats his “right of return” cancelled.The Israeli government dont want any competition from the Ukraine involving fascism or being a racist endeavour.Seems that this comedian has criticised everyone involved except himself and even his beloved Nato and the USA paymasters.The Miami bolt hole could soon disappear into the neverland of US hope and glory.

    3. By standards set by the West in places like Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Nicaragua, Vietnam, El Salvador, Columbia, Chile, Korea, Indonesia, et el this barely meets the criteria of an armed incursion in comparison.

      Remind us steveH, in comparison:

      1. How many civilians had been subject to shock and awe obliteration four weeks into the illegal US/UK invasion of Iraq on proven manufactured false pretences?

      2. How much civilian infrastructure had been similarly wiped out of existence in that illegal war?

      3. How many times in the past eight years have you raised the issue of the Ukrainian nationalist Government using, at the behest of the elites in Washington/London/Paris/Berlin/Brussels, Nazi inspired groups such as Azov, Right Sector etc murdering ethnic Russian civilians in the east of Ukraine?

      Fascists like this:

      Who you are very quite about.

      1. And he’s still quite about it.

        A one trick pony that wouldn’t last two minutes in a real army.

    1. That’s weird……. the only thing that was visible before was the headline, but I just clicked on the link to make sure it worked OK, and now the whole article is visible.

  3. Pro Russia or left means death in our resident Nazi from the Carrabean bolt hole whilst thousands die in the Ukraine and millions flee from the Nazi flag of the Ukrainian fascists.The New world order are crumbling under the wheels and feet of a country that sacrificed over 20 million of its people against Nazi Germany and Balkan SS regi!ments and they havnt forgotten the march of the Jackboots.and never will.

    1. Joseph – As I said above, what is it about murdering dictators like Putin, Xi and (in your case) Sen that you pretend democratic socialist find so irresistible.

      1. The same thing that attracts you to Zelensky as he establishes a military dictatorship maybe?

      2. Paul – You’ve gone way past verging on the ridiculous.

      3. Paul – Its a fucking stupid question you idiot. Zelensky is the democratically elected president of Ukraine he doesn’t need to establish a dictatorship like your thuggish hero Putin has.

      4. So why is he banning 11 opposition parties and putting the media into one central govt control? Is that democratic?

      5. Yes, the Azov Battalion Nazi Military Dictatorship. Nazi Ukraine and the west have gone out of their way to jeopardise every attempt that Russia made to safely remove civilians before attacking, there is so much not covered by the West’s MSM. We are living in a country that provides ONLY misinformation as dictated by the Government, with Ofcom THE ONLY watchdog under full control of the Government and an “Opposition Party” who seeks to close Opposing Media outlets, we are also as good as a Military Dictatorship, all it will take is a few riots here and there, and we will have Guards Marching our streets! Interesting dystopian years ahead! Hopeless they may be, but we may witness Capitalism eat itself pretty soon, what a magical sight that will be, when the wealthy’s money becomes worth less than the leaves on a tree! Then humanity can start to reset itself.

      6. IF Putin had bombed out the Ukraine has the easiest tactic then the war would be over.Instead Putin has decided to overule the generals and fight a boots on ground high casualty war for the Russian troops.This tactic will save lives at the expense of a shock and Awe “bombfest” that usually proceeds a western invasion.How well this is received in Moscow will eventually determine the future of Putin in Russia.I hope that History records that he showed mercy in the eyes of extreme provocation from the US \NATO expansion into the doorstep of Russia.

      7. Joseph – … and yet all the reports indicate that the opposite is true. Putin relies on the gullible like yourself.

      8. My goodness, only been away for a couple of months and the hate is still oozing from BlueSteveH! Your Russophobia and Sinophobia radiates! What is your attraction to Coke Head Paid Actor Nazi Commanders?
        The “attraction” is a perspective between the west and the mentioned, they are all corrupt, evil, bastards, in exactly the same way that both Neo-Labour Party TORIES and Conservative Party TORIES are both corrupt, evil, bastards the question is, which one did The PEOPLE most harm, and needs eliminating/changed!
        That is why comments are more positive towards Russia/China when the West’s Hyena Clans start attacking! The West have caused a damned side more destruction than Russia/China, their reasons for invasion is also an entirely different issue and not based on Greed, but I guess you’re not bothered about those Brown and Black People of Africa and Middle East, just the Blue Eyed, Blond Haired Aryans of Ukraine!?
        Tell us BlueSteveH what is the Government of Russia, and what is the Ideology of the current Governmental Coalition Parties?
        I see you keep repeating, ‘Are they Pro-Russian’ re the TV Channels closed, are you suggesting that in a Nazi Controlled Russophobe, Antisemitic, Anti-Gypsy Ukraine that 20% of Ethnic Russian Speakers are left without vital information to stay alive!? Is your next suggestion Concentration camps?
        PS don’t come with the Zelensky is a Jew BS! Zelensky is a Zionist before he is a Jew, MASSIVE difference! Zionist Israel Arms, Trains and Funds Azov Battalion and I dare say all the other Nazi Factions. There are Roads named after Nazis, Torch Marches held in honour of Nazis in Ukraine Zelensky has been in charge for long enough to do something about the Nazis and all things Nazi related, hopefully the Ukraine Conflict will show Zionists for what they are!
        PPS I am not your Search Engine, use your own.

      9. nellyskelly – I’m simply suggesting that people such as yourself are gullible idiots.

      10. You see that is just the thing, “People like me” are simply suggesting that it is people like you who are gullible idiots, it is people like you who are Sheeple to the MSM, it is people like you who are serf to your masters, the elites, whereas people like me don’t!
        I asked you a couple of simple questions, are you unable to answer them? Or can you only respond in your usual hateful bile or child like bully boy twatishness?

      11. nellykelly – Could you clarify what your questions were.

      12. Can you answer my question of yesterday? Do you approve of tying ‘pro-Russians’ to lamp posts so the fascist paramilitaries can beat them? Let’s see if you can do it without your usual pathetic abuse!

      13. Paul – No, do you approve of Putin’s invading troops bombing and shelling women and children.

      14. Russia has made it clear from the start that it doesn’t intend to occupy the Ukraine but to rid it of serious weapons and get rid of the Fascist paramilitaries. Despite the reports in our media it’s clear there isn’t a bombing campaign designed to kill the indigenous. Compare these last 3 weeks with the same period in 2003 when tens of thousands of Iraqis were killed courtesy of Bush and Blair. The attack on Mariupol is designed to reduce the fascist fighters – you object to that?

      15. Paul – I object to Putin invading Ukraine and committing war crimes.. If you are gullible enough to believe Putin’s propaganda then that is your problem.

      16. Can you manage from here, just identify the ‘?’.
        6h ago

        My goodness, only been away for a couple of months and the hate is still oozing from BlueSteveH! Your Russophobia and Sinophobia radiates! What is your attraction to Coke Head Paid Actor Nazi Commanders?
        The “attraction” is a perspective between the west and the mentioned, they are all corrupt, evil, bastards, in exactly the same way that both Neo-Labour Party TORIES and Conservative Party TORIES are both corrupt, evil, bastards the question is, which one did The PEOPLE most harm, and needs eliminating/changed!
        That is why comments are more positive towards Russia/China when the West’s Hyena Clans start attacking! The West have caused a damned side more destruction than Russia/China, their reasons for invasion is also an entirely different issue and not based on Greed, but I guess you’re not bothered about those Brown and Black People of Africa and Middle East, just the Blue Eyed, Blond Haired Aryans of Ukraine!?
        Tell us BlueSteveH what is the Government of Russia, and what is the Ideology of the current Governmental Coalition Parties?
        I see you keep repeating, ‘Are they Pro-Russian’ re the TV Channels closed, are you suggesting that in a Nazi Controlled Russophobe, Antisemitic, Anti-Gypsy Ukraine that 20% of Ethnic Russian Speakers are left without vital information to stay alive!? Is your next suggestion Concentration camps?
        PS don’t come with the Zelensky is a Jew BS! Zelensky is a Zionist before he is a Jew, MASSIVE difference! Zionist Israel Arms, Trains and Funds Azov Battalion and I dare say all the other Nazi Factions. There are Roads named after Nazis, Torch Marches held in honour of Nazis in Ukraine Zelensky has been in charge for long enough to do something about the Nazis and all things Nazi related, hopefully the Ukraine Conflict will show Zionists for what they are!
        PPS I am not your Search Engine, use your own.”

      17. nellyskelly – I don’t accept the ridiculous premise of most of your ‘questions’. Oh and good luck with trying to make your pathetic accusations of racism stick.

      18. So you can’t answer the very simple questions? Typical of you, instead you come out hurling snotty child like, waste of time remarks!
        I am sorry, but I did not make your Russophobe and Sinophobe comments for you, you do that yourself, there are plenty here just look at your own comments going back about 6ish years! You are literally obsessed with Russians and Chinese! Do you also want to see them castrated like the Ukrainian Nazi Government?

      19. nellyskelly – What do you admire about the Chinese and Russian regimes.

      20. There is no admiration, I already explained that once today! Of two evils, I will always choose the best alternative, but there are none in the battle between the West and the East, so in that case I do not choose the namesake ie “Labour”, I choose the most transparent and open, in this case the West have been nothing but lies, conniving, Governmental MSM Propaganda, and war crimes in Africa and ME. While everyone is looking at Nazi Ukraine, all dressed up in The West’s best Lambskin and Mollycoddled! Never mind the Nazis killing and tormenting Ethnic Russians, Jews and Roma in Donbass and Crimea! What do you admire about the Ukrainian Nazi regime? Or indeed the blatantly corrupt and conniving Western Regimes?

      21. nellyskelly – I simply don’t accept the false premise of your question.

      22. Oh well, some are blinkered and some are not, you have a real problem with answering questions. That is quite interesting, could it be a nervous disposition of a much hated miserable teacher who spoke and would not be spoken to? You may need a few more years of therapy.
        You speak of False Premise, yet you presume that people are Pro Putin, Pro Russian, Pro China, etc just because they stand against the lies and MSM Propaganda with the truth, there is a big difference between defending the truth and being Pro Russia! That would be like me knowing of all the Evil of the Neo-Labour Party TORIES and still being Pro Neo-Labour, if Labour was ever to speak a truth, and they are accused of that being a lie, I will even defend them, that does not make me a bona fide Member nor a fan or Pro that Party, it simply means I defended the truth against the other and equally real evil!

      23. “people such as yourself are gullible idiots.”

        Back at you!

        With the added verification, that ‘your’ view is identical with the “theSCIENCE©” / “theTRUTH©” (delete as appropriate) that the BBC (mis)informs us with incessantly.

        One born every minute… as my Grannie (alova ha shalom) used to say

      24. qwertboi – I’m not the one making excuses for Putin’s war crimes.

      25. With, as usual, zero evidence to back up your ridiculous claims steveH.

        Though I would make one prediction which I’m confident everyone on this site would echo:

        The shite you come out with is only possible because you are tucked away far behind the lines in safety and comfort. There is no way you would spout this nonsense to anyone’s face.

      26. No one needs to do or say anything to demonstrate what a racist nazi supporting little oik you are steveH.

        You are doing a sterling job on that score all by your self.

      27. Dave – You’re a gullible idiot. Why would I care much either way what you think of me.

      28. Try for once in your miserable pathetic little existence steveH to play the ball rather than the man.

        You say you don’t accept anyone else’s premise, apart from your own. Yet you cannot refute the facts and the reality presented to you by numerous sources. You are reduced to name calling in your desperation to avoid facing those realities and constructing shallow fantastical excuses with no substance in order to shield your under developed mind from objective truth.

        It is clear from the consensus on this site that most people feel pity for you in your spiteful rage against anyone having the temerity to disagree with you on anything.

        In that regard it is obvious that despite your chronological age you have never grown up properly and are incapable of genuinely engaging with any situation which challenges your narrow world view and extremely fragile child like ego.

        You should seek professional psychological help as a matter of urgency and avoid contact with anyone as much as practicable to reduce the chances of encountering anyone who might trigger your inability to cope with the world outside your own head.

        When reality catches up with you, and it will, the result will be catastrophic for your psyche. And what is going to be really tragic is that when that happens the horror of being truly alone and incapable of acting to resolve your misery will overwhelm you.

      29. Ah. The “Reports.”

        It says Daz on the side of buses, steveH, but they don’t sell soap powder.

        The “Reports” said an eyewitness claimed Iraqi soldiers were ripping babies out of incubators. The “Reports” lied. The story was false and the witness a relation of the Kuwaiti Royal Family.

        The “Reports” said there were WMD’s in Iraq. The “Reports” lied. Manufacturing false evidence to justify a genuine War Crime.

        The “Reports” said an US ship was attacked in the Gulf of Tonkin. The “Reports” lied. To justify to the public another War Crime and invasion of another Country.

        The “Reports” said the Soviets had written a letter to the British Labour Party promising funding. The “Reports” lied. The Zinoviev letter was a fake. But it was too late. The lie did its job in the General election in which the “Reported” lie was used.

        The “Reports” said that Liverpool fans were to blame for the deaths at Hillsborough. The “Reports” lied.

        The “Reports” said that a nerve agent more potent than Sarin (which upon exposure produces death in 7 seconds according to received by this writer British Army and Porton Down Training) was smeared on a door handle yet still failed to kill the alleged intended ‘victim’; and was still “pure” when tested some two weeks later having failed to deteriorate in environmental conditions which in itself defied known chemistry, physics and biology. The ‘Reports” were therefore a lie and remain so no matter how much anyone jumps and down screaming until they are sick like mardy arsed five year olds.

        The “Reports” said that a female complainant could not possibly have been raped in an all female NHS Trust hospital ward because there no males present. Yet the CCTV evidence proved otherwise and the NHS Trust which instructed its staff to lie were eventually, after a year, forced to concede that a fully intact male claiming to be a Transgender women was on the Ward that night and was responsible for the rape. See the recent house of Lords statement by Baioness Nicholson.

        Its war steveH, economic, kinetic, social, whatever. And the first casualty is always Truth. A lie is three times around the world before the truth has got its boots on.

        Given the long track record – of which the above examples represent a mere tiny infinitesimal number of available examples – only one uncertainty exists.

        Which is whether or not the “Reports” you hang your hat on are 99.9999999999% or 100% wrong/deliberate lies of commission or omission.

      30. The Reports said the Syrian Army had deployed chemical weapons on two occasions and after the second sent ‘punitive missiles’ to kill Syrian soldiers. But the stories were so full of holes there were even Americans who wondered whether it was true and possibly pulled their punches. Now it’s clear the Jihadis had staged the attacks using chemicals given by Turkey ‘looted’ in Libya by the CIA and passed to Turkish Intelligence.

      31. The Salisbury case is fascinating. The official version is so weak and full of contradictions that it’s no wonder the British media is forbidden to discuss the case under the provisions of a D Notice served on newspapers. Where is the old spy now? Alive? In custody? With his Mum in Russia (which is all he wanted)? And his daughter? What happened to her plans to marry and buy an apartment in Moscow? Did the Intel forces bungle it once they realised the old boy was determined to go and see his mother and had Putin’s ok? His then employer, British MI6 apparently didn’t want him to go back to Russia for fear of what he might reveal about his work with Chris Steele and the Trump ‘urination dossier’. So they refused permission. He was angry as seen in the lunch video and then he was ‘incapacitated’ by a substance that didn’t kill him – or his daughter. No doubt Julia had brought with her whatever documents were needed to re-enter Russia and the two Russian ‘agents’ were there to escort the party home. They hadn’t even arrived in Salisbury at the time the security services claimed they smeared the ‘deadly agent’ on the door knob. ‘No inquiry, no questions please, State business, this is a democracy, don’t worry!’.

      32. Paul – Thank goodness you are not a member of the Labour Party.

      33. Ah! The Labour Party. Like the pub with no beer we have the Party with no effective membership.

        With more chiefs than indians – like the old East Midlands Electricity Board following privatisation (EMEB – Eight men, Eleven Bosses).

        Hollowed out with only the true believers in the unworkable Official Narrative remaining and searching in vain to find a telephone box to have a meeting in.

        They should change their name to the Virtual Party. And no one would notice the difference.

  4. Remember the area most under attack by Russians is a
    “Russian speaking” area – viz Mariupol.

    There are weeping parents and grand-parents there –
    hardly all fascists and there are weeping parents of conscripts
    in Russia.

    The Orthodox Church in Ukraine broke with the Russian Orthodox
    Church in 2018 and Putin apparently regretted that – saying Ukraine
    and Russia “were all one people” . Well this death and destruction
    is hardly the way to treat your own people.

    1. It’s those Russian speakers, many with relatives over the Russian border who volunteered to be bussed into Russia as Russia has pointed out. It’s a far more believable account than ‘thousands deported to Russia’ as our media insists.

      1. Our media are pissed, coked-up and cowering under the weight of their lies. Till now the overwhelming majority of the fighting has been in the east. The journos or whatever they are are under tables in the west. Their turn will come. Why so many experts wanted a repeat of Belgrade, Hanoi and Iraq are worrying. The way that war is carried out by the Russians and the West could not be more different. It is not in Russian interests to flatten the buildings and destroy the infrastructure of Ukraine. When the smoke clears the nation can continue to run with a viable, identified civil service. Negotiations will take place. Even the neo demons around the Vatican turd sculptor, know that the war is lost. Why would the leader of a potentially victorious military, travel the globe pleading for arms, no-fly zones and mercenaries? Now, what were people saying about Yemen and Palestine? Oh, we aren’t talking about airstrikes. Water shortages, power cuts, potholed roads, dead kids. Back to Yemen or East Ukraine, not Kyiv.

      2. Paul hes confused 😕he didnt drink his ovaltine last night.Now Russia hates Russia and the Eastern Orthodox church is anti orthodoxy..I wonder if the pope hates Catholics?

    2. And none of it would be happening if the West had addressed Russia’s/Putin’s security concerns….. instead of creating and generating them! And deliberately so of course, so that they could do what they’re now doing to Russia!

      And Zelenskiy is undoubtedly complicit in it all!!

      1. Allan – More to the point non of this would have happened if Putin hadn’t invaded an independent democratic nation and committed war crimes.

      2. None of this would have happened if the West had listened to Russia’s complaints about encirclement with nuclear weapons. Back in 1962 Russia listened to America’s anxiety about nukes on Cuba. It withdrew the weapons.

      3. Paul – don’t be daft there is no credible evidence that their were any plans ny NATO to place nuclear weapons in Ukraine. Are you really that gullible?

      4. Oh, right, they’d be sure to announce it publicly of course! But the real question is….. Why don’t you just fuck off and get a life. I mean I’m sure the pay’s good, but for someone to move (retire??!) to the Caribbean (allegedly), and then spend ALL day long every single day monitoring the site and posting comments sniping at practically every comment someone posts…. well, to be honest, you must be sick in the head, and I seriously recommend you seek help. You’re addicted to whatever the ‘reward’ is when you do your superiority number on people, as you do every day, all day long.

        Seriously man, get help!

      5. Allan – Oh dearie, dearie me. I’m not the gullible f’ wit who is desperately trying to defend the indefensible.

      6. Paul – You’ve already established that in your case the bar has been set quite low.

      7. steveH, you are confused as to who is guilty of war crimes and who is supporting them.

        You are openly condoning the actions of the Ukrainian Government who are ultimately responsible for eight years of war crimes against ethnic Russians in the East of Ukraine . Not to mention the cutting off of water supplies to the civilian population in Crimea.

        Yet for eight years the RF refused to recognise the Republics of Donetsk and Lubansk as independent States. Hardly the actions of a dictator intent on conquest. Indeed, there was prima facia cause in Odessa alone on May 2 2014,when the Ukrainian State, imposed illegally by a Western Coup, stood by and allowed the murder of nearly 50 ethnic Russians the Trade Union building.

        They were forced into the building by nazi thugs – who you are clearly supporting – and those not burnt to death who jumped out of upper story windows were immediately set upon by your heroes as soon as they hit the ground to finish them off.

        The operation currently taking place in Ukraine meets the International criteria for Right to Protect. In this instance it has far more justification under that criteria than the justification for destroying Libya.

        You are inconsistent in your application of basic principles. Selectively picking and choosing where to apply those principles and where not to to suit convenience.

        As a result you have no standing and nothing to bring to the table in this, or any discussion/debate to consider this or any other issue.

      8. Dave – As I’ve said before you being a gullible idiot your problem, not mine.

      9. And yet you offer no evidence to support your puerile school playground name calling other than this is so because I, steveH, has said it, therefore it must be so.

        When faced with overwhelming facts and evidence you have nothing other than to project your own position onto others. Zilch. Like a pound shop Lord Haw Haw you shill for The Official Narrative (TON), whatever it happens to be at any one time, no matter how divorced from reality.

        You couldn’t debate your way out of a wet paper bag son.

      10. Dave – I’m not gullible idiot who is trying to defend Putin’s war crimes.

      11. So to sum up steveH, you reject all the evidence because it does not fit your fantasy narrative.

        Is it your nurse’s day off today and you’ve forgotten to take your medication? You seem even more incoherent and rabid than usual.

      12. Dave – but you are the gullible idiot who is trying to defend Putin’s war crimes.

      13. Is there an echo in here or has someone bought a parrot?

      14. Says, without a shred of evidence to substantiate the claim, the sorry excuse for a human being who has just excused the proven war crime which took place in Donetsk on Sunday 13 March as a “stray missile and whose only response to the evidence supplied of eight years of war crimes committed by the Ukrainian State and its agents, supported by the globalist elites of the West, against ethnic Russians in Eastern Ukraine is in effect:

        “Bringing these facts up is inconvenient so I’ll just ignore it and shout names to anyone who brings them by accusing them of being a “Putin apologist”. Whatever that means.

        Pathetic. The Official Narrative is in shreds when this is the best it can manage. In fact, to be frank, this is the only aspect which is annoying. The amount of my and everybody else’s taxes are paying the likes of 77 Brigade for this pile of pooh level of propaganda which cannot even achieve the status of bullshit.

        The British army has really gone down the pan since my day.

      15. “No credible evidence.”

        There is credible evidence that despite written as well as verbal commitments not to expand NATO it has expanded right up to the borders of the RF in Poland as the Baltic States (of which there are sizable ethnic Russian minorities who are discriminated against in various ways).

        There is also credible evidence of the siting of nuclear missiles in those border areas along with recent activity in which NATO aircraft have been practicing nuclear bombing runs within twenty miles of the RF border.

        There is also credible evidence that the policy of the West (Zone A) is to break up the RF to enable easier access to its resources and the mega profits to be made from that break up for Western Oligarchs as well as fifth and sixth column sectors of Russian society.

        There is also credible evidence that sanctions and threats by the West are followed by bombs and mass civilian deaths and destruction of whole societies, people’s and States. Ask Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Syria, Yeman. Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia Chile and a host of other examples.

        There is also credible evidence that the Western elites are not agreement capable. Ask the indigenous peoples of the Americas, Africa, India Australasia, Asia and anyone who has come into contact with them for the past 530 years.

        There is also credible evidence that the RF presented same rational and reasonable reciprocal security proposals to Washington and Brussels in December 2021.

        There is also credible evidence that Washington and Brussels rejected those proposals. Even whilst telling Zelensky that whilst they would not agree to admit Ukraine to NATO they would refuse point blank to make such a public statement to that effect. One wonders why?

        There is also credible evidence of long standing that the neo Nazis are the ones with de facto on the ground power in Ukraine.

        There is also credible evidence that these neo Nazis have via their own recorded statements, an intention to cause genocide against ethnic Russians/Slavs.

        There is also credible evidence that Ukraine – Vis a Vis Zelensky’ statement at the Munich Security Conference – intended to exit the Budapest agreement to acquire their own nuclear weapons. Having nuclear facilities within Ukraine it is a credible conclusion that attempt to construct a device, however crude, would be made by the Nazis in de facto control of Ukraine on the ground on behalf of heir handlers in Washington and London.

        There is also credible evidence that the RF has a military advantage over NATO and the West. Indeed, there are formed Reagan men who sat on the anti-Soviet ‘Committee of the Present Danger’, likeaul Craig Roberts, who criticise the RF for not using this miliary advantage. Simply because they know if the boot were on the other foot the RF would by now be a smouldering ruin like Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, Yemen, and elsewhere.

        The problem here is that the culture of the West has denounced its own inherited Enlightenment legacy. Objective credible evidence which goes against the subjective interests of these narcissists who have convinced themselves they can create their own reality – whether it’s Karl Rove and the rest of the neo con Chicken Hawks who inhabit foggy bottom thinking they can dictate terms to the entirety of humanity like Mafia Dons or the kick the arse out of anything merchants and their hand maidens who impose the fantasy narrative TWAW.

        As a consequence no amount of evidence will ever satisfy these people and their shills. Because they are not interested in evidence and reality. Only their own selfish objectives, even when that means risking the annihilation of life on the planet. For this mindset it’s their way or no way and they are more than willing to create oceans of blood and suffering to get their way.

    3. The people of Mariupol have been living under the fascist dictatorship of the Azov militia for years,. The truth is the opposite of what you claim as reports from the city are establishing. The people have been liberated from the rule of death squads holding them hostage and responsible for the deaths of large numbers of civilians. These are the Nazis that Russia wants to expel and NATO is supporting. Do not fall for the media propaganda. As for the Orthodox Church that involved a bribed clergyman in Istanbul exercising a power that he does not have.

      1. bevin – Oh FFS, ‘the left’ cue up to prove how gullible they are. Is it any wonder that you can’t make any consistent progress

      2. Look, it’s easy. The Russian speakers have been bombing themselves since 14. If it wasn’t for the noble Banderites who knows what further damage they would inflict upon themselves. Hooray to the Nazis. If you hurry you can donate. We could bung in some test and trace to help them with that virus thingy. Killed a lot of folks here, in GB. Really don’t send tools of death. They seem to have as short a shelf life as Hero Mercenaries.

    4. HFMw “Remember the area most under attack by Russians is a
      “Russian speaking” area – viz Mariupol.”

      Could that be because the Ukrainian forces (which threaten Russian security) are there, or are you implying that the Russian Federation is sidetacked from a supposed-invasion to punish the Orthadox Christians in Ukraine?

  5. And what about Ihor Kolomoyskyi? Is he still funding Azov? And backing Zelensky?

  6. Nucluer weapons in the Ukraine?….well I never Steve H I suppose it is like the Nazi bio labs found in the Ukraine and funded by the USA or the flag flying Azov regiment who march to the swastika and carry the Nazi ensign whilst slaughtering Ukrainian citizens in the Dombass region
    .OR the magnificent mansion of Volad Lewinsky the actor whos holywood politics ambitions have given him a bolt hole in Miami beach and millions robbed from the Ukraine in Partnership with the Biden and Pelosi families.The truth all slowly coming out but not fast enough for the few appeasers on here who continue to fund the parasites infecting the fascists labour party.One world order brought to us by default on democracy..

    1. Joseph – So we are still waiting for the truth to come out are we. How convenient.

      1. The truth will never come from you neo liberal fascists because they like you and the labour party are nonces for the new world order .What you fail to understand is that your fascism promotes pain and suffering that will eventually destroy you.Already the rise of Germany and Japan has unleashed long forgotten nightmares of a monster not yet finished with the expansion of its borders in europe and Asia..Youve let the dogs out and you will suffer for it.China has never forgotten or forgiven the slavery,the cruelty of the Japanese empire and we shall deal with them.You try dealing with and stopping a emboldened Germany.the largest war machine in europe and a threat to all of europe.

      2. Joseph – Putin the dictator is the one that is invading his neighbours. What is it that you admire about Putin the war criminal?

      3. ‘A lie is three times around the world before the truth has got its boots on.’

        Presumably, given Official Statements coming out of the Pentagon this nweek which totally contradict your bullshit narrative steveH;

        …… will running with the standard response that the Pentagon and the military professionals in the US Defence Depatment are all ‘gullible idiot Putin apologists.’

    2. Joseph. I had all the details on my laptop. Strange, I can’t remember what I could have done with it. Yeah, it’s all Russia’s fault. I know that it’s true because absolutely everyone in the media tells me so all of the time. Such unity is rare indeed. Is the head chopper still not answering his phone?

      1. Wobbly Scottish I am lucky in having acess to a different veiw to the unending propaganda that the British public have been fed for at least a few decades and in that time conservative thinking as mutated into all out fascism.Unfortunately Margaret Thatcher won the ideological war and its infected all the partys( correct spelling in light of behaviour)in the House of commons.and all of those parasites within the palace.
        Democracy was hard fought for and now its gone in the West and it looks like we will have to start again.
        Russia has just got the world order to stop all the pretence and show us who really controls the west and it aint Washington,London or Strasbourg…Try the NYSE or the independent city of London.and its chums in high places…how did we ever get to this stage of going backwards in the development of the species,its like getting up on two feet and walking upright out of the caves,to turn around and crawl back in.

      2. Joseph – Oh dear, are you getting confused again? You pontificate about democracy and yet you support regimes that are authoritarian dictatorships with a woeful human rights record and who commit genocide.

  7. He’ll be telling us stories of how Britain WWII by standing alone against Nazi Germany next…A bit like austin did with Michael Rosen.

    Come to think of it, he didn’t make a murmur about austin on the austin thread, just continued with his usual M.O. of distraction and bluster; totally avoiding the issue of austin’s bullying shithousery.

    But question zelenskyy and you’re a goddamn commie rat…isn’t that right, austin apologist?

    And what happened to ‘catching up with me’ when he was once again fronted with his own shithousery, hypocrisy and outright fuckwittery about the wannabe dictator keef’s bullshit over keefs’ alleged but non-existent solidarity with UK workers?

    Yep – as was all too easily predicted – he ran away. Again. All piss & wind. No substance. No bollocks. No fucking clue.

    And still he continues to make a complete prick of himself. As the saying goes, you can’t educate pork.

  8. Good to find a site that hasn’t gone through the NATO looking glass. When the truth about Mariupol finally emerges, the resident troll is going to look like even more of a prat. Right now I wouldn’t waste my breath arguing with him.

    1. Welcome back labrebisgalloise….I havnt heard from you since I left my farm in France rotting away over two years ago and my wordly possesions including my car.abandoned. ..I wonder what happened to Mcniv RH and john Thatcher in Veitnam?….

      1. Hello Joseph. If it’s anywhere near me I could pop down and take a look to see if your car will still start. Am back commenting courtesy of an enforced holiday due to catching covid the week after the restrictions were lifted in France. VF nasty it is too, despite the vaccinations. All the best.

      2. Labrebisgalloise I am on the southern borders of Normandy \mayenne area 61 la orne off the A28. Near Alencon..The car doesn’t start battery knackerd over two winters and the temps get very low.Not intended but flights cancelled from Phnom Penh to paris so we integrated and will not now come europe as we have retired here.Love france shame about macron but at least they will protest against Oppression.despite the changes in the heavy handed enforcement against the people..Quite frankly we don’t trust any of the Europeans especially the brits with two old age pensioners who have a mind of our own and say it like it is.Carol my wife of half a century is not able to take a long term trip anymore and I even forget just how cold the climate is even in maybe by accident its all turned out for the best.We rarly see temps drop below 25 at night with daytime temps mid thirtys all year round just rainy and dry season in this part of the tropics and in anycase we do not like to leave our grandchildren too long.P.S.I only have shorts and I would have to buy a pair of pants for a trip….no coats and would have to buy jumpers.

  9. Oh dear. SH, again, displays the fact that he is completely unaware of how geopolitics works. He simply thinks of “good guys” and “bad guys”. He is completely unprepared to even read, or listen to, voices which would give pause for thought – former US senior diplomats, former senior US military personnel and former senior US intelligence officers, or even the current Director of the CIA. What manifest naïveté. He would do well to consult just three or four of the links that have been provided on this website – links to serious analysis of the Ukraine situation.
    labrebisgalloise is right. No matter what is said, he is completely incapable of understanding that geopolitics isn’t simply a case of goodies and baddies. Ignore the buffoon. if any of us forget to do so, including me, will you please remind us labrebisgalloise?

    1. goldbach – Oh dear, if only we were all as clever as you think you are. 😏
      You really need to get over yourself.

      1. Physician heal thyself comes to mind.

        You would be better applying your advice to yourself steveH . So far you have failed miserably to counter a single fact or piece of evidence presented other than by calling people names.

        And you cannot even do that properly, such is your total lack of gorm and ability.

        Tell you what. to save you sounding like a stuck record and complete dolls head you can have this one for nothing to use at will. It will be a change from your usual unimaginative fare:

        “If shit were brains you wouldn’t need any toilet paper.”

  10. As I understand it, Mariupol is an Azov battalion stronghold, hence its importance. There are video accounts emerging about Azov’s use of its citizens as hostages, as well as material suggesting that they have been actively preventing the use of humanitarian corridors.

    Whatever the truth about the current situation, Goldbach, Dave Hansell, myself and others have previously posted video links and references that offer, expert and relatively dispassionate analyses of the situation in Ukraine that run very much counter to the Nato owned, surrogate jingoism of the Guardian et al. I note that posters such as Steve H and (disappointingly) Holby Fan Mw don’t appear to have engaged with any of these materials, before posting their comments.

  11. I congratulate the SkwawkBox Well bloody done you’ve been listening to the real left wing. Most were called supporters of baby killers ffs All we did was llok through all the American Propaganda lies manipulation and training of fucking Nazis to know this war was the Yanks doing.

  12. I seethe dirty Shyster and utter cunt “SteveH” is still spewing his bile on these forums on behalf of the Tory party…

    1. Andrew – What is it about Putin and his regime that you admire and support so much

      1. Are you going to send the same message to all who dare dissent? You really are a complete waste of time and space. The only convincing part of your messages is the rodent that you display. Is it a rat? It ought to be!

      2. Paul – Instead of treating us to a little rant you could have just answered my question.

      3. Paul – You mean like when our press were telling us that Russia may invade Ukraine whilst Putin and the Russian media were reassuring us all that he had no intention of invading Ukraine. You’re a joke.

  13. Mariupol was hotly contested in 2014 by fascists and Russian ‘rebels’. There was an expectation that the rebels would win but fanatical fascist resistance saw them hang on to it. The area has long been dominated by the Azov battalions. They are perfectly capable of staging all sorts of stunts such as blowing up buildings and claiming hundreds of people were killed by a Russian missiles. Can we believe that nearly a week later they haven’t been able to ‘rescue’ people in the basement? Who is ‘shelling refugees’ as they try to escape? Who is creating a blood bath to try and persuade the West to join their war? Are all Ukrainians united behind Zelensky’s murderous plan to make them suffer hoping to pull the levers for Western intervention? It seems unlikely!

  14. On a daily basis our media reminds us that Russia ‘may’ use chemical weapons. As was seen in Syria all that is required is an allegation and a few grams of nerve agent. This time the West is likely to say their red lines have been crossed and ‘consequently we are at war with Russia’. In fact because American policy favours a First Strike with nukes we’ll be unlikely to know much of what then happens.

  15. I’m genuinely astonished than people on here are making apologies for Putin when he’s rolled his tanks into another country and killed civilians.

    I used to read Skwawkbox and nod, not it’s veered out of the left of the field and is heading for the hills. Steve (Walker) should be ashamed.

    1. Come again?

      Analysis and facts based evidence is now simplistically re-classified as being “an apologist”.

      Just like use of the pejorative terms “TERF” and “SWERF.” Or the other dog whistle stuff like “looney left” to describe industrial strikers or “far right” to label Canadian Trucker protests.

      This is simply another attempt to browbeat people into following another Official Narrative regardless of the reality and its inconvenient evidence without bothering to consider that evidence. Because in post-modernism objective empirical based evidence is just so inconvenient isn’t it.

      In the absence of substantiating counter arguments and evidence (and name calling is not a counter argument let alone evidence) this, like steveH’s predictable, tedious and parrot like repetition, this deserves to be called out as bullshit.

    2. Yes of course you did, Terry. Skwawkbox has never made apologies for Putin, who’s as much of a despot as any other. But if a few facts about Zelenskiy’s conduct are that damaging to him that you feel the need to say passing them on is ‘heading for the hills’, then it proves he’s not the white knight the UK establishment is trying to sell us these days.

    3. Terry, open your eyes and do some homework instead of making nonsensical comments.

      Skwawkbox should be proud of their achievements, especially when they tolerate the machinations of Starmer Savile Saver’s little paid for Shill and Troll. Who quite frankly, is looking more ridiculous and ignorant every day.

      Viva Swawkbox.

  16. SteveH… “Zelensky is the democratically elected president of Ukraine he doesn’t need to establish a dictatorship like your thuggish hero Putin has”
    Here is a letter I sent to the Foreign Sec William Hague in 2014 proving that the overthrow of the legitimate government of Ukraine was in fact a coup.

    From: Harry Law []
    Sent: 24 April 2014 14:51
    To: Feedback Consular Services (Sensitive)
    Subject: Foreign Secretary’s statement on Ukraine to House of Commons.

    Dear Sir/Madam.
    I sent an e-mail to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on 13th March 2014 and a follow up one on 7th April 2014, asking the Foreign Secretary to correct a misleading statement he made to the House of Commons on 4th March 2014. I have not received any replies. I wish to make a formal complaint. Here is the complaint.
    In a statement to the House of Commons on 4th March 2014, the Foreign Secretary deceived the House about the legitimacy of the new regime in Ukraine. He led the House to believe that the Ukrainian parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, had removed President Yanukovych from power on 22 February 2014 in accordance with the Ukrainian constitution and that therefore “it is wrong to question the legitimacy of the new authorities. It is simply untrue that the Rada followed the procedure laid down in the Ukrainian constitution to impeach and remove a president from power.
    Article 108 of the Ukraine constitution has four circumstances whereby a President can be replaced, the powers of the President of Ukraine terminate prior to the expiration of term in cases of:
    1) resignation;
    2) inability to exercise his or her powers for reasons of health;
    3) removal from office by the procedure of impeachment;
    4) death.
    The procedure, laid down in Article 111 of the constitution, is not unlike that required for the impeachment and removal from power of a US president, which could take months.
    Thus, Article 111 obliges the Rada to establish a special investigatory commission to formulate charges against the president, seek evidence to justify the charges and come to conclusions about the president’s guilt for the Rada to consider.
    Prior to a final vote to remove a president from power, it requires
    (a) The Constitutional Court of Ukraine to review the case and certify that the constitutional procedure of investigation and consideration has been followed, and
    (b) The Supreme Court of Ukraine must certify that the acts of which the President is accused are worthy of impeachment.
    The Rada didn’t follow this procedure at all. No investigatory commission was established and the Courts were not involved. On 22 February 2014, the Rada simply passed a bill removing President Yanukovych from office.
    Furthermore, the bill wasn’t even supported by three quarters of the members of the Rada, as required by Article 111 for the removal of a president from office – it was supported by 328 members, when it required 338 (since the Rada has 450 members).
    Justifying UK support for the new regime in Kiev in the House of Commons on 4 March 2014, the Foreign Secretary said:
    “Former President Yanukovych left his post and then left the country, and the decisions on replacing him with an acting President were made by the Rada, the Ukrainian Parliament, by the very large majorities required under the constitution, including with the support of members of former President Yanukovych’s party, the Party of Regions, so it is wrong to question the legitimacy of the new authorities.”
    The Ukrainian President had not resigned, he is still the legitimate President of Ukraine, therefore the Foreign Secretary’s statement was a calculated deception of the House of Commons, designed to give the impression that the procedure prescribed in the Ukrainian constitution for the removal of a president from office had been followed, when it hadn’t.
    Because this statement was fundamentally wrong can I be assured that the Foreign Secretary will tell the House of Commons at the earliest opportunity, and through them the British people, that the statement he made on 4th March 2014, was false.
    I await your response
    Regards Harry Law.

    1. Harry – and there was I thinking that he had lost any legitimacy he once had by deserting his post and running away to his masters in Russia

  17. No SteveH he was legitimate and can only be replaced according to the constitution, he went to Russia to avoid being killed by the Nazi mob.

      1. It was our very own Baroness Ashton who announced that the EU no longer recognised the elected President after violent police-fascist clashes. She was Blair’s nomination to become the EU’s Foreign Affairs spokesperson. She had never been voted into any office – and still hasn’t. She’d spoken to Obama during the night so had his Ok. A violent anti Russian cabinet was hand picked by the US SofS Nuland and simply took over. This current war is a continuation of that fateful decision.

      2. Paul, correct. Victoria Nuland and the Ukrainian Coup
        “When Joe Biden appointed Victoria Nuland as Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, he knew that she had no respect for democracy nor state sovereignty and that she had been the leader of the US role in the 2014 coup that took out a democratically elected government in Ukraine and replaced it with one more favorable to moving from the Russian sphere into the Western one.
        As Obama’s vice president, Biden knew that Nuland had run the Obama state department’s Ukraine policy; yet he appointed her to essentially the same powerful position in his state department. He knew what Nuland’s policy priorities were. His selection of Nuland endorsed those policies.”
        Joe Biden and the Ukrainian Coup
        “Though Biden likes to insist that the Russian invasion of Ukraine was born immaculately out of Russian desires innocent of any US provocations, he knows that the provocative regime change of 2014 was an illegal US supported coup that seriously threatened Russian security concerns at its very border by pulling Ukraine into the European Union and NATO sphere.”
        Do I need to mention that notorious phone call from Nuland to the US Ambassador to Ukraine G Pyatt [F—k the EU] when she discussed who was going to be in the Ukrainian cabinet. This was all after Nuland admitted her Department had spent $5 Billion dollars on NGO’s etc to undermine the Ukrainian government.

      3. Fuck the EU is very much American policy. Forcing Germany to cut itself off from energy will bring them down a peg or two. Why on earth they put up with it is anybodies guess! If Europe was nuked would they worry? I doubt it. Europe is America’s rival in business and foreign affairs. Fuck ‘em.

      4. Paul, why does Germany put up with it? Good question, one of the reasons could be they are still an occupied country with approx 35,000 US troops in Germany. Or it could be export trade to the US Mercedes Benz, BMW etc and Machine tools all were under threat from Trump. To prove what great vassals they are they have just announced an increase in its defence bill of$100 billion dollars to include a fleet of F35 flying coffins @ $100 million dollars a pop each. This will bring NATO spending to over 2% of GDP [Trump wanted 4%] German GDP is over $4 Trillion dollars, this is an obscene amount of money which can only come with the loss of social and health funds and a net loss for all German citizens. Then the German government have shot themselves in both feet by suspending the NS2 pipeline [One of the participants has already written it off because they think it will never be filled with gas ] and all the other costs to German industry outlined in my other posts But Germany’s biggest loss is its sovereignty since now it is only a lap dog and vassal to the US.

    1. So, the globalist Establishment has been privy to the coup since the outset. Why am I not surprised? And Klaus Schwab’s man, Keir Starmer, is as involved in this lie as he is in all ther others. Every day it i clearer why they had to remove Jeremy Corbyn fom the privy council and the public’s trust.

  18. The people of Russia must Join together and not squander their resources; They must use them for three main things:

    1. Food Independence; Russia is self sufficient in most essential food, Russian exports of wheat are crucial to the West and the World in general. As an example when the EU sanctioned Russian farming products in 2014, Russia said very well and imported those products from South America and then became self sufficient themselves. Net result EU farmers lost billions, sales of which will never return.

    2. Energy Independence; Obviously massive amounts of oil and gas which if Europe especially Germany do not want, will be directed to more than willing buyers in China and other Asian counties. Net result German industry having to pay triple the price for alternatives, therefore as a result its crucial export industry will lose competitiveness and its citizens may freeze. [The US could care less].

    3. Nuclear weapons; Russia has the same number of nuclear weapons if not more than the US [approx 6,000 each] however it is claimed that Russia has the lead in hypersonic missile technology.

    Being self sufficient in tanks, fighter planes and missiles etc is important and just as Iran has proven after being sanctioned since the Shah was overthrown it now has the biggest inventory of precision guided missiles anywhere in the Middle East. Witness the US Al Asad airbase in Iraq totally destroyed last year with just 15 missiles. Russia only needs to be economically and militarily strong enough to prevent the US and NATO from crushing her, The above two resources and nuclear weapons of which Russia has in abundance will prevent that.

    Once you have those three and no one can take them away from you, everything else is easy.

    All this because NATO wanted to have Ukraine admitted as a member and possible NATO bases and nuclear missiles 5 minutes flying time from Moscow, The US and Gen Sec Stoltenberg said even a short time ago and before the Russian intervention in Ukraine that its policy on Ukraine in NATO has not changed.
    Russia said very well, we are a country with self respect and we will not be threatened by NATO nor will we be treated as vassals by them, unless our security concerns are assured, then NATO and its vassals have a major problem.

    1. Harry Law
      Gold is always the best hedge and they have plenty
      With China it is only a matter of time before they replace Swift and the Dollar with a gold backed digital coin, possibly Bitcoin
      The West will be begging JC and Bernie Sanders to save them from the pitchforks

  19. I think we need to go back 8 years or more. The Ukrainian people
    started a peaceful protest in the Maidan etc. in 2013/14 because they were first
    of all fed up with the massive corruption of the governing Class.
    This was governed by Oligarchs – and still is to some
    extent – as is Russia. The aim of the Demonstrators was also to join the EU –
    \because they thought this was a way to better Government. They wanted nothing
    to do with Russia because of a very bad history .. between (mostly)
    Soviet Russia and Ukraine. The demonstrators were shot at by the police
    and the whole thing escalated. Eventually the the leader left .. he
    was also an oligarch and corrupt.

    In the case of the disputed “separatist” areas – whatever difference existed these were
    exacerbated by Russian insurgent – troops – invading the area. The Russian
    govt claimed these were effectively tourists acting independently ..but this was
    disputed with claims that that they were seen wearing Russian uniforms and when
    they were killed their corpses were delivered to their parents as soldiers returning from war.
    There has been a war between the two separatist ares and Ukraine ever since.
    As for “fascists” see

    regarding the rights of LGBTI people in the separatist areas and the Crimea.
    who appear to be adopting the same homophobic laws as Russia-
    as the report makes clear.

    NATO – which Putin wanted to be a part of it at one time… ?

    The whole tragedy of Russia was a largely initiated by the Blair
    Govt of the UK who encouraged the takeover of Russian resources by
    greedy individuals. These were aided and abetted by the London Markets
    who made massive amounts of money via laundering . It is not only
    Russians who have enriched themselves – Ukrainians have too. It is no surprise that
    theTory Party has made lotns of money from this and its hands are bloody from their involvement. Jeremy Corby – to his credit – has attempted to make
    this public but he has been smeared and lied about ..

    1. HolbyFanMw After the coup the mainly Russian speaking areas of Ukraine the Dombass and Crimea were not happy with the US installed government, Crimea seceded with a 95% vote in favour. Meanwhile the people of the Dombass were discriminated against and denied the use of their own langauge etc, then the Ukrainian government started shelling them, to date at least 14,000 people in the Dombass have been killed, this is why the Minsk accords were set up, agreed to by Germany and France the Ukraine Government would not agree with those accords, Germany and France refused to pressure Ukraine. These accords were only to give the people of the Dombass a measure of self government i.e. devolution, just like Scotland and Wales have, all within a Sovereign Ukraine this was unacceptable to the government and the shelling continued, totally unjustified this is one of the reasons Russia took action.

      1. I agree with Harry Law’s response to Holby re the interpretation of the Maidan coup and sorry, but I continue to find the comments re Russia’s “invasions” breathtakingly under researched/informed. OTH I am sure Holby is absolutely right to single out Blair over the plundering of Russian resources; good too that s/he has perhaps noted, implicitly/inadvertently, Putin’s wish for stability and security as expressed re his one time interest in joining with Nato.

      2. Apologies: In my post above, please replace “but I continue to find…” with “and I continue to find…” ( it’s been a long day!)

  20. Zelinskiy the Washington stooge consolidates with his Nazi assets, imposing a dictatorship on Ukraine of which Stalin would be proud.

    1. Isn’t someone going to feed that bloody parrot?

      Or at least teach it some new words.

    2. Brian Precious, Zelensky has a huge mansion and a billion dollar bank account waiting for him in Florida. He’s probably already there now. Meanwhile the US arms companies are probably paying him a lucrative kicker for prolonging the war whilst the innocent public get slaughtered by the spoils of his war.

      The Ukraine war profit math:

      US gives Ukraine $ 2 billion worth of free weapons to fight Russia.

      Raytheon + $31.3 billion
      Lockheed + $37.7 billion
      Northrop + $19.2 billion
      GeneralD + $15.5 billion

      Return of investment: $101.7 billion

      From just 4 of 25 US arms manufacturers!

      These figures are the increase in share value of these companies since the war began. The US needed another war when Afghanistan ended. They had this on the back burner since 2014. Hey presto, here it is. And their favourite Trilateral Son Starmer Savile Saver kept egging NATO on.

  21. The first secretary-general of NATO, Lord Ismay, once said “the Western defence alliance was created “to keep the Americans in, the Russians out and the Germans down”. Seems like this police never changes


    “According to the Unione Sindacale di Base (USB), workers at Galileo Galilei Airport in Pisa, Italy discovered boxes full of “weapons of all kinds, ammunition and explosives.” They had previously been informed that the delivery contained humanitarian goods such as food and medicine. The airport workers then refused to send the weapons to Ukraine via Poland……

    ……With their courageous actions, the workers not only prevented these weapons from being used to kill, but also provided an example for the entire working class on how we can fight the war with our own means. Unionized workers in the U.S. and beyond should take the action of their Italian colleagues as a model.

    The incident is also an example of how “humanitarianism” can be abused. The USB statement says: “We strongly condemn this blatant deception, which cynically uses the guise of ‘humanitarian aid’ to further fuel the war in Ukraine.”

    Of course, under the narrative of nazi apologists like steveH these Italian workers are likely to be denounced as “gullible Putin apologists.” (Copyright steveH)

  23. @SteveH, only when scumbags like you are around! I am actually a professional man it’s you that should fuck off.

    1. Andrew – I left the UK last summer. Were the exams to become a bona fide “professional man” tough? 😉

  24. US and Turkey are said to be in talks over a deal for Turkey to send its Russian-made S-400 missile defence systems to Ukraine in exchange for the scrapping of sanctions imposed by Washington, according to Reuters citing sources. The report suggested Turkey is unlikely to agree to such a deal
    First Tony Blinken gave the green light to Poland to send their fleet of MIG 29’s to Ukraine last week then the Poles got cold feet and insisted those planes fly to US airbase in Manheim Germany for delivery to Ukraine, whereupon the Pentagon did not think it a good idea. [The ballad of Brave Brave Sir Robin comes to mind. python]
    OK, Turkey does not want to be involved [who can blame them] but the Yank’s have their own missiles, Why can’t Brave Brave Sir Robin send their own missiles?

    Brave Sir Robin ran away.


    Bravely ran away away.

    (“I didn’t!”)

    When danger reared it’s ugly head,

    He bravely turned his tail and fled.

    (“I never!”)

    Yes, brave Sir Robin turned about

    And gallantly he chickened out.

    (“You’re lying!”)

    Swiftly taking to his feet,

    He beat a very brave retreat.

    Bravest of the brave, Sir Robin! [Monty Python [Holy Grail.]

    Sir Robin trying to sucker first Poland now Turkey. Shameful

  25. One wonders how long Zelensky can survive? His policy of allowing the country and its citizens to be destroyed is unlikely to go down well once its digested. Imagine Johnson telling us we must face death and destruction because he was wedded to a duff policy? The Right Wing already hold him responsible for the defeat; in 2014 the Azov Battalions swore ‘Kiev would be next’. There is no love lost. Zelensky’s car crash speech to Israel illustrates his basic problem; he’s not a politician. To compare the plight of Ukraine with the attempted extermination of European Jewry infuriated Israelis, many of whom had been supporting him.

    1. Zelensky in his browns is nowhere near Ukraine, he is somewhere in the Bahamas or Australia. Green Screen for the deserted Kiev appearances, if Zelensky was in Ukraine he’d probably have been a goner by now. He is a prime Black Flag target in Ukraine. I doubt Russia would do anything with the coke head comedian, he is worth more alive than dead to Russia, if not him who else, just another sock puppet, they can’t wipe out all Ukraine potential leaders there is not really any point in it for Russia, but for those Black Flaggers, he is worth more than Gold, but they need to get him in Ukraine!

  26. SteveH
    Like it or not there is precisely nothing the West can do to stop Putin
    Except extend the war and the death toll
    He will hunt down and slaughter the Nazis, he will leave once the threat to Russia has been eliminated
    Anyone for 🎾

    1. Doug – But the reality is that there never was a credible threat to Russia.

      1. SteveH
        Did I imagine that agreement made and broken by NATO not to expand eastward
        10 pledges made and broken by Temporary Embarrassment
        From the man who supports Nazis and the neverending warmongers

      2. You don’t think that Donbass/Crimean Ethnic Russians, Jews and Roma Gypsy’s being attacked and killed is a valid reason to denazify Ukraine, get independence for Donbass and reunification of Crimea?
        Do you not find the rise of Nazism in Ukraine and the International Nazi interest in Ukraine a frightening Prospect?
        I am pretty sure that the threat of Genocide of Ethnic Russian, Jews, Gypsy’s is a Credible Threat to The Russian People!
        Look how Russophobe you MSM Sheeple became on command, Facebook Boy Man allowing hate speech against Russians, MSM full of Russophobia?
        What is it about Ukraine and their Nazis that attracts you so?

      3. I’m sorry nellykelly,? Are you really expecting an answer to any straight question question from the Poundshop Lord Haw Haw? Whose only response to any real world fact is name calling and denial of any reality which does not match the constructed and gullible subjective based reality in his own head.

    1. Whatever is the world coming to, surely a ‘professional man’ like yourself hasn’t run out of words.

  27. SteveH….”But the reality is that there never was a credible threat to Russia”.
    Biden and Blinken gave their reply to Russia when they said Policy about Ukraine Joining NATO has not changed. Nato Gen Sec Stoltenberg in a separate statement on behalf of NATO affirmed that the open door policy towards Ukraine is still open. Therefore when NATO agreed [after the reunification of Germany] not one more inch east THEY LIED now Poland and Rumania amongst others have NATO bases with missiles facing Russia which are an immediate threat. I remember when Trump was in power the Poles were so keen to see more NATO camps in Poland they thought they could flatter Trumps ego by naming one of the camps ‘Camp Trump’ Effin pathetic.

    1. Would Putin have invaded Ukraine if they still had an arsenal of nuclear weapons?

  28. 19 years ago today the US bombed Bagdad. 1 million Iraqis dead. A war started with lies. No sanctions. No war crimes tribunal. Bush was laying flowers today in a Church for the victims in Ukraine demanding war criminals to be punished. How insane is that?
    ~ Kim Dotcom

    1. Where does the 1 million dead come from, that’s over double even the highest estimates? That doesn’t make what happened there in any way right but that also doesn’t make what is happening in Ukraine right where civilians are being explicitly targeted.

      The more I read SB the more I think it’s the preserve of angry old men who are reduced to raging at the West, whatever the rights and wrongs.

  29. Wow, I go away for two days and my, haven’t some people been busy! Is 199 comments (at time of writing) a Skwawkbox record?

    Let’s make it an even 200!

  30. Biden seems convinced Putin will use ‘chemical weapons’ – or somebody will say so! Its an ominous turn.

    1. “or somebody will” More likely Biden or the Nazis to frame Russia, they are like open books. Biden recent comment, “The USA MUST lead The New World Order” The West knows their days are numbered as the leaders of their grand white colonial dictatorship.
      It’s hilarious how The West Sanctions and the East goes yeah whatever and makes more business with new Eastern, African and South American Nations than the West! And we The PEOPLE of the Western Fascists must resort to eating cat food to survive!

  31. Any serious examination of the two alleged chemical weapon attacks in Syria show that barely had the Americans laid out their ‘red line’ than the Jihadis found enough Sarin, delivered by the Turks, when a chemical attack was ‘confirmed’. On being told by the CIA that it wasn’t a Slam Dunk that it was true they kindly laid aside plans for a wider war. We might not be so lucky this time. Biden’s comments are an open invitation to the Ukrainian Nazis to find some nerve agent.. Cue media storm and bombing of alleged source.. it’s an old trick but nobody will be pointing that out.

  32. That’s true Paul, whenever the head choppers were surrounded in Syria by the Syrian army and on the verge of defeat the head choppers knew their only means of salvation was to use the west’s red line set out earlier i.e. any use of chemical weapons means we [the west] will enter the war, and so naturally the head choppers used chlorine as a chemical weapon, which is readily available in large quantities since it is used in all domestic water systems. It also helped for the west to describe Assad as the new Hitler who killed his own people, that is why the US occupies a third of Syria today because as Trump said “We are there for the oil” that is true and they are stealing it and other natural resources of Syria on a daily basis. Russia was invited in by Assad whose intervention stopped the head choppers from taking over Syria and subjecting civilians of all denominations to death.

  33. Here’s more background information on the nazi problem in Ukraine:

    “The Russian charge that Ukraine still harbors Nazis, albeit 3rd generation Nazis, is true. You can read more about this at my previous post, Yes, The Azov Battalion Are Nazi Sympathizers. I would encourage you to watch the full documentary. It is haunting and oddly relevant to today.”

    1. Reference here:

      “The claim that The Azov battalion was organized in 2014 as a volunteer force and financed by Igor Kolomoisky in order to defend Ukraine is also factually incorrect. The organization started as a special police company of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It was led by Volodymyr Shpara, the leader of the Vasylkiv, Kyiv, branch of Patriot of Ukraine and Right Sector. As far as the real motivation behind Kolomoisky’s investment in the organization, it was likely more about war profiteering than patriotism.”

  34. Yes, the Azov Battalion is a very tangible extremist. As is the Wagner Group who have been operating with Russian deniability in the Donbas for years. It is not credible to berate the West for its unrelenting stream of propaganda and then simply cite an opposing view as the truth. The fog of war does not describe a one-way mirror.

    1. The glib ignorant questions of steveH hide a grim reality for anyone failing to follow The Official Narrative (TON) in Ukraine. Here, the more brutal methods of ‘Cancel Culture’ are practiced:

      “Slava Myrolub describes another war. A quiet but nonetheless horrific war, it is one in which critics of Ukraine’s regime are being kidnapped by the country’s security services and, while their whereabouts remain unknown, they are being forced to make statements on social media contradicting their widely known, respected and firmly held beliefs……

      ……..The Kyiv regime is consistent in its actions during times of peace and times of war: since the victory of Euromaidan over pro-Russian Ukraine, it has been silencing and oppressing Ukrainian intellectuals, social and political activists, as well as leaders of public opinion who publicly criticized Kyiv for boycotting the Minsk agreements, severing ties with Russia and trying to eliminate Russian language and Russian culture from the public sphere in Ukraine. Only the names of three people currently being held as hostages by the SBU are mentioned here; however, their number is larger, probably in the tens and scores, if not hundreds. They are those who are not afraid to raise their voices in defense of Russian-Ukrainian friendship. Now they are considered traitors and who knows whether they are still alive. We can only hope and pray for them, as Ukraine will need them once the war is over, and a lasting peace comes; a peace that is impossible to achieve without first re-establishing good relations with Russia.”

      This offers a chilling illustration of where we are heading in the self appointed ‘International Community’ – in reality a mere handful of of humanity consisting of the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Japan and Australasia – should these, and their gullible useful idiots like steveH among others, be allowed to have their way.

      We have only had a taster so far.

  35. Here is more on the banning of any dissident voices by the Ukrainian Regime:

    Which even drew comment from the ‘Guardian’:

    “The Guardian wrote, “Two new laws that ban communist symbols while honouring nationalist groups that collaborated with the Nazis have come into effect in Ukraine, raising concerns that Kiev could be stifling free speech and further fragmenting the war-torn country.”

      1. The subject is the existence of far right neo- nazi’s in Ukraine who are integrated into the military and the Government.

        Are you both claiming that these people no longer exist or have any influence? If so provide objective evidence to substantiate. If you are not making this claim what is your point?

    1. Dave Hansell, I am not claiming the existence or otherwise of these groups in the current regime. I think we get closer to a verifiable truth if the sources used are verified and apt (something that the article that has prompted this quite extensive thread could benefit from – the statement is devoid of any external reference) and, just as, at the outset of this conflict, outlets were called out for employing visual material that long pre-dated the current crisis, I think it is pertinent to identify that The Guardian comment from 2015 is not provoked by the 2022 banning of dissident voices in Ukraine. I hope I would apply the same degree of healthy skepticism to any unsubstantiated assertion regardless of its real or implied positioning.

      1. So predictable:

        Its called a consistent pattern of behaviour, Mr White, which involves the violation of specific principles. Regardless of when that violation took place it is the same principles which are being violated.

        The Guardian comment from 2015 over the violation of those principles is equally applicable to the recent event because it is the same principles being dumped today as it was back then. Therefore it is a valid observation that even the relatively less draconian acts which the Guardian objected to at that time drew such criticism.

        Given that critique seven years ago over those principles it is reasonable to surmise that the far worse breaches of those principles under the current puppet Junta of Zelensky are equally applicable. Although that does assume the Guardian can be relied upon and trusted to be consistent in the application of those same principles.

        This stuff is not exactly quantum mechanics to work out is it mate?

        The key question here is why is it that this basic level of analysis is beyond those such as yourself and fellow traveller steveH? Requiring constant Janet and John level walk through’s all the time.

      2. Meanwhile, here is something else to chew on, from the Pentagon /US Defence Department no less;

        “A retired U.S. Air Force officer now working as an analyst for a Pentagon contractor, added: “We need to understand Russia’s actual conduct. If we merely convince ourselves that Russia is bombing indiscriminately, or [that] it is failing to inflict more harm because its personnel are not up to the task or because it is technically inept, then we are not seeing the real conflict.”

        The article says:

        “As of the past weekend, in 24 days of conflict, Russia has flown some 1,400 strike sorties and delivered almost 1,000 missiles (by contrast, the United States flew more sorties and delivered more weapons in the first day of the 2003 Iraq war). …

        A proportion of those strikes have damaged and destroyed civilian structures and killed and injured innocent civilians, but the level of death and destruction is low compared to Russia’s capacity.

        ‘I know it’s hard … to swallow that the carnage and destruction could be much worse than it is,’ says the DIA analyst. ‘But that’s what the facts show. This suggests to me, at least, that Putin is not intentionally attacking civilians, that perhaps he is mindful that he needs to limit damage in order to leave an out for negotiations.’”

        A second retired U.S. Air Force officer says:

        “I’m frustrated by the current narrative—that Russia is intentionally targeting civilians, that it is demolishing cities, and that Putin doesn’t care. Such a distorted view stands in the way of finding an end before true disaster hits or the war spreads to the rest of Europe. I know that the news keeps repeating that Putin is targeting civilians, but there is no evidence that Russia is intentionally doing so. In fact, I’d say that Russian could be killing thousands more civilians if it wanted to.”

        These Pentagon sources confirm what Putin and the Russian Ministry of Defense have been saying all along: that instead of being “stalled,” Russia is executing a methodical war plan to encircle cities, opening humanitarian corridors for civilians, leaving civilian infrastructure like water, electricity, telephony and internet intact, and trying to avoid as many civilian casualties as possible.

        ……The second article directly undermines Biden’s dramatic warning about a false flag chemical attack. Reuters reported: “The United States has not yet seen any concrete indications of an imminent Russian chemical or biological weapons attack in Ukraine but is closely monitoring streams of intelligence for them, a senior U.S. defense official said.”

        It quoted the Pentagon official as saying, “There’s no indication that there’s something imminent in that regard right now.” Neither The New York Times nor The Washington Post published the Reuters article, which appeared in the more obscure U.S. News and World Report.

        Never let the facts get in the way of a good story — even if it could lead to the most devastating consequences in history.”

        Experience tells us, Mr White, (well, at least those with the gumption to observe properly) that the first casualty of any conflict is the truth and that a lie is three times around the world before the truth has got its boots on.

        Rather than selectively apply principles on the basis of exceptionalism (do as I say, not as I do) and to suit convenience in order to be the biggest, baddest and bestest it would be far more effective and practical for the elites who are running the show, along with their shills at every level, to be consistent in the application of those principles.

        Do you concur or not Mr White?

  36. From former CIA operative Larry Johnson:

    “There is an air of desperation in Washington. Besides trying ban all things Russian, the Biden Administration is trying to bully China, India and Saudi Arabia. I do not see any of those countries falling into line. I believe the Biden crew made a fatal mistake by trying to demonize all things and all people Russian. If anything, this is uniting the Russian people behind Putin and they are ready to dig in for a long struggle.

    I am shocked at the miscalculation in thinking economic sanctions on Russia would bring them to their knees. The opposite is true. Russia is self-sufficient and is not dependent on imports. Its exports are critical to the economic well-being of the West. If they withhold wheat, potash, gas, oil, palladium, finished nickel and other key minerals from the West, the European and U.S. economies will be savaged. And this attempt to coerce Russia with sanctions has now made it very likely that the U.S. dollar’s role as the international reserve currency will show up in the dustbin of history.”

    What Johnson identifies here is far from an isolated example of what millions of ordinary people across the self-declared Western world/’International Community’ have experienced as an endemic norm for decades now.

    An elite and its organisational structures, process and decision making which is not fit for purpose. Of such a low calibre in every department at every level. Incapable of realistic objective analysis and synthesis which firmly believes it can create its own reality and function effectively. High on its own Hubris and incompetence to the point of insisting its every utterance is infallible.

    A situation which its dragging its own populations backwards.

    There is a well known quote from a New York Times ‘reporter’ (ie an official stenographer of The Official Narrative (TON)) from the late nineties which, upset at the temerity of Serbian Slav’s to oppose the will of his masters wrote that the US had the ability to bomb it back to the 1950’s or, if it wanted 1389, they (the US) could do 1389 for them.

    The blowback whichis about to descend looks like taking the populace of the West far further backwards than 1389 given the criminal incompetence of our so called elites (and of course their paid and unpaid shills). Some of whom will not survive the wrath of the mob when it turns.

  37. The West is going to suffer tremendously for deliberately provoking Russia, they have been promising Ukraine membership of NATO since the Bucharest Summit in 2008, now Zelenskiy has accused the West of leading him up the primrose path, they [the West] want him to fight to the last Ukrainian man, woman and child in this proxy war for the US, just to make Russia look bad.
    The West has already shot itself in both feet by sanctions against Russia, particularly Germany who appear to have a death wish. If/when Russia decides to put its own sanctions on the West and direct its exports to the East and withholds wheat, potash, gas, oil, palladium, finished nickel and other key minerals from the West, the European and U.S. economies will be savaged.

  38. All energy consumption in the U.S. and EU will now come at a premium price. This will push the EU and the U.S. into a recession. As Russia will increase the prices for exports of goods in which it has market power – gas, oil, wheat, potassium, titanium, aluminum, palladium, neon etc – the rise in inflation all around the world will become significant.
    Meanwhile the New York Times writes:
    As he heads to Europe, President Biden will press U.S. allies to help impose even more aggressive sanctions on Russia.
    Biden demands that Europe suicides itself while he is protecting the U.S. industry. I hope that some people in the European capitals are still able to think clear enough to recognize the racket the U.S. is trying to run here:
    Together with the economic devastation that U.S. and European sanctions on Russia are causing in their own economies this will end in regime-changes in several European countries. The U.S. is of course again protecting itself from as much as it can at the cost of others.
    Wake up. Otherwise this will end in disaster. Not for Russia but for the rest of Europe.

    1. Russian energy will now be priced in Rubles for that tiny minority of the planet which grandly refers to itself as ‘The International Community’ (US/Canada/UK/Europe/Japan/Australasia) who have placed sanctions on the RF.

      Expect other vital commodities to follow suit.

      The idiocracy running the collective West will have us all back in the Stone Age within a generation at the rate things are going.

    1. charming64 – Thanks for your concern but as you can see I don’t have diarrhoea. I did this one just for you 💩.

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